Ankle Bones Popping

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    Should I be concerned for my right ankle popping?
    I tore my ligaments in my right ankle. And now its popping. Xrays show no broken bones. But now I am dealing with popping. My foot is still swollen. still hurts. I have an appt with a ankle and foot dr next monday. Can this popping cause more damage to my foot?

    • ANSWER:

    Can you pop your ankle bones at will?
    just wondering

    • ANSWER:
      Yes I can pop the tendons in my left one but not my right one

    Ankle and achillies popping?
    First off, I have played sports my entire life through college so I am used to popping and clicking in my joints. About two weeks ago my ankle started popping anytime I flexed my foot. It stings when it pops and I have a knot under my skin where it pops, It is popping or snapping right behind the ankle bone on the outside. Between that bone and my achillies tendon (sp) Does anyone know what this could be. Again it stings when it snaps but other than that no pain. The size of the knot is about the size of a grape?

    • ANSWER:

    Walking up stairs and between the flat of my foot and ankle bone something popped felt like a rubber band?
    That was few weeks ago and now below my ankle it’s swollen and has bulging blood veins showing! Any suggestions as to what it may be?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you pulled a muscle but if it’s still swollen i think you should get it checked out- it is possible you could have chipped a small piece off the bone as your muscle pulled on it. In the meantime, rest your foot as much as possible, raising your leg up on something so that your foot is higher than your hip (to help drain swelling), put on an ice pack (frozen peas wrapped in a towel) for twenty mins only a few times a day, and provided you aren’t allergic to them or asthmatic, take some neurofen (ibuprofen) according to the dosage on the packet. Good luck

    Do your ankle bones crack or pop when you walk up and down the stairs?
    Mine do…. it doesn’t hurt or anything.

    Are my insides made out of Rice Krispies or am I just broken?

    • ANSWER:
      Dr. ReligiousNut is going to need to give your ankles a very close and thorough examination in order to professionally answer this question…

      Hey! What do ya’ know!

      I had a cancellation, so I can fit you in for an appointment next Friday night…

      Casual clothing will be required..

    My ankle bone pops in and out? help?
    my ankle pops in and out the bone thats noticeable the ball one, and when pushed back in it begins to sting over time and the other ankle it sounds like its grinding and cracks? do i have to worry? or fix??
    oh its the bone that comes outward, like if its the right foot its the bone on the right and if its the left its the bone on the left

    • ANSWER:
      Yep you should see a doctor

    Is it bad that my right ankle pops a lot?
    When I wear heels my right ankle pops every time I go down the stairs. When I do a work out video that has a lot of jump training my ankle pops every time I land. It is a little annoying but it doesn’t hurt. I’ve never sprained or broken either of my ankles. I feel as though my ankles are larger than the average female but I don’t really know what is average. They are about 9″ around and the ankle bone is 3″ from the bottom of my foot.

    • ANSWER:
      Unless you are in a lot of pain when it pops, chances are that there is nothing wrong with it. Many people have joints that pop or crack more than usual

    Why do my bones pop and crack in my feet and ankle everytime I move them?

    • ANSWER:
      You could be dealing with something like arthritis (an example only).

      The only way to know for sure is to see your doctor for further evaluation of the situation to see what they say.

    Does cracking or popping your bones do any damage?
    I am able to crack or pop my toes, ankles, hip, shoulder, wrists, fingers and neck. Is there anything wotnd with this?
    I can also pop my arcillles

    • ANSWER:
      No, you are releasing air from the joints. It is ok to do.

    I have a dislocated and fractured ankle. will the orthopedic have to do surgery or will I just be casted?
    I was skating at practice for the Bakersfield Diamond Divas and fell on my left ankle. the bone was showing through my skin and one of the bones of my ankle popped out of the socket, will the orthopedic surgeon have to do surgery or will I just be casted?

    • ANSWER:
      Wait…it popped out of the socket? Yeah your going to need surgery. They could try to numb you on the waist down temporarily and then try to press the ankle back into the socket…but i doubt that will work.

    Hip hurting, bones popping in one leg?
    I woke up the other morning and my right hip was hurting. I worked out and it got a little better that day. Sleeping is becoming unbearable. Just lying down makes my hip feel like someone is sitting on me. Today, I’ve noticed every time I move my ankle or knee on that side, the bones ALWAYS pop. Any idea what’s going on? Its crazy!! Oh, and it’s my right side and it was fine before I went to sleep two nights ago.
    Sorry…im 34
    ANd female

    • ANSWER:

    Why do my bones pop when im walking?? Do i need iron or something like that lol?? But seriously!?
    Like when i walk barefooted (very rare of me) with no socks my ankle bones pop repeatedly but not alot, then my knee bones pop whenever im sitting on my feet if you know what i mean, also when i do push ups my shoulder bones pop too!! Am i lacking something like iron or whatever idk?? I drink alot of milk haha if that helps but yea any tip is appreciated!! [STAR PLEASE]??
    EDIT EDIT*** I jus turned 17!!!!!
    and no theres no pain either jus popping!

    • ANSWER:
      I’d suspect calcium deficiency more than iron deficiency…but bones can pop for any number of reasons. Mine just do that because I have Ehlers-Danlos and they are formed a little bit differently than most people’s, but any normal of other, more common things can make your bones pop…not enough exercise, sitting or sleeping too often in the same position. I would increase your calcium and protein intake, increase your activity level slightly, and maybe shaking out your foot really well every now and then. If this doesn’t start helping in the next few weeks, I would ask your doctor about it.

    Why are my bones popping so much , knees , neck, ankles,wrists,elbows?

    • ANSWER:
      i get this and the doc says its arthiritis

    ankle joint keeps popping??
    my ankle joint and other bones in my feet keep popping, it’s really uncomfortable and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any excersizes that could help reduce this?

    Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Popping or cracking?

      Popping: Get an x-ray, its broken.
      Cracking: Run and walk more and it will stop after some workouts.

    sprained ankle/ bone popped out?
    i was playin basketball and i went up for a rebound and came down on someones foot and my ankle rolled and it popped out of place i sat down and someone called the medical trainer he was feeling around it and he easlily popped it back into place i went to the ER and took x rays and they said nothing was wrong but i heard a fracture doesnt show on x rays. idk. what is it and what should i do to fix it

    • ANSWER:
      id go to your doctor or the er if i keeps bothering you tell them the med trainer popped it back into place …. if they still don’t say anything wrong rest it until you feel that its ready ( not like 2 weeks )

    Why do my bones pop and crack all the time?
    Im 14 year old girl and lately all my bones are cracking and popping, my neck, arms, ankles, toes, lower back, jaw, knee’s sometimes, and when ever im laying down and i lift my leg up it just makes this crackling noise where my hip and legs connect and it doesn’t stop and it sounds gross. Also my hip pops out of place too…
    I looked up some other questions and answers say exercise and stretch but i do all these things on a daily basis.
    So whats causing this? Is it just caused from growing?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m assuming it’s really quiet, like when you’re laying down in bed trying to go to sleep, you move and you hear a hard rubbing sound, almost cracking, in your joints.
      that’s normal.
      Also when you pay really close attention and feel a light rubbing in your joints when you move your limbs, that’s normal too.

      Now for your hip popping out of place, I don’t know about that. Might want to go to the doctor.

    What injury can cause major ankle cracking?
    I used to be a gymnast and have had many ankle rolls and such. For a couple years now, when I like stretch my ankles, there is major cracking. I can feel it crack. It is almost like my bones in my ankle are rubbing and popping and moving against each other. I was wondering if maybe something happened and I didn’t think anything of it.

    • ANSWER:
      my ankles, wrists everything always crack and i dont know why. sometimes it even hurts like a sharp sting for a second or two but i dont know what it is it doesnt affect me that much if it affects you lots see a doctor :)

    I sprained my ankle but i think a bone is out of place?
    well t starts in a basketball game and i landed on the right side of my right foot and heard multiple cracks. Now it seems the 2 leg bones popping out and i tried to pop it back in and i pops but i need to know if a bone is misplaced or is it broken. If i can still crack my ankle.Its sprained also and ive never relized this or felt this since i have sprained and broken my ankle over 15 time. i relly dont wanna go see a doctor cause i wanna play basketball agin.

    • ANSWER:
      think of your future. don’t walk on the injured foot. get to the ER immediately. treat with advil/alleve, remove the sock and shoe, elevate and ice your foot. don’t eat or drink anything except the water to swallow the pills.

    can you hear you babys bones popping when you are further along??
    when i walk up stairs my ankles crack and its loud. well when i was pregnant with my daughter, when she would move you could hear her bones cracking. has anyone else experienced this?? she is 3 now. i am just wondering if i’ll experience it with this pregnancy?

    • ANSWER:

    i rolled my ankle last night, and i heard a popping sound?
    it sounded like it was just the bursa sacs in my ankle that popped. it didnt sound like a bone cracked. This morning, about 7 hours later, it still hurts and is painful to walk on.

    does anyone have any experience with an injury like this? What did you do? when did the pain go away?

    and i know i should see a doctor

    • ANSWER:
      right put ice on it for a bit because it might be the swelling that’s causing you pain also take ibuprofen. after a Little while(the ice has melted) move it with your hands and see if it hurts or if it hurts not as much there shouldn’t be any bone damage either ligaments or muscle damage maybe both. but if it does hurt equally to what it does when you move it yourself(without your hands) then see a doctor.. i would advise you to go see a doctor anyway it cant hurt.

    What damage do people cause that are always popping their bones?
    and how long does it take to affect them?i do it with my ankles, thats why i ask.

    • ANSWER:
      You are not popping your bones, but it is like a air pocket in your joints that is making the noise. From what I have read, it does no harm, just annoys people around you, thats all.

    14yrsOld. Why am i always sore, and my bones are popping.?
    i am fourteen ears old.(( i don’t play any sport, if that even matters?? LOL.)) every morning when i wake up, i immediately have to twist my upper half so my back pops. also, i turn my head to the side so my neck will pop. throughout the day, i pop my.. fingers, toes, ankles, neck, back, sometimes my wrists; (i’ve even heard my elbows crack a little bit!!)occasionally my knees pop when i stand up, and even my hips sometimes need to pop. for that, i point my toes and stretch out my leg until my hip pops.
    Popping my bones doesn’t hurt, it normally hurts and i’m stiff if i DON’T pop bones. AAAAAAND, sometimes, and actually right this minute, my back and neck are sore and stiff, but no matter how much i twist and turn, it doesn’t pop! like, i feel it start to, and i can even hear it a little, but it wont pop.

    When i lay down to go to sleep, i have to pop my back & neck completely first, because if i don’t it hurts to lay down. i can feel tension in my neck or back. it’s hard to fall asleep sometimes if my back or neck won’t pop right then. it’s even hard to sit a certain way for a little, i’ll just get stiff and sore.
    right now, i having been barely moving my fingers, and barely straightening up and my fingers and back crack and pop a little. WHY????
    Oh, and in the morning, when i pop my back and neck, it’s very loud cracking, and most people think it’s hurting me because it’s so loud. it doesn’t hurt to pop, but when i’m turning back around, it’s sore for a second, probably because i was twisted so far around…

    Why do all my bones pop??????????????????
    it really sucks, my shoulders/blades, fingers, wrists, toes, elbows, knees, even the sides of my feet, ankles, etc
    pretty much every joint :p lol

    • ANSWER:
      you should go to a chiropractor. it will help alot

    Why does my ankle pop when I walk, and is very sore after exercising?
    I have recently started walking and jogging daily and have been experiencing some problems with my ankles. My left ankle “pops” or cracks with almost every step I take. I’ve always had “creaky bones”, various joints just have always tended to crack a lot. But it has only now become a problem because of my new exercise habits. It doesn’t hurt when it pops, it’s just annoying, but when I’m done my ankles feel really sore and stiff. Does anybody know what this might be or how to treat it?

    • ANSWER:
      What you’re describing sounds like you may have the beginnings of a torn meniscus. Which is a disk of cartilage that acts as a cushion between the ends of bones in a joint.

      I encourage you to see a doctor – who will no doubt recommend you see a physical therapist.

    I just sprained my ankle and i heard a crack, like the sound of popping knuckles, could i have broken a bone?
    i checked it throughly and 5 min later it didnt hurt anymore, unless i walked on it. is there a possibility theres a broken bone?

    • ANSWER:
      There is always the possibility of a broken bone, but I highly doubt that you broke it this time. I twisted my ankle last year and it popped like that. Mine was not broken, just sprained. I got me an ankle brace (the sock kind you can get at a drugstore) and some of this
      Within just a few seconds of the Pain Go, it stopped hurting, and I was able to walk on it within a week and a half.
      Sometimes it just pops like that when you pull a muscle really bad, and the pain can be excruciating. Because of the popping sound and the pain, most people think their ankle is broken, but most of the time it is just a very bad sprain.
      It is wise to treat it carefully. Ice it and elevate it immediately, and stay off of it until it is completely healed. Be faithful in wearing your brace for a while even after the pain is gone. These kind of sprains are the kind that can last a year or more if not treated properly. It is also much more likely to get sprained again in the future.

      Hope this helped. Take care!

    why do the bones pop?
    i was out for a walk in the dark, dumb i know, and i twisted my ankle ,and i noticed this a lot, but my ankle popped at least 20 times, so what i was wondering is why is it that bones pop. like when you crack your knuckles or your neck. why do they pop?
    nah i tripped over a log a rock or something

    • ANSWER:
      Your bones do not pop, bubbles of air in the joints do.

    Is swelling, severe pain and popping normal three weeks into a broken ankle with a cast?
    I broke my ankle three weeks ago. When I first got the cast put on the swelling went down immediately and the pain went away as well. One week ago I fell on my broke ankle and knocked my foot out of alignment and had to get a new cast put on. There were xrays done and no bones moved. Ever since the new cast, my foot swells worse everyday and my foot is purple. Also, the pain is excrutiating and feels like I just rebroke my bone. I went back to the doctor and he said I wasn’t elevating it enough. I elevate it all day at work and then when I get home again. Is it normal for pain and swelling three weeks into the healing process or could something else be wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s not normal. You need to get your doc to listen to you, or you need a new doc.

    What are some good tips to help me stop popping.?
    Well I been popping my bones since well i can’t remember when i stared. i think it was a round where i was in 1st grade and now im in 11th so i have been popping my bones for about 10 years. and i don’t even know why i pop them, oh yeah and i will pop my fingers 3 different ways, my neck, back 2 different ways, toes, and my ankle. so what are some tips that can help me Stop popping my bones. and i also pop my bones about 10+ everyday.

    • ANSWER:

    ankle popping/pain causes and treatment?
    for the past few weeks i have been experiencinga grinding/popping in my left ankle that causes alot of pain. it happens when i bend my foot up or down, but only happens once in a blue moon. when it pops, the pain and popping lasts for a while, and it seems like i have to bend it back to get it to pop back into place for the pain to stop. sometimes it happens when i am not doing anything at all but sitting and moving my foot. i know it is not bone but maybe a tendon? the pain is on the outside of my ankle towards my heel. any ideas of what this is.. what to do about it.. and if i should see a doc? i do not have insurance so i only want to go to the doc if i have to. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      You may have developed what the doctors call a bone spur that is causing an occasional catch. It could just be something like your knuckles cracking–gas release. Could just be a tendon getting hung up.

      However, it is also possible that you fractured one of the small bones of your foot and it is not healing right.

      A doctor and x-rays are your best bet. Stay off of it as much as possible, and stop wiggling your foot!


    My ankle bone is weird.?
    I have always noticed that my ankle bone is weird. The ankle actually POPS out, and people always notice. People think its deformed but i dont know. Most of my family members have this. Is this even normal? Maybe its hereditary. It doesnt hurt or anything, it just looks funny. Does this even have a name? Ankle pop-u-litis hahaha. Does anyone know what im talking about? My ankle bone looks like its popped out!

    • ANSWER:
      By ankle bone, I am assuming you mean the fibula as you can’t usually see the the ankle bones (tarsals). I don’t know about a name, but it sounds more likely that it’s a heredity bone condition since most of your family have it too. I wouldn’t worry.

    Can bones that pop and crack when you like stretch cause any problems? Is there anyway to prevent it?
    Recently I started a dance class and every time I plie for it my bones crack or pop same in my ankles, is there anyway to prevent this? and also will it harm me?

    • ANSWER:
      it doesnt mean anything, it is just your ligaments rubbing againts your bones. it wont cause any problems.

    bones popping? 14? help?
    ok so i’m 14 and my bones pop.
    a lot.
    like whenever i twist/turn my ankles or wrists or move my back in a circular motion or sometimes the joints connecting my legs to my hips

    i used to dance but don’t as much anymore

    o and my lower back pops when i walk sometimes (but not all the time). i cant feel it and it doesnt hurt but i can hear it sometimes and sometimes if i put my hand on my hip i can feel it pop when i walk.

    what can cause these things? do i need to get it checked out?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve been a dancer for 12 years, and my joints do the same thing. My mom, who’s a nurse, says that the popping in your wrists and ankles is normal. Something about how it’s the tendons rubbing together, I think. I’m not sure about your back, though. As long as it isn’t causing you pain, I don’t think I’d worry too much. If it starts to be a problem, see a chiropractor.

    my bones keep on popping?
    I’m 15 years old, and anytime I stand up or something one of my bones pops. It doesn’t hurt, it just makes the sound. It’s in my elbows, ankles, neck, and joints. I don’t know what’s up with it, and it just recently started happening. I drink plenty of milk, and get enough calcium. Could someone please tell me whats going on. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      What you describe is your joints cracking. Joint “cracking” or popping happens when negative pressure pulls nitrogen gas temporarily into the joint. It is not harmful. If there is any pain, there could be an underlying problem such as loose cartilage, injured ligaments, arthritis, bursitis, or tendinitis.

    How can i stop popping my bones?
    Well I been popping my bones since well i can’t remember when i stared. i think it was a round where i was in 1st grade and now im in 11th so i have been popping my bones for about 10 years. and i don’t even know why i pop them, oh yeah and i will pop my fingers 3 different ways, my neck, back 2 different ways, toes, and my ankle. so what are some tips that can help me Stop popping my bones. and i also pop my bones about 10+ everyday.

    by the way i tried to just stop and i cant
    @ Mohammed : i cant just stop, and i drink milk all the time.

    • ANSWER:

    I was playing indoor soccer last night… Ankle popped… Broken, sprained?? Help!?
    so i was running full speed for a ball, kicked it and then while in midair, planted on my right foot hard to change direction. i heard/felt a pop and subbed myself out for a few min. shook it off, massaged the ankle a bit, and went back in the game..

    ran after a player, caught up to him, reached with my right foot in the same fashion again and poked the ball to one of my teammates, and then planted hard on my right foot to turn back and support… and felt another pop, bigger this time.

    i have preseason starting for my college team this august… and im screwed if it is sprained/broken, been running 4-5 miles per day to stay in shape and it’ll be all for nothing…

    it wasnt really a ankle roll, more of a POP from stepping directly on it, hard.

    if i try rolling my foot in a circle to spell out a O… all of the pain is felt on the outside of my ankle, slightly above my ankle bone.

    it kind of hurts to walk on, and i can feel that the gap between the two bones that “connect” at my ankle are slightly farther apart than the one on my left foot.

    what the hell do i do?!? should i tell my coach? ask my athletic trainer?

    id like to avoid that if at all possible… im starting ankle exercises today to try to strengthen it up as quick as possible…

    but, i need to keep running to maintain fitness so i can pass the fitness test in 3ish weeks. i dont want to run hard on it though if its just going to make it worse… HELP please!

    • ANSWER:
      Talk to your trainer. The fact that you can walk on it at all suggets that is it more likely sprained than broken, but that isn’t for sure. Get it looked at before you do something to make it worse.

    My ankle popped lastnight…?
    I was playing a game in the dark on a soccer field…I jumped up and landed in a hole somehow and my ankle made like 3 popping noises (I am 6’3 240lbs). Its not broken…but the outside of my left ankle is swollen and hurts bad( right below the ankle bone..idk what it is called). I can walk on it but I cannot move it side to side because of a really bad sharp pain…what should I do to make it feel better?
    Parents say it’s just a sprain and refuse to take me to the doctors…
    Also, it’s just swollen…no bruising

    • ANSWER:

    i have a bone right by the inside of my ankle poking out is it borken or something?
    i have a bad pain coming from a bone popping out by my ankle is something wrong with it?
    it is now bruised all over and i can walk on it but it hurts when i do

    • ANSWER:

    why can you hear bones pop so loud when underwater?
    i was sitting in my hot tub and was rotating my ankle and it popped and it sounded SO loud!!! and when you pop your fingers uderwater (even with head above water) it is SUPER loud! i was just wondering why?!

    • ANSWER:
      Water carries sound better than air does. It is less compressible, meaning that sound travels better through it. This makes underwater sounds sound so much louder above the water.

    Somehow I broke my ankle last year while just standing there, anyone know how this is possible?
    Last year while standing at a Lab table in school, I turned to start walking and felt a sharp pain in my ankle. The ankle pain went away after a while, but I was left constant ankle popping. There’s no pain associated with the popping, and my ankle appears to be pretty stable but I quit working out when this happened and haven’t started working out again, I’m afraid to put weight on it. I went to the foot doctor for this, and he took x-rays and said “did you know you broke your ankle?” The ankle appeared to heal perfectly, but my question is this: A. How did my ankle bone actually brake when I was just standing? And B. Is the popping noise something I need to worry about? It did not pop before the injury. The doctor didn’t really give me any good answers about this, he seemed to think I was fine. I’d just like a little peace of mind that my ankle isn’t going to break when I start working out again. I was working out heavily last summer, but I didn’t injury it at the gym.

    • ANSWER:
      you might have stepped on it in a weird way, it happens to some people!

    should consistent popping in my bones concern me?
    both my knee’s pop. so do both of my elbows, my right ankle, and sometimes my neck and back. sometimes i do get stressed, so i admit, the popping is related to tension a little bit. but for the other times, as an example, i have swollen and or sprained the right ankle twice and never went to the doctor. i bruised my tailbone badly one time. my neck gets stiff sometime.i can whip out my elbow or shoulder and make pop. i hardly stretch, and i work at a grocery store so for 6 plus hours im lifting heavy boxes, bending down and sometimes i come home with a slight limp in my knees and legs.i feel like im going to be crippled when i retire. i did play high school football. i can pop a lot of bones by simply wiggling it or fully stretching it out. i don’t crack my fingers or toes, but they pop as well. i feel old already, and im only 21. is the popping noise just stuck air being released? or should i be concerned? i admit at work, using proper lifting techniques slips by me, especially if im in a hurry. i do bend down a lot, im on my knees a lot and sometimes on my tippy toes. while im walking my knees can just pop out of nowhere!

    • ANSWER:

    Is my ankle sprained, or something worse?
    I was running away from a clown with a weedwacker (i know weird) and I fell. I heard my ankle popped and i even thought i broke it. I didnt of course lol. But it’s been 8 days and the bone that pops out of my ankle is stil ls still swelled. and at some points if i put pressure it hurts to touch. But ive jumped pn my t rampelene, and it didnt hurt. Could their be something wrong? I still cant run.

    • ANSWER:
      i’d go to the doctor, sometimes when you think its a sprain it could be a fracture. there are a ton of tiny bones in your body, you may have fractured it. OR it could just be a serious sprain. Sprains take time to heal, if it is a sprain you maybe just need more time. I sprained my ankle and it took about 2 weeks to feel better. I’m thinking if you heard a pop and you can walk on it and jump on the trampoline that it probably isnt a fracture, but i would still check with a doctor if it is still bothering you.

    my ankle popped when i rolled on it?
    i was playing football and i ran to the corner then like tryed to slow myself down from hitting the fence but i went too fast and i rolled over on it then heard some loud crack. Now i cant move my ankle like when rotating it around. there is a little bump underneathe the ankle bone. So what is it, sprain, fracture or break? and if it is one of them how long will it take to recover?
    i also heard a cracking noise, but i sometimes accidently crack my fingers and it never hurts

    • ANSWER:

    how do i keep my bones from popping?
    what is the reason and how do i stop it. knees, ankles, neck, fingers…….. m 44

    • ANSWER:

    can my baby’s bones pop before hes born?
    im about seven months pregnant and my baby moved and i heard a small pop like his ankle or wrist popped can his bones already pop

    • ANSWER:
      the same would happen to me and NO ONE knew exactly what it was!
      my baby was born just fine, so don’t worry…unless you think its a major situation.

    how much does it cost to get ankle surgery?
    my dad broke his leg about 20 years ago and it hasnt fully healed. (the cast is off) his ankle bone kinda pops out of his ankle and he can walk properly on it but lately when he has been walking on it, it really, REALLY hurts. to have it fixed, his leg needs to be broken again for it to heal properly. im only a freshman (15 yrs old) now but how much a year do i need to save for me to have enough money to have it fixed by 18? or if you can just give me the amount of money it would cost now and ill figure out the savings later. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      you need to check with your insurance plan Im estimating 6000 without insurance …i had my wisdom teeth out a few years ago 00 and getting your ankle operated on doesnt compare to that…and you have to add in the money for physical theropy

    my ankle keeps popping?
    is this somthing to go to the doctor like when ever i move my ankle it pops but it dont hurt it just sounds like ive broke a bone everytime

    • ANSWER:
      usually painless popping in joints, very common in ankles just means that the bones are weak. for ankles try doing some calf raises or stretches to strengthen the tendons and ligaments, and also strengthen the muscle will better support the ankle. but painless popping is due to a weaker joint. some simple ROM (range of motion) excercises will help alot. ex. rotate your ankle in a circle clockwise, then counter clockwise, then point your toes up with heal on the ground, and point the toe out straight. hold in these positions, and do a few sets, maybe when you get up, and before bed.

    Popping bones, normal?
    Ok, this is kind of wierd. I can pop almost everybone in my body like when you crack you fingers. I can do that with my wrist, knee, fingers, neck, back, toes, elbows, ankles and alittle more. Well that’s not ever bone but the main ones. Is that bad? Do you think I could be in The world records books? Lol, just wondering I don’t think so but it’s just a question. AnD ican bend my fingers back and it doesn’t. Hurt

    • ANSWER:

    What is wrong with my ankle? It keeps cracking and popping..?
    I’ve twisted and sprained my ankle a lot when I was growing up. I’m only 18. But now when I move my big toe, I can hear and feel my ankle like, cracking. It’s really loud. I can even feel it in my knee and my whole foot when that happens. And when I move it, it pops and cracks.. Also, when I walk a lot, it starts to hurt on the outside of my ankle around the bone. The pain is horrible. I’m pretty sure it’s from hurting it so much. I think there is something wrong. It doesn’t seem normal. It’s starting to hurt more around the back of my ankle and on the outside.
    Is there anything I can do to help it so it doesn’t cause more problems in the future? And what could be wrong?
    It’s not broken. I haven’t hurt it recently. The last time it twisted was months and months ago.

    • ANSWER:
      I have the same problem ive sprained mine twice and im only 12. Im a dancer and take tap jazz ballet pointe and modern. And when i would be dancing my ankle cracks all the time anything i do it cracks and it hurts right behind the bone like you said yours does. And i went to three doctor got lots of xrays and mris and nothing showed up and nobody could figure it out then finally they figured out i had peroneal tendon subluxation and basically where it hurts behind your bone is your peroneal tendon and subluxation is when your tendons are loose and pop over and back on your bone. And im 12 and have that! but anyway since im young and active they gave me a malleoloc brace instead of a boot and crutches or surgery. So next time you go to the ankle specialist ask them if they think it might be peroneal tendon subluxation! :D

    I have an extra bone in my ankle and now im experiencing very loud painful popping noises?

    yes the extra bone isnt really a “bone” its just excessive calcium depoits that form a bone like structure on the top of the arch of my foot and my ankle
    yes the extra bone isnt really a “bone” its just excessive calcium depoits that form a bone like structure on the top of the arch of my foot and my ankle

    • ANSWER:
      You told you that?

      If a doctor did, go to a different doc. If it was someone else don’t be so naive.

    What could be wrong with my ankle?
    Yesterday I was dancing (ballet) and I came down from a jump and rolled it. I popped as i came down on it, but it didn’t sound like a bone, more like muscles. It’s swollen, but I can put some weight on it. It just hurts right above my ankle bone. It feels like i catches when I walk. Does it sound like it’s broken? Does anyone know if it would require surgery?

    • ANSWER:
      Mostly it is due to sprain of ankle ligaments,though a x ray would be advisable for u to confirm theres no fracture.You need a crepe bandage covering your ankle.Take some analgesics.Defnitely you need to consult the doctor.Try not to put more pressure on that side.

    My ankle popped?
    I was playing basketball and came down on someone’s foot. My foot rolled for a split second and I heard a pop. I sat down and after a few minutes, I could see some swelling. I drove home and then I took a look at it again (30 minutes passed). It is swollen around/on the ankle bone. It is a little swolen, about the circumference of a golf ball, but it does not swell outward very much. I feel some discomfort but not any type of excruciating pain when walking or doing ankle exercises. I searched on WEBMD and it noted it as being a mild sprain. My question: Should I just wait and go to the hospital in the morning or go to the ER?

    • ANSWER:
      Just put an ACE bandage on it and nurse it for a few days. You’ll be fine.