Ankle Bracelet House Arrest

All I wanted was to find a jewelry website with beautiful ankle bracelets for a gift for my friend. It seemed like an easy enough search as I typed ankle bracelet into the search engine. The internet was flooded with ankle bracelets, I wanted a quality piece of jewelry, but what I found was quite surprising. The house arrest, home monitoring ankle bracelet to keep track of felons!

The house arrest ankle bracelet is a monitor that allows the controller, (usually law enforcement) to observe via GPS tracking, offenders at their house to make sure they do not wander outside their given range.

It was humorous to see the list of women who at one time wore these ankle bracelets under protest like Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton. Their crimes were not as humorous as the way their crimes were handled. Because of their stature, their wealth and connections, these women were treated like royalty, too good for proper punishment. So they were given extra light sentences and ankle monitoring bracelets to keep track of them outside of prison bars.

Maybe, I thought, the next wave of fashion should be stylish ankle bracelets for offending celebrities. Paris Hilton could launch her own line of house arrest jewelry for the stylish offender. I could see the advertisement in my head; a beautiful tall blonde with long legs laying poolside with her sparkling house arrest ankle bracelet glimmering in the sun, the ultimate look of a good girl gone bad.

Frequently Asked Questions

    what does this button on my house arrest ankle bracelet do?
    I’m on house arrest for failing a drug test (violating probation rules) and I have this black ankle bracelet with 3 small lights that don’t ever light up unless I’m charging it (orange light) and I’m really curious what this black button does, I held it down a couple times during these past few days and it just makes a steady beep sound for 2 seconds. What’s this button do?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s a test button. When you pressed it, a signal went to the monitoring station which in turn sent a confirmation signal back saying test successful monitoring in progress..

    Do you think i will get a ankle bracelet or house arrest?
    Im going to court for 3rd degree assault pending 2nd degree assault which is a felony, harassment, and possible drug charges on me. Do you think i will get an ankle bracelet or house arrest or time in jail??

    • ANSWER:

    How does the house arrest ankle bracelet work?
    Can they track where you are with them? Like GPS or something.
    Can they really tell if you leave your house?
    How exactly does it work?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on the place, but I know that in my state (CO) that most people get the bracelet and a little box inside their house. The box is set up to wait until the curfew limit they normally have is imposed and then it’ll start going off/notify the police, if you aren’t within the box’s range, which usually extends all around a house and the yard. And yes they can track you, they can also track if you take if off or if anything happens to it.

    How do I get a house arrest ankle bracelet to scare all the kiddies on Halloween?
    what would go along well with that. cleaver?

    • ANSWER:

    can the house arrest-Ankle Bracelet tell if you have been drinking?
    My buddie just got put on house arrest for a month and all the people he’s talked to including the cop that put it on him said that it can tell if you have been drinking he says there is a metal piece that is on the skin which is directly over one of his vein’s. So if anybody can help out that would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      Some people will believe anything …sheesh

    How can I make my house arrest ankle bracelet look like an upscale piece of jewelry from Cartier?

    • ANSWER:
      oh you know, add some diamonds, maybe a few small chains, some feathers, and BAM. you have a hideous piece of house arrestation.

    does house arrest ankle bracelet know if your using facebook?
    so i dont know if my moms just saying this but i got put on house arrest yesterday and they told me they dont want me useing the phone or internet . like facebook , email etc ….
    and my mom said this bracelet can tell if im using email . is that true ?
    and also if i violate the rules , i would be sent back to jail so i want to know

    • ANSWER:

    House arrest Ankle Bracelet light blinking?
    I am on home detention, and I was in the shower tonight and realized my ankle bracelet was blinking, I have not tampered with it at all. It has never blinked the entire 2.5 years ive been on it. It is blinking red then green, im not sure what to do. Please give me answers! Thanks so much! I have contacted my home detention officer and the police dept but since it is friday night, no one is available until monday.

    • ANSWER:
      you should be able to contact someone.. even the it is the weekend, the police station is still opened. and leave a message with your PO and do it several times. just to make sure they know you are trying to get a hold of someone.

    Any one have info on the house arrest ankle bracelet?
    Has any one had to use one? Our county in Virginia is going to begin this in a couple of weeks. My husband is going to court for a DUI and his lawyer said he may be able to use this as an option rather than jail time. How long do you have to use it and can it be turned off so he can go to work.

    • ANSWER:
      You have to use it as long as the Judge determines.
      It can be turned off, but doing so would be grounds for arrest.
      He will probably be allowed to go directly to work and return directly home.

    House arrest without ankle bracelet thing?
    I have house arrest for a month but, they didnt give me anything to wear like a tracking device, im 15, and i want to know details and rules if i dont have an ankle bracelet.

    • ANSWER:
      They would have explained the rules to you, and you and/or your parents would have signed an agreement. Check the paperwork you were given.

    Is it really possible to slide off house arrest ankle bracelet with baby oil?
    I came across a web site that says if you soak your foot in baby oil it will slide off, is that true? As I was googling I came across something that Martha Stewart said she knew how to take hers off and would take it off because it bothered her skin. Don’t give me no bullshit wha wha answers if i wanted that i’d call my grandma i’m asking a plain and simple question of the probability

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know but Madea did it with butter and put it on the dog.

    House Arrest ~ Ankle Bracelet Question?
    I have a friend who in a month of so is going to be sentenced to house arrest and be forced to wear an ankle bracelet. They told him he could go to work, go to the store and do anything he needed to do…..

    will his perimeter allow him to go outside? You know to mow his yard, wash his car etc? what are the usual perimeter guidelines in which he will have to follow?
    yes, he is going to be monitered to make sure he goes to work… and that’s no problem. He was just wondering about being about to go outside his home while at home.

    If he goes out his front door…. are the police going to be showing up? Or will he like have an area in which he can roam in his yard etc.
    I am very FEMALE thank you… but I’ll pass on your best wishes… SIS. {RME}

    • ANSWER:
      You have certain hours in which you are required to stay near a phone in the house. If you get out side the range, it will set off an alarm at the police station; and he will have some visitors in blue. Do not cut the electricity at the fuse box or disconnect the phone as that will be noticed.

    How can I take off my house arrest ankle bracelet?
    without violating the box

    • ANSWER:
      Chopping your foot off seems to be the only way out, good luck !

    In TNA, if someone grabs Reid Flairs ankle house arrest bracelet, is that an automatic DQ?


    • ANSWER:
      lmao someone needs to book ric flair a room to the nearest nursing home where he belongs

    has anyone ever heard any success with removing a house arrest ankle bracelet?
    model- bi 9000
    if anyone has heard anything about this please let me know! i would take it like a man and follow the rules, but my mother hates me so im not allowed to see my girlfriend for 30-60 days, its already been 14 days, and its really starting to bother me.
    thanks for any help!

    • ANSWER:
      Just remove then leg below the knee and hop on out of the house.

    Ankle bracelet was to keep u under house arrest but Michelle Rodrigues was seen out wearing one. How come?
    Like Paris, Michelle too was released with a monitoring device fixed to her ankle and I thought, again like Paris, she was required to stay under house arrest (though Paris was later sent back to the cooler). But recently I came across a picture of that time, in which Michelle was seen attending (Hollywood ?) function with the bracelet prominently displayed on her ankle.

    • ANSWER:
      there’s the possibility that she had a court granted leave.

    is it possible to remove a house arrest ankle bracelet(my friend needs info i guess?

    • ANSWER:
      Ya, you can remove it, but it sets off an alarm, they find you, arrest you, and you won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting out on bail again. So if your friend wants to be roomates with Big Bubba down at the county jail, then by all means, remove the bracelet. If not, I’d reccommend leaving it in place.

    SO WHAT CAN I DO TO forced to wear an ankle bracelet YOU NOE UNDER HOUSE ARREST!?
    well please just tell me stuff that someone can do to be under house arrest

    • ANSWER:
      If you really want to, just pretend. Get your self a bulky object to strap to your ankle, and, restrict yourself to only going to school and work, and then straight home afterward. This would be the same as being under house arrest.

      If you want house arrest to get out of school, it will not work. You will still be required to go to school, and with an ankle monitor, they will know if you don’t, and you may get into more trouble for not going (truancy).

      *EDIT* – If you really want to be placed under house arrest, the best way is to not have been in trouble with the law before and to commit some type of non-violent crime (truancy, shoplifting, etc.). There is no one specific crime that will get you house arrest. Then, you need to hope and pray that the judge will sentence you to this, and not just give you probation for a first time offense.

      House arrest is one of many options that a judge has to sentence you. But, also remember that any crime you commit (especially a felony) will follow you for the rest of you life, and you will be denied many benefits that others that have not committed crimes enjoy.

    What type of ankle bracelet is used on house arrest for someone with a class c or d felony in Missouri?
    Someone said it monitors alcohol and I had not heard of someone having one like that before?

    • ANSWER:
      The first answer is right. You will have to wear a uncomfortable plastic ankle bracelet. You will also have to pay for the “privilege” of being on house arrest.

      I may or may not have know someone who literally cut off the bracelet, and fled to Europe. But they perhaps had duel citizenship, while you do not. ;)

      Also, you will just have to take a breathalyzer each time you visit your P.O. If you have really been untrustworthy, you might get a house visit every so often from your P.O.. I have never been on house arrest, but I can tell you threw the grapevine that the P.O. will stop by but may not even enter the house, perhaps twice a year.

      As for drinking, just stay sober while on house arrest. You are so close to jail it’s not worth the aggravation.

    are house arrest ankle bracelets adjustable?
    i have court tomorrow, and chances are that i will be on house arrest. i was just wondering if the bracelets are adjustable, because my pants are really tight at the bottom, and i don’t want to have to wear like some huge stoner sweat pants for the next however many days i will have it. so please, tell me if they are.

    • ANSWER:

    What are the rules of house arrest for a minor that doesn’t have to wear the ankle bracelet monitor?
    What are the rules for a minor that is on house arrest but wasn’t given an ankle bracelet monitor??
    Is it okay to go walking outside at least in the apartment complex?
    10 pts best answer. please give real proof of answer(s).


    • ANSWER:
      My uncle had the same thing with being on teather. You can be on the premisis of the area you were put on / apartment complex, but not to far away from the premisis or you will get attacked by cops from every direction. But if I was you, I would call your parol officer and double check just to be safe.
      XOXO deedee =]

    Can house arrest keep the ankle bracelet on you if it is causing blisters and bruising to the ankle?

    • ANSWER:
      No, they can’t make you, but they do have the option of incarcerating you if you don’t wear the ankle bracelet

    house arrest and cutting off ankle bracelet?
    My boyfriend cut off his house arrest bracelet but didn’t attempt to go anywhere. As soon as it was cut off the DOC called his house and he answered and told them he cut it off. They told him they were sending out a tech to put it back on and they were gonna leave a message with his PO that he cut it off. They also told him to stay by the phone so they can do voice check ins. So he has done so and not attempted to leave. No cops have been out.. no call from the PO, no tech yet. Im not sure what to think about this one.. what is gonna happen. Would they ahve already came and got him if he was going back to prison? Or would they wait for teh PO to come back into office in 2 days and then do it then?

    • ANSWER:
      He WILL have to pay for damages to the bracelet. He MAY get off with only that because he cooperated. Technically, he violated the terms of his sentence and CAN be put behind bars for the rest of the sentence AND face an additional charge for damaging government property.

    are house arrest ankle bracelets intrinsically safe ?

    I have a man that works for me who is leaving an adult transition center to an apartment. We work in an indyastrial facility, will the ankle bracelet be safe in the plant. All radios, flashlights and etc. have to be intrinsically safe to be in the plant.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, there are no documented side effects, other than restricting the felon to a limited area.

    Again please: How do I get rid of that man ( no job & he has a house arrest ankle bracelet on)?
    he is living at my 74 yr old Mother’s, county sub-sidized apt. She let’s him. I have told her to get rid of him but that is not happening. Any suggestions? She lives on about 00 a month. There is not a sexual relationship. All suggestions appreciated! Thanks.
    I mind because he has a record & part of it was assault on a female. Her arm was broken. Mother does not get around well.
    I mind because he has a record & part of it was assault on a female. Her arm was broken. Mother does not get around well. Also wonder if she is getting looney.
    Thanks, all of you. I’ll let you choose who gets the points.

    • ANSWER:
      If your mother chooses to have him there, then there isn’t much you can do. You could call the police and let them know the situation and maybe they could let him know, that they know where he is and that they are keeping an eye on him. But really i don’t think you can do anything legally to remove him. Talk with your motherr and tell her how upset this is making you. And you wish she would listen to you. And watch her to make sure yu don’t see any changes in her.

    when on house arrest with an ankle bracelet?
    can one go swimming (pool,beach). If so, how deep would one be able to swim?

    • ANSWER:
      One can go where one is allowed to be at.
      If the person is a child molester, I do not think that a kids park would be appropriate?

    does the house arrest Indel bracelet monitor motion?
    does the house arrest ankle bracelet monitor motion or heart beat?

    • ANSWER:
      i wonder why his hand is going up and down at 70km/h in the bathroom?

    Is it legal to buy a Ankle monitoring bracelet such as those for house arrest without a permit?
    My friends mom grounded her, but she still goes out. So her mom wants to buy one of those. but is that even legal?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think it is legal to literally physically hold your child prisoner .

    what happens when your on House Arrest with an Ankle bracelet & the electricity goes out for the next month?
    Ok say, your on house arrest, with an ankle monitor, once the router or w/e its called turns off for what ever reason the cops, show up.. But what happens, when your electricity is turned off by the hydro company or w.e and you wont be having electricity for the next month, does that mean you have to go to jail?
    ps: I was watching the movie “Disturbia” so I started wondering about some things..
    Um the ankle bracelet is battery powered, But you have to plug in some sort of a modem in your home.

    • ANSWER:
      They’re battery powered, but if your electricity goes out for a month you have bigger problems.

    If the judge releases you to the custody of your parents and places you on house arrest without an ankle brace?
    and places you on house arrest without an ankle bracelet and did not give an amount of time to be on it when is your house arrest done?

    • ANSWER:
      You would need to read the judges order for that info or ask your case/probation 0fficer

    Is there a such thing as being house arrest without having to wear an ankle or wrist bracelet?
    I know a person who claims that they are under house arrest but do not have to wear any kind of ankle or wrist electronic device.

    • ANSWER:
      I was,

      I was suppoenad to testify at a trial and I told the police station that I was not going because I had a final exam that I couldn’t reschedule. The day before, a police officer came and told me that I was being put on house arrest until the trial, and that he would take me to the court the next morning. All night, he sat outside my house in a squad car and threated to arrest me if i left.

    Poll: Does the Bedazzler work on house arrest ankle bracelets?

    • ANSWER:
      If you would allow me to, I can sew pretty little trinkets and gems onto your ankle bracelet. I might accidentally stab you a few times with the needle, but no pain, no gain.

      AM I right? Riiiight?

    design house arrest ankle bracelets.?
    I wanted to know if there is a web site that will help me build stuff from scratch, like a bracelets that will pine point were my child is in the house. if he gets out of bed, or leaves the house. How do I make a satellite signal that could tune in one small area, and adjustable advice to track from 5 to 100 feet of a pine point area.

    • ANSWER:

    I have been placed under house arrest. Do I get to pick out out my electronic ankle bracelet? I want something?
    that is stylish and looks expensive, perhaps with gemstones and an engraving.
    Gucci makes electronic ankle bracelets? That is what I am talking about!
    Lindsay Lohan has offered to let me use her old ankle bracelet. She has an entire collection.

    • ANSWER:
      Now your talking. This is my area.
      Try de beers, the ritz for fancy ones
      Swarvoski for sparkly ones,
      Topshop for classy ones,
      and primark for value ones,
      And if you buy one in tescos you get double clubcard points.

    Have you ever been on house arrest with one of those electronic ankle bracelet things?
    Just wondering….

    • ANSWER:
      not recently…

    Can U Still Go 2 School If U Have An Ankle Bracelet On?
    If You Went to court and they have you on probation & you have a house arrest or ankle bracelet. Can u still go to school? No right? because u have the bracelet?

    • ANSWER:
      I would talk to your lawyer the judge the d.a., or the police. When I was in high school a friend of mine had an ankle bracelet, and he obviously had to go to school. I can tell you this, you will be able to go to school, and will have to no matter what the circumstance.

    house arrest?
    I recently got into some legal trouble and i was put on house arrest. I cut off my ankle bracelet and i am now OTR. Is cutting off your house arrest ankle bracelet a felony or a misdemeanor?

    • ANSWER:
      FELONY how stupid can you be?

    House Arrest…ranging area!!!!?
    Someone I know just got arrested because the police said that his house arrest ankle bracelet was ranging all day. But he was in the house the entire time. Is there any way he will be let go on bail, or the bracelet’s gps to prove he was home the whole time?

    • ANSWER:
      Why didn’t he call, after the alarm sounded ? ( Maybe he wasn’t home ) ! ?

    House Arrest?
    Does anyone know if a house arrest ankle bracelet will set off a metal detector?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it will! What are planning a vacation soon to a non extraditions country? Plus they put the thing on there so you don’t leave to house. Only can leave for what the court says your allowed to leave for work and to go get food is about it. Advice don’t cut it off you will most likely be locked up for that.

    Where can i find a fake house arrest bracelet?
    Are there such things as fake house arrest bracelets? Like you would put it around your ankle but it doesn’t actually work or anything, I was wondering because I want to buy one and play a prank, but I can’t find any online. Are there any stores that sell them? Or does anyone know of anything that looks somewhat like a house arrest monitoring device?

    • ANSWER:
      try a old pager and put hot glue it to a plastic wrist band…or they might have something like that at spencers

    How can I tell my boyfriend im sorry i didnt tell him yet and that im on house arrest?
    I wasn’t going to tell him because he is all the way in Montana, but then my mom told his dad!!!!!!!!
    So is there anyway I can play it off and say that i’m not and my mom is lying to make us break up. Because the ankle bracelet and house arrest end before he comes home && NOBODY else knows. & his dad hasnt seen it.

    Or how can I admit to him it is true and i’m sorry i didn’t tell him?
    he will probably ask on his phonecall today

    • ANSWER:

    How to make my bracelet more comfy and how do i hide it?
    HELP ME PLEASE…I have a ankle bracelet for house arrest, that is HUGE and HEAVY, it moves around. It hurts sooo bad, i am stuck w/ this for the next year. I work in a fast pace enviroment from 8am to 530pm idont stop walking and moving. as this has caused alot of bruises and im frustrated. i have tried numerous things….nothing is comfortable. Someone please help me!!

    • ANSWER:
      put toilet paper underneith it and dont see it.

    why would casey anthony have to wear a ankle bracelet when she has not been convicted?
    seems to me people release from jail are put on probation and if violated they either go to jail or house arrest which includes a ankle bracelet I thought once u post bail you are free until trial seems this girl in convicted already

    now when shes goes to trial for the charges she has now which are really nothing for a first time offender and found guilty are they just going to give her house arrest and a fine

    remember there is no dead baby as of now that any one knows of

    • ANSWER:
      Bond is a constitutional right that permits the release of an inmate under conditions that assure there presence at trial. The ankle bracelet is used because authorities have determined that she could be a flight risk. The ankle bracelet is used on people with much less severe charges, keeping in mind that Casey faces a six year sentence if convicted.

      The judge made his opinion clear during Casey’s bond hearing. He believes that she is guilty of more than endangering the welfare of a child, and he has the right and authority to base his determination of bond and home confinement regulations based on what the District Attorney’s discovery claims. In other words, if the DA suggests that Casey is guilty of more than the current charges, the judge may take that into consideration, as he has clearly done here.

      Also keep in mind that Casey’s bond and home confinement restrictions have already failed an appeal. This means that no less than four judges have agreed that her constitutional rights are not being violated. I suspect they are a bit more familiar with the law than most of us in this forum.

    What are the rules/violations for house arrest?
    My boyfriend is sentenced to house arrest for 30 days. Can’t go anywhere other than work for 30 days. What can the cops be called for? (other than him leaving the house, or taking the ankle bracelet off, or drinking, etc) Say if his mom wants to call the cops because he gets angry, can he go to jail for much longer?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on the case but they might call your boyfriend every 30 minutes. It’s not a vacation from jail.

    What are the rules for house arrest?
    My boyfriend is sentenced to house arrest for 30 days. Can’t go anywhere other than work for 30 days. What can the cops be called for? (other than him leaving the house, or taking the ankle bracelet off, or drinking, etc) Say if his mom wants to call the cops because he gets angry, can he go to jail for much longer?

    • ANSWER:
      I think it depend the anger or damage.

    fake house arrest bracelet?
    Are there such things as fake house arrest bracelets? Like you would put it around your ankle but it doesn’t actually work or anything, I was wondering because I want to buy one and play a prank, but I can’t find any online. Are there any stores that sell them? Or does anyone know of anything that looks somewhat like a house arrest monitoring device?

    • ANSWER:
      Try an electric fence collar for dogs

    how will the police know that my cousin is on house arrest?
    my cousin has been put on house arrest in Brampton, Ontario. I was wondering how the police would know that she has left the house. She isn’t wearing an ankle bracelet. Does someone call the house to check up on her? Does anyone know the process?

    • ANSWER:
      Contrary to what people are going to say.

      They don’t know she’s on house arrest if she isn’t on an ankle bracelet. People seem to have the misconception that police have super computers or something when in fact they are very very old and out dated. The simple fact that they didn’t put her on an ankle bracelet is proof enough that they obviously don’t care. The only thing that could really happen is her probation officer might check up on her after calling the house and she doesn’t answer. Tell her not to play with fire though, she’ll get burned

    Why do we release child molesters back into society without any ankle bracelets and or monitoring?
    And yet, our government had to place an ankle bracelet and enforce house arrest on people like Martha Stewart. Why don’t they make examples out of the crud like child molesters and abusers?

    • ANSWER:
      There is some monitoring in most states for sex offenders. I have listed a website that is worth looking at. You type in your address and it shows you where the listed sex offenders are. It gives you pictures of the offender and information about the type of crime. You should check it out.

      I do agree that something more should be done about this!

    How to cover an ankle bracelet?
    My husband and I were out on our pontoon one night when he noticed our stern light had gone out behind where I’d been sitting on the back of the boat. I moved to the driver’s seat while he tried to fix the light. A DNR Officer came up along side us. I’d been drinking. He assumed I’d been driving. Tried to fight it in court but jury believed “Officer of the Law”. Now convicted of BUI and sentenced to wear a S.C.R.A.M. ankle bracelet that detects alcohol in my system.

    I have no problem not drinking, but it’s sooooooooo embarassing to have to wear this “Scarlet Letter” bacelet when I’ve never committed any crime in my life! Most people have never heard of S.C.R.A.M. and will assume I’m under House Arrest!

    I know I shouldn’t care what others thinks but it’s summertime and I’d rather not spend it in pants. Any ideas for a lady to disguise this bulky thing while wearing a dress, shorts or a bikini?!?

    • ANSWER:
      ~That is seriously aweful!!! Is there any way you can request something else you can wear instead? I feel for you. The only thing I can suggest is that you just wear pants until you serve the sentence. Good luck.~

    Why would house arrest be put into effect for forgery before the trial?
    Why would someone be put on house arrest at the arraignment court date? Does that mean they could potentially be looking at jail time. The crime was for forgery I am thinking on Prescriptions for pills. I don’t know what kind of actions are taken on this when this type of crime is commited. She has a child at home with her and no dad so I was wondering if she is looking at jail time and that is why she has to wear the ankle bracelet. Thanks

    • ANSWER: