Ankle Bracelet Monitoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does this exist anywhere: ankle monitoring bracelet with electric shock?
    I seem to remember reading about this a few years ago: it was an ankle monitoring bracelet that gave an incapacitating shock to the wearer should he leave the assigned perimeter for his house arrest, in addition to alerting the autorities. Was this ever prototyped or under evaluation anywhere? Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me! Any hints appreciated. Cheers.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve never heard of it.

      It would be nearly impossible for an ankle bracelet to give an incapacitating shock. You need two contact points in a major muscle group for incapacitation.

      Liability would be a major factor also, you would have no control over the person when the incapacitating shock was delivered.

    What type of ankle bracelet/electronic monitoring is used on released prisoners?
    I have an uncle in jail for breaking parole (he had only about 1 year left…14 out of 15 years was already up). He chose to make the wrong decision, went out of state and was dating some girl well below half of his age (she was 18 and he’s in his mid 40′s).

    It was said that when he is released, he will have to wear an ankle bracelet. What is it, exactly? Like a GPS monitoring thing? Is it waterproof or something?

    • ANSWER:
      The one that I had to wear was waterproof, it did NOT utilize GPS. I had to get a lan line phone at my residence and they probation department hooked up a machine to the lan line, and placed the bracelet on me. I was required to be within 100 feet of this machine while at home. I was only allowed to go to work during the weekdays, back home at 6:00pm and could go out for 1 hour on the weekend to run errands.

    Is it legal to buy a Ankle monitoring bracelet such as those for house arrest without a permit?
    My friends mom grounded her, but she still goes out. So her mom wants to buy one of those. but is that even legal?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think it is legal to literally physically hold your child prisoner .

    how can i beat the ankle bracelet monitoring program?
    im on home arrest ?

    • ANSWER:
      Your not gonna beat it. Stay home and scratch yourself for the next 3 months. Behave better when you get off it.

    For what reasons would a person need an ankle monitoring bracelet?
    Other than being on house arrest and a DUI?

    • ANSWER:
      They are used to track sex offenders on probation in my area.

    Is there a way to trick an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet?

    Thank you for all who answered, I guess I should have been a little more clear. It is not for me, I just want to make sure it is fool proof so the person wearing it cannot get away with fooling it. I am protecting children.

    • ANSWER:
      Let me answer with another question: if your job was to make sure people used alcohol monitoring ankle bracelets, would you pick one that had an easy way to trick it, or one that was proven to be trick-proof?

      You are more likely to get busted by trying to trick it. I think you need to take a hard look at yourself if you are on here announcing loudly that you don’t care about being honest or trustworthy, but only care about getting your own way.

    How can one beat scram ankle bracelet monitoring?
    Will sandwich wrap work

    • ANSWER:
      SCRAM Device Also Detect Tampering Efforts
      More and more law enforcement agencies are beginning to use a new high-tech tool that helps them track the alcohol consumption of previous offenders, 24 hours a day, seven days a week — particularly repeat drunk drivers.
      The device, which works much like the ankle bracelets worn by offenders under house arrest, is called SCRAM — Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. It reads the blood alcohol content of the person wearing it every hour and reports those readings to law enforcement agencies.

      “This is the first offender or patient bracelet that tests (offenders) consistently,” said Don White of Alcohol Monitoring Systems, which manufactures the device. “We’re able to test the molecules of ethanol that are coming off the ankle, because five percent of everything you drink comes out your body.”

      Closing the Testing Loopholes
      The Alcohol Monitoring Systems web site claims, “SCRAM provides accurate 24/7 monitoring of an offender’s alcohol consumption. It catches tamper attempts that mask drinking events. It closes testing loopholes. If offenders drink or tamper, you’ll know it. If they don’t, you’ll know that, too. So you can focus on the offenders that truly need intervention.”
      More than 200 agencies in 20 states are now using the device. Many others are planning to use the device when funding is available, White said. The device has already conducted more than four million alcohol tests on 3,000 offenders.

      In a recent North Carolina case, a man left jail wearing one of the SCRAM monitors. “Within five hours, he was arrested again for another public alcohol event in which he threatened the officers, threatened the lives of families, and was re-incarcerated,” Judge Joseph Buckner of Orange County said.

      Web site: Alcohol Monitoring Systems

    What criminal offenses need to be committed to receive the punishment of an Alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet?
    In california

    • ANSWER:
      Drunk driving..

    What are the rules of house arrest for a minor that doesn’t have to wear the ankle bracelet monitor?
    What are the rules for a minor that is on house arrest but wasn’t given an ankle bracelet monitor??
    Is it okay to go walking outside at least in the apartment complex?
    10 pts best answer. please give real proof of answer(s).


    • ANSWER:
      My uncle had the same thing with being on teather. You can be on the premisis of the area you were put on / apartment complex, but not to far away from the premisis or you will get attacked by cops from every direction. But if I was you, I would call your parol officer and double check just to be safe.
      XOXO deedee =]

    Once 0-bozo is convicted of a felony, will he have to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet in the?
    white house or while on official trips? Will he be fulfilling the ‘dreams of his father’ once he is convicted?
    Will democrats still make excuses for him?

    • ANSWER:
      Dreaming I see.`

    where can i buy ankle monitoring bracelet?

    • ANSWER:
      In my search I found these websites:

    can you buy a ankle monitoring bracelet online?

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best way to remove an ankle bracelet monitor for my date tonight?
    Or, what are some things I can tell her as to why I need to keep moving quickly and often during the evening?

    • ANSWER:
      Blow your foot off with a machine gun, and tell her you were injured while trying to save a wee kitten from being hit by a car.

    I’ve just read that Lindsay Lohan wore an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet. how the f*** does that work?

    • ANSWER:
      when u drink alcohol and it is digesting ur body gives off a fumes off ur skin and the monitor detects it and sends it back to the computer and she has to go back to rehab

    Why do we release child molesters back into society without any ankle bracelets and or monitoring?
    And yet, our government had to place an ankle bracelet and enforce house arrest on people like Martha Stewart. Why don’t they make examples out of the crud like child molesters and abusers?

    • ANSWER:
      There is some monitoring in most states for sex offenders. I have listed a website that is worth looking at. You type in your address and it shows you where the listed sex offenders are. It gives you pictures of the offender and information about the type of crime. You should check it out.

      I do agree that something more should be done about this!

    What companies make ankle bracelets and monitoring devices?

    • ANSWER:
      The Lewis Company and Davis Scanning Enterprises does that.

    So like, are alcohol monitoring ankle bracelets like a violation of my constitutional rights?

    I was in Mean Girls!

    • ANSWER:
      Not if your alcohol consumption and repeated alcohol-related offenses have proven to be so hazardous and disruptive to society that the law must intervene and impose mandatory sobriety on you.

    Ankle bracelet was to keep u under house arrest but Michelle Rodrigues was seen out wearing one. How come?
    Like Paris, Michelle too was released with a monitoring device fixed to her ankle and I thought, again like Paris, she was required to stay under house arrest (though Paris was later sent back to the cooler). But recently I came across a picture of that time, in which Michelle was seen attending (Hollywood ?) function with the bracelet prominently displayed on her ankle.

    • ANSWER:
      there’s the possibility that she had a court granted leave.

    I have a gps ankle bracelet and I wanna smoke right out side my door. Can I?
    I just got put on the gps ankle monitor and I need to know how far I can go outside. There is no base box at my house its just a gps braclet but I need to know if I can take half a step out my door to smoke a cigarette without catching any flak.

    • ANSWER:
      Call your parole officer and ask

    What is the point of Lindsay Lohan having an ankle bracelet monitor if she is still allowed to drink and party?
    I heard on the news the other day that her alcohol/drugs bracelet went off because she was drinking, so she just had to pay ,000 (bail) to avoid jail and continue to be free on her own to party. Why the hell did the judge make her wear the ankle bracelet if she isn’t going to do anything when Lindsay drinks? She just keeps getting slaps on the wrist and lots of warnings, but no one ever makes her do hard time, like the average person would have to do. She has 2 DUIs and has violated her probation a few times…the average person would get 4 years in prison for that kind of record.

    • ANSWER:
      I agree Andrew, Celebrities should be punished like the rest of us!! If not jail time, have Lindsay Lohan pick up garbage for about 100 hours!!!

    How can I tell if my Ankle Bracelet is GPS or Just a curfew monitor?
    I just got put on a ankle bracelet today, the system that came with it is B1 9000 which is hooked up to my phone line…my curfew is 7am-7pm and my ankle bracelet is just a little black thing with the numbers 467268A on it, but thats all I got, no phone, or watch or anything…Is this just to make sure I keep my curfew?

    • ANSWER:
      Oh Snap! The B1 9000 – that cuff the bomb! I used to have to 8200 model, but it would always say I was out when I was in!

      You gotta test the waters. Stay out after curfew – blow off some stress with some vodka and just see what happens.

      No one is give you a hard time for one mistake.

    Help NOW! Removing ankle bracelet monitor!!!?
    Ok so how would i go about doing this, hypothetically of course!

    it’s just a question..
    Yeah and I have cankles/larger ankles so I doubt if i hypothetically had one on it would slide off in cold water

    • ANSWER:
      Go to Home Depot, or a similar building supply company, and ask the salesman where you can find the BOLT-CUTTERS. Use them there, free, then get the Hell outta Dodge.

      Bolt-Cutters would circumcise Superman, so they should do the trick, subtly enough.

      Good Fortune.

    Are alcohol monitoring ankle bracelets available privately?
    That’s it. Can a private individual get them?

    • ANSWER:
      I read through a few of the faq’s and adobe press kits on the website, and it looks like the SCRAM/alcohol monitoring anklets are only available to the courts/gov’t, and not in the private sector.

    SCRAM ankle bracelet, will it effect the size of my ankle and calves after 8 months?
    I’m not sure where to ask so here I am once again with another question. I’ve been on the SCRAM ankle bracelet (which monitors my body for alcohol so I do not drink) for 3 months now and I have another 4 months to go before trial. I really do not care for drinking so the bracelet doesn’t bother me and I’ve become use to it so it no longer hurts my ankle/calves but I do have a problem. I have small ankles, therefore they had to make the anklet tight on me so it stays placed next to my skin which also had to be pulled up a bit right under my calves so it doesn’t slip down. They’ve already detected that I took it off once (which I never had) b/c it had slipped down to my ankle and no longer touched my skin, I was worried so I’ve been pushing it up against my calves very tightly so it stays put to get me from being called in. The thing is now my right side calves seem to look smaller than my left. When I do get it off in late July will my ‘R’ calves remain smaller than my left forever?
    bmac: thanks for your honest answer. I checked myself into a chemical dependency program at a counseling clinic but they said they only serve level 5 alcoholics or something like that and I needed a level 2. I also told the counselor that I wanted to attend AA and she doesn’t recommend me to, she gave me another program which she think would help me, it’s a woman sobriety program so I am already looking into these suggestions. I guess my next question is a lot of ppl suggest AA but why did the counselor recommend something else?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m guessing some atrophy has occurred on that calf. This means you’ve lost muscle mass due to muscle inactivity. in this case, do jump ropes while hopping on that one leg. A simple way to get it to the same size as the other leg.

    SCRAM bracelet and monitoring bracelet questions?
    I know some one on a monitoring bracelet since hes on house arrest. Could it detect alcohol to or would you need 2 bracelets on, the “scram” and “monitoring” ones or do some monitoring bracelets also detect alcohol?

    And some one said if you go out of your range theres a speaker on em that some one will tell you your out of your area. And can they listen to what you say threw the ankle braclet speeker?

    • ANSWER:
      If it helps at all, the SCRAM bracelets can be used for alcohol detection, simple area monitoring or both. Depending entirely on what the person was convicted of in court will determine which type of bracelet would be used.

      The bracelets do NOT have any type of speaker system built into them. They do broadcast a signal, particularly the alcohol detection system, but conversation is not recorded nor broadcast out.

      I hope this helps and you can find it useful

    need to travel out of state, do they take off or leave the ankle monitoring device?
    the courtdate is at a different state, they transfered him to CA and put the bracelet, now have to go back to court there, do they remove the bracelet, or I go into plane with that on ankle?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what kind of supervision he’s under. This kind of stuff is usually up to either the judge, the probation officer, or the parole officer (whatever the case may be).

      Chances are they will remove it, insofar as it can’t be used to monitor his activity, and a continuous schedule would need to be inputted for him, while the box has to keep calling out an activity report. It’s just a waste of time if he’s going to be out of state, and it’s not likely they will allow the transmitter on an airplane.

      If they have a reason to believe he’ll continue with the program, they will probably keep the receiver (box) at the host site (home), and the transmitter (ankle bracelet) will go back to the county until he returns.

    does the house arrest Indel bracelet monitor motion?
    does the house arrest ankle bracelet monitor motion or heart beat?

    • ANSWER:
      i wonder why his hand is going up and down at 70km/h in the bathroom?

    Do you think they should have left the bracelet on?
    The Judge ordered that astronaut Lisa Nowak could have her ankle bracelet/monitoring device removed. There were some stipulations to go with his decissions. Do you think she should have left it on? Why or why not?

    • ANSWER:
      take it off – currently she is innocent until found guilty – and she is not a dog

    What type of ankle bracelet is used on house arrest for someone with a class c or d felony in Missouri?
    Someone said it monitors alcohol and I had not heard of someone having one like that before?

    • ANSWER:
      The first answer is right. You will have to wear a uncomfortable plastic ankle bracelet. You will also have to pay for the “privilege” of being on house arrest.

      I may or may not have know someone who literally cut off the bracelet, and fled to Europe. But they perhaps had duel citizenship, while you do not. ;)

      Also, you will just have to take a breathalyzer each time you visit your P.O. If you have really been untrustworthy, you might get a house visit every so often from your P.O.. I have never been on house arrest, but I can tell you threw the grapevine that the P.O. will stop by but may not even enter the house, perhaps twice a year.

      As for drinking, just stay sober while on house arrest. You are so close to jail it’s not worth the aggravation.

    Y&R: About the ankle bracelet adam’s wearing?
    i thought that if those things get slid off the ankle or break, they automatically go off and alarm the police? arent they monitored so that the ankle bracelet must be attached to the body or the alarm goes off??

    • ANSWER:
      actually yes, that’s how they work. not only that, they are designed to where if someone starts fiddling with it, it goes off and sends out a signal to the probation officer. so before someone could get if off, once they start toying with it, the p.o. is alerted. there are also some that are designed to tell if someone has been drinking or doing drugs (for those whose probation is of the stipulation that they not use drugs). but anyway, u’re right, in real life someone would have been alerted.

    what happens when your on House Arrest with an Ankle bracelet & the electricity goes out for the next month?
    Ok say, your on house arrest, with an ankle monitor, once the router or w/e its called turns off for what ever reason the cops, show up.. But what happens, when your electricity is turned off by the hydro company or w.e and you wont be having electricity for the next month, does that mean you have to go to jail?
    ps: I was watching the movie “Disturbia” so I started wondering about some things..
    Um the ankle bracelet is battery powered, But you have to plug in some sort of a modem in your home.

    • ANSWER:
      They’re battery powered, but if your electricity goes out for a month you have bigger problems.

    gps anklet monitor how do i make a fake but real looking one?
    ok so i have a play coming up and my character has a ankle bracelet monitor, how do i make a fake but real looking one?

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, By this being the “monitor questions” thread im sure that it means Computer monitors not gps anklets lmfao. Second of all go look up a damn picture and see what it looks like then make something similar rofl

    i cut off my electronic monitoring bracelet, what now?
    i called parole and let them know that its cut off and they said they will look at it and see if my story pans out that the hedge clippers fell, cut my ankle and cut the bracelet. are they going to violate me on the spot or not? thats the question i need not a bunch of unnecessary stuff.
    thank you
    I did call to tell them. I wasn’t trying to run or anything. It was an accident. Will they give me anther chance?

    • ANSWER:
      Unless you bring in a bloody hedge clippers and an ankle with several stitches, you will be violated.

    What do you think GPS ankle bracelet gives burglar away (ILLEGAL )?
    ESCONDIDO — A 22-year-old burglary suspect who fled the crime scene just might have gotten away — if only he hadn’t been wearing a GPS ankle bracelet tracking his every move.

    The burglary was reported about 4:20 p.m. Thursday, when a girl called 911 saying someone was breaking into her apartment.

    Neighbors were able to chase the man away and told arriving police officers that they recognized him as their neighbor, Jimmy Alexander Magadiaga, said Escondido police Lt. Craig Carter.

    Officers soon discovered that their suspect was outfitted with a GPS ankle bracelet because of a pending deportation hearing. They quickly partnered with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to begin monitoring his movements.

    With an officer now matching Magadiaga turn for turn, police caught up with him two hours later and arrested him without incident.

    Magadiaga was booked into the Vista jail on suspicion of burglary and for an outstanding domestic violence warrant.

    Investigators suspect he is responsible for other burglaries in the area and are asking potential victims to come forward. Anyone with information can call police at (760) 839-4722 or leave an anonymous tip at (760) 839-4973 or

    • ANSWER:
      1) You must remember that these aliens are not the brightest bulbs in the package! Most are the ones that third world shit holes don’t want!
      2) That neighbor must of been cute! 2 hours chasing a person around with a GPS device strapped to him?
      3) Did it really take 2 hours to track down someone when police knew where he was every second?
      4) Is it OK to beat your wife and/or child in CA (outstanding domestic violence warrant.) but not OK to burglarize an apartment? Just how cute was this neighbor and/or what was her relationship to police?
      5) Why wasn’t the idiot already in jail on the domestic violence charge? The police couldn’t find him even with the GPS device?
      6) Was he let loose after the domestic violence charge so as not to break up his family? The ones he beat on?
      7) What morons let him loose on society to begin with?

      So many questions! Only moronic answers from the pro-criminal people!

    Guys: How fast would you run if your girlfriend or your hypothetical girlfriend…?
    … came home with an ankle monitoring bracelet for you to wear? It’s a good gift, yes?


    • ANSWER:
      i can imagine her doing that…though she’d get one that would give me an electric shock whenever she chooses….lol

    What are the consequences to this?
    Okay, so my friend was caught giving a prescription pill to one of my other friends. She was intending to sell she gave her one so he could try it out. She got caught and was suspended for 3 days. I live in Northern California in Santa Clara County. We’re both 14 Years old. What are the consequences to this? Like is she gonna get probation or parole for this like an ankle monitor? Cuz there was also this guy who got in a gang fight and was suspended, but came back a few days later with an ankle bracelet monitor thing
    Based on your question, we think

    • ANSWER:

    Removing an electronic monitoring bracelet before you are supposed?
    My fiance was in the basement trying to fix something and accidentally dropped a sharp object and cut his ankle. The cut was pretty bad he was bleeding a lot and I am sure it hurt. Anyway, he didn’t think and cut off his bracelet :( When he came upstairs he immediately his parole officer. When she didn’t answer he left a message and called the 800 # he was given. He explained what happened and they said they would send someone out. When they didn’t come after half an hour he called back because he needed to go to the hospital. They came and arrested him taking him first to the hospital where he got stitches for his wound. So my question is will they re-release him on electronic monitoring or will he be sent back to prison for this freak accident?
    Yea, that was my fiance. I know he wasn’t to cut it off but hopefully they will give him another chance to be a productive member of his family and the community in which we live.

    • ANSWER:
      Pretty unique situation here!

      The decision might come down to the location and severity of the wound. If the bleeding was severe and the bracelet was getting in the way of stopping the bleeding … they might replace the bracelet (probably at his expense) and let the monitoring continue.

      If he hacked through the bracelet for a minor wound that could have been treated with the bracelet in place … they could violate him!

      He immediately called his parole officer and the 800 number he was given (the company that monitors the devices?) … good thinking! That might help him out … shows that he was not “trying to get away with anything”.

      Cutting the bracelet off was a violation of his parole, but things might have been worse for him if he didn’t cut it off. In my opinion … he will probably be OK in this situation.

    Who are the Opir Prison Marching Band? What is their background?. Based at Folsom Prison?
    They played at the Nevada City Centeinnal Parade this weekend and some appear to be wearing ankle monitoring bracelets. What gives? Are they prisoners?l

    • ANSWER:
      I think you mean the Ophir Prison Marching Band, and they are not real inmates.

    can you hook up home detention bracelet with magic jack?
    my bf is being placed on ankle bracelet,i have magic jack connected through computer.can his monitoring system be hooked up through magic jack? please serious answers

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know if the system used by your unnamed jurisdiction is compatible with magic jack. I suspect they have some way of handling people without a land-line phone.

    What are the fees of electric monitoring/house arrest?
    what are the fees or the amount the bill is they send you for having the stupid ankle bracelet on?
    i’m gonna have it for 30 days

    • ANSWER:
      There’s no way anyone on here can tell you, every jurisdiction is different. I’d set back 0 minimum if you’re in an East coast state.

    If someone is on house arrest can they track you if the phone isn’t working properly?
    I have a friend on house arrest and her phone isn’t working properly. It gives a busy signal anytime someone calls. She gets the bright idea that she can leave and they won’t be able to track her because the ankle bracelet is monitored through the phone line. Is this true? Will she be able to do what she wants without getting into trouble since her phone is messing up???

    • ANSWER:
      No, that is not true.

    What happens if I skip court and the court has my passport?
    I was arrested couple of months ago, the court gave me 0,000.00( so i had to pay ,000 to get out) but also, the judge asked for my passport , because I am not an American citizen. My friend was in the court room and in couple of days he paid the ,000 and he gave them my passport. After that I was taken into immigration custody because I had overstayed my visa in the USA, like I said before I am not an US citizen. The immigration let me out on an ankle bracelet monitoring device. But they took my other passport(which was expired, i just had it because I had my visa on it). But I got a little crazy , decided to cut the bracelet , and I found a way to go back to my country. My question is, because I know that the bond money is long gone, what will happen to the passport? hoping they will keep them there, because I wanted to go and get a new one in my country. But I am not sure what is the procedure when the US authorities have your international passport. Does anyone knows if they would send it back or just keep it there , thinking that I might be still in the USA. By the way, they don’t have any records of me leaving the country, because I left to my country from Canada. So, I was wandering if the police or the immigration would contact the embassy of my country in USA to try to locate me and do something else.

    P.S. After all this said, I guess I shouldn’t even try to pass near the States? I think I made a huge mistake.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you did too.*

    What happens if I skip court and the court has my international passport?
    I was arrested couple of months ago, the court gave me 0,000.00( so i had to pay ,000 to get out) but also, the judge asked for my passport , because I am not an American citizen. My friend was in the court room and in couple of days he paid the ,000 and he gave them my passport. After that I was taken into immigration custody because I had overstayed my visa in the USA, like I said before I am not an US citizen. The immigration let me out on an ankle bracelet monitoring device. But they took my other passport(which was expired, i just had it because I had my visa on it). But I got a little crazy , decided to cut the bracelet , and I found a way to go back to my country. My question is, because I know that the bond money is long gone, what will happen to the passport? hoping they will keep them there, because I wanted to go and get a new one in my country. But I am not sure what is the procedure when the US authorities have your international passport. Does anyone knows if they would send it back or just keep it there , thinking that I might be still in the USA. By the way, they don’t have any records of me leaving the country, because I left to my country from Canada. So, I was wandering if the police or the immigration would contact the embassy of my country in USA to try to locate me and do something else.

    P.S. After all this said, I guess I shouldn’t even try to pass near the States? I think I made a huge mistake.

    • ANSWER:
      Quite a few thoughts run through my mind in this scenario. My first thought is for your friend who posted ,000 to get you out on bond. Do you realize he is now going to be held accountable for the remaining ,000 that the bondsman has to pay the court? When he signed for your bond, the bondsman made him sign a promissory note that if you do not return, he will go after him in court.

      Other than that, yes, a warrant will be issued and the court knows where you call home. Whether they can or cannot extradite depends entirely on whether extradition agreements exist between the two countries. By leaving the county, you will be facing a new charge of Fugitive from Justice ( federal charge carrying 5 years).

      Whether you can obtain a new passport in your own country is unknown to me. In the USA, you could not. You didn’t state where you call home so I can’t say either way.

      Other than sticking your friend with a 0,000 loss, only advice is to either surrender and face your charges or never think about leaving home again.

      Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

    LAdies, do you think I am attractive at all?
    I dont get it, I try to pick up women all the time, but I get shot down over and over. This leaves me frustrated so I come on here and sexually harrass lesbian women. Its gotten so bad I am a registered sex offender and have to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet. How can I get better and not be such a loser?
    Im not that bad looking right? White women especially love me ( I think anyways, they always stare when I follow them to their cars)

    • ANSWER:
      Oh my lord

    How long have other people gotten when convicted of escape from community custody.?
    I don’t have any other escape charges and im wondering what im looking at. Also might be helpful to know i was on electronic monitoring and i cut off the ankle bracelet.

    • ANSWER:

    Lindsay Lohan Halloween costume?
    I’m going to be Lindsay Lohan for Halloween. Any ideas on what i could buy or make to look like her alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet?

    • ANSWER:
      Glue together a matchbox and a piece of velcro. It’ll be hard, but keep your eyes at half-mast with a persistent glazed look on your face. Unless you’re not crack-addict skinny, don’t expect people to find you scary.

    This is an interesting civil rights case for a criminal.?
    In April 2001 my friend committed a fraud and was sentenced to 6 months house arrest with a monitoring device (ankle bracelet). He cut it off. The police did not charge him for cutting it, and send him to the campgrounds. He walked off the campgrounds. The police did not charge him for escape. He was not sent to court, not attorney was assigned to him. The police shipped him to prison for a sentence for 5 years. For what? Plus 3 years probation and a 1 million dollar fine. Is this double jeopardy? Did the police violate the habeas corpus?
    I went to the court with him today and looked for the court papers. The court papers only showed the 5 year sentence, but not anything before that, like the house arrest and the campgrounds. Were these papers hidden, because my friend wants to sue whoever arrested.

    • ANSWER:
      At the original sentencing, your frend was given a five-year suspended sentence, and probation in lieu of the sentence. The sentence would have remained suspended as long as your friend conformed to the terms of the probation.

      Once your friend violated, all cards were back on the table, including reinstatement of the original five year sentence.

      Your friend is not too bright.

    Mandatory life for sex offender of children?
    Another child has been found murdered in my town. The guy they arrested is a level 3 sex offender who was current with his registration and checking in with his parole officer every day and also had a monitor ankle bracelet on. He was still able to kill this young girl and law enforcement didn’t have a clue. I am so sick of this. I think we need to pass seriously harsh laws on child sex offenders. If someone commits a serious sex crime against a child, they should never be allowed to walk among children ever again. This may or may not be a deterrent to this type of crime, but at least we know that if they ever commited a crime against a child, they would never be given the opportunity to do it again. What do you all think?
    I live in Washington State.
    I agree to the idea of execution also. That is what they deserve, and no, we should not have to support them for life while they are in prison, but if it keeps them away from my kids then I am all for it.

    • ANSWER:
      I totally agree, they just found a 13 year old girl dead yesterday in my area and the person they arrested was a sex offender also and homeless. I look at it like this, if a persons sexual preference is for children then no amount of jail can change that. Just like you cant make a straight person gay or a gay person straight. They prefer children and nothing is going to change that. also I know people who have got in fights and have been in jail longer than sex offenders. not to mention how many times do you think they have done it before they got caught? not to often do you get caught the first time, or the second! I know if a sex offender was around my child they would have no problem putting me in jail if I killed that person! which is what would happen cause I know the justice system wouldnt do enough in my eyes! They need to stay on jail for life or kill them off! Our kids are worth it!

    Do they sell probation ankle bracelets ?
    I’ve alwayss wondered . Like if your parents just want to monitor where you are .

    • ANSWER:
      No. They are only rented to someone who has been convicted of a criminal activity.

    Should we replace jails and prisons with some kind of humane slave labor?
    putting them away and isolating them from society may seem efficient, but when you think about it it’s nothing but a waste of tax dollars. So why not instead of locking people up we put them in some kind of labor camp that’s humane and at the end of the day they can go home but they must allow the government to install cameras in their house that record everything 24/7 and send a live feed to the police. Then with the money they make from the work they are forced to do they pay the victims and the courts? Let’s say someone is found guilty for attempted murder and receives 15 years give them 15 years of hard labor and only allow them to leave the house to go to work. They could be outfitted with a really sophisticated, impossible to remove ankle monitoring bracelet that zaps them and renders them unconscious if they are 100 feet from their house.

    • ANSWER:
      Come on dude! We already have ankle monitors. What if the guy gets zapped on the freeway at rush hour. I hope you’re in the lane next to him. People assume that the current prison system doesn’t work because it does not rehabilitate everyone. Well it can’t be done. The system we have now is really a good one we just need to do a better job with what we have. We need to offer those inmates an alternative to the life they had before they came in. If they want to do better they will if they don’t care to hell with ‘em. It’s hard for some people to accept that there will always be people in prison.