Ankle Healing After Surgery

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    Healing after ankle surgery questions…?
    I have broke both bones in my left ankle on January 30th. I had to have plates/screws put in and was in a soft cast for 2 weeks. I am now in a boot and will go back to the DR in a few days which will put me at 5 weeks since surgery. I have not put any weight on the ankle as advised by my DR. I am able to take the boot off when I sleep and shower. My question is… from those of you who have been through this did you notice your ankle/foot was swollen for a long time? Mine is still really fat. I realize it will be for a while but I don’t feel like it has gone down much at all. I keep it elevated often and ice it at night. Also, I have incisions on both sides of my ankle where he put in the screws and on my inner side, I have a large lump/bubble where my bone used to stick out (on a normal ankle). The lump is hard… a little tender too. Is this normal you think? Last question… he said I may be able to start walking when I go back to my next appt… Were any of you able to walk after 5 weeks? with boot or without? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Kristin, you will probably maintain fluid in the ankle until you are able to use the foot in a weight bearing pattern. The calf muscles act as a pump and push out all of the fluid normally but in your case this has not been possible. Elevation is good but as soon as you put the leg in a gravity dependent position the fluid will return. The hardness that you are feeling could be the screws that have been placed in the area. The doctor should be able to tell you that easily. The ability to walk after this time is going to be dependent upon a few things. One is how much weight bearing is allowed and the pain that you have. I doubt very highly that you will be able to walk out of the office and resume normal activities. The muscles have gotten weak and the joint stiff. These are areas that are going to need attention. You will now most likely be spending time with a physical therapist. Good luck.

    how long does it take to heal after ankle surgery?
    i just sprained my ankle for the forth time this year. last time was over a series of 3 times in october or november. i could still feel it before i sprained it again yesterday. my doctor told me that i severally sprained it and cant hardly walk on it, i have cruches. he said it may come down to surgery. how long would that take to heal.

    • ANSWER:
      It will never fully heal. You will feel irritation in that area for the rest of your life. Maybe not every day but every now and then, you will feel it.

    How long does it take for a broken ankle to heal after surgery? Broken tibia and fibula.?
    I broke my tibia and fibula three weeks ago and had surgery on it two weeks ago. I had a metal plate and screws put in. But I don’t know how many were put in there. I had a fiberglass splint on for the first ten days after my surgery and got a fiberglass cast on September 12th. I am scheduled to get it taken off on September 30th because my Orthopedic Surgeon wants me to get x-rays to see if the healing process is off to a good start. He told me that judging by how everything was going ten days after surgery, that I could go straight to a walking boot or an air cast depending on what the x-rays show. He also told me that there is a possibility that I could be in a fiberglass cast again after the x-rays for two weeks and not be able to bear weight on my injured ankle and then start weight bearing at the start of week three. I am a Junior in College and my injury happened the day before the beginning of the school year and I had to miss three weeks of school because of surgery recovery and horrible pain. Right now, there isn’t much pain but itching is starting and it’s soo annoying because it’s on my incision sites and I do not want to scratch it! Anyway, I was told that I would be able to walk on October 28th. Is this true? If it is, I only have six weeks to go. Hopefully everything is coming along fine and I am able to walk a lot earlier!

    • ANSWER:

    healing broken ankles after surgery to add plates?
    I slipped off one step and broke both bones in my right ankle. Surgery for plates and pins, non weight bearing cast for 6 weeks. Four weeks after that, I slipped off one step (see the pattern here) and broke one bone in my left ankle. Same surgery, same cast. By the end of April I went from no cast, to a brace, (now not needed) to using a walker, and now a cane. I try to walk every day, but my ankles still hurt all the time and swell up if I’m on them too much. I’ve tried heating pads, ice packs, and that only helps for a short time. I can walk without the cane within the house, but I take stairs flat footed, one foot at a time. I can’t manage a trip shopping at Walmart hanging onto the cart as it tires me out and hurts! I already know I’ll have to use a wheel chair for a trip to the zoo in two weeks. Yuck. I have a doctor appt next week, but am looking for some help to give me a head start. BESIDES physical therapy, does anyone have some suggestion.

    • ANSWER:
      I can’t believe that they haven’t already started you with physical therapy!

      There and four basic motions of the ankle joint. These are:
      Plantar Flexion:
      This is the motion we perform when pointing our toes

      Dorsi Flexion:
      This is the motion we perform when pulling our toes upward off the ground

      This is the motion we perform when we point our toes inward

      This is the motion we perform when we point our toes outward

      Ankle sprains often occur when there is excessive inversion of the ankle joint. Strong everters of the ankle can often help limit this motion and prevent ankle sprains.

      Review some of the ankle strengthening exercises in the links below to learn how to strengthen your ankle joint today.

      As always, discuss any exercise program with your doctor before performing it.
      the rest of the article with the exercises are at

      here are some other links with exercises to strengthen your ankles, however it really should be discussed with your doctor first.

      Ankle Exercises – Strengthen Your Feet and Ankles

      Rehabilitation of an Ankle Injury

      Ankle Fractures

      Exercises To Strengthen Ankles,
      Enhance Blood Flow & Stimulate Energy Channels In The Legs

      You can try some of the exercises suggested in the above articles but it is strongly suggested that you confirm any type of activity with your physician before doing so. As I stated, I just can’t believe that they have not already started you on therapy (as soon as you were out of the casts).
      Good Luck

    How long does it take to heal after ankle surgery? [That includes plates and screws!]?
    Well, this is mostly just asking because my doctors refuse to give me a flat out answer, or guesstimate!
    I’m 19, and have always had limited range with my ankle – IE, it could move about a quarter of what a normal persons could.
    I had surgery on June 11th, an incision was made a plate put in, and two screws. Now it’s been three weeks, and I’m wondering how much longer I’ll be stuck in bed. I’ve been keeping my foot elevated, following all instructions, but the inability to do anything is just about driving me nuts!
    Now, I’ve had surgeries before and my mom said [Last one was when I was 12] I healed much faster than they thought I would. The issue is, I’ve seen them three times since the surgery – And they still havn’t taken any more x-rays!
    Is that normal, too?

    Thanks! :]

    • ANSWER:
      If you think an x ray is going to help determine your healing process then discuss with your doctor. As far as healing quicker when young, yes you probably did heal a bit faster a few years ago. Most surgeries for plates and screws can take upwards of 6 weeks. Maybe ask your doctor if physio is part of your recovery plan as it might help you, you won’t be so bored when you’ve got some exercises to occupy you.

      Hope recovery speeds up for you

      Good luck :))

    How long will it take for a torn ligament in my ankle to heal after surgery?
    I had surgery last Monday to have two Syndesmonic screws put in my ankle to keep bones together to help the ligament heal. Their was no break in the bone but it still hurts like h@LLC 7 days later. Dr said I can walk on it with a boot 2 wks after surgery but I seriously question that now. I am 41 yrs old male in pretty good shape and I need to get ready for an Ironman Triathlon in July and would love some advice from people who have gone through this. I get rhw screws out in 7 weeks and replaced by high tension cord…. what should I realistically expect for recovery time


    • ANSWER:

    can anyone tell me about how long it takes for an ankle to heal after surgery to repair tendons/ ligaments?
    I know you are probably not doctors and I will not hold you responsible for any information. So don’t worry, many probably have experienced this injuries before and I would rather hear from you than the Army “doctors”. My husband went to get an exam and he says it’s and MRI of his left Ankle and the Army wants him to get the surgery ASAP to deploy to Afghanistan, even though he was supposed to get out in October…. I am worried for him since they are trying to do everything possible to deploy in the next couple of months and he might not be completely healed after surgery.Here are his results:

    There is some fluid surrounding the extensor digitorum longus tendon anteriorly consistent with tensynovitis. The Achilles tendon is intact.

    The medial and lateral tendons are intact.

    There is a partial tear of the deep portion of the deltoid ligament. The superficial portion is intact.

    The anterior and posterior tibiofibular ligaments are intact.

    There is thickening of the anterior talofibular ligament with irregularity suggesting chronic tears with scarring. The posterior talofibular ligament and calcaneofibular ligaments are intact.

    The sinus tarsi appears intact.


    1. Partial tear of the deep portion of the deltoid ligament.

    2. Chronic tears with scarring of the anterior talofibular ligament.

    3. Mild tenosynovitis of the extensor digitorum longus tendon.

    • ANSWER:
      The injuries aren’t that bad to start with, and with surgery to help fix them, I would say about three months.

    why do I have shooting pains in my foot 3 weeks after ankle surgery?
    I broke my fibula and ankle when I jumped one story. I have screws through both sides of my ankle and a plate with screws going up my leg. 3 weeks after surgery, I have a constant pain like my foot is waking up, or extreme tingling all over my foot (especially the bottom). pain medicine does not help. I don’t know why this is happening or if it is a sign of healing or that I need to seek a nerve specialist or something. any help would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Do you have any discoloration of your skin or any other symptoms? Are you able to touch your foot/leg or is it in a cast? If you are able to touch it and it is sensitive to a light touch (like you could touch a feather over it and cause pain) then you may have something called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD/CRPS). Otherwise it may just be a part of your healing, but some of your symptoms of your pain in your leg sound like the pain that I got after having knee surgery and well I ended up having RSD/CRPS. I would suggest contacting your surgeon about your pain to get it checked out soon. Good luck!

    how long does a it take for a broken ankle to heal after surgery?
    my mother felt and broke her ankle ready bad now she has to have surgery.i would like to know how long does it take to heal because i’m the only one taking care of her.

    • ANSWER:
      On average a broken bone takes fom 4-8 weeks to heal depending on the break. I’ve never done anything to break a bone myself, but my brother snapped his lower arm a few years back and was in plaster for 6 weeks before it was fully healed, and a friend broke a bone in her foot doing a handstand and was in a cast for a similar length of time. If it’s a bad break it may be a bit longer, and there may be rehabilitation and physiotherapy afterwards to help with walking again. Age can also be a factor, when my gran broke her ankle it took months to heal and even then didn’t properly. She was 78. The best thing to do is talk to the doctor about it, as they should be able to give you more information, based on that assumption that most cases are individual.

      I hope your mother gets better quickly and everything goes ok :)

    What cardio exercise can I do while my ankle is healing from surgery?
    I had 2 screws put in my ankle after it broke and I haven’t been able to run. What alternative cardio exercise can I do to keep active?

    • ANSWER:
      Water aerobics, rowing (real or row machine), cycling (spin machine probably safer in your condition), sex (thought I’d throw that one in there), hula hoops (just lean to one side).

    how long will my ankle take to completely heal after surgery?
    I broke my ankle badly enough to require surgery to pin the bones back together. this was back in October, i still have no feeling in some parts of my foot, from the outside of my right ankle following down to my toes. Sometimes the area tingles and there is light bruising on the same area which never seems to change appearance. i’m back playing football with an ankle support but i’m starting to worry about having no feelings there. And i’m wondering if it will ever return to normal, it might be worth mentioning that while i was in surgery i was awake and i heard the surgeon swearing (in swedish) while he was hammering the pins in which got pretty violent at times, after wards he said that his some of his equipment wasn’t working properly. is it possible that he did a bad job on the metalwork? any answers would be greatly appreciated, i’m 26 years old and have always been relatively healthy, many thanks in advance. Dave.

    • ANSWER:

    How long is the norm to wear a cast after broken ankle surgery?
    I broke my ankle three weeks ago. I am doing remarkably well, (that’s my own prognosis). I have a cast on, and on crutches, but I can put weight on my foot without pain. I am totally pain free. I had a plate and several screws put in. I went back to doctor one week post-op, and the x-rays showed I was doing very well. My body has always healed extremely fast from surgeries, so I’m wondering if a walking cast or perhaps a boot would be possible after only three weeks post-op. I have an appointment with the doc in three days, but I would like to hear from anyone with a similar situation and how quickly their recovery went. Thanks for any input.

    • ANSWER:
      That’s really up to your surgeon to decide. On average, you are supposed to be in a cast for about 6 weeks. Why 6 weeks? It’s about the time where the bones soildify enough for you to start putting weight on it. Even if at 3 weeks, it looks good, you never want to put weight on it too early even with plates and screws. You’d be surprised how people can break through screws and plates if you go too fast too soon. I understand your eagerness to get going, but the truth is – better to be safe than sorry. After 6 weeks, you’ll likely be put in a boot and sent to PT for rehab to get the ankle moving again.

    What are the alternatives to surgery for a fractured ankle that has not healed after 8 weeks?
    I got my cast off two weeks ago, and have been walking unassisted. I go to the ortho yesterday, and he says that since the fracture is still there he will need to put screws in it, and maybe even a bone graft. It doesn’t make sense because I am not having any issues with it. And I don’t want to have to go through the 6 weeks of recovery time all over again. Are there any alternatives to surgery?

    • ANSWER:
      well you can certainly ignore the problem, until the fracture widens and leaves you crippled, and then you can consign yourself to a wheelchair, or amputation of the lower leg because of the potential for dead tissue causing gangrene. No one wants to have to go thru surgery, but sometimes, it is the lesser of two evils.

    Is it normal to have bruising 2 months after surgery for a broken ankle well after it has supposedly healed?
    I broke my ankle (fibula) back in January, was on crutches for almost 3 months for a six week injury. Then had to have surgery..was on crutches for six weeks and then started walking in a aircast/boot. Once during being off the crutches, my bone turned black and started hurting and I had to get back on the crutches for a week. Now I am supposed to get the boot off in three days, my foot was doing extremely well and all of a sudden it turned black again and is in extreme pain. Is this normal every once and a while and will I still be able to get the boot off, or could there be something wrong? Is this just par for the course for a broken bone?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes there can be some degree of bruising for months after a foot break, due to the casting/boots. The simplest reason is they are too tight. However, there could be a serious underlying problem. A bone does not turn black, the tissue, blood vessels and skin does. You need to determine why. Black is not good. It could be a circulation problem/blood clot. Do the toes go numb, is the foot cold. Also , there could be a problem in the foot itself such as a secondary fracture. You really need to talk this over with the doc. Maybe you need an MRI, if you are not happy with what he tells you seek a second opinion.
      Good luck

    I broke the lateral process of my talus about 3 weeks ago and had surgery 2 weeks ago. The OS put one screw in my ankle. My one week follow up showed that the bone was healing and I also got my cast on. I have started to experience some tingling in my toes that is pretty constant. The first 2 weeks after surgery I basically slept with my foot on pillows and set in a recliner with my foot up. The past few days I have started increasing my activity and went back to work were I can only put my foot on a chair straight out in front of me and not above my heart. Is the tingling a result of increase activity? Is it from nerve regeneration or could it be from swelling in the cast that is compressing a nerve? The ortho tech who put my cast on said that it was from swelling and the cast was pressing on a nerve in the top of my foot and that was normal and would go away with my leg elevated and rested.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone experienced this before?

    • ANSWER:
      If you are still experiencing this tingling see the orthopedist. There is pressure on a nerve somewhere and that is not a good thing. The ortho tech that said it was from swelling may not have wanted to replace the cast. Nerve pain or tingling is nothing to play with for it could become permanent. See the doctor!

    How long after surgery can metal rods be removed from your ankle/leg?
    I broke my ankle about 3-4 years ago in a skateboarding accident. I had to have surgery and a metal rod with pins and screws were placed in my lower leg/ankle. The doctor said I could have them removed after a year of it healing, but I was wondering it was too late to have them removed now, many years later. It is starting to hurt a lot and I really want it out!

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      The answer to your problem lies with the surgeon who performed your operation. Go back to your GP to obtain a referral to the surgeon and take his advice.
      Sorry you are experiencing pain but act NOW to get this matter put right.

    ankle sprain/tendinitis help?
    please help me out here!!

    my first sprain was about 1 year ago, it was around a grade 2 sprain maybe a little more, i was on crutches for a week then off and walking with a limp then getting better and better then after around 3 months and 1 month of therapy i felt 100 percent, no soreness,tightness,gained full mobility, no pain, could cut 100 percent, jump run, sprint and everything(this was in fall) spring came by and it was club season i felt great and mid way through the season i didn’t twist it but i hurt it by shuffling backwards in a game (have no idea how it happened even had a brace on) ok so could barely walked and missed that game i expected it to be very mild cuz i didnt twist it but it didnt get even close to 100 percent. by the way i heard/felt a POP in the when i hurt it shuffling sideways. long story short i played throught the pain for the rest of the season and tweaked my ankle almost every game, scored a pretty sweet goal somehow the last game top corner from outside the box. ok so the fall season is coming up and i was feeling preety good but not 100 percent mid way through the season i sprain it again pretty easily because it was weak. played though the pain the athletic trainer pretty much called me a pussy because my ankle was so unstable that i got hit in the calf and my ankle shook a little and i was limping again barely being able to walk and got steeped on and was limping again k. so i played the rest of the season missing one game and tweaked it almost every practice. k now it has been 3 months after and i can walk w/o pain but its like achy and sore, i’ve been to PT and ankle seem to get better but then when we tryed to do allitle more it flares up/ swells and we cant do anything else, my doc sent me another month it hasnt started yet but idk what else there is to do in PT and it was decent last week but now its swollen again.

    question what else is there to do??? a walking boot???? surgery???:( how well will the ankle heal after surgery???? any experience with it??? athroscopy surgery????
    one more thing, i got an mri and the doc said i had fluid on the inside outside and back/achilles of ankle and that there were no ruptured ligaments but there were previouly damaged ligaments so no surgery will be required but why isnt it healing then???

    please help!1

    • ANSWER:

    Pain in ankle after tendon surgery?
    I cut my posterior tibial tendon in half on memorial day weekend and i had surgery the next friday to repair it. My right ankle has been in a cast since june 3rd and they removed the staples and i got a new cast the 16th. I get my cast off on july 19th.The other day i had a pain in my ankle that went up to my knee. Right now my ankle feels a little swollen and heavy. I have little pains through out the day, they are not very painful just uncomfortable, that feel like pinches and pulsating and my ankle twitches a little. Where my cut is, even though it is closed, i can still feel a little pinching and stinging every once in awhile even though the staples were taken out on the 16th. I would like to know if this is normal and if anyone has had the same kind of surgery and how their recovery process went and how it went after they got their cast off and is this all because the tendon is healing and what can i do after i get the cast off?

    Thank you in advance for your help and advice =]
    I would also like some advice. I am normally a very happy person but since i got hurt i have been very depressed and unhappy. I feel terrible because my boyfriend has been such a great guy helping me and putting up with me and i know since i got hurt i have not been the easiest person to be around. Is this normal to get depressed during a time like this and is there anything that i can do to just snap out of it?

    • ANSWER:

    Big toe pain after fractured ankle surgery?
    Had Surgery for an ankle fracture 7+ weeks ago. Cast is off and I am wearing an air-cast now. Can barely put any weight on it. My big toe is VERY stiff and pains me to move it. Is this normal? I can flex my other toes without severe discomfort. I have 3 more weeks before my next appointment. Just need to know if this is normal? This injury has been the pits! Does not seem like it is ever going to heal.

    • ANSWER:
      Most likely your gait has changed and therefore caused new pressure points to grow sore. You can try putting moleskin around outside of the area and build it up a bit to take the pressure off.

      Hope you feel better

    When is surgery needed on a fractured ankle and what to expect after surgery?
    My daughter is 16 years old…she fractured the fiblula near the ankle…she has concerns about recovery, scarring, physical therapy,…surgery is Wendsday…she is concerned also about will she be healed in time for a trip to Florida on August 5th…thanks any info will be helpful to us…

    • ANSWER:
      Not enough to give a complete answer. I broke mine when I was sixteen, but they didn’t operate. That indicates that her break must have been worse. August is only 3 months away (less than,) I really doubt it will be healed by then. I’m assuming that she will have the cast off and hopefully the pins removed, but having your lower leg in isolation like that for so long really messes with the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. She should expect a lot of stiffness (big time stiffness) and limping. By the end of August, if she treats her leg right (exercise, nutrition, etc.,) she should be pretty much ready to do most things. All of that is unless she has some kind of spiral break or an almost pulverized ankle, in which case it could be much much longer.

    How long is the recovery for ankle surgery?
    So I need ankle surgery but I’m afraid it will take me out of school. I plan on getting it done during winter break giving me three weeks of down time to sit at home, watch every movie out there, and heal. After the three weeks I am hoping to be able to go back to school. So my question is will three weeks be enough down time for my ankle for me to then manage college and getting around on campus or will I need more time?

    • ANSWER:
      more like you’ll be out for 6wks, not the three you are counting on;; ya know, the BEST person to be asking this question is your surgeon..he WILL tell you..there are NO secrets to this..he also knows what your diagnosis is..& if it involves bone, or just tissue;; to give you an idea of what you are in for..bone takes 8 wks to heal, tissue takes 6 wks to heal;; you will also need rehab considering it’s a joint that you are involving, & rehab usually starts immediately (but again, specific to diagnosis)..this is simple basic info for people with any type of surgery on a joint..again, your doc will lead you into the specs…& he’s paid by you to give you the answers you need for YOUR specific surgery…good luck, but sincerley, plan to be out for a general 6wks…

    How long until walking properly after surgery for ankle fracture?
    My son (17 yrs old) had ORIF surgery for a calcaneal (heel bone) fracture and ankle fracture. It has been 2 1/2 weeks since his surgery and he will be going to start physio next week although he will be non-weight bearing for at least 2 more weeks. He thinks that when he starts to weight bear in a couple of weeks that he will drop his crutches and be totally back to normal. I wish this to be the truth but I have my doubts. I have heard that this kind of injury can take months to heal. Can anybody give us an idea of what to expect when he gets the go ahead to start weight bearing again? Will he just start to walk or will it be in “baby steps”? By the way, he is wearing a removable cast now. Will he continue to wear this when he starts to walk again and for how long? I realize that everybody is different in their healing process but just wondering about others experiences. Thanks for your input!

    • ANSWER:
      He is unlikely to be back to normal for some time yet. There is likely to be some considerable swelling for some time yet and he will find the first few weeks of weight bearing uncomfortable.

      If the swelling settles, he can expect to be back to something approaching normal in 6-9 months (ish!) He may never have a foot which looks like the other one.

      All of this is assuming that his recovery remains uncomplicated.

      Good luck.

    I live in arizona. I hurt my ankle & need surgery. I will go back to work after I heal. Is there a disability?
    is there a disability benefit for me. I know there is one in NY

    • ANSWER:
      There are only 5 states that have some sort of short term disability program. NY, HI, RI, NJ, and CA. Peurto Rico does also. You would have needed your own insurance policy in place prior to your accident.

    ankle problems 6 months after surgery 8 months after breakage?
    I snapped my fibula and chipped off my ankle bone (atleast i think he said i CHIPPED it after xrays.. but i was on loads of morphine at the time as the doc had to reset my leg when i got into casualty dept.) and had to have an operation a few days later as a result (had ONE screw in my ankle joint so it musnt be just chipped?) and was put in a cast, after the inevitable painful lightweight cast change/staple removal and many months of healing i’ve noticed my ankle ‘juts’ out some what when i walk on it and i’ve still got a limp, swelling and pain.. is this normal this long after an op/break? has anyone had the same problems post ankle break?
    p.s it isnt INTENSE pain its electric kinda pain and i get a dull ache after hours on my feet at work. ive been to the docs twice.. a walk in centre near by where i live and my actual doctor. they both say the pain is from scar tissue/healing tissue but i don’t believe them. it’s getting worse now the winter is setting in. All the physio i’ve had is the doctor telling me to rotate my foot whenever i’m sitting down. not good huh?

    • ANSWER:
      I’d get another opinion. The bone may not have healed or healed poorly. Eight months is a long time for an ankle fracture to still give you problems. Usual time frame for an ankle injury such as yours is eight weeks and then you should be back doing the things you want to do by three months.

    Is removal of screws in bones after surgery necessary?
    i am going to have surgery on my ankle they are going to insert two screws to put my ankle back into the normal position after the injury has healed is it really necessary to have the screws removed or can they be left?

    • ANSWER:
      You can choose. I just had the biggest plate they make and 14 screws put in my ankle and I can either have them taken out in 2 years or I can leave them in forever. It increases the risk of stress fracture if you have them taken out, and you might as well leave them unless its unbearably uncomfortable or something. I’m pretty sure I’m leaving mine in, it shouldn’t become a problem for you.

    Still Having Pain Resulting from Ankle Sprain After 4 Months?
    I shattered my left ankle and sprained my right ankle by falling off a horse and landing on my feet. The impact was so strong that one of my ankles fractured and the other one resulting in 3rd degree sprain. I’m pretty much in the process of healing for the fractured ankle after 2 surgeries, but I am concerned about the sprained one because I’m still having pain, epecially when I rotate it around.
    I also get a sudden sharp pain occasionally whever I’m walking. It’s been 4 months since the accident and I have been going to physical therapy for 2 months already.
    Do you think these conditions are considered normal? Am I going to be able to get any better?

    • ANSWER:
      Third degree sprains actually take much longer to heal than fractures. Ligaments receive almost no blood supply, and therefore, are a lot slower to heal if at all. Yet, I’d give it a full year to see what it’s potential is.

    How long will it take for me to completley recover from a broken fibula and ankle which required surgery?
    I broke my fibula and dislocated and broke my ankle(same leg) last sunday. I had surgery on monday which consisted of a plate to repair the fibula and screws in the ankle. Im now home in a cast. I know im in a cast for about 6 weeks, but what im curious about is the healing process after the cast comes off?

    • ANSWER:
      Hate to be ther bearer of bad news but I broke mine 2yrs ago, and the total recovery time is approx 1 year, im serious, check with your GP

    healing from arthroscopic ankle surgery?
    i got my surgery last thursday (it’s been one week) and i got the bandages off around noon on sunday & had band-aids placed over the 2 incision sites – i had torn the cartilage (very badly) and it needed to be reattached – he said he used a laser to “glue” it back together, but i assume he means he pretty much soldered it
    at first it was very swollen, painful, and started changing colors but i figured it was normal & put ice on it/kept it elevated, but didn’t worry too much
    the swelling has gone down a bit but i’ve noticed that the top of my foot is numb (i can feel pressure but nothing touching the skin) & i’ve had random toes and spots on my foot get that “pins and needles” feeling that sometimes lasts a few seconds to a few minutes – could this be nerve damage due to the surgery or is it normal?
    i do have allergies to topical things, and the band-aids seem to be making me a bit itchy – can i leave them off for a little while? is it ok to expose the still sutured incisions to air for a little while if i don’t let them touch anything?
    when pulling the band-aid off today (i’m supposed to change them after my daily shower) it sent a pain shooting into my toes that hasn’t gone away in the last 25 minutes or so – it really hurts

    i called my dr tuesday but he was in surgery – i told his nurse what was going on & she told be about 8 times that i should start keeping it elevated and putting ice on it – she didn’t seem to hear me every time i responded by saying that’s exactly what i am doing
    the dr was in surgery & she said she’d let him know but i was sleeping the next morning when he did call back – he left a message that made it sound like he was just checking on me on his own and hadn’t heard that i called… i don’t want to keep calling ’cause i don’t want to be a pain if this is all normal – but it doesn’t seem normal to me

    anyone know?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m answering this 4 days after you asked the question, but I was going to recommend you just head for the ER. Sometimes doing so makes a “statement” to your MD and staff. It says to them that yes, indeed you are suffering, and “Pay attention! I need help!”

    Speeding healing of broken foot/ankle complications?
    I broke my foot August 7. I did lots of running prior to my accident. I did not require surgery. The bones have healed after casting, but I still have a lot of pain in my ankle. I had an MRI, but doc says soft tissue looks ok. I just started running again, but it is very painful. How long should this take until I am pain free? I am now almost 3 mos out and the breaks in my foot were not major breaks. I can’t figure why I have so much ankle pain since the bones are all healed up.

    • ANSWER:
      Get yourself a pan that your foot will fit into and deep enough to cover the ankle. Fill the pan with the hottest water you can, add some Epsom Salt to it, stir and follow the instructions on the bag. The water may feel to hot to you but just quick dip the foot and when the water cools to where you can stand leaving the foot in the warm water. After wards massage the ankle while applying some Aspercreme. Do this two to three times a day until things feel better. And for now, I would stop the running. If you run for exercise, instead do a fast pace walk. Also you should wear an ankle brace while doing this. Rest that foot for a while when you can.

    Screws put in ankle how long painful after surgery?
    I got a high ankle sprain where I tore the ligament in my foot/ankle and had to have two screws put in. The injury was pretty painful when it first happened, and they waited 5 days to do the surgery to let the swelling go down. It has been 3 days since my surgery and it is really painful. It hurts worse now after the surgery than it did before. How long will it be until I can at least move around on crutches without too much uncomfort, becuase right now even getting up to go to the bathroom causes sharp pain and throbbing, and I am trying to estimate when I will be able to return to work (I don’t have to walk around to much at my job). I know it will take months to fully heal, I just want to know when I can get out of this house even if on crutches!! I am healthy 26 year old male. Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      Generally baring any kind of infection you should be able to get up and move around in 2-3 weeks after surgery.

      Good Luck

    How long should i wait to skateboard after a broken ankle?
    i broke my ankle last Friday at my local skate park, and on march 1st 2010 i got surgery.. my doctor said it would probably take me a month or two to start walking. so after i recover from my injury and i start walking. when should i start skateboarding again? any suggestions from any skateboarders that have had the same experience? tips or warms ups after i heal from my ankle? any special stretches you do before skateboarding? anything will help thanks

    • ANSWER:
      If the doctor said you’d be walking in a month or two, then obviously not before then. Just make sure that you don’t have any more pain in the area, or it will happen again.

    what should i do for work after 2 ankle surgeries?
    im 22 male, and i used to be athletic and into martial arts.

    i’ve had a surgery on each ankle that hasn’t healed properly and i am unable to work on my feet (standing for long periods or walking around).

    i graduated a 2 year college program (pipe trades) but i am unable to do my apprenticeship due to my condition.

    in highschool i never liked math, i can read but i dont comprehend what i read and it takes me few times to read something before i understand it which is frustrating.

    i think i might have ADD because it is difficult to pay attention to people when they are speaking.

    i need to figure out what i can do for a career and what would be suitable for me to be re-trained in for an education.

    i dont want a job where im answering phones or doing calculations.

    i can type decently fast and i like being inventive/innovative (but usually dont have a means of putting my good ideas to use)

    dont get me wrong im not the next Thomas Edison.. but i dont know what im capable of doing and i dont have a clue what i like.

    i am under pressure to pay off my student loan and phone bill, but i have no money to do so. please give me advice

    • ANSWER:
      You may have to suck it up and take a job you don’t like so you can meet your obligations. welcome to the real world.

    Post-ORIF ankle surgery, is this normal?
    I had the surgery about a week ago in my right ankle, got a few pins put in my tibia to reattach a tip that chipped off and a plate with screws on my fibula to hold it straight. The fibula-side doesn’t give me any problems at all. But I can feel the inside-side of my ankle pulsating and quivering nearly all day. It isn’t painful perse, just a little uncomfortable, is that how ligaments and bones feel to heal?

    I’m worried that it might be an infection, but looking online I feel like an infection would make itself fairly obvious to me fairly quickly. Am I feeling the start of an infection or just normal bone/ligament repair? These were my first broken bones, and my first surgery ever, so I’m not really sure how to expect it to feel.

    other stuff that might help:
    The surgery lasted an hour longer than originally estimated, 3.5hours instead of 2.5hours. Apparently my orthopedist had trouble getting the bone into position and I think they had to move(or remove) parts of ligaments to get it into place. The orthopedist told my father after surgery while I was in recovery that his hands and arms were tired and soar after the operation. My ankle got super swollen in the 3 days before I saw an orthopedist after the break and had to spend 10 days getting the swelling down, getting fracture blisters removed, and waiting for them to heal. So it makes sense that my ligaments got a fair bit of healing done.

    I’m essentially off of Percocet at this point, although a couple nights I’ve gotten frustrated trying to get to sleep getting my ankle to lie just right and have taken one to get to sleep faster.

    I’ve taken a few showers so far, but I waited 4 days (yeah eww) after surgery to take the first one and was pretty careful using multiple plastic bags to cover it.

    I can also see blood-stains if I pull the wrap back to look at the plaster cast under it. It isn’t wet on the outside and it hasn’t spread at all, plus I think I’d feel really woozy or something if I was still bleeding.
    I want to go into more detail into how my ankle feels.
    Very mild itch, the feeling is similar to when you think theres an ant crawling on your arm and you look over and its nothing, you scratch it real quick and forget about it.
    Every few minutes I’ll feel the area quiver quickly on its own, and if i wiggle my toes for a few seconds I can cause it to quiver every 2-3 wiggles.
    I can also feel my heartbeat on my ankle if I lay still and concentrate on it.
    Theres a lot of free-space in my cast, right around the ankle. Its tight around the toes and around the calf. But I can fit 3-4 fingers in the top of the cast when its been elevated for a while, but even when I neglect to elevate it for a few hours and the calf starts to get tight I still feel like theres a lot of free space near the ankle. atleast a centimeter or 2.

    • ANSWER:
      Any quivering should be from nerves or muscles. They don’t like to be bothered either so anything new, plus how they had to be treated to get a plate in there is going to make them a little unhappy. To get rid of it, just press in on top of it and hold the pressure for about thirty seconds. That should release whatever it was under there.

    Can I still get into the military if my ankle requires surgery?
    I hurt my ankle jogging, and it requires surgery to repair the damage. If I go ahead with the procedure, would I be able to join the Army or Navy after it heals?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on the procedure. You will need a waiver if you get pins or screws or anything like that. Remember that waivers are hard to get right now but not impossible. The pins, plates, screws have to not get in a way of doing any physical activity. As long as you have full range of motion I’d say you’ll be alright.

      Good luck.

    looking for a career after 2 ankle surgeries
    im 22 male, had a surgery on each ankle that didn’t heal correctly. the surgeon told me i wont be able to work on my feet. so i have to retrain.

    i graduated trade school (2 year program – pipe trades) and i cant do it due to being unable to walk or stand for more then 10 minutes, and lifting is also a problem.

    what can i retrain to that will pay decent and what job can i take in the mean time to pay off my student loan??

    keeping in mind i was never great at math and i think i might have ADD..

    what programs can i take and what opportunities will it lead to?

    oh and i dont have a car, walking to the bus is not an option.. i feel like i need a car to get a job and i need a job to get a car!! what do i do??

    any ideas please!! thank you

    • ANSWER:
      First, probably the highest percentage of high paying careers do not require you to walk or stand. Try a sales position with a company that specializes in your field. Or there are CAD programs which allow you to design plumbing systems (and I apologize if this is not the type of pipe instruction you have). I have had 4 back surgeries, 3 knee surgeries, 2 wrist surgeries and yet was in marketing and design and ran an entire residential display program for almost 10 years…. when you’re working on a computer or speaking with people on the phone, you don’t need to stand up… you use your mind, and did I mention, I had a learning disability but back when I went to school, it wasn’t called a disability, it was called dumb. So I had to work twice as hard and prove myself. You do need to learn to take control and get the determination. It sounds more like you’re trying to make excuses for not working than finding something you can do. Many colleges have career planning workshops and testing which will head you in a direction. Go get’um – the opportunity is out there – but they don’t come to you.

    How long the achilles tendon takes to heal after surgery?
    I am a 27yrs old female who I was told that I survived from polio virus at the age of five. Just last week, I went into surgery to had my leg fixed. The surgeon cut my tendon but left a little piece still holding it together, (not completely cut it off). The purpose is to get my foot back to normal because when you had polio, the foot became stiff and not be able to move up and down like normal people. Basically, I’ve been limping on my toes all my life and I only wear high heels to balanced out the walking. I am laying in bed not knowing when I will be having this metal around my ankle removed.

    • ANSWER:

    My Husbands ankle turns a purple/blue colour after 1 1/2 years after surgery. Is this normal?
    My husband had an ankle reconstruction in july 05. He was told it would take three months to heal. We have seen a gp and specialist but they make light of the situation. It is now 1 1/2 years later and his ankle swells dramatically and changes colour to purple/black. We were told if he is on his feet more it would get better. When he is on his feet more it swells even more and hurts him. I am afraid that he may have circulation &/or blood clot. This could be highly dangerous. How many second opions do we need. What should we believe? Help us

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like your husband has a serious circulatory problem unrelated to the ankle reconstruction. See your family dr asap. If you’ve already seen your family dr without satisfaction, look for another family dr.

    Questions regarding my ankle surgery !?
    I slipped on ice on January 10 and i went to emergency. They put on a cast and told me to make an appointment with the fracture clinic. When i went into the fracture clinic on January 14th, the doctor suggested that i do surgery. The doctor suggested i do surgery because he said that i am young and my bones are out of place so by doing surgery, it makes my bones back into place. If i didnt do surgery, the doctor said that i would i have a much higher chance of receiving arthertis. I had open-cut surgery done on the same day, and they put 6 screws and a metal plate inside my bone. I am 16 years old and my mother and i stayed at the hospital overnight for 2 days. When i left the hospital they gave me a prescription for tylenol #3. Today i went to the fracture clinic and to remove my stitches, When i arrived, another doctor said that i didnt need my stitches removed. They said that the stitches were inside of me and it was as if i did “cosmetic surgery.” From the day or my surgery till today i had a cast. Today the doctor changed my cast into a fibreglass cast. It is not a walking cast. The doctor said that after my fibre glass is off (2 weeks) they would put a walking cast on me.
    My questions are :
    1. How long do you think it would take to heal ?
    2. How long do you think my physio will take for this ankle to heal?
    3. Would swimming help my healing proccess, (when my cast is off?)
    4. After my walking cast is off, how long do you think it would take for me to resume my daily activities? (sports, walking!!!, etc.)
    5. How long do you think i will be in crutches?
    6. After my foot is completely healed, will there be a huge scar ?
    7. Do you think i should remove the screws and plate out? If so, how long till i should take them out?
    8. How long do you think it would be until i can wear heals, sandels and running shoes?
    9. Advice for me ?

    Thanks in advance ! I reallly appreciate it ! :)

    • ANSWER:

    What is recovery, rehab and healing time after an ORIF trimalleolar surgery?
    I fell at work on 4/22/10. I had surgery on 5/7/10. 2 plates, a BUNCH of screws (I didn’t count) and one pin, which they tell me will be removed in about 6 months. The final “hard” cast was removed on 6/18. I now have a big ol’ black boot. I go to PT 2x a week. While I am there, I am allowed to walk about 15 feet with 2 shoes and no other support. I do tons of stretching exercises at home as well. My foot and ankle a still VERY swollen and still hurts! Not enough to be taking pain killers but enough to bug the heck out of me! One of my 2 incision sites is very sensitive and even the weight of my sheet on my bed irritates it.
    I don’t do much because it is very uncomfortable to stand or even sit for long periods of time. I am following doctors and PT orders to the letter, as I am NOT a tennis shoe girl, and I want my heels!! LOL I just want to be able to drive myself to the bank, or take one of my children to work… Anyone know how long this takes to heal?

    I’ve read and researched, and all I seem to find are horror stories!

    • ANSWER:

    Do I have to get a surgery if my ankle ligament is partially torn?
    I got hurt at the field when I was playing football two days ago. I twisted my ankle when I tried to block a fast moving ball with my weaker foot. So yea, ouch. I had an X-ray and MRI scan done right after that. It says that my left ankle ligament is partially torn. So do I really need surgery? Or can it be healed by just wearing an ankle braces?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on how good a player you are.

    When does muscle/tendon pain go away in your foot after surgery?
    I have had foot surgery a year ago (to remove a couple of fragments) and I still have pain not at the sight of the surgery but, more near my ankle of the right side. And sometimes the pain goes up the leg. So, sometimes I limp because my muscle/tendon hurts. When does the pain go away? Or when does the muscles/tendons heal?

    • ANSWER:
      if you had the surgery a year ago and you are still experiencing pain you might wanna check back with your doctor and find out why it’s still causing you discomfort, that’s an unusually long time for muscles/tendons to not fully heal.

    No period after surgery?
    I got a major ankle surgery on Sept 30 of this year. I got my period about 3 weeks before that, and that was my last one. I’m 99.9% sure I am NOT pregnant but I was just wondering if this is common? I’m still in the recovery process and have about a month left until I’m healed for the most part (aka walking around doing activities again). My main question is, after any surgery is it common for my body (as a girl) to not have a period and just focus on recovering?

    • ANSWER:

    Average time for recovery from surgery to place plate and screws in ankle?
    I fell Nov 22 and broke 2 bones in my right ankle, and pulled all the muscles and tendons. Dec 3 I had surgery to put a plate and screws in since it wasn’t healing properly. I still can’t bear any weight on the ankle, although this may happen after I go back to the doctor this week. Anyone who has had experience with this – about how long before you could walk again? Or drive? Just want to know what I’m looking at – it seems like its been forever already! Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      My husband broke his ankle really bad in December of ’04 (right when I was 9 months pregnant – about to pop). He had to have surgery and had screws put in. I don’t believe he had “plates.” He does a manual labor type job and I remember them having him in the office filing and stuff for it seemed about two months before he could get out and do his regular job. He used crutches for a while and then went to a leg brace type thing, then an ankle brace. He actually still wears the ankle brace at times if he’s been really active and it starts bothering him. Unfortunately, it is something that might “flair up” occasionally.

      I know that pineapple contains Bromelain, which helps with inflammation. If you drink plenty of pineapple juice and/or eat pineapple, it should help. I did that before I had tonsil surgery and they told me that I was healing faster than most patients.

      Also, MSM is a really good natural anti-inflammatory and healing nutrient. You can get it at most health food stores. My husband took “BCF” from “Good Herbs” company when he had his ankle surgery. It stands for “Bone, Cartilage, Flesh.” It contains herbs that target those areas. His doctor said that his surgery was healing “quicker than expected.” You can injest the BCF internally by taking it straight, mixing it with some orange juice, or other juice. And/Or, you can put some directly on the ankle (just not on any open wounds).

    Does anyone know how to help scars fade out after surgery?
    I had surgery, a cancer tumor removed from calf to ankle. I had 18 stitches. Does anyone know of a remedy to help the scar heal quickly?

    • ANSWER:
      Buy Vitamin E caplets, prick them open with a needle and rub the gel on the scar 2x a day for as long as you can stand doing it.. It doesn’t hurt.. But it works!

    bloody stitches after surgery?
    well i had a gastroc recession(june 24) almost 2 weeks ago (2 weeks ago tomorrow-the 8th) and I was just allowed to take a normal bath a week and a half post op(tuesday the 5th) and the incsion and around the stitches didnt bleed at all until I took a shower. the incsion is about 3-4 inches long and I have 8 stitches and its about where the ankle becomes the calf on the back of my leg and my stitches are still in… just wondering if your incsion or stitches bled after any kind of ankle/leg surgery??? it didnt bleed along the whole incsion just around the ends sort of and around the stitches… I just would have thought it would be healed enough not to bleed…?
    when i take a shower i dont touch the incsion site i just let water run over it (while im in the shower i have a bandaid oer the incsion site)

    • ANSWER:
      I have seen alot of incision sites on the upper extremity (elbow down). And it is possible for there to be some bleeding around the incision site after two weeks, though it is very odd. Perhaps the next time you shower don’t scrub so hard? That’s the only thing I can think of that may have caused it. Try patting the wash cloth over the site gently and rinsing it with water. When it comes to drying, pat dry, don’t rub.

    Dog had surgery and a day after surgery, a pocket of fluid formed on her ankle. Help please!?
    She had luxating patella on one of her back legs and had surgery on Thursday to fix it. We brought her home from the vet on Friday and everything was fine. On Saturday morning I noticed that a small pocket of fluid started to form at the bottom of her leg, like around her ankle. I was told a small insicion was done to drain the liquid out, but I think it healed since the pocket is there. It doesn’t hurt to the touch, but I’m afraid that it will keep growing and cause pain/discomfort.
    It’s already increasing in size.

    Unfortunatelly, I can’t take her to the vet since they are close until Monday (they’ll open in 32hours). There’s a 24hr vet hospital nearby, but they’ll charge me a fortune.

    Should I wait until Monday OR should I bring her to the emergency vet hospital?
    Anybody out there with a similar experience?

    Thank you in advance
    UPDATE.. I called the Emergency Hospital over thee weekend and they told me that in order to fully understand the situation I needed to bring her in, and just for that I was going to be charged an emergency consultation. If actions were needed, then any services would be rendered at a higher price compared to my regular vet. The guy wasn’t helpful and I got the feeling that he was trying to avoid explaining what was going on with my dog. Either that or he didn’t know what to say…I decided not to being her to the emergency hospital because of that and the pocket had already started to decrease in size. Also, I monitored her closely and she didn’t seem to be in pain or discomfort regarding that.

    I was able to get a hold of my vet today, and they said this is normal. The release of fluid is typical for her type of procedure and that a pocket of fluid usually occurs. I explained that it decreased in size and they said that the body is reabsorbing those fluids…Ewwwww….that sounds gr
    …that sounds gross.

    She’s better now, and there’s no need to bring her to the vet.

    Thanks for all your responses.

    • ANSWER:
      The vet who did the surgery should respond to questions — don’t they have a service answering their phones — they can call the vet.

      I’ve had 4 knees with luxating patellas done on large breed dogs. Never had this happen. However, I just had several breast lumps removed from one of my girls and she had a very large blood drainage into her skin — it even scared me, and yet the vet assures me this is ok, and a vet tech friend said so too — no major arteries or veins involved in this (unlike an open body cavity operation like a spay) so it’s no biggie. Does look horrible though.

      Call that vet and make him answer through his service. You paid him, he should answer.

    i broke my ankle then had surgery and everything is going well and im in the walking boot?
    and i kinda tripped on my ankle and fell, should i be worried? everything is healed back right? i have a plate and 14 screws. after falling my ankle feels even more loose and easier to walk? did i screw up anything or prolong this hassle of a broken ankle?i dont think i could rebreak it so easy. i dont feel any pain, just a little in my heal… should i be worried or whats the next step i start PT next week. thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:

    ankle Dislocated. PLEASE help!?
    i had my ankle dislocated a few month ago with in the process broken my fibula 2′ above the ankle. it was relocated and the fibula is now healed. but i dont think my ankle is relocated and aligned straight. because when i try to move my foot up and down, i will hear popping sound and grinding sound like it grinding each other. afraid that it might grind my cartilage away, i dont walk on it and use crutches.

    so what can a dr do to realign my ankle after it heal? or what surgery can the dr do to realign my ankle. what should i tell the dr when i see him? please help me.. thank you
    To jennifer thank you. But is it normal cuz it been like 5 and a half month already. My ankle still hurt when i try to stretch it straight down or straight up. But i gotta push it tho. Blood would go to my foot and swell up when i try to stand up, even walking with a crutches. A person that can’t walk for like 5 month and just stay home and can’t go anywhere really hit me hard and gotten me really depressed. And i’m just afraid, that why i have all these rationalize in my head..

    • ANSWER:

    is there anything wrong with what i want to do in life?
    im nearly 32 , under went a lot of harsh misfortunes in life, thus far – because of this i missed out on all the normal things : building relationships , working , getting qualifications , and a lot of other things.

    i have a prison record 11 years back for assault and violence , been in a psychiatric hospital.

    i squandered away a lot of years to being idol.

    in the present i have been diagnosed with various personality disorders, im cooperating with exposure therapy because im agoraphobic and have bad anxiety , with in view of getting psychotherapy

    my left ankle is hopefully healing after surgery to repair torn tendons months back.
    i have lived in a 1 bedroom apartment in the uk for 6 years on disability, owning few material possessions . ive aged premature in the face.

    my profile and ambitions in life is this :

    im a white european male,-

    im A sexual, im a solitary , private, introverted person who can often be aloof to strangers ,

    - i am misanthropic in my character , was always this way. i struggle with severe anger — paranoia , — and anxiety — racing thoughts and ptsd symptoms .

    i dont like todays media , or what it projects – im not interested – not interested in sensation, extroverts or drama . i dont like to be interfered with — except for close associates.

    - i want to live a quiet , private life with hand picked people in it.

    i want to develop few meaningful relationships, even though im very fussy about who i associate with — want to hand pick my relationships – i want to learn about human behavioural psychology — would like to get qualifications in IT -

    finally : i would like to move to a quiet coastal village in northern spain or southern spain or to france. – where both my grand parents originate.

    that is all i want to do – i am not interested in ANYTHING else .

    can someone like me achieve this ?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you can definitely achieve this. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to your face.

      Remember that the people you want to develop relationships with should also have the desire to develop relationships with you. This means you may have to step out of a comfort zone and put yourself out there to some people.

      Be encouraged though. You can do pretty much everything you set your mind to

    against the odds , can i achieve my aims in life?
    im nearly 32 , under went a lot of harsh misfortunes in life, thus far – because of this i missed out on all the normal things : building relationships , working , getting qualifications , and a lot of other things.

    i have a prison record 11 years back for assault and violence , been in a psychiatric hospital.

    i squandered away a lot of years to being idol.

    in the present i have been diagnosed with various personality disorders, im cooperating with exposure therapy because im agoraphobic and have bad anxiety , with in view of getting psychotherapy

    my left ankle is hopefully healing after surgery to repair torn tendons months back.
    i have lived in a 1 bedroom apartment in the uk for 6 years on disability, owning few material possessions . ive aged premature in the face.

    my profile and ambitions in life is this :

    im a white european male,-

    im A sexual, im a solitary , private, introverted person who can often be aloof to strangers ,

    - i am misanthropic in my character , was always this way. i struggle with severe anger — paranoia , — and anxiety — racing thoughts and ptsd symptoms .

    i dont like todays media , or what it projects – im not interested – not interested in sensation, extroverts or drama . i dont like to be interfered with — except for close associates.

    - i want to live a quiet , private life with hand picked people in it.

    i want to develop few meaningful relationships, even though im very fussy about who i associate with — want to hand pick my relationships – i want to learn about human behavioural psychology — would like to get qualifications in IT -

    finally : i would like to move to a quiet coastal village in northern spain or southern spain or to france. – where both my grand parents originate.

    that is all i want to do – i am not interested in ANYTHING else .

    can someone like me achieve this ?

    • ANSWER:
      What you’re asking is if you can move to a coastal village in Northern Spain? Which is your goal in life currently?

      Well I guess the first question is if you’re on a parole of some sort for your crimes?

      Second question is what sort of job do you plan to do? I mean no one is going to give you this coastal home and it’s going to cost money. So you obviously need to get a job.

      I think currently you need to take steps to achieve your goal. Is it too late? Well most people in their 40s enjoy retirement, and you can too since you’re not 40 yet. So you should first stamp down on a job, and then start thinking about investments and so fort so you can quickly build up your money.

      Of course, being with people is important, but unfortunately no one is going to help you get this coastal home you wish.