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    Is there any exercise to strengthen/repair ankle ligaments?
    I tore ligaments in my ankle a few months ago and i am wondering is there exercises to heal them up fully.I can walk but i cant run without it hurting.I wake up some mornings and it hurts to walk for a few hours but it passes, I am unable to run without it hurting and I am getting really out of shape.Is there any exercises to help them recover?

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    Ankle Ligaments!?
    my boyfriend injured his ankle 4 weeks ago. He did all the correct procedures with regards to r.i.c.e and its began to heal but about a week ago he went to the hospital and was told that he could of possible damaged the ligaments in his ankle and got told to exercise in order to help it heal. However, since then the pain has got worse and movement is becoming more limited.

    (It is definitly not broken, he has had an x-ray)
    Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing is to rest it as the ligaments will have been over stretched and take time to re-contract.
      Honest patience is best and don’t over stress it by doing activities such as sports, as the ankle is now weaker than it was, it no longer has the tight band of ligaments to support it.

    What kind of exercise can I do with torn ankle ligaments?
    I have been diagnosed with 5 or more torn ankle/foot ligaments that will take well into next year before I can strengthen and heal them. I was thinking about working out in the pool so I don’t stop with my exercising, but I don’t know if that would be too intense or not. Does anyone have any kind of suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Torn ligaments are not to be taken lightly. Movement is important to prevent scar tissue, but moving the ankle before it is time can lead to more injury. You should be talking to your orthopedic physician about this and possibly ask for referral to physical therapy. You may want to look for a therapist that provides aquatic rehab. Along with providing therapy in water, they would be best to prescribe a home program that you could do.

      good luck!

    What are good exercises after ankle surgery?
    I am having surgery next week on a loose right ankle ligament. I am a field hockey player and my goal is to start the season on time in September. I am in decent shape right now but not season-ready. I need some good excersises I can do to help keep me in shape while I am recovering. I will have a hard cast for 5 weeks then a soft cast for 4 weeks. any input would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      Your hospital ought to provide you with physio therapy during your rehabilitation who will give you a sensible program.

      I wouldn’t trust the advice of anyone on here who has no knowledge of your medical history.

      good luck and healthy regards,

    I have torn Ligaments in my Ankle What Exercise or Sports would you recommend?
    I can try bicycling on my own but thats boring and I thought of waiting for the new nintendo or microsoft systems wiht thier sports stuff to come out. Other then those and hot yoga and pilates can you think of any other exercise or even better what sports I could try? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      i wouldn’t do any lower body because you can make it worse. you can do strength training or the pool

    I cannot do ankle rehabilitation exercises?
    I am trying to do ankle rehabilitation exercises after the torn lateral ligament in my ankle healed, but every time I try to twist my foot inwards I hear and feel the supposedly healed ligament pop and it feels like it had “adjusted” its position rather that regained flexibility, then the twisting process becomes easier but I do not feel like I am doing the ligament itself any good. Also, when hearing the popping sound I normally stop the exercise in order not to damage my ligament. what do I do?

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    What are some exercises with ankle weights that will strenghten my knee?
    I recently had a knee injury and I’ve been told by the doctor that I have weak ligaments. I’ve read somewhere that ankle weights will help. Now, I have ankle weights, but I don’t know what exercises to do. What are some exercises that I can do with leg weights (5 lbs.) that will strengthen my knees?

    • ANSWER:
      I would start off with leg lefts. Keeping one leg bent and the other doing the lefts (not both doing lefts at the same time). You might say how does this strengthen the knee well it really doesn’t but will strengthen the muscles around your knee which is a good dropping in point. I would start doing set of 15 and then switching legs (if both have a problem) doing two to three sets.

    What are some physical therapy exercises I can do for a sprained ankle?
    I sprained my ankle the other day and tore 2 ligaments but I couldn’t get a time with a physical therapist for another week so I’m looking for some exercises to begin the rehab process before my first meeting.

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    How do i build up the tendons + ligaments in my ankle?
    I rolled my ankle about 6 or 7 months ago, and after that ever 3-4 weeks i twisted it again. its been about 6 weeks since the last time, but my ankle is still really weak. Like if i try to stand on the outsides of my feet. i use to be able to, and still can with my left foot, but that pressure kills it, and it seems there is no support at all. Are there any exercises i can do to help strengthen my ankle?

    • ANSWER:
      Well your reading from a guy who has had at least 15 ankle sprains. Most were sports related. I truly believe that a sprain is worse than a break. Also, I feel your pain. I know what it is like to roll your ankle on the slightest surface glitch.
      Here is what helped me recover the quickest. This advice came from a coach who had experience in the medical field. Set aside approximately 15 minutes twice per day for a week. Start with a bucket of cold water (as cold as you can stand). Place your entire foot and ankle into the cold water. After a minute, add ice to the water. Keep soaking your ankle for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, immediately place your ankle into a bucket of hot water (pre-made prior to soaking in cold water) for 3 minutes. Then back to the cold water for two minutes, then back to the hot water for 3 minutes. Finish by placing your ankle into cold ice water for 3 to 5 minutes. Do this twice per day for 5 days.

      The method seems to work the tendons and ligaments in a contraction / expansion way that will help strengthen.

    I need to rehabilitate my ankle ligament?
    I need rehabilitation exercises after the torn ankle ligament healed (I cannot move – twist – my foot inwards completely). Also, is there a website where I may find such exercises.

    • ANSWER:
      Ligaments take six weeks to heal after an injury. You should be wearing an aircast ankle brace or something similar to prevent your ankle from twisting. After your ankle is healed the usual recommendation is to start getting the stiffness out by writing the alphabet with your foot and ankle. After you get the stiffness out you can start the other exercises. Google “ankle exercises” and there are a slew of exercise sites for you to try.

    Damaged Ankle Ligaments !?
    Im 13 and in october i got hit with a hockey stick on the inside of my ankle . I had it x-rayed and nothing came up . So they said it was just bruised i continued to play sport on it . But then in January the outside of my ankle started to hurt .I went to see a sport physio and she diagnosed damaged ligaments , she gave me strengthening exercises. I did these for about a month but it wasent getting better so my mum took me to the doctors to get a referal to see a physio at the hospital , it took a couple of weeks but we got one . they said the same thing and gave me different exercises. In April (or may ) i was still struggling so my games teacher set me up with a really good physio . He is doing acupuncture and given me other exericses. Now my question is that i hav a DOE walk on Saturday and i was wondering if i should do it because it hurts if i walk for a long time?? I will ask the physio aswell i was just wondering if anyone had any opinions /?

    • ANSWER:
      really up to you but do it at a later time if you can. dont they do doe walks around the year?. Yeah, so just allow it to heal first.

    Damaged ankle Ligaments?
    Im 13 and in october i got hit with a hockey stick on the inside of my ankle . I had it x-rayed and nothing came up . So they said it was just bruised i continued to play sport on it . But then in January the outside of my ankle started to hurt .I went to see a sport physio and she diagnosed damaged ligaments , she gave me strengthening exercises. I did these for about a month but it wasent getting better so my mum took me to the doctors to get a referal to see a physio at the hospital , it took a couple of weeks but we got one . they said the same thing and gave me different exercises. In April (or may ) i was still struggling so my games teacher set me up with a really good physio . He is doing acupuncture and given me other exericses. Now my question is that i hav a DOE walk on Saturday and i was wondering if i should do it because it hurts if i walk for a long time?? I will ask the physio aswell i was just wondering if anyone had any opinions /?

    • ANSWER:
      i had torn ligaments in my ankle when i was 11 and my dr. told me to stay off of it and keep it iced down. it took me six week to heal. i think that you should not walk in the DOE walk. your ankle has not healed. just to you exercise that your doctor has giving you to do.i am 47 now and i don’t have any problems out of my ankle.

    Damaged Ankle Ligaments !! Need Advice , please help?
    Im 13 and in october i got hit with a hockey stick on the inside of my ankle . I had it x-rayed and nothing came up . So they said it was just bruised i continued to play sport on it . But then in January the outside of my ankle started to hurt .I went to see a sport physio and she diagnosed damaged ligaments , she gave me strengthening exercises. I did these for about a month but it wasent getting better so my mum took me to the doctors to get a referal to see a physio at the hospital , it took a couple of weeks but we got one . they said the same thing and gave me different exercises. In April (or may ) i was still struggling so my games teacher set me up with a really good physio . He is doing acupuncture and given me other exericses. Now my question is that i hav a DOE walk on Saturday and i was wondering if i should do it because it hurts if i walk for a long time?? I will ask the physio aswell i was just wondering if anyone had any opinions /?

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    What are some good exercises for your ankle after sprain?
    i try doing alphabets and ankle circles with my feet but i can barely move it, and its also nasty because i feel like the tendons and ligaments popping and grinding but its a normal grinding maybe a little bit more than my other foot so what should i do

    • ANSWER:
      Check here for help with that.

    What are some exercises I can do for my legs (thighs & butt) with a sprained ankle?
    I sprained my ankle a little over a week ago. Doc said there’s some torn ligaments, and I have to wear a brace. I have an extremely high pain tolerance so I am not in pain, just a little sore (mostly, my knee is sore from walking funny with the stupid brace!) I know I can do ball bridges and seated machines, as well as kneeling cable exercises for my butt, etc. Any other ideas? Also, I’ve been doing the stationary bike for cardio. Is this bad? How long until it’s safe to move on to an elliptical machine, etc.? I have to wear the brace for a month.

    • ANSWER:
      i think ridding a bike is the best exercise.

    Making the ankle ligaments stronger?
    I have weak ankle ligaments in my left leg after a bad sports injury few years ago (I constantly sprain my ankle now) and I’m taking a one year break from my sport to improve my ankle and make it stronger. I live in the country side in a small town and there is no physical therapist in my range, even not a hospital, and I will have to make everything at home. I need to keep on with conditioning my body to hockey’s needs meanwhile. So any tips or exercises I could do for my ankle. Just whatever you’ve got :) Thanks!

    I have a gym at home and all these balance boards and other stuff also.

    • ANSWER:
      The only way I can think of to help you on strengthening your ankle ligaments is to do these things called Heel-Ups. You need something to hold on to on a wall so you have balance and then you stand on the edge of an elevated surface on your tip-toes(something that’s elevated off the ground about 3-5 Inches or more) and then you let your heels fall down and then you bring them back up and repeat.

    how to exercises without hurting my knee,ankles,and wrest ligaments?
    I jug also do cardio and lift weights.I think my knees and ankles hurt from juging and lifting weights on my leg muscles.Also when i lift weights on my arms or chest my wrest ligaments hurt sometimes..I put icy hot and take ibuprofen.It helps but when i rest and then get beter it happens again when i excercize.What to do?

    • ANSWER:
      Be sure you streth before AND after working out. Also, before stretching, do a little bit of activity to get your muscles warm. Stretching cold/unused muscles can cause pain. Also, consider working out in water. Water aerobics give you great resistance without the use of weights, but often cause no pain muscles and tendons. Water aerobics are also great for elderly, because of less stress on the joints, in addition to people with arthritis.

    Anyone else ever torn their ankle ligaments but STILL manage to lead a fully functional life after the inury?
    do you still manage to lead a normal, fully functional life after the injury / operation ?

    im 32 years old and last year , mid last year , my left ankle was operated on the fix torn ligaments in my left ankle, i was in plaster for weeks , then i went to the NHS ! physio and she gave me a list of exercises on a sheet of paper to do at home for my ankle .

    but i live in a one bedroomed flat on sick pay , im quite poor dont get very much , and i DONT own much possessions in my flat except my computer , so i didnt have much furniture to practice the tedious exercises with , ie ( to tie the elastic band to to do the exercises with )

    so instead , months ago , i joined a gym near me and just went there to do swimming and the cross trainer , sometimes the treadmill.

    hopefully my ankle will get stronger in time..

    just wondered did anybody have have the same injury but still go on to have a fully functional life afterwards ?

    • ANSWER:
      Blackrider, the simple answer to this is yes. The point of this is that you have to do the exercises that were assigned to you. Once the ligament has been repaired surgically it doesn’t mean that it is all fixed. In fact the most difficult part of this is to develop a good sense of proprioception. That is the sense of knowing where the joint is in space. This is a simple example. Place a coin about a yard away from your foot. Now with your eyes open touch the coin with your eyes open. That should have been easy. Now do it with your eyes closed. If you cannot touch the coin or even get close to it you need significant training. You belong to a gym so why not take advantage of this. Work on the exercises that were given to you there. A little hint that will help you significantly. Always start the exercises by doing the uninjured foot first. No matter what the exercise movement is do the right foot first. Do 3 sets of that movement and then do the left foot. This will improve your response and strength.

    Will my ankle still be flexible after a torn ligament injury?
    So, I do ballet and I tore my ankle ligament. My question is, will I still be able to pointe my feet just as well as before once my injury heals? I’m really worried that I won’t be able to go on pointe for a long time. Basically, I worry that my ankle won’t be as flexible as it was before. Or are there exercises I can do to keep my ankle flexibility? Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      You have to make sure that you don’t try to exercise too much too soon as this will not allow the ankle time to heal properly. In the meantime, ensure that you elevate your ankle whilst you are sitting, use ice to help with swelling and consider anti-inflammatory drugs.
      Sit in a chair with a football under your affected foot and gently roll the ball around, this will help with flexibility.
      You may need to wear a support initially.

      Good luck.

    How to strengthen ligaments and knee for football?
    How to exercise your muscles , ankle , knee and ligaments and prevent injury in and outdoor

    • ANSWER:
      physical therapy يا عم شهاب

    Good exercises to strengthen my sprained ankle?
    A month ago I fell and severely sprained my ankle. It was terrible enough that I was zero weight baring for almost two weeks and then it was difficult to get a air brace on due to swelling. Now I’m walking on it and the swelling is almost gone but I feel the ligaments getting tight. Besides walking and doing alphabets ankle stretches, what can I do to keep my foot from getting stiff and more painful?

    • ANSWER:
      finally a question I learned the answer to in emt class….
      a great excersise for a sprained ankle is doing the abc’s with your injured foot…..lift your leg and spell out the abc’s in the air.It will strengthen the muscles in your leg and ankle.

    How long will it take to heal torn ankle ligaments?
    I fell over on Friday and hurt my ankle, it was painfull and swollen, although I could still bear weight on it. Went to A and E and was told I have done something to ligament. Saturday morning woke up in agony, couldnt put any weight on it at all and was in tears, took ibuprofen and rested it for most the day. Sunday could put a little weight on it although supporting most my weight on cruthes. Sunday evening swelling even worse, now foot swollen, am panicking have I done more damage by standing on it. When should i put some weight on it, and when should I try to do some mobility exercises? How long will it be until I can walk unadided and without have a very strange limping walk?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to go to an orthopeadic. You may need surgery. At least; you need to see a physical therapist. If you go to PT and heal properly, it could be as little as 4 weeks before you’re back to normal. May take 12 weeks tho to get you walking normal.

    ankle strengthening exercises?
    i recently badly sprained my ankle and damaged some of the ligaments. My dance concert is coming up and i need to build up strength fast!
    some help would be great
    thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      What G said. I’d also suggest balance exercises. Strength is one thing, but you’ll really need to build up your proprioception (balance) again as well. You could do wobble board, or standing on one leg progressing to standing on one leg on a pillow. When you’ve recovered enough I’d also suggest some mini tramp exercises if you have one: standing on one leg, jumping up and down, jumping up and down on one leg.

      Progress everything, and keep increasing the difficulty level as you go.

    What kind of exercises can I do that won’t be strenuous on my ankle?
    I have a torn ligament and no cartilage on my taylus bone, and I can’t do normal exercises that I would, such as running. I was thinking pilates, or maybe something I could get a guide for online. I don’t have the money to pay for any program, and I am on Weight Watchers, so I would appreciate some help.

    On another note, do you think I’ll have to have surgery judging by what I’ve described to you?

    • ANSWER:
      Crossramp machines or elliptical machines are a great way to do your cardio and light on the ankles yet still target all the right’s great! <3

    Severely damaged ligaments in ankle. Doctors, do you have an opinion?
    2 years ago I severely sprained my left ankle, I had a complete tear in my ATFL and a partial tear in my CFL. I am also born with an accessory bone on my Navicular which then fused to the Cuneiform next to it via cartilage. That sprain was treated on my own since I didnt have health insurance. I used crutches for 3 weeks while using RICE. The ankle and its ligaments healed, yet I had developed Posterior Tibial Tendinitis and was experiencing an aching pain on the medial side of my foot (where that fused lump is located) in the mornings, after exercises, and after standing up over 20 minutes.

    After nearly 9 months of that pain, I took 6 weeks off from any physical activity as hand surgery prohibited my participation in any sport. That sore/dull pain went away.

    I now have been able to play basketball, football, and soccer completely pain free for about 14-15 months. Now that is that is the ankles history, lets move on to where it gets tricky.

    1 month ago I incurred another ankle inversion on that same ankle while coming down awkwardly off a rebound in a game of basketball. This time I have insurance and made an appointment with my local Podiatrist. He ordered an MRI and it showed:

    -Bifid os tibiale externum and slight edema at the synchondrosis associated with midfoot pronation and posterior tibial paratendinitis.

    -Peroneal tenosynovitis with slight adhesion’s within the peroneal tendon sheath, an os peroneum, and mild peroneus longus tendinosis proximal to and within the cubital tunnel, but no morphologic high grade tear.

    -Anterior Talofibular ligament is torn.

    -Mild Achilles tendinosis without tearing or advanced tendinopathy.

    -Tibiotalar and posterior subtalar joint effusions with synovitis and/or hemorrhage. Mild talonvaicular and naviculocuneiform degenerative changes.

    (Speaking with my podiatrist and doing my own research on these terms I completely understand what is going on with the ankle.)

    The ankle was mildly swollen, no discoloration, and I was able to bear weight on it with a slight limp the very next day; however that old aching dull pain came back. Im thinking tendinitis again. After being in a Cam-walker for 1 month I was ordered for physical therapy and didnt need the boot anymore. My physical therapy was mainly just for the tendinitis so it involved a lot of stretches and electro-stimulation therapy.

    Since I was in the cam-walker for a month, the pain went away. So I decided to tape my ankles up and get back to running and getting back on the basketball court. Well after 2 days of 70% basketball, the ankle felt perfectly fine during and after the game. On the 3rd day of basketball, I inverted my ankle while jumping up off an opponents foot and re-tore my ATFL and possibly my CFL as well.

    This is the 2nd ATFL tear in the last 35 days, and the 3rd in its lifetime. Also, that fused bone on the medial side of my foot is aggravating the tibialis tendon trying to enter into it.

    I am going to see my podiatrist tomorrow morning, but wanted to see if anyone else has an opinion on what I should do from here on out.

    My questions are:

    1. With two grade 3 sprains in the past 35 days, does this diagnose me with Chronic Ankle Instability?

    2. Should surgery be an option to repair the ligaments that have been torn a few times and to shave that accessory bone deformation down to relieve stress on the tibialis tendon?

    3. If healing conservatively, is there a chance to get back to full strength if rested the proper amount of time (several weeks) followed by a more intense physical therapy to help strengthen the muscles and ligaments damaged?

    4.Can the ATFL naturally heal after two severe injuries to it within 35 days, or is surgery a must?

    5. Since I was able to play going about 70% with 0 pain during and after, was this last inversion simply bad luck, or was it because the ligament wasn’t fully healed?

    • ANSWER:
      1. Yes, absolutely. Chronic Ankle instability is more of a subjective diagnosis based on your ability to function, but it sounds like your ankle is pretty jacked.

      2. An orthopedic foot or sports med specialist can perform a bronstrom repair to re-attach your ATFL and tighten your CFL. While they were in there, they could probably deal with the accessory navicular. It would be a significant surgery and require some serious PT and rest, but it would eventually get you back on your feet. You’re talking about roughly 4 weeks of non weight bearing followed by another 4 in the boot. This would probably help with the posteior tibialis tendonitis eventually.

      3. Typically when an MRI reports that a ligament is torn, that means it’s torn all the way through and basically gone. Your ATFL may scar down to a certain degree, but would always be very loose. I think at a bare minimum, you’d be doing regular ankle exercises, like daily, and wearing a quality brace for many years. While it’s not an easy decision, I’ve seen some good results from the Bronstrom repair, including one girl playing Div. I college volleyball.

      4. See the first part of answer 3

      5. Once you have a few good sprains, you’re always more likely to sprain again. In addition to having very loose ligaments, your peroneal muscles (which are responsible for protecting against inversion sprains) tend to have reduced reaction time and poor proprioception. A lot of the PT exercises they made you do were to re-train your peroneals.

      One other thing that stands out in your MRI is the “Mild talonvaicular and naviculocuneiform degenerative changes.” This basically states that you’re starting to develop some arthritis in the ankle. The fact that you’re not hurting right now is good, but that’s the sort of injury that catches up to you at 55 or 60 years, sometimes earlier.

      I’m assuming you’re a younger person so you have to think about the long term health of your ankles. All in all, you might have to transfer your care to an orthopedic foot/ankle surgeon. I don’t know what surgical procedures your podiatrist does. You kinda got delt a bad hand, good luck with everything.

    How to regain strength/ flexibility after ligament injury in ankle?
    I had a partial tear of the lateral collateral ligament in the ankle over a month back. I have resumed walking and climbing stairs minimally. There is no pain, though long distances cause my ankle to swell again. I am regularly using hot water to soothe the ankle and do basic exercises. But I am unable to walk normally and continue to limp. My ankle movement is restricted – and I am unable to flex it up and down. What can I do to regain flexibility and how long will this typically take?

    • ANSWER:
      I got some bad news for you. Actually maybe not that bad.

      I tore mines over twenty five years ago. But back then they didn’t have quite as good rehab and education as now days.

      So bad news, I still have trouble with it. And it takes me about two weeks to be able to get back to my sport only at about 50%.
      The good news, with all the advancement in physical therapy you should be able to get back in a very short time.


      Couple of things to remember. “Rice” techniques.
      That does help a lot. I also take anti-inflamitory drugs such as celebrex. (Be sure to consult your physician on what is safe for you)
      I also have a minni trampoline which helps me with my rehab work. It doesn’t abuse my ankle as much when working it.

    Severely sprained ankle/torn ligaments, will it ever be back fully… etc?
    I tore my left ankle very bad and I had two surgery’s on it about 2 years ago. Then this year about 4 to 5 months ago, I had cheap shoes on and severely rolled my right ankle. I heard a pop it swelled up then I immediately went to the emergency doctor I was scared. The doctor did x-rays and he said he thinks its a category 2 and to comeback later after self therapy. I didn’t get an MRI so I’m not exactly sure how bad it is but it hurt worse than my previous ankle injury in my left foot.

    My left ankle pops really loud and my right starting to do it too the more I exercise it, why is that? My ankle size is still larger than normal but then again so is my left foot since its injury so they kinda match now lol. Is there a reason for it being so big and is there a way to normalize the size of the ankle?
    Lastly, I know ligaments are like rubber bands and tearing them causes immense problems. I heard from one lady who deals with orthopedic rehab who told me that because we don’t start out working out our ankles like we do our legs and arms, our ankle are actually weaker than should be. That even after torn ligaments we can workout and strengthen them to a be as they once were and even stronger than before. It made sense to me but then I remember all the doctors and people saying you can never get your ankle back to normal once badly sprained/torn, is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m worried about the same thing. I also rolled my ankle last week and heard a loud snap. Mine was a broken bone in the foot. The doctor said I could start trying to walk without an aircast after 2 weeks, but I think he is being overly optimistic as everyone else I’ve talked to has not been able to walk for 3+ months with the same exact injury in even less severity (hairline, stress fracture) mine is broken through. I’m very active also, so I am really worried that I won’t be able to do the things I used to do like snowboarding, running, hiking etc.

      I guess there isn’t much we can do about it other than to just try to do exercises, eat right and take supplements to help heal and recover strength. It’s either going to get better or not and at least if we try to help the healing process along we have a better chance.

    How would i Strengthen my ankle after tearing ligaments?
    About 8 months ago I made a stupid decision and ended up tearing most of the ligaments in my ankle. I have been able to walk on it for the past 6 months, but i have yet been able to run or even jog on it. It is still every so slightly swollen and it hurts from time to time (usually after a long day at work). Long story short, I was wondering if there were any kind of exercises i could to in order to strengthen the ankle… I know there is only a small chance that it will ever be what it once was, but anything is better than its current condition.

    Forgot to mention that i have been to both the Hospital and an Orthopedic specialist. They told me that the ligaments were torn although they did not really mention to what severity… Just don’t really have the money for PT after the 8 thousand dollar bill i got from those two ;)

    • ANSWER:

    Training Whilst Recovering From Severe Ankle Injury?
    I am an ice hockey and rugby player, quite competitively. I’ve ruptured my ankle ligaments whilst playing ice hockey. I’m off sport for 3 months, but have an important ice hockey tournament about 2 weeks after I am scheduled to recover. I need to prepare for this, am doing weights in the school gym twice a week, but don’t want to put on weight from lack of exercise. I am 16 and am 5’11, weigh about 13 stone.

    • ANSWER:
      Ankle ligament injuries are serious and being off sports for 3 months is a long time. So I am going to say this now, it is unlikely you are gonig to be able to participate in this tournament.

      hockey and rugby are similar in that they require fast recovery (go, rest, go, rest, etc.) and there is no way to simulate this without the ability to run or skate, which i assume you cant do.

      Even if you are healed in 3 months, you stil have to rehab the ankle. speak to a physiotherapist, it may take a few weeks. So the combination of the time off and physiotherapy wil probably keep you from serious training for this tournaments.

      If you do want to train other things in the 3 month period, you might as well work on your strength, power, and core. Consult a trainer or your coach for a specific plan if you’d like. Ankle injuries are persistent and tricky, it is seriously not a good idea if you push this and hurt it more. If you do not let your ankle heal properly it will hound you for hte rest of your life. Do not let this one tournament jeopardize the future tournaments and games.

    exercises to improve Range Of Motion in ankle?
    i know alphabets and theraband and calf stretch what else? any water exercises in the water? and also wehn i do alphabets it’s really hard pointing my toes to the inside what should i do? and when i do ankle circles i hear ligaments pooping, it also happens with my normal ankle but louder and it feels and sounds nasty, is it normal?? and for the theraband its also hard pointing the toes to the inside and sometimes it even hurts how to i fix it and MAKE IT NOT HURT because that the key, i’ve had recurrent sprains and i’m 100 percent determined to fix this one forever and go back to playing the sport i love

    • ANSWER:
      Just try swimming and see how that goes. Here are a few more ideas.

    Did I tear ligaments in my ankle?
    About a month ago, I was warming up for my soccer game and completely landed sideways on my ankle while running (Yes….I have NO idea how I managed to do that). I heard a popping sound and for OVER TWO weeks after, my ankle was really swollen and black/blue/purple. I got X rays, but it was not broken. I was told it was my ligaments, but I don’t know if that means I just stretched them or if I tore them. After a month, the swelling has gone down significantly and you can only see a little bruising in certain lighting. I can walk and even jog straight with only minor pain. The only time it hurts is when I am walking on uneven ground or move it from side to side or up and down. I am going to try to practice again tomorrow after a month off, but I am still concerned because I cannot move my ankle side to side at all. It won’t budge, and I can feel it pulling. It hurts a lot when I try to rotate it. I know that in soccer I will be moving from side to side, stopping, changing directions, and kicking, so I was just going to tell my coach I need to take it easy and only do what doesn’t hurt too bad. I have a good lace up brace and am going to tape it. Do you think it’s okay to go ahead and try to practice again, or should I stay off until I can rotate it? How serious do you think this injury is? I don’t really even know what I’m trying to ask, but I just want opinions if you think it is normal that I still have no range of motion after a whole month even while doing exercises everyday to build strength and motion back up.

    • ANSWER:

    ankle injury, can someone plz help tell me what is the best choice of treatment?
    well i injured my ankle about 4 months ago. however i still have pain in certain tendons/ligaments and they hurt when i perform certain activities/movements. for instance, if i try to squat while bending my ankles, then i feel a sharp pain radiating. it feels like in a line in the curve my foot creates between my shin. i have not been doing ankle strengthening exercises, could that be why it hurts so much? But still it hurts a lot. I’m going to see a doctor, I just wanted to get your guys opinion. And plz don’t give me advice like “rest it” if thats your only advice. thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      you should go to physiotherapy, it’s usually because your ankle isn’t strong enough or that it didn’t heal right, but they can help you with that at physio.

    How can I burn calories with a sprained ankle?
    I was just three weeks into running and lifting daily in an effort to lose weight and get ripped once again :-) when I sprained my ankle (the accident was unrelated to exercise). Now I’m completely thrown off schedule and with my torn ligaments it’s a 10 week recovery. Are there cardio’ exercises I can do with a sprained ankle? I want to keep the calories burning.

    BTW I can walk slowly with an air-cast

    • ANSWER:
      I feel your pain. Had an ankle reconstruct a few weeks ago.

      Best way to burn calories whether injured or not is through weight training. Many studies show that it is a far more effective calorie burner than simple cardio as you keep burning calories after the event and the extra muscle does so as well.

      If you are female you don’t need to worry about putting on too much bulk as your hormones don’t allow for it. So get on the weights. Enjoy the break from running and tone those muscles.

    Extra stretched Ligaments in ankle??
    OK a few years ago my doctor said i have extra stretched ligaments in my ankle and now it is back again and it hurts really bad like when i walk and move it. I got an ankle wrap at walmart but that is only helping a little bit. I really do not wanna go to a doctor because it is far away. how do you think i can cure this? Does it have a name? Is it from not exercising enough during the summer and now with gym everyday? PLEASE HELP!

    • ANSWER:
      Fix it by applying the information here

    does relaxin hormine in early pregnancy make it easier in sprain ankle while exercising?
    my period is due in 3 days and from what i read relaxin is emitted from 2 weeks pregnant and make ligaments loose and easier to sprain an ankle. if i was pregnant i would be 3 weeks and saturday i sprained it jogging and falling in a hole. has this happened to anyone else?

    • ANSWER:

    I had a 3rd Degree Sprained Ankle a month and a half ago, what exercises should I do to strengthen it?
    I rolled my ankle in gym 6 weeks ago while playing basketball. When I went to the doctor he said I had a 3rd degree tear in this one ligament, so it was completely torn. I thought crutches looked stupid so I didn’t use them at all, even though it hurt, but I had this ankle brace that kept it in place and made it not hurt as much. Now it’s not hurting too bad anymore but it’s not as strong as it used to be. I’ll be playing tennis, and skating soon, so what exercises should I do to get it strong again.
    And how long should I wait before I go on a trampoline again? Should I be lifting weights with my legs yet, or just gently exercise my ankle until I’m strong enough to again.

    • ANSWER:
      while you are sitting around, you can do the motions of the abc’s with your ankle/foot. This will help get strength and range of motion back. If your doctor didn’t say you couldn’t get on it, then I would do whatever I wanted (such as trampoline, lifting weights, etc) as long as it was tolerable. The only way to get the strength back is to start using it again.

    Pain in my right ankle, could something be wrong with my tendon or ligaments?
    I fractured my ankle (fibula) about 9 weeks ago. I was placed in a fiber glass cast for almost 7 weeks (no surgery). It has been 2 weeks since the removal of the cast. I started exercising my ankle, and then walking on it with crutches, and I have just started walking on it with a cane. Sometimes while I’m walking and put too much pressure on my right ankle, or when I haven’t walked for a while and just get up to stand, I get this sharp pain on the side of my ankle where it was broken. It isn’t a throbbing pain, it doesn’t last, it comes and goes. When I touch it, it does not hurt, and I can move my ankle pretty well now without any pain. There is some minor swelling around my entire ankle, which the doctor said would be normal for up to a few months because I was immobilized in a cast for so long. But why the pain? Can someone with any experience help me out. I cant see my ortho. for 2 more weeks and I would like to know if this is something serious…???

    • ANSWER:
      This pain can be normal after a fracture as well as a sign for some problem like injury of your ligaments or a remaining dislocation at the site of the fracture, but none of these problems are so serious that you couldn’t wait for the meeting with your specialist, only if the pain is so severe that you couldn’t stand it. When you see the doctor do not hesitate to say him or her about your complaints.

    Exercises I can do off of my feet?
    I have two torn ligaments in my right ankle and can not stand on it for long periods of time, much less to exercise. Which has led me to gain some weight since I received the injury (about a month ago). What are some exercises I can do sitting down that might help fight the weight gain while I’m not able to go to the gym?

    • ANSWER:

    How do I keep fit with a broken ankle?
    So recently I dislocated my ankle, fractured my fibula and tore my ligaments on my right leg. How do I keep fit and what aerobic exercises can I do? I can’t walk for 2 1/2 months and I’m on crutches/wheelchair.
    Also, I can’t swim since I have a splint. Thx..

    • ANSWER:
      ok so i recently came out of a cast after rupturing the ligaments in my ankle, and its basically a complete b*tch to try and keep fit, my rugby physio suggested cycling machine with just the one leg, so i tired that and even by maintaining a high pace 60-70 rpm, having it on a tough level for i leg 7 out of 12, and doing it for 20 ish minutes i felt that my leg just got tired and theyre was little CV affect, i was hardly out of breath and felt more like strength training,
      if you have access to one try a hand bike, which are basically like normal excercise bikes but you peddle with your hands and arms, although still not as effective as a standard CV work out, it worked better than the cycling machine
      good luck! i know how annoying it is

    Ankle injury- torn ligaments?
    Hiya, I was at a beach party snapping wood for a fire and got it wrong and something in my ankle ‘went’. Instead of going to the doctors I figured I’d let it heal of it’s own accord. I left it for 2 and a half months and carried on with some of my sports like jujitsu and swordfighting and cylcling.
    But when I came to uni I thought I’d get it looked at because it was hurting too much for me to do my sports anymore. I can’t run and definately can’t jump off my right foot. It hurts after more than 15mins of walking and when going up stairs.
    The doctors said its probably ligament damage and will take 6 months to heal.
    I’m on 1200mg ibuprofen a day and have to elevate it as much as possible and ice it. (also wear an ankle support now) However all of these things arn’t helping! In fact I think it’s getting worse! (doesn’t help that I live in london at the top of 4th floor with no lift)
    How can I heal faster and what kinds of exercise or still ok? Has anyone here had the same kind of injury?

    • ANSWER:
      The best you can do is to strengthen the muscle around the ankle. Try massaging the affected area for yourself. You will know how much pressure you can put on it and you will be able to feel exactly where the pain and problem lies with your own fingers.
      Along with the massage, try a wobble board to strengthen the muscles in the ankle. This is a board with a half ball on the bottom that allows it to wobble in all directions. If you cannot find one then use a bottle and a piece of wood (board). Place the board over the bottle and stand with one foot on either end so that the board will rock from left to right and back again. Do this about 25 times and then move the board and bottle 90 degrees so it rocks front to back. Do this at least once a day and you will improve rapidly.
      Another exercise is to stand with your feet at shoulder width apart and raise up onto your toes. Do this about 10-25 times.
      When this becomes too easy, close your eyes and try it! This will help train your proprioception. (The ability for your brain to tell where a body part is without looking at it).
      Good Luck.

    Ankle sprain plz help?
    so i sprained my ankle playing soccer 4 months ago
    and couple weeks ago i got an MRI
    the doc said i dont need surgery and that i torn my ligaments.
    what exercises can i do to strengthen it?

    also, where exactly are the ligaments, around the ankle ?

    • ANSWER:
      There lots of ligaments in your ankles…But the most commonly injured ones are: anterior talofibular ligament, calcaneofibular ligament, talocalcaneal ligament, posterior talocalcaneal ligament and the posterior talofibular ligament (these are the ones found on the outside of your ankle).

      If I were to take a guess at which ones you tore, I would guess the ATFL and CFL as these are the most commonly injured ligaments.

      Unfortunately, you can’t strengthen ligaments. Why? Ligaments are like rubber bands. Once they get stretched, they stay that way. And once they’ve been stretched (injured), they’re easier to stretch again.Then, at a certain point, they break.

      But, you can strengthen the muscles in your ankle, and that will help hold the ligaments in place.

      Exercises you can do:

      - Calf raises
      - Write the alphabet with your ankle
      - Use a balance board
      - Flexing with a Theraband

      I highly suggest that you look into physical therapy though because a trained physical therapist can tailor exercises to you and your body and specific injury. If your doctor didn’t say anything about that, I would ask him/her if they would refer you.

    Torn ligaments in the ankle. Help needed!?

    I got kicked from the right hand side onto my right ankle, so if you can imagine it fractured the bone and bent the ankle inwards i believe tearing or the ligament on the inside of the ankle.

    I had a cast on and just took it off on my own as the doc cancelled the appointment to take it off today and I can no longer stand it as it drove me crazy!

    However after I took it off it is very difficult for me to bend my foot upwards towards my shin (anything less than 90degrees), and although I am able to walk I can’t do so properly. It feels very tight. Does it just need some careful exercise and physio?

    Does this sound like a normal problem/expectation when people just start using they’re foot again after this type of injury? It’s been 5 weeks since the injury happened. Remember I only took it off today to.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Also I have just noticed i can’t put much weight on the front of the foot while it’s flat as it feels like somethings about to explode. However it can just about take the weight on the heel.

    • ANSWER:
      it is normal to feel stiff and tight, unable to move it much – usually after having cast taken off – which why alot of people have to go rehab.

      you should have some physio – so i suggest you go back to your doc and tranfer you to physio.

      I’m in the middle of healing process after having ligament reconstruction. today i had my cast changed which was really stiff and unable to move it – because they plastered it in a nuetrial position. Today i had to have it plastered in a full 90 degree which they had to force ma foot in that position. got another couple of weeks left – so after that i’ll be having lots of physio.

      good luck, hope it goes well. and get back to normal.


    Torn Ankle Ligament ?
    Over a year ago now I injured my left ankle. I landed in a ditch after jumping over something, the outside of my ankle was flat on the ground but my leg was still straight up, there was a loud pop that everyone else heard. I had to get carried home and couldn’t walk on it for at least a week or 2. There was alot of bruising around the bottom of my foot and the ankle itself by the time i finally got home. I was a figure skater at the time and because there was so much support in my skates I had weak ankles. I went to my GP he looked at it and said it was just a mild sprain and to only walk on what i could tolerate (still hopping around at this point) so i tryed to stay off it and the swelling and what not went away. I have recently started jogging and going to the gym and my ankle is giving me alot of trouble, even when not exercising it still hurts a bit. And since I did it there is a bit on my lateral ligaments (i think) that moves when i touch it, its weird. I don’t know what i have done to it or if i should go back but to a different GP to get it checked out again? Also any strengthening exercises that anyone knows of would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      Your question about strengthening your ankle is a good one. Your ligaments after having been ruptured are not as strong as they once were. You need to build up your ankle musculature to compensate.
      The use of an ankle board is quite helpful.
      I would look into seeing a specialist. Your GP is obviously not a specialist for the foot.
      Also, I would ask about getting orthotics with a “lateral flange”. This helps to hold the foot in a position that doesn’t lend itself to ankle blowouts.
      I found this website if you are interested in learning more about ankle boards.

    I sprained my ankle, what to do?
    I was playing soccer and i got slide tackled. I went to the doctor, she said it was a moderate ankle sprain. I sprained the LATERAL ligaments. She said it would take about 4 months to heal fully. It has been 6 months and i cannot lock my ankle to shoot a soccer ball. I wore a brace for 1 month and started to do the exercises for my ankle but it has not healed. I can pass and do almost everything with my left foot but shoot. What should I do now and about how much longer should I wait?

    • ANSWER:
      Proprioception exercise. Left single leg stance exercise on a unstable surface like a BUSU ball. Left leg mini squats. Step ups forward and lateral. Step downs, leaving the left up. Progress to plyometrics, jumping up to and off of different size boxes. Jumping back n forth, forward and back then left to right. Don’t forget inversion and eversion open chain exercises using a theraband.
      You may need to wear your brace for a couple of more months until your ankle heels completely.
      Good luck..

    What shoes should I buy for ankle support?
    I recently tore a ligament in my ankle. The ankle is feeling a lot better, but I am wary of jumping back into my exercise without some better shoes. What shoes should I get to support it during my p90x workouts?

    • ANSWER:
      On our shoes shops, there are Many types of shoes, such as christian louboutin ,Manolo Blahnik,Burberry, celine, chanel, chloe, dior , Ferragamo, Gucci, LV, Versace shoes, and we updated our shoes style from time to time.

    What exercise can i do as i have fractured and torn a ligament in my right ankle 4 days ago.?
    Its really swollen and bruised but i can kind of walk on it without my crutches as long as im only on my toes for my right foot so running and skipping etc is obviously out of the question.

    Is there any exercise i can do that is strenuous enough to lose weight with?

    • ANSWER:
      theoretically any sport which doesn’t put pressure on your ankle!!
      you could always do swimming, sit ups, pilates etc.

      i tore ligaments in my ankle about 5 years ago when i was 14. I didn’t go on crutches (was riding horses competitively at the time and it was the middle of eventing season) and now have scar tissue in BOTH ankles which causes me a fair bit of pain.

      Whatever you do, listen to your doctor and STAY ON THOSE CRUTCHES!

    How 2 cure muscle fracture and ligament tear of ankle ?
    Had a sprain , a bad right ankle twist on right side 1.5 months ago. It was plastered for 5 -6 weeks.. Plaster is out last week but still pain, swelling and stiffness there in the foot and ankle, foot has lost its flexibility.. can’t walk and move much. Pressure beneath the sole ( on standing ) and the stretching exercises advised cause pain..

    Please Help ???


    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do is to stay off of it…it still needs healing..dont’perform strenuous exercise on it…it will make it worse and prolong the healing. A cold pack every now and then will relieve you a bit from the pain. Ask your doctor for medication for the pain until it gets better.

    help with ankle ligament injury! =]?
    Hi I recently did my ankle in while playing volleyball in school. I went 2 hospital and all that and Im currently attending physio. he said that I tore the ligaments and jarred the joint while doing this. Any ideas how long this should take to heal? I know it variess from how severe it is but mine is a grade 2 r something? Is there any exercises I can do now to try build up the muscle as I play a lot of sport and I really want to get back but I dont want to go back till im sure its strong enough! Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      As there is very little blood flow in ligaments they take a long time to heal. You can try the Johanna Budwig diet – it is designed to increase oxygen supply within the body. It is mostly for cancer but will help with almost any injury recovery. Google for Johanna Budwig.

      (Note that whenever a person is recovering from surgery, they have those nasal cannulas feeding oxygen – this is because oxygen speeds up healing.)

    I have a torn ankle ligament?
    Ok so I landed funny yesterday after landing something wrong, I can put weight on it but I walk with a limp so went to a hospital earlier and I have torn the ligaments on both side of my ankle on my right foot. I have been doing the whole ice thing every now and then, foot above the heart and the foot exercises as well as taking ibuprofen. I know it’s not a good idea working 4 hours tommrow but I only really do 4 hours per week at the moment so basically what I’m asking is how long will it be with all what I’ve just said in mind will it be til I can start freerunning/parkour again? And how long would it be til I can walk again without a limp because I guess there would be a difference. Many thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      For moderate sprains, a removable cast boot or ankle brace can be used initially. Physical therapy is important to help minimize swelling, maintain range of motion, maintain proprioception, and gradually increase the strength of the muscles around the ankle to prevent future ankle instability and recurrent sprains.

      Severe sprains require immediate medical attention. Without treatment, they may result in long-term ankle instability and pain. The ankle should be immobilized in a brace or removable cast boot. Usually, people need crutches and are referred to a specialist. Whether surgery should be done is controversial. Most experts believe that surgically reconstructing torn ligaments is no better than treatment without surgery. Physical therapy to restore movement, strengthen muscles, and improve balance is necessary before people resume strenuous activity and can hasten recovery

    Pool exercises for injuries?
    OK so I have torn ankle ligaments, tight calves, painful achilles tendon and very sore shins.

    Im hoping to play basketball this weekend. The only thing stopping me is the pain from the shins and the tight achilles.

    Can doing exercises in a pool help?

    Ive seen people walking up and down pools….. would that help me at all?

    Anyone know any other pool exercises I could do (apart from swimming coz I dont want to wack my ankle).

    • ANSWER:
      well, you can buy this one product called AquaJogger, and “run” in a deeppool. but the bad side is that an AquaJogger can be a little pricy. around – for a whole set.

      also for shins, if you have shin splints, it helps to get them rubbed out with bengay or some other heat cream. with your thumb, you press hard going up your shins around 10 times. then it helps to ice it after. you could also go to a physical therapist and get your calf rubbed out, and get rid of the lactic acid that builds up after you exercise (it helps to cool down by jogging slowly for a while) and for your achilles tendon, you can stretch them a LITTLE (too much will be too painful) for example, press your body against the wall with the front leg bent and the back leg straight (this stretches your calves) then bend the back leg SLIGHTLY to stretch your achilles tendon.

      hope i helped! (: