Ankle Ligaments Tear

The most typical type of ankle sprain is commonly known as an inversion sprain where the ankle turns over so that the sole of the foot faces inwards. When this kind of ankle sprain happens, the outer, or lateral ligaments are stretched too far and damaged. About 90% of ankle sprains are an ankle ligament injury. Agony is always on the exterior of the ankle, and there is customarily no pain on the inside of the ankle joint.
Why does this happen at all? Typically, ankle ligament injuries happen because the ankle is feeble and inflexible. The best way to guard yourself from an ankle sprain is to reinforce the ankle joints with exercises and stretches so it is able to bear numerous movements and uneven ground.
If you have already have a sprained ankle and are pondering what the best sort of treatment you can do for it now, I would recommend the H.E.M. Ankle rehab System. I’ve found it to be of heavy benefit to my clients and athletes. And even when you are walking routinely again, your ankle will continue to be awfully weak and rigid due to the scar tissue and neuromuscular damage from the injury. H.E.M. Works extremely swiftly ( usually in roughly a week or so ), and directly deals with those issues as well as many other aspects of damage done by the injury. H.E.M. It is very simple and easy to follow and you can easily do it at home in a minute or two a day. As far as I am concerned , it is the best ankle rehab system out there today.
( Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation ), but any tutor or coach knows how ineffective that’s at healing an ankle injury. Remember, ice is only effective for containing swelling and doesn’t do anything to fix your ankle. And rest can never buttress your ankle or remove scar tissue adhesions that will keep your ankle more locked up than before you were injured. So, if you have an ankle ligament injury, have a look at H.E.M. I advise it just because so many folk have asked me about it and I would like to get this information out there to help a much bigger portion of the populace beyond my athletes and clients. Best of luck and health!

And most importantly, just remember that your ankles are critical to the remainder of your body. They’re your foundation for movement and if they aren’t functional, it can very simply cause Problems in many other places in the body. So, get them taken care of properly, as it pays plenty of dividends now and down the road.

/”>H.E.M. System for an Ankle Ligament Injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I tell if I have torn ankle ligaments?
    I broke my fibula almost 6 weeks ago and discovered a blood clot 2 weeks ago. My foot/ankle are still swollen and I still can’t walk w/out a limp nor go down stairs normal. I can flex my ankle but can’t twist it. Can I possibly have torn ligaments as well?

    • ANSWER:
      yes- or tendionitis.. which is inflamed areas… bucket of ice- helps…with water…. dip your foot in big bucket of ice with water— it will shock you as far as freezing but bare with it like 3-5 mins this wil help with pain & inflamation… in meantime wrap it with brown ankle wraps- from store.. & get blue- menthol ice from Family Dollar or dollar general… blue ice stuff really helps relieve pain.. you should get better after a week.. but dunk foot in bucket once a day… & can ice it in between dunks & gooping with blue ice- this worked for me. Ibuprophen helps with inflamation

    What kind of exercise can I do with torn ankle ligaments?
    I have been diagnosed with 5 or more torn ankle/foot ligaments that will take well into next year before I can strengthen and heal them. I was thinking about working out in the pool so I don’t stop with my exercising, but I don’t know if that would be too intense or not. Does anyone have any kind of suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Torn ligaments are not to be taken lightly. Movement is important to prevent scar tissue, but moving the ankle before it is time can lead to more injury. You should be talking to your orthopedic physician about this and possibly ask for referral to physical therapy. You may want to look for a therapist that provides aquatic rehab. Along with providing therapy in water, they would be best to prescribe a home program that you could do.

      good luck!

    Ankle ligaments.?
    I tore ligaments in my ankle practically a year ago…gove or take a few months.
    i had physio and told to wait out for 3 weeks.
    which i have no realised was not long enough so i returned to sports too quickly.
    i had pain earlier in the year and swelling.
    but it went away slightly.
    now it has flared up.
    and when i am jogging and playing sport it feels like the liogaments are literally going to snap.
    what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      you need to take it easy and wear a supportive brace when doing sports. after being physcially active I’d recommend icing it if its bothering you and try doing your PT exercises again. I tore ligaments in my ankle, I did the PT stuff and every once in awhile I get a flare up. My orthopedic doc had said I might need surgery adventually. you might need to go back into the doc for a reevaluation to make sure everything is ok.

    Is there a surgery for reparing ligaments torn in your ankle?
    This year in football season i got cut wrong and i got a spiral break in my fibula and i broke off a piece of my heel and it tore all of the ligaments in my ankle. The ligaments that allow you to bend your ankle up are were i have major tears… there is a possibility that my ankle will not go past that point and never fully heal… I was wondering if there was a surgery to correct that?

    • ANSWER:

    Can you tear ligaments/muscles in your ankle and not be in pain?
    My brother recently hurt his ankle and its swollen and he can not pull it upwards when standing on the floor, making it hard for him to walk and walk up steps. He also can not wiggle his toes very well. But he’s not in pain. Has anyone ever had this happen to them!?

    • ANSWER:
      I actually broke my ankle, walked on it, and didn’t have pain. So yes it is possible, some people have a high tolerance of pain, and feel only little.

      1) Get some pre-wrap and tape. Tape the ankle very securely but not too tight it’s cutting off circulation, also IcyHot patches underneath the tape will feel good (suggestion). -That will give it support and keep everything in place, in case it’s broken or etc.

      2) Ice it for (only)15 minutes on and off and much as needed. -That will bring the swelling down and also take some pain away, if any.

      3) Hot baths, do abc’s with just your ankle! About 2 sets of the alphabet. – That will give the ankle mobility and not just be sitting there all day. Plus it’s weightless so no pressure to the ligaments/tendons.

      and 4) Always keep elevated whenever sitting/laying etc. – That will bring the swelling down a lot, and keep from getting more swollen.

      Hope this helps(:
      &hope he feels better soon.

      If not in the next 2-3 days, I would get him checked out just in case it’s something more serious.

    Can you think of any ways to keep fit when you have torn ankle ligaments?
    tried swimming that hurts to much, running, jogging, ballet etc is out of the question. You got any ideas? any ideas would be great. thanks x

    • ANSWER:
      You can do any arm exercises while seated, like curls, shoulder press, bench press, or do push ups on 1 foot, pull ups. Give situps a try (crunches) too. Do anything that’s not going to hurt your ankle.

    What hurts worse tearing ankle ligaments or breaking your ankle?
    What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      tearing ankle ligaments is worse because if you tear it completely and then you will most likely need surgery while on the other hand a break doesn’t require surgery.hurting ligaments hurts a heck of a lot worse.

    How long until I can play rugby again, after a broken ankle and torn ligaments?
    Hi guys, I suffered a broken ankle during a rugby game. It was one of those horror injuries where my ankle was bent in the opposite direction. I’ve been in a cast and on crutches for just over a month now, and will have my knee cast taken off and start physio next week. I thought I might add, I am a student and obviously that affects the time in which it heals.

    • ANSWER:
      The only person who could possibly give you a meaningful answer to this question is a physician who has actually examined the injury and observed the rate at which you are recovering.

    Is there any exercise to strengthen/repair ankle ligaments?
    I tore ligaments in my ankle a few months ago and i am wondering is there exercises to heal them up fully.I can walk but i cant run without it hurting.I wake up some mornings and it hurts to walk for a few hours but it passes, I am unable to run without it hurting and I am getting really out of shape.Is there any exercises to help them recover?

    • ANSWER:

    How long until I can start playing rugby again after a broken ankle and torn ligaments?
    Hi guys, I suffered a broken ankle during a rugby game. It was one of those horror injuries where my ankle was bent in the opposite direction. I’ve been in a cast and on crutches for just over a month now, and will have my knee cast taken off and start physio next week. I thought I might add, I am a student and obviously that affects the time in which it heals.

    • ANSWER:
      I did something similar. It was three years before the limp completely went away, though I was good for running and similar after five or six months.

      It is really important not to re-tear the ligaments. Each time you do, it becomes more difficult and painful for them to heal. Do not mess around with it. Don’t do anything like rugby until you have healed well and can stretch for 15+ minutes without discomfort.

    Ankle ligament tear healing?
    Ankle ligament tear healing?
    Ok, so if you read my earlier questions i though I had broken my foot well it turns out I had torn a ligament around my ankle. Honestly Im happy since its getting me out of an obligation. But Im afraid Ill heal real quick and still have to do the obligation. I seriously cant just tell me family to let me quit the obligation so……..How can i prolong my torn ligament, for about 4-6 weeks?

    • ANSWER:
      No problem. If you have a torn tendon, then it will probably take at least six weeks to heal.

      Been there.

    3rd degree ankle ligament tear?
    Well, basically i’m 17 years old now and when I was 15 I tore the ligaments in my ankle quite harshly tbh playing football. I took the cast off after exactly 4 weeks of breaking it which the hospital wasn’t happy at all about as I was going on holiday. I couldn’t walk at all still so i had to use my crutches. I was also meant to go to physio therapy when I got back which I skipped. I’ve been unable to play football properly (which I used to play all the time before the incident). I also have a lump which comes up about 2-3 inches above my ankle every time I try play football even a tiny bit and it hurts bad afterwards. Or even if I just go on a long walk or something. What should I do about this problem because i’d like to resolve it as it affects my everyday life. Thanks for reading my over-explained problem lol.

    • ANSWER:
      Well Sydney, I hope you can see that it is unwise to ignore the instructions of the medical professionals involved in your case. I suggest you go back to your doctor to have imaging done to make sure you haven’t further injured your ankle and if cleared, then go get physiotherapy as soon as possible. They will gradually strengthen your ankle to provide the stability it needs in order to return to your everyday activities and when you’re ready, sports as well.

    complete tear of 2 of the 3 ligaments in my ankle. What will it be like when the cast comes off after 6 weeks?
    I am just curious from those who have been through this. I don’t want surgery, but I am a runner and I am fearful that my ankle is going to be very unstable when the cast is removed. What is the exam going to be like when the cast comes off. Just curious. Thanks guys in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM thats sikc haha howd u do that

    What is torn ankle ligament surgery like ?
    I had to go get a CT scan on my foot today because my foot doctor thinks i tore ligaments inbetween my heel and ankle ! he said i may need to have surgery and i am wondering what the recovery process is ? (hard cast , removable cast ?

    • ANSWER:

    Badly sprained and torn ligaments in ankle?
    I went to hospital earlier because i fell downstairs lastnight and done something to my ankle, they said that its badly sprained and maybe a few ligaments are torn, but they gave me a big bandage from my foot to my knee, and i still cant manage to put weight on it without it being agony, my friend said i definatly should have got crutches, do you think if i went back later on today they could lend me some crutches?

    • ANSWER:
      Firstly they should be able to tell from your x-ray whether or not you have torn ligaments, that shouldn’t be a maybe, especially as depending on the seriousness of the tears you would need to be in plaster!

      Secondly, yes, you can ask. After a sprain i had when i was at school i was set to go in for an exam, i had no choice but to go so asked for crutches which they lent me. IMO they don’t just like handing them out so you would need a sufficent reason, ie exam at school, presentation at work etc

    Did I tear ligaments in my ankle?
    About a month ago, I was warming up for my soccer game and completely landed sideways on my ankle while running (Yes….I have NO idea how I managed to do that). I heard a popping sound and for OVER TWO weeks after, my ankle was really swollen and black/blue/purple. I got X rays, but it was not broken. I was told it was my ligaments, but I don’t know if that means I just stretched them or if I tore them. After a month, the swelling has gone down significantly and you can only see a little bruising in certain lighting. I can walk and even jog straight with only minor pain. The only time it hurts is when I am walking on uneven ground or move it from side to side or up and down. I am going to try to practice again tomorrow after a month off, but I am still concerned because I cannot move my ankle side to side at all. It won’t budge, and I can feel it pulling. It hurts a lot when I try to rotate it. I know that in soccer I will be moving from side to side, stopping, changing directions, and kicking, so I was just going to tell my coach I need to take it easy and only do what doesn’t hurt too bad. I have a good lace up brace and am going to tape it. Do you think it’s okay to go ahead and try to practice again, or should I stay off until I can rotate it? How serious do you think this injury is? I don’t really even know what I’m trying to ask, but I just want opinions if you think it is normal that I still have no range of motion after a whole month even while doing exercises everyday to build strength and motion back up.

    • ANSWER:

    My cat dislocated her ankle and tore ligaments in her foot?
    About a week and a half ago it happened and the vet put a splint on it. After a week he took that off and just wrapped her leg with bandages but she pulled that off in one day. So now there’s nothing on it and she walks on 3 legs. Anyway my question: is it normal for her to be kind of lethargic because she’s in pain? She still eats and drinks but not as much. She will be awake for a few minutes then she just goes back to sleep for hours.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s exhausting to have pain and also maneuver with one less leg. The vet should have given you pain meds for her–phone them and ask for some.

    How 2 cure muscle fracture and ligament tear of ankle ?
    Had a sprain , a bad right ankle twist on right side 1.5 months ago. It was plastered for 5 -6 weeks.. Plaster is out last week but still pain, swelling and stiffness there in the foot and ankle, foot has lost its flexibility.. can’t walk and move much. Pressure beneath the sole ( on standing ) and the stretching exercises advised cause pain..

    Please Help ???


    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do is to stay off of it…it still needs healing..dont’perform strenuous exercise on it…it will make it worse and prolong the healing. A cold pack every now and then will relieve you a bit from the pain. Ask your doctor for medication for the pain until it gets better.

    is it possible for a toddler to tear an ankle ligament?
    My two year old hurt his foot while playing, and he’s been limping for a week already. The x-rays didn’t show any broken bones, what can it be?

    • ANSWER:
      Sure it’s possible.

    Ankle Ligaments?
    In July I suffered a second degree injury to my ankle ligaments [the two front ones anterior talfibularr and calconefibular i think] while messign about in p/e. I jumpe up to hit the rounders ball [like baseball for you americans] which was stupidly high and caught my right foot behind my left and landed on it side. I heard a snap and got taken to hospital. They said that it was a tear and that i should get physiotherapy. Which I did as well as staying out of sport for the recoomened 3 weeks. At the start of the new school year i returned to sport after doing light exercise and found it hard running so sat out. After fitness training on Friday I was stiff al over really, but my ankle seems to of stiffened up masses and when i turn it inwards feels like its gonnatear completely and is quite painful to walk on. WHAT IS IT AND WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    • ANSWER:
      I really hate to tell you this… I did the same type of damage to my right ankle when I was 17 years old… That was 30 years ago… I stll have problems with it. I have a elastic type support brace that slips on like a sock. I wear it when I need to. My doctor told me years ago that I would have probably been better off to have went ahead and broke my ankle. It can get pretty annoying… my kids joke about “Mom walking across the floor and tripping on her own shadow” My ankle will just go out on me. I can be walking across the room and all of a sudden it just gives out!!!

    Whats the best support for torn ligaments in your ankle?
    hi, I tore the ligaments in my ankle 8 weeks ago, got physio and went back to badminton for 45mins before re-tearing them, and more. so i was wondering what would be the best way to recover and strengthen my ankle, and how i should support it.
    I have had ankle problems for 3 years now, and its only now that it has caused me to take 2 weeks out of action.
    i havent tried anything at all except a tubi grip and ice.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried the flexible black braces sold in stores?
      It worked well for me.

    Can I still play sports even though I tore my ankle ligaments?
    I know the ligament will not grow back as strong and I will need to wear a brace from now on, but is it still possible for me to do physical activity? Will I be able to move as freely as I used to besides the restriction of the brace?

    • ANSWER:
      you can, but its definitely not advised. just let it heal. if you try to use it alot im sure it will start to hurt

    Torn Ligaments? Sprained Ankle?
    I was playing netball and I was jumping for the ball but I slipped and landed on my ankle and it rolled. There was a lot of pain and I had to go off court. I elevated it and put ice on it. Later, a guy came and checked out my ankle, he said I had a torn ligament in my ankle. Its really swollen now and hurts when I put it at an angle. Its really stiff. I’m not sure whether the ligament is really torn or strained. Its really swollen on the ankle bone. I can walk on it, but it’s sore. Is my ankle ligament torn, or is it just a minor sprain?

    • ANSWER:
      a sprain and an injured ligament are the same thing. how bad the sprain is depends on how much tearing there is in the ligaments. when the ligament is competely torn, then it’s a bad sprain, if it’s only a minor sprain, then the ligament isn’t torn very much at all. ligaments can heal with time, as long as you rest and don’t reinjure the ligament by running, jumping, or retwisting it.

      once its healed, you can prevent future ankle sprains by doing some exercises. stand on one foot for several minutes. then stand on the other foot. this will help strengthen the ligaments and muscles that stabilize your ankle.

    What are the steps in recovering from an ankle fracture and torn ligaments?
    2 screws were put into hold the fracture and ligaments were repaired in surgery.

    • ANSWER:
      the bone will heal fine on its own, even stronger than before.

      sadly, your ligaments can only be repaired in surgery, sometimes not even then.

      i had to give up skateboarding because i neglected my ankles, so be safe. give it time and take the right steps to healing properly.

    can torn lateral ankle ligaments heal on there own?
    two days ago i was jumping and all of a sudden i stepped on my boot and strained my ankle hardcore that it snapped two times. it got swollen right away and i rubbed it so it wont get worser. The next day i went to work it wasnt that painful. But i still dont know if i torn it. And was wandering if i possibly torn it will it heal on its own.

    • ANSWER:
      You didn’t tear it. You wouldn’t be able to walk without feeling immense pain.

    Ankle ligament tear questions?
    Okay so i sprained my ankle a few months ago and it healed. Once i started exercising on t again there was some pain but it went away. Two months later the pain started again and it got really bad. It used to hurt only when i danced on it but now it hurts almost all the time. Also its not swollen or bruised. I went to the doc and he said i have tendonitis but took an mri because it was popping funny when i rotate it. They called with the results and said i had ligament tears. I haven’t gone to discuss this with him yet, but i was wondering if any one has had this, what the treatment was and how long it took to recover.

    • ANSWER:
      i blew all the ligiments in my left ankle throughout the corse of 3 years. from all the sports i was involved with… my scar tissue kept building up becuase it would never properly heal. – the end result was surgery. i had surgery almost 2 years ago. and just recently my ankle has been causing the same pains. – they’ll make you go through PT and then if that doesn’t work then surgery after surgery you’ll go back into PT and then have to take it easy for a couple months. – i hope everything works out!

    What kind of fracture and what ligaments in the ankle did Buster Posey from the SF Giants tear?
    I am curious because of coarse I am an athletic training student.

    • ANSWER:
      he broke his fibula

      The trainer said Posey has a medial ankle sprain, a lateral sprain and syndesmosis sprain, which is the ligament on the front of the foot leading up to the tibia

    Hi, I have been diognosed with a sprained ankle ans torn ligaments in ankle after a car accident, along with a
    broken collarbone and brusies. does anyone know how long before ligaments heal? also i had alot of bruising to my arms and legs, after the brusing went down, there seems to be quite a few lumps on my arm which are painful to touch they are under the skin, any ideas?? I can move the arm so i know its not broken.

    • ANSWER:
      research it here this is the site my brother used when going through med school

    Severely sprained ankle/torn ligaments, will it ever be back fully… etc?
    I tore my left ankle very bad and I had two surgery’s on it about 2 years ago. Then this year about 4 to 5 months ago, I had cheap shoes on and severely rolled my right ankle. I heard a pop it swelled up then I immediately went to the emergency doctor I was scared. The doctor did x-rays and he said he thinks its a category 2 and to comeback later after self therapy. I didn’t get an MRI so I’m not exactly sure how bad it is but it hurt worse than my previous ankle injury in my left foot.

    My left ankle pops really loud and my right starting to do it too the more I exercise it, why is that? My ankle size is still larger than normal but then again so is my left foot since its injury so they kinda match now lol. Is there a reason for it being so big and is there a way to normalize the size of the ankle?
    Lastly, I know ligaments are like rubber bands and tearing them causes immense problems. I heard from one lady who deals with orthopedic rehab who told me that because we don’t start out working out our ankles like we do our legs and arms, our ankle are actually weaker than should be. That even after torn ligaments we can workout and strengthen them to a be as they once were and even stronger than before. It made sense to me but then I remember all the doctors and people saying you can never get your ankle back to normal once badly sprained/torn, is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m worried about the same thing. I also rolled my ankle last week and heard a loud snap. Mine was a broken bone in the foot. The doctor said I could start trying to walk without an aircast after 2 weeks, but I think he is being overly optimistic as everyone else I’ve talked to has not been able to walk for 3+ months with the same exact injury in even less severity (hairline, stress fracture) mine is broken through. I’m very active also, so I am really worried that I won’t be able to do the things I used to do like snowboarding, running, hiking etc.

      I guess there isn’t much we can do about it other than to just try to do exercises, eat right and take supplements to help heal and recover strength. It’s either going to get better or not and at least if we try to help the healing process along we have a better chance.

    I am having surgery on ankle ligaments. Should i be scared?
    I tore ankle ligaments and i have to have a surgery and get cast and cruches fo a month should i be worried about the surgery or the cast?

    • ANSWER:
      I just had ankle surgery a few months ago, and honestly, its not at ALL that bad!! I thought it would hurt a lot and that the anesthesia would knock me out forever! But when I woke up, it was 1 hour after the surgery and I felt fine.

      They will take you back into a prep room and take a urine sample and give you your iv. Then they will take a vile of blood, and pour it over your ankle when your done (You’re said to loose a lot of blood…). Then I got a nerve block… They stick a needle in your knee and then it bounces and get numb fast. Then they give you an oxygen mask and your out. :D lol

      When you wake up from the surgery, they will help you change into your clothes (Bring PJ’s…) and get you Goldfish and a Coke lol Then you get your iv out and get to go home!! The WORST part is that night when your hungry and you can’t keep anything down. Oh, and when you have to pee, and you can’t get up… lol And, take the pills they give you with chocolate milk.

      The cast is no big deal. You can even walk in it! Good luck and E-Mail me with any questions you might have for the whole thing.


    sprained ankle and torn ligaments.. ? help?
    I hurt my ankle during a cheer competition 2 weeks ago. I seriously thought my ankle was broken and I couldn’t walk or anything . I went to the ER as my foot was very swollen and bruised, got xrays and the ER dr gave me crutches and a brace but told me to see an orthopedic dr. So about 3 days later I saw him and he put me in a boot and gave me the OK to walk on it. After I got put in the boot my foot got much worse so he ordered an MRI and it showed a complete ligament tear. NOW, I’m getting a cast put on for a month and no weight bearing.

    My questions are:
    How can I help my foot heal? What can I do for the swelling and pain?
    What is it like to have a cast on? I’ve never had one and I’m a bit nervous to get it put on.
    Will the pain decrease once it’s in the cast? Right now it’s extremely painful.

    I seriously didn’t know they casted torn ligaments/bad sprains..weird.

    • ANSWER:
      Having a cast on is no big deal, it’s basically some cloth with plaster on it. The pain should decrease because the cast is limiting the movement of the ankle and allowing it to rest. As for pain, he may give you something. If he does, follow his instructions to the letter. If he does not then something over the counter like Ibuprofen(Motrin) may help.
      I hope this helps you and good luck. Do what the doctor says and you should be OK..

    is it possible to stretch/tear ligaments in the foot/ankle area without feeling any “pain”?

    • ANSWER:

    sprained ankle & torn ligaments = baaad pain?!?
    I sprained my ankle playing soccer 3 weeks ago. My coach took me out of the game for 20 minutes and assumed I would be fine to play again. Unfortunately that made it much worse to the point I fell to the ground in tears because of the pain. Later that day I went to the emergency room and got an xray. Nothing was broken and I was told it was a grade 3 (severe) sprain so he gave me a brace and crutches. A week later I got on MRI which showed that I completely tore the ligaments in my ankle. Then I was given the OK to walk as long as I wore a boot. I wore the boot for 2 weeks and my ankle was still excrutiatingly painful so I went back to the doctor AGAIN.. this time I got a fiberglass cast put on and am back on crutches. My ankle is still very sore. The orthopedist said I’ll need to be in the cast and on crutches for an aditional 4 weeks.

    What can I do to help it heal faster? What can I do for the pain, obviously can’t ice it in a cast? Having difficulty sleeping at night because of the stupid cast. I’m looking forward to being able to walk again soon and of course play soccer!!

    *i know i asked this but only got like 2 answers

    • ANSWER:
      There is nothing you can do to speed the healing. Torn ligaments respond to one treatment….time. As far as pain goes, try some Motrin or Aleve. Both reduce swelling and ease pain.

      I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but that’s how it is. Sorry.

    how can i tell if i tore my ligaments in my ankle?
    okay i sprained my ankle today while playing basketball. right when i hit the ground i hurt cracking sounds. like if u were to pop ur knuckles. it was really painful but i can still kind of walk now. there is pain and i can somewhat walk.ive been rubbing my ankle and stretching it and it doesnt hurt REAL BAD but it hurts. how can i tell if i tore ligaments. and do ligaments heal on there own?

    • ANSWER:
      Jason W is right about the above posters but you don’t neccessarily need to see a PT, you can also see an AT (usually found at some PT clinics, high schools, private schools, and colleges, and pro sports teams).

      There are 3 degrees of an ankle sprain in which your ATF (front, off to outside) ligament is usually the involved one.

      1st Degree- If there’s no significant bruising that there’s no real tearing that needs to be worried about. Just keep off it for a while and see a PT or AT to tape it for you (it’s pretty complicated). This can be easily determined by stand up and then stand on that one leg (if you can with not much trouble then it’s definitely 1st degree).

      2nd Degree- Significant bruising is visible meaning that there’s considerable amount of tearing. Go see your doctor so they can check if you need surgery to stitch it up.

      3rd Degree- Huge amount of bruising meaning that your ligament is hanging off of a hair or it’s completely torn off. In this case you would usually not be able to move on it. Again see your doctor to get surgery so it can be reattached.

    torn ankle ligaments 13 weeks ago?
    i tore the ligaments in my ankle 13 week ago. it still hurts what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      Talk to your doctor. The same thing happened to ME and it took forever to feel better. Just take it easy

    Ankle surgery to repair torn ligaments?
    I tore 2 of the 3 ligaments in my ankle last March and rolled my ankle in May, which made it worse. The doctor now says I need surgery. Has anyone had reconstructive ankle surgery? Did it help? How bad is the scar? Will it prohibit wearing closed heel shoes? I wear slip ons now because of the pain when the shoe hits under the ankle. Should I have surgery?

    • ANSWER:
      Ankle surgery to repair torn ligaments?The phrase “dying with dignity” has been interpreted in two …‎ – 6 posts – 10 Mar 2008
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    Torn Ligaments in ankle! How can I help it heal?
    I have torn medial ligaments in my ankle playing rugby Saturday before last. What is the best way to help it heal and progress rehabilitation now that the swelling has gone down??

    • ANSWER:
      Take it easy, do light exercise. try not to put too much pressure on your ankle you will only do youself more harm. when exercising perhaps put on your support bandage (tube grip) for extra support. get well soon!

    Torn Ankle Ligaments!?
    Alright, about three months ago I tore all of the ligaments around my ankle. I had a walking cast on for a month but there is still a lot of pain/stiffness. I want to start running and going to the gym again but it keeps giving out on me. Does anyone know of any excersizes I can do to help my ankle strengthen? Will continuing to run injure it or help it get used to being active again? Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      There are a number of exercises that can be done for this. I assume that you have been cleared to start exercising. Since there is still pain get a large basin and fill it with water and ice. Place the foot in there and work on writing the alphabet using your ankle. This will control pain and swelling. Another one is go to a pool and simply start walking. At first do just forward and backwards movements. As the ankle feels stronger start to add sideways movements. When there is no pain or discomfort do figure eight movements. Start off in water that is chest high and move into water that gradually becomes more shallow. Land based movements are going to be basically the same. When you are able to run in a tight figure eight you can then resume any activity you wish provided that there was no pain or giving out when doing the tight figure eights. Strengthening movements should include standing on one foot to maintain balance. When you are able to stand on one foot without loosing balance go up on the toes and do the same. The object is to be able to hold that position for a few minutes without any loss of balance. Those are called proprioceptive exercises and are extremely important in rehabilitating the ankle. Get rubber tubing or therapy tubing or bands for strengthening of the ankle. Wrap the band or tube around the foot so that you are able to move the side of the foot away from the ankle, this is called eversion and then movements inward on the ankle, called inversion. They are the more important stabilizers of the ankle. The ligaments will become strong enough to handle any stress that you give to them but it is the decreased proprioception, knowing where your ankle is in space, that will cause problems. Work on this as much as you can. It would be in your best interest to see a physical therapist who would write out a program for you along with specifically addressing the issues that are weak.

    torn ankle ligaments ?
    i tore my ankle ligaments yesterday and i went to the hospital and they just sent me home with a support bandage , i really want to know how long will the pain last , because it is unbearable at times and they didny give me any sort of pain releif

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, I did the same thing a few weeks ago!

      You can definitely take ibuprofen or another NSAID (tylenol, etc) if you have taken it in the past with no problem. This should also help with the swelling.

      Make sure you keep you ankle wrapped, even after it starts feeling better. I stopped wearing my ACE wrap and then I bumped my foot so my ankle turned funny and WOW did that hurt.

      Depending on how bad you tore the tendon, it can hurt for over 6 weeks. Ankle injuries take a long time to heal and there isn’t a whole lot you can do for them besides RICE as the other poster said.
      So, rest it when you can and keep it elevated when possible. Keep your wrap on it (you can take it off to sleep), and ice it for 10-15 min at a time a few times a day if possible.

      I was on crutches for the first 2 weeks when I fell, and another two weeks later I am walking on it just fine but it still really hurts if it bends too far. Just saw the doctor for a follow-up on Friday and he said that was totally normal.

    torn ankle ligaments and wobbly bone?
    my son has seen dr sent to hospital all that stuff and thats what they said. how long wil this last because it is a severe tear of them?

    • ANSWER:
      Six to eight weeks… why didn’t you ask your MD?

    Torn Ankle ligaments and possible hairline fracture on my fibula. PLEASE ANSWER FAST!?
    I have torn Ankle ligaments and I possibly got hairline fracture on my fibula this was on (the 5th of Feb 2010)
    I went over on my ankle playing football. The ankle was swollen and bruised. The next morning i woke up and the swelling had gone down a lot.
    I have a skiing trip planed with my dad in a week and will hopefully be skiing on Sunday.
    Has anyone skied with this condition and am i silly to ski with it?
    The doctor has said i will be out of sports till the summer and no gymnastics for 2 months. I have a Aircast on and I’m on crutches but my ankle doesnt hurt when i move it as i would in a ski boot.
    Please reply thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I would not recommend skiing on an ankle in that condition. If you do, you risk further injuring it and taking yourself out of your favorite sports much longer (if not permanently). Give the ankle a few weeks to heal before you risk any activity on it.

    torn ankle ligaments and track!?
    i just torn some of my ligaments in my ankle how long will it take to heal when will i be able to run agin cuss i really wanted to try out for track im fast and i have good endurance well use to! eh should i just give up that hope or wait till next year are there any after healing pain ? how long is it gonna take ??? i rolled it real bad and tore some of em
    i felt like a dumb@ss to when i did it cus there was a group of people walking beide me and i just crashed :/

    • ANSWER:
      I hate to be the bearer of bad news but sprained ankles can take a long time to heal. The first time I sprained my ankle, I did it playing basketball, landed on someone’s foot on a rebound. It swelled up huge. I did it May 10th and I wasn’t able to play basketball again(like back to 95%) until September. And that was with rehab.

      Be patient with it. Ice it. Get that swelling down. Once the swelling goes down, start to stretch it. Then start to do ankle exercises to strengthen it. But no sports until it’s strong again. Because you can re-sprain it real easy.

    Anyone else ever torn their ankle ligaments but STILL manage to lead a fully functional life after the inury?
    do you still manage to lead a normal, fully functional life after the injury / operation ?

    im 32 years old and last year , mid last year , my left ankle was operated on the fix torn ligaments in my left ankle, i was in plaster for weeks , then i went to the NHS ! physio and she gave me a list of exercises on a sheet of paper to do at home for my ankle .

    but i live in a one bedroomed flat on sick pay , im quite poor dont get very much , and i DONT own much possessions in my flat except my computer , so i didnt have much furniture to practice the tedious exercises with , ie ( to tie the elastic band to to do the exercises with )

    so instead , months ago , i joined a gym near me and just went there to do swimming and the cross trainer , sometimes the treadmill.

    hopefully my ankle will get stronger in time..

    just wondered did anybody have have the same injury but still go on to have a fully functional life afterwards ?

    • ANSWER:
      Blackrider, the simple answer to this is yes. The point of this is that you have to do the exercises that were assigned to you. Once the ligament has been repaired surgically it doesn’t mean that it is all fixed. In fact the most difficult part of this is to develop a good sense of proprioception. That is the sense of knowing where the joint is in space. This is a simple example. Place a coin about a yard away from your foot. Now with your eyes open touch the coin with your eyes open. That should have been easy. Now do it with your eyes closed. If you cannot touch the coin or even get close to it you need significant training. You belong to a gym so why not take advantage of this. Work on the exercises that were given to you there. A little hint that will help you significantly. Always start the exercises by doing the uninjured foot first. No matter what the exercise movement is do the right foot first. Do 3 sets of that movement and then do the left foot. This will improve your response and strength.

    Torn ankle ligaments and walking boot?
    so i had x rays done and mri and it a torn ligament have to be in walking boot for 8 weeks and not weight bearing with crutches. Doctor told me to get real thick slouch socks to put under boot to provide comfort and she said they need to go above my boot.Boot ends right below my knee. Wear can i get these slouch socks from and can i wear 2 pairs because that will be comfortable. Please help.Anybody had similiar injuiries

    • ANSWER:
      my grandmother had to do the same thing and what she did was buy the really long socks in the men’s section that come up to about the knee…those worked good

    I have torn Ligaments in my Ankle What Exercise or Sports would you recommend?
    I can try bicycling on my own but thats boring and I thought of waiting for the new nintendo or microsoft systems wiht thier sports stuff to come out. Other then those and hot yoga and pilates can you think of any other exercise or even better what sports I could try? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      i wouldn’t do any lower body because you can make it worse. you can do strength training or the pool

    4 months after tearing 2 ligaments in my ankle?
    I tore two of the three ligaments in my ankle back in December. I visited a new doctor and he put me in a walking cast but removed it 2 weeks later due to severe pain. I have some doubt, but i think i am going to need surgery to fix this situation. What do you guys suggest? Is this pain normal after 4 months? Do I need surgery?

    • ANSWER:

    How long until I can play sport again after ankle ligament tear?
    Hi, sprained my ankle pretty badly exactly 3 weeks ago. The bruising and swelling were intense. The swelling has gone down a lot but is still noticably huge. Had xray, ct scan and ultrasound and have a suspected complete rupture of the anterior-talofibular ligament.

    I can walk but not very well. The ankle feels a bit floppy and theres pain when I try to walk without a limp.

    Im starting physio tomorrow and seeing a surgeon next week. Hopefully I wont need the surgeon.

    Anyone have any idea how long until I would be able to run again?

    Im willing to do physio 7 days a week if it helps.

    Im hoping to get back in 6 weeks…. which would make it 9 weeks since I injured it. Is that do-able?

    Any help would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      Wait until you finish your physio, see the surgeon to get his impressions, then wait and see what the doctors say. If you attempt to use your injured ankle too soon, you’ll only do further damage to it. I know it must be difficult, but you need to just wait and let your doctors tell you when your ankle is healed enough to play sports.

    How is the best way to get back into running after having torn ankle ligaments?
    I’ve been out of running now for about 3 months >.< because I tore my ankle ligaments. But a few days ago I managed to run a short distance (few hundred yards) with an ankle support and there was very little pain at all. It just feels weak. So I'd like to know, what is the best way to improve my fitness again without overstraining it an going back to square one. I fact- should I even be trying to run at this stage? I'm due a physio appointment soon and will ask them but I just wanted to hear from other people who have had the same kind of injury and how they returned to sports. Thanks for your time!

    • ANSWER:
      Start a warm-up exercise by placing the foot/ankle in extra warm water. (hot as you can stand) Let it soak for 5-10 minutes absorbing the heat then rotate the ankle/foot in both direction for another 5-10 minutes.
      Use an ankle support and a sock/warmer over that and start walking first then slowly running short distances to begin.
      When you finish, be sure to ice the ankle.
      It would help if you heat and ice the area before going to bed, too.
      If you haven’t had any physical therapy for the ankle, ask for it when you see your doctor; they will show you certain exercises to strengthen the torn ligaments. It takes a lot of time and work to heal them.

    My father tore all the ligaments in his ankle, how long will he be in a cast?
    My father tore ALL the ligaments in his ankle and he’s in a cast. How long do you think it will take to get his cast off? And how long till he walks?
    He’s 41 years old and tore them while playing football… Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Maxine, get in touch with me when your dad has that cast come off, he may need some help in walking then and I have a few exercises for him that p.t. doesn’t have which will help him do the p.t. that he is given or help with his walk in general.

    fractured right fibula 3 yrs ago,also sprained ankle,tore ligaments.still hurts.Is this normal.?
    I still suffer lots of pain and swelling.The more I walk the more it hurts. I was made to walk about at work, and was refused a suitable chair for 2 years, even though I had letters from my gp and physio requesting I be allowed to sit.My ankle gives way regularly. Is this because it was not given correct time to heal

    • ANSWER:
      i was stabbed in the foot about five years ago and never got xrays (no idea why) just stitches and the scar is still painful if i touch it and at times it swells and goes weird. and various other times just hurts for no reason. maybe because the bones never heled or where encouraged to heal properly.

      so maybe that is the case for you..?