Ankle Pain In Morning

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    Severe Ankle Pain this Morning?
    So, I woke up this morning and when I tried to get out of bed and walk to my bathroom, my left ankle is having some sever pain when I flex/walk on it…it feels like it needs to pop but it absolutely will not and it’s very painful in the back part of my foot, just above the heel and below the calf…I don’t know what that’s called.

    I haven’t had any recent injuries…it just randomly happened this morning. Can anyone tell what this is? And how to fix it at home? Or do I just need to go to the doctor?

    • ANSWER:
      That’s your achilles tendon and it is tightening up which means your muscle doesn’t have the stretch it did before to make it easy to move your leg. Once you release the tendon the full length will be back and you will be able to walk again without pain. Here’s how to release it:
      Achilles tendon:
      While sitting and your leg on your lap, take both thumbs and place them side by side at about ankle height on the tendon on the back of your leg and apply pressure hard and hold. After 30 seconds slowly raise your toes up as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your foot there for another 30 seconds.
      It’s usually pain or trauma that cause a tendon to shorten up like that. This can happen for a variety of reasons from not having used the muscle in a such a way for a while, overdoing it the first time you do something, which can be like baby steps to the bigger problem. Or if you break something or even fall on it right will cause it to shorten up right now and give you the pain. In all cases the release will put the tendon fully at rest and will take it longer to become a pain again.

    Why am I having back, neck, knee, wrist & ankle pain in the morning?
    I forgot to add that lately I am more tired and have no energy. Also with the pain in the morning, my fingers have a hard time working. I cannot open a jar of baby food, and sometimes my fingers are swollen. I have three children 6 and under and it is hard to keep up with them.
    I do have herniated discs in my neck and back, but this pain is getting progressively worse. I have the pain throughout the day; however, it is worse when I have a period of rest. Can anyone help me with this? Of course I cannot get into the Dr. for about a week. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      When your fingers are swollen it may that you have too much sodium in your diet, as well you may starting some kind of arthritis . As for your back that you see your doctor and he will be able to help you .You may be over tired as well .Good idea that you are seeing your doctor .

    Why is there pain in my ankle every morning?
    Every morning when I wake up or after I’ve been sitting for a while and get up there is a pain in my left ankle. It isn’t terrible, and it lasts only a minute or so. After I walk on it, it goes away. I’m 13 years old and currently I’m playing soccer and basketball. Actually, the soccer season just ended, and when I play basketball I wear a brace on it. Why is this happening and can I get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be that you are recovering from a slight sprain or injury that you didn’t even know that you sustained.
      It could be a small stress fracture that jolts a nerve when you first apply pressure.
      It could be arthritis. (yes, you can have arthritis at 13)
      Likely..believe it or not it is probably just cartilage or ligament situating itself around your bones as you are growing and you aggravate it more because you are athletic.
      Bottom line is, since you are athletic and at the age of 13 you are probably going to start feeling different aches and pains in your joints as you are growing. This is a normal age for that to occur in a female athletic girl.

    Sudden Ankle/Achille’s pain Friday morning leads to some pain & tenderness, Sunday morning its hurting more?
    I woke up Friday morning and immediately had to jump out of bed because of a sharp pain/cramp in my ankle/Achille’s heel. This happens once in a great while, where I’ll wake up in the morning and have this pain – it seems that it usually happens if its cool in my bedroom when I wake up. The only way I’ve found to stop the pain immediately is by jumping out of bed and immediately applying pressure by standing and shifting some weight that way. After 30 seconds or so, the pain starts to subside and is replaced by a general stiffness that isnt too bad. Often, later in the day I notice the stiffness more and it makes it uncomfortable to walk, and very uncomfortable to go up or down stairs.
    So this happened on Friday morning and was the usual set of circumstances with this thing. Saturday morning I woke up without any issue and went on my way, although the stiffness returned soon after and made me uncomfortable as the afternoon wore on. Despite this, I went to one of two part-time jobs (full-time student; the part-time job is pizza delivery) and the stiffness was there on and off to bug me. I came home and the stiffness was there but certainly tolerable.
    This morning (Sunday) I woke up with awful pain. Its the inside of my left ankle, the pain starts behind the ankle bulge itself and goes to the back where the heel is. As I laid in bed as I awoke this morning, I tried rolling this way and that way, putting my ankle here and there, trying to find some comfort somewhere, but with no luck. I sat up in bed and took a further look at it. There’s no discoloration, no swelling that I can see. From all outward views, the ankle/heel seems fine, but it sure as hell doesn’t feel fine. I got up and couldn’t put much weight on it at all so kinda limped my way around to my computer. I’ve searched around WebMD and such but haven’t found anything on there that makes a lot of sense to me.
    I’ve spent the last 30 minutes in a recliner with my foot resting on a couple of pillows and the pain persists as I search here for answers.
    I’m not a fan of doctor visits and hospital trips, and theres nothing visible (swelling, bruising, etc.) to indicate squat; so I’m not exactly eager to meander down to the local hospital and sit in a waiting room all morning to be told its nothing.

    • ANSWER:
      could be caused by sciatica, a disc in your back pressing on you sciatic nerve. this can cause feet pain and/or leg pain. try a chiropractor.


    what causes knees and ankles pain in the morning?
    every moning this pain unmotivates me from getting out of bed

    but after i get up the pain goes away after a few minutes

    • ANSWER:
      You might not be getting enough circulation during the night so i would suggest that you talk to your doctor and ask him or her if it’s safe to get yourself a massage. If they say yes, then set up an appointment and get your legs massaged. That will bring more circulation to your legs and it will help with that pain and stiffness. Good luck and i hope you feel better soon.

    I’ve been on 20mg accutane for 5 months now and i suffer from ankle pain especially in the morning,what is it?
    the pain is 24/7, its just that when i wake up , it hurts when i walk! after 1 hour it still hurts, but just when i touch!
    and thank god, till now, i didnt have serious side effects! so is being on the drug for 5 month and not having sever reactions mean that i wont later?!

    • ANSWER:
      Call up your doc. I dont’ see why you would start having a side effect now, and I don’t think that is even a potential side effect, but I could be wrong.

      Anyhoo, talk to the doc, especially if it is both ankles, because that is odd.

    Ankle Pain right when I wake up in the morning?
    I have always had ankle pain when I wake up in the morning. It only last a few minutes so I assume it has to do with circulation. I thought it was common for everyone but discovered it wasn’t! I am 28 and average weight. I used to do about 12 years of gymnastics and think maybe it has something to do with that. I also have flat feet. I don’t think I have bad circulation because my feet are usually always hot (which bother me a lot) and they aren’t discolored.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Because your feet are flat that could have something to do with this pain that you are noticing (an example only).

      I would recommend seeing a Podiatrist (a doctor that diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the foot and ankle such as flat feet and high arches-which I have) for further evaluation of the situation to see what they say.

    What is the sharp pain just above my ankle that happens every morning?
    Every morning for the last couple weeks I get out of bed, take a couple steps and suddenly get a sharp shooting pain above my ankle for a moment. It then generally subsides pretty quickly and might reoccur once or twice more during the next 30 minutes, then goes away until the next morning. I work retail and am on my feet all day (but I’ve been doing this for several years now, so it’s not a new situation). I am diabetic, but have no other problems with my feet & have good circulation in my feet. Since it only happens first thing in the morning and otherwise doesn’t seem to be affecting me, I hesitate to bother going to the doctor, but it is a painful sensation when it occurs, wasn’t happening before a couple weeks ago, and is now a daily occurance. Anyone else experienced something similar and might be able to give me an idea what this is and if I should be concerned?

    • ANSWER:
      are you wearing old shoe, or just got new one?
      if its the old one then you need to change.
      but if already got the new shoe then that one
      is not right one for your feet.

    Foot & ankle pain in the mornings?
    When I wake in the morning my feet and back of my ankles are stiff. Also I think that my feet are appearing flatter which sounds a bit mad I know. Any ideas?
    Many thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Morning pain and flat feet are signs of a potential problem with over-pronation, a biomechanical imbalance that can cause plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

      Plantar Fasciitis is a painful inflammatory condition causing heel pain and in some people, heel spurs. It can also result in arch pain. Plantar Fasciitis is often caused by abnormal pronation of the foot and improper arch support. Contributing factors are weight gain, intense physical activity, jobs that require a lot of walking or standing on hard surfaces, or shoes with poor arch support.

      If the pain is in the upper back of the heel, it could be Achilles tendonitis, a condition that involves the inflammation of the Achilles tendon. The Achilles Tendon is the longest tendon in the body, and its main function is to connect the calf muscles to the heel bone behind the ankle joint. When the calf muscles contract, they pull on the Achilles Tendon, causing your foot to point down and helping you rise on your toes. Achilles pain occurs just above the back of the heel. Sufferers of this condition also experience tightness in the calf muscles. The Achilles Tendon may be noticeably thickened and tender to the touch in this area. Pain is present when walking, especially when pushing off on the toes.

      One of the most common causes for Achilles Tendonitis is the flattening of the arches also known as excessive pronation. When the feet roll inwards and the lower leg is forced to rotate internally, it creates a tearing force on the calf muscles. Since the calf muscles are connected to the Achilles tendon, it turns out to be the ‘weakest link’ in the chain. The Achilles tendon ends up being overstretched, resulting in irritation and inflammation.

      Over-pronation can be corrected by using orthotic arch supports. For more information, please refer to links below.

    ankle pain?????????????????????
    When i was younger i fell on my ankle and twisted it pretty bad. i never went to the doctors to get it checked out because i could still move it and put a little pressure on it. later on i started playing soccer and once again i twisted my ankle. then in grade nine i joined the swim team and when i was swimming it felt like something was stabbing me from the inside out. now when i walk some times my ankle gives way and i can barley walk on it. I’m in college now and this still happens. And now it is happening more and more often. sometimes i will get up in the morning, and step down from my bed and i just fall because my ankle is to weak to support me. I have tried braces and wraps but nothing seems to work. any suggestions will be helpful! i really need some relief from this pain!

    Thank you in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      First answer: definitely see a physiotherapist if you haven’t done so, since you don’t mention seeing a doctor or anything. It sounds like ligament or muscle damage, so you might need a scan on it such as an MRI to see if there is previous damage.
      I also twisted my ankle badly when I was little and I’ve had problems with it ever since. I dance, which is good exercise for my ankle, but if you have problems you could make them worse by exercising. I also tore my achilles tendon a couple of years ago, my arch collapsed and my ankle would give out because it couldn’t support me. I had three months of physiotherapy, x-rays and a scan, which are now clear but I still have problems today.
      I have insoles in all my shoes which give support for the tendons, and use wraps if I’m dancing a lot. But there still times I have to give up and rest!

      Good luck!

    How to treat knee and ankle pain?
    I’m 19 yrs old. After quitting smoking about a month ago, i took up jogging early in the morning but after about 2 weeks i felt pain in my knees and ankle. What should i do to ease the pain? I jog for about 45 mins.

    • ANSWER:
      Ice it for 20 minuites then take a 40 minuite break adn ice it again… If you ice longer than 20 minuite incrimints it can have a reverse affect…

      If its really bad soak your ankle in a bucket of ice and water for 7 minuites after running

    What is the causes of pain in bottom of ankle in early morning and swelling in whole ankle ?

    • ANSWER:
      Perhaps you’re a weather forecaster.
      Some people know the weather changes by the aches and pains they get before the weatherman does.

    Ankle pain?
    I twisted my ankle carrying my sleeping son down stairs. On the last step we both landed on the floor. There was intense pain for 2 to 3 minutes and then a dull ache. There was no swelling or bruising. It has been a month and I still have some dull ache on the inside of my ankle especially in the morning when I stretch my foot out and only sometimes when walking. The pain is not so bad that I need to take anything for it. Just wondering what it is taking so long to heal on such a mild injury. Could be a fracture? I would think there would be swelling if I broke something. Any advice?


    • ANSWER:
      What a nice Mom.. Your probably right about not breaking it. Sounds like you might have either torn or twisted your ligaments. If you broke it there is usually alot more swelling and bruising, athough sometimes a chipped bone might not have that much swelling and brusing. If you tore a tendon or a muscle there is alot more brusing and swelling. Ligaments usually have a reduce blood supply, so the healing processes takes a lot longer. Did you RICE it. Rest Ice Compression and Elevation. This usually helps when the injury first occurs. Without a though exam it’s really taking a shot in the dark. IF it is a ligament tear placing a warm compress on it will help to bring blood to that area and should help the recovery go alittle faster. Do you have Full ROM Range of Motion? If it hurts only in a certain postion then it might be the ligament. Placing a wrap on it or an ankle brace with help the ligament heal faster. Everytime you move it it probably tears a little more, so wrapping it with an ace-bandage or one of those neoprene ankle braces with help. Make sure you don;t place it to tight to cut off circulation. Check you pedal pulse and cap refill. You can do this by feeling your pulse on th etop of your foot. Your cap Refill is squeezing your toe and it should turn white and when you release it goes back to the original color usually pink within 2 secs any longer than that and your circulation is being cut off.

      With children it’s almost impossible to keep off it for a few days so the ace-bandage or ankle brace should help keep things in place while the healing processes takes place.

      Hope you feel better, and see if Dad could bring the sleeping kids downstairs for the next week or so..


    Why do i have sharp ankle pain when i havn’t injured my ankle?
    I was working the other night. I’m a waitress part time, and all of a sudden i feel sharp pains in my left ankle. If it wasn’t for my other leg i would fall to the floor. The pain got worse and happened more often as the night went on. Then after a couple of hours my ankle was aching, then the ache started going up my leg. The aches lasted till the next morning.
    The sharp pains are inconsistent. I never know when they’re going to hit. (when I’m walking) They are still happening and I’m at a loss as to what they mean?

    • ANSWER:
      Consult with your doctor, a previous injury to that ankle which never healed properly can cause this type of problem. Either way, have your doc check it out to get it fixed.

    Are ankle pains a sign of growth spurts?
    I am 15, and i’ve been experiencing ankle pain in the morning as soon as I got out of bed. The last time I experienced these pains, I ended up growing a good 4 inches. Does this mean i will grow again? thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      There is a slight possibility you just might have AIDS. Your best bet would be to speak with your health care physician due to there being so many variables to consider when making a medical diagnosis and you’re welcome.

    When jogging I feel pain in my leg ankle. Next morning it gets stift. Any remedies or recommendations? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      in your ankle or your shin[s]?

      if it’s your shins [which are right above your ankle], then you’ve got shin splints.

      best treatment for shin splints: ice it, and stretch the muscles there. if you’ve got a friend or family member who can help you, ask them to help you stretch your shins out.

      basically, have them pull or push your feet in the opposite direction that you are pulling or pushing.

      [1] sit down with your legs in front of you.
      [2] have someone pull your feet towards themselves as you pull your feet towards yourself. [about 20 seconds]
      [3] have someone push your feet towards you as you push your feet towards them. [about 20 seconds]
      [4] have someone pull your feet outwards [toward the ground] as you try to keep them together. [about 20 seconds]
      [5] have someone push your feet together as you try to pull them outwards [toward the ground]. [about 20 seconds]

      repeat these exercises often, and make sure to ice!

      oh, and make sure you’ve got the right kind of shoes for your sport/activity. in this case, make sure you have running shoes.

    why do i always feel very weak with pain every morning when i woke? especially in the right hand part of body?
    The pain starts from my buttocks down to my thigh and ankle. I also feel pains on my fingers too.

    • ANSWER:
      Your back could be out of alignment, it could possibly be sciatica from sleeping in a weird position or on a bad mattress. Do you have pain or weakness any other time? I think you should ask a doc cuz unilateral weakness can be a warning sign for something bad.

    Ankle Pain?
    I jumped into a pool yesterday, and had mild pain, nothing serious, i woke up this morning and can’t crouch down, without severe pain in my left ankle, if i move my ankle to far over to one side, i get intense sharp pain, and a pulling feeling, also when i put my foot flat on the floor and go to lift my toes, i get the same feeling! What could this be? I have no swelling, and no bruising, I can walk fine also.
    thank iboss, i think u read this wrong though! Its not an std, how could my ankle get an std???

    • ANSWER:
      you may have pulled strecthed or ripped the ligaments or mussels in your ankle and foot. Just ice and elavete if it seems to get worse seek medical attention

    Sudden ankle pain, no swelling at all…?
    My father woke up with bad pain in his right ankle this morning. He did not fall or get injured. Any ideas on what it could be?
    He’s only 47 so I doubt it could be arthritis. There is no swelling at all, and he’s been limping for the entire day, please help!

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend you see an orthopedic specialist and have them do a diagnostic test. That way your condition can be properly diagnosed and a proper treatment plan can be developed.

      Good luck.

    Why does my little brother’s ankle hurt?
    My brother is eight years old and after a night of just laying around (without ANY physical exertion), he woke up saying that his ankle hurts “more than when he sprained it”. He’s limping around and small bruises are collected around his left ankle.

    It’s only the left ankle that hurts and stories I’ve read online of morning ankle pain say that both ankles will hurt if it’s some kind of infection in the body.

    Also, his big toe on his left foot is infected because he bashed it or poked it or something. Could that have anything to do with it? He says his ankle hurts but not the toe.

    Someone please help!

    • ANSWER:
      um, it might have osmthing to do with it, i doubt it tho, unless he bashed it really really hard on somthing… but thats all i can sau

    What is causing my ankle pain?
    When I wake up in the morning my right ankle really hurts. It hurts especially under the bone on the outside of my ankle and when I move my foot to the right. It is also painful to walk on it, but it loosens up after being on it for a while. This pain also occurs after sitting down or resting for a while. I didn’t injure myself so I don’t understand what’s going on with this. Does this have anything to do with me being flat-footed/what I can do to make it better? Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      You might be suffering from a bone spur. Bone spur pain is often most intense after long periods of rest from being on your feet. The reason for this is: As you move during the day, the nerves surrounding the spur adjust around the spur so that it is not digging into them. After long periods of rest, such as when sleeping, the nerves relax back into their normal position. Thus, when you get out of bed in the morning, pain can become intense as you are putting weight on your feet for the first time causing the spur to be pushed into the sensitive nerves and tissues. You can visit for more information.

    having really bad ankle pain/can;t walk in the morning…?
    ive been having these pains for a long time i had surgery on the ankle and march 1 2007 it was fractured in three places for bout 5 years and i didnt kno till the doc said so now i had a really bad case of arthritis i got to therapy and pain managment but the pain docter gave me tramadal they give me really bad headaches i mean like i cant take the pain but my ankle pain goes away i told him give me percocets like they did when i got out of surgery but i havent told the pain docter what can i say to him to give me better pain relief pills?

    • ANSWER:
      Tell him that the pain is interfering with your quality of life. Tell him the pain is interfeeing with your physical therapy. Remind him of all the meds that you took and got no releif. Tell him you want a strong medicine that won’t harm your stomach or kidneys. Read up on neurontin (spelling) It’s used for nerve pain in the feet of diabetics and may be better than narcotics. I had foot surgery and it was better than morphine, but my pain was nerve related, not arthritis.

    My right ankle always hurts the morning after I take a long walk?
    Lately for the past 2 weeks Ive been going on 1 to 3 hour walks 4 nights a week. The next morning I notice a very stiff pain in my right ankle when I walk on it. Ive never injured it in anyway.

    • ANSWER:

    what causes morning joint pain in the legs?
    I frequently wake up in the morning w my hips, knees, and ankles on both sides hurting. It stares a a slight ache then progresses to the point I need Rx pain meds. I have fatique too. does anyone know what causes this?
    I am 31, I have had recent x-rays of my back and only slight signs of arthritis

    • ANSWER:

    I have chronic ankle pain and I had surgery last year. The pain is getting worst what do I do? ?
    I had a Brostrom Gould repair in August of last year and the pain in my ankle went down dramatically after the surgery however the pain has been getting worst. APAP and IBU’s no longer work and naproxen was working, however I now have to take more of it I am at the maxim daily amount of APAP and naproxen. I was taking hydrocoden after the surgery and Tylenol #3for a while. It was not hurting bad enough to take it anymore so I stopped and that was about a year ago. the last three months it has been getting worst. I do all kinds of things to try to ease the pain, home excersies in the morning and night. I have tried heat/cold therapy, stretching and weight training, hot soaks, and about everything else. I am a paramedic. Please anything any advise I just need to get relieve from this. The original injury was due to a 15 foot fall trying to rescue a person trapped.I cannot get out of bed most mornings and don’t sleep very well because of it. I am afraid to go to the doctor because they might put me on light duty and then I would not be able to work at my other two jobs.

    • ANSWER:
      Go speak to ur doctor.. and physiotherapist if u have any..mention to them that ur exercises..u have been following regularly and they are not easing ur pain much..

      Was ur surgery because u fractured ur ankle?..if it was a fracture..maybe u have a chipped bone?..ask ur doctor if there’s any possibility that u have a chipped can be the one causing u pain..and u may have to stop the exercises if u really do have that..and this may mean u need to have another surgery to remove that chipped bone..

      But whatever i’ve said will only apply to u if you have a surgery..

      All the best..
      Do see ur doctor..Since ur pain is getting worse..and its ur doctor who will have all ur medical and surgical history..

    Weird Pain in Ankle and Shin Bone?
    Nearly two months ago, I woke up with pain in my left ankle. Two weeks before I twisted my ankle slightly but felt no pain until I woke up with the pain one morning.
    I tried heat compresses and ice but the pain persists and has gotten progressively constant, sometimes it runs up my tibia.
    Of course I did some research and am now terrified that I might have bone cancer.
    I will see a doctor as soon as I get back to school in three weeks because I am insured there but can anyone give me any insight?
    The pain is more sharp when I flex my ankle and there is no discernable limp. And my tibia is tender to the touch. I guess I should note maybe six months ago I noticed a lump on my shinbone (not incredibly large) but my doctor told me not to worry because it seemed okay. I’m not freaked out that all this is related.
    I’m now* (sorry placed not instead)

    • ANSWER:

    Ankle and foot pain help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    I woke up Saturday Morning with moderate ankle pain (about a 3 on a 1-10, 10 being the worst..) as the days have passed it has gotten worse, there is SOME bruising, and it appears to me and some others to be swollen… now I can’t really tell you if it’s ankle or foot pain, but it hurts when i bend my foot / toes up and foot inward the most, but outward as well.. i also feel pain in my second toe when i move me foot inward… it feels like a stabbing pain (almost like when i broke my hand in ’08..) but I didn’t do anything to break my foot that i know of, plus if i broke it, i don’t think i’d be able to walk on it, AT all…

    I have no clue what I did to it, I recently came down with a cold or flu bug recently, and have been wheezing a lot, my hips were bugging me last thursday also..

    I have a history of leg problems (i hurt my left leg in september)

    I wear combat boots mostly and walk walk around 3-4 miles per day…

    Right now I am lying in bed, and my foot feels like it’s on fire!!!!
    IDK that it matters, but I have had a history of shortness of breath, usually happens for 3-4 days at a time every few weeks also.. there is a history of heart problems as well, as my grandmother died from complications during her second open heart… im 25 years old, and my mother has Rhumatoid (spelling) arthritis…

    • ANSWER:
      There’s too many things in the foot to know exactly what it might be there. Your hip pain is one that I can help your with and there is a chance this may help your foot as well. Your hip pain is caused by tight muscles in your lower back pressing onto the nerves going to your hips and legs, so it can cause the foot pain, just not sure about it. To get rid of your hip pain you have to free up your back muscles and here’s how to do that:
      (do from a sitting position)
      Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm in the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
      For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

    Ankle pain out of nowhere?
    I woke up in the middle of the night last week with sever ankle pain which continued throughout the day. I was not able to put weight on my right foot all day, I had to use a walking stick to get around the house. In the evening it felt a little better, I was able to walk around the house without the walking stick but when I went back to bed the pain increased again. I woke up the following morning with the same, severe ankle pain as the first night, but this time it only lasted about two hours before it decreased.

    There is a little swelling which stared around the third day.

    Sometimes after a period of bedrest, I get up to go to the bathroom or kitchen I feel tightening in my ankle and weird feeling which is like blood rushing to the area or something like that.

    It has been the same the whole week, pain coming and going. I am unable to put weight on my ankle and I cannot bend it or rotate it as much as my other ankle which is fine. Actually bending and rotating movements are very minimal. There were two days last week where it was ok enough that I was able to go to the mall and walk around, the first time for an hour and a half, the second time for double that. The second time, it started to hurt bad again in the evening and through the night.

    This ankle pain has happened around this time each year for the past three years when the weather gets a little cooler, this being the third and longest it has stayed. The first two times, the pain went away after about four days and I was able to move around freely within a week.
    I checked my calendar it’s actually been ten days.

    I know i mentioned the weather but I don’t know if that’s really the cause since I have the air conditioner on pretty much all the time in the summer months.

    • ANSWER:

    severe ankle pain that comes and goes?
    my husband has severe ankle pain, it comes and goes, this morning he was walking fine and now he is in bed in such pain he is just about in tears, i dont know what to do i have begged him to see a doctor and he wont i have said i will drive him to a & e but he refuses to go, it is so hard to see him in this much pain, this started about 2 months ago out of the blue and sometimes he can go days with no problems and then he will wake up in the morning in bad pain, he still goes to work like it as he refuses to have time off sick, there is no swelling no bruising he just cannot bend his ankle or put any pressure on it, he has just taken himself to bed and it took him ten minutes to get upstairs by the time he did he was sweating in pain, has anybody else experienced this sort of thing, i am now thinking i should just call an ambulance and make him go but then i think of the fact that am i wasting an ambulances time also my husband wont thank me for doing it as he is a great beliver in unless he is at deaths door then he dont need a doctor. any advive welcome.
    we have tried ice and elevation and it both makes it much worse, also tried some ibuprofen gel and it made it worse,a pharmicist told him to put an anlke strap on it to help with compression but it made it a whole lot worse.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s not really an ambulance job, the clue is in the title ‘Emergency Ambulance’. Also just because an ambulance arrives doesn’t mean he’s leaving, people often entrench themselves even more when they feel people are forcing them to hospital.

      All you can take is remind him that it’s upsetting you and he’s only make whatever problem he has worse. What might be fixed easily in two weeks, may take 6 weeks if he keeps walking on it.

      Take comfort in the fact it’s obviously nothing serious. At worst he’ll need an operation, at best he just needs to rest it completely.

    Kicked door. Broken ankle?? Can’t walk…have school this morning…?
    It’s 3:40 in the morning. The pain in my ankle, foot woke me up. Earlier at about 1:00ish in the afternoon I got angry and kicked a door reallllllly hard with my sneakers on. It didn’t hurt but was stiff when I went to bed, and forgot why. I have class at 11 this morning, and there’s no way I can walk on it… it hurts and is swollen. I just went to the doctor yesterday for tonsillitis…I don’t want to go back in and and tell him I broke my foot…What does a broken foot look like?? Could I have broken my foot…will it heal over the weekend?? Should I put ice on it??it hurts when I sit down, but less when I have my foot up and raised..this freaking sucks…damnit. I’m going to take tylonol.

    • ANSWER:
      hmm well that doesn’t sound too smart..i guess we will learn our lesson next time? for now yes just take some tylenol or some kind of pain killer..try to make it through the day..and if by the end of are still in a lot of pain…maybe you should go to the doctor and get it checked out..the ice could help the swelling..but at the same time make it worse..just get it checked out to make sure there is no internal bleeding..or tore something..good luck with that

    Bad ankle pains?
    Playing football yesterday and got caught on the ankle.At first there was only a slight pain but this morning im struggling to walk on it.I dont think its swollen but i am in bit of pain.The problem is happening on both sides of the ankle but in different places and the back of my foot.can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      Do a cold compress on it.

      Put a towel in cold water, then just squeeze it but don’t be too dry. Put the towel on the places you had pain.

      Try it, and you will feel better.

      If you are not getting better after that, I think you might have same internal injury. Go to a doctor straight away.

    Hurt my ankle.. pain.. no swelling..?
    So I was stupid and a friend was pushing me in a shopping cart. Needless to say we hit a huge crack and fell over landing mostly on my head but i hit my ankle and my elbow. Everything felt fine when I got up, but the next morning (this morning) my ankle started to hurt. I believe I specifically hit the golf ball like bone on the outer side of my left ankle.. I believe it’s called the fibula? Pretty painful where I’d wanted to limp today but have always babied my pains before and most doctors told me I’m just screwing things up more by not walking on it so just decided to walk. Then was wondering if maybe I chipped it?? It’s painful, but I can walk on it. I’ve iced it today, but there is no swelling. The only thing that I just noticed is there is a slight bruise to the side of that bone leading to the back of my leg. This is not where it hurts though. Should I wrap it in ace bandage or a brace? Do I need to stay off it all together? Unfortunately I don’t have health insurance. I know this sounds bad, but the best help I can get from here the better. I’ve had too many injuries before and without insurance I really can’t afford another doctor visit.I hope someone can tell me what they think I did. Any advice on what to do? Any help is SO greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      well i have bad ankles. ( i twist them all the time) what i do is i ice it. get a hot and cold pack and place it on the ankle. take ibprofin if it is really hurting, but take it right b4 or after u eat. stay off of it. and get a brace or wrap it ur self whatever u like better.:) from like walmart or something. hope i helped

    Severe Ankle pain please help?
    December 2003, I woke up one morning and my ankles were hurting. I was a waitress at the time and just thought maybe I walked around too much and made them a little sore. They continued to hurt and I have been to the doctor several times about the pain. The doctor did a bone scan and found nothing. I have been taking Naproxin, or Celebrex and other anti-inflamatories over the years. At times, the pain is so bad that I have had to quit jobs. The pain has gotten worse over the years and is like I am walking on sprained ankles all the time and the pain has extended to my feet. If I am on them too much, they hurt, if I rest and sit too long, they get stiff and hurt.

    This is probably going to sound.. weird, but I can dislocate both of my wrists, the doctors call it sublexation, or “loose joints” they say I may have the “loose joints” in my ankles too (even though I cannot dislocate my ankles like I can my wrists). I am not sure if this is part of they key to my ankle pain, or what I can do about it. I have had a type of ankle brace (wrap) for my right ankle, which is worse than the left, but it seemed to help very little and after I have it on for a while, the ankle swells and the pain is even worse.
    I recently saw a rhuematologist (I tested positive for RA) and he said I may not have RA because I don’t have much swelling and my joints are not deformed. He also said I have a bone spur on both of my heels. I do have arthritis, can arthritis be this debilitating? I do currently work, I am a team leader in a factory, so I do A LOT of walking. I have been active most of my life, and I am in my mid 40′s.

    Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Does anyone have any suggestions? After all these years, I just wish it would go away, tired of being in pain. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I know I have some misspellings, the spell checker wasn’t much help.

    • ANSWER:

    “Delayed” ankle pain. Is it normal to be sore 1.5 days later?
    I woke up at 3am Friday morning with throbbing pain in my right ankle. I didn’t injure – twist, fall on, drop something on, my ankle, so I didn’t know what was causing the pain at first. The only thing I can attribute it to is playing baseball with my kids earlier this week. We played Wednesday evening, and I may have done something to injure it then. If that is the case, why would it take over 36 hours before the pain set in? It looks to be a bit swollen, but I would imagine if it’s anything serious, it would have hurt right away – like if I did something to damage it Wednesday evening it would have hurt Wednesday evening.

    What do you think? Maybe I’m just getting old (turning 40 this Fall).

    • ANSWER:
      that is normal with ankels. i dont know why but for some reason when you over exerate ligaments in your anke alot of times it takes a while after your muscles have cooled off to feel the pain. to make the pain go away you have to do stretches and elevate the leg and rest

    Should I be concerned about leg pain 4 weeks after ankle fracture?
    I fractured my ankle almost 4 weeks ago (fibula fracture). I had significant pain for about the first week, and then it subsided to no pain. Yesterday morning I started experiencing an increase of pain, which feels different than the initial fracture pain. The pain feels localized to my calf, but kind of aches in my lower leg area. It seems to go away with elevation, but comes back when I get back up. Should I be concerned? What could be causing this? BTW my leg is in a short leg fiberglass cast. I’m supposed to get a walking cast in three days.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, no idea what it is but who needs new problems which cause them pain. Try this

    What’s up with this ankle pain?
    I’ve been suffering from chronic ankle pain for about 2 weeks now with no idea where it came from. I don’t recall injuring it and there was no swelling or bruising when I first noticed the pain. I usually feel fine in the morning but after a few steps I start to feel the pain surfacing. Just walking around my house becomes very difficult after less than 30 mins, sometimes it’s impossible. The pain is under the lateral malleolus (bone bump on the outside of the leg) but the more I walk the higher the pain radiates sometimes up past my knee. It often feels tight under there as well and the pain will be almost a tearing/popping sensation, as if my ankle is bent at an impossible angle is is ripping apart. Gross, I know, but that is the best way I can describe it. Anyone have an idea what’s going on here?
    I hate Tramadol. I actually have a prescription for it for an unrelated back condition and I took some yesterday. It made me feel horrible. I was in bed the rest of the night feeling nauseated and just generally gross. It wasn’t worth it. I’ll never take it again. Maybe I’m allergic or overly sensitive to it. Anyway Roben thanks for the advice, regardless.

    • ANSWER:
      It looks like you may have torn cartilage in your ankle joint or some other injury that is causing inflammation. An examination by a doc and maybe a MRI or arthroscope would be needed to determine exactly what’s wrong. If you have torn cartilage, there are two approaches: stop using the joint when there is pain and wait a few months to more than a year for it to heal; or surgery to remove any tissue fragments and to stimulate regrowth of cartilage. You would probably need to see a podiatrist or orthopedic doc to get the proper type of support or splint for your ankle.

      The type of pain you are describing is often associated with severe joint inflammation. Aleve is probably the best medicine for this.

    Ankle pain at the top of the ankle just below the shin?
    Okay so here’s my situation. I sprained my ankle in January. The swelling has gone down and I have been doing several ankle strengthening exercises to help the process. I haven’t had any pain in a while, though I do find in the morning it is very tight but it loosens up in 5-10 minutes or so. Last night I played a game of soccer (I was all braced up and everything went smoothly). the next morning the top of my ankle just below the shin was aching. There’s a bump and it is swollen. Now, is this just part of my sprain that needs more time to heal or is this something more serious that I should have a doctor check out?


    • ANSWER:
      See a doctor. Do specific exercises to keep alignment, length and strength. Support for your sport will be needed. Proper post sport exercises are necessary too.

    knee and ankle pain after running?
    I started running again about 3 weeks ago and ever since I have had knee and ankle pain. When I step out of bed in the morning my ankles feel tight and it takes a good 10 steps before they feel ok to walk on. When i first start running both my knees and ankles bother me for a good 5 minutes and then the pain goes away for the rest of my run. When I’m done running the pain comes back again. It feels like my ankles have a lot of pressure and then my knees just ache. I bought new shoes and very expensive ones to make sure it wasn’t the shoes i was wearing. Any ideas what this is or what i can do to make this go away? I don’t want to stop running.

    • ANSWER:
      Warming up and stretching before running are critical to prevent strains and sprains. The knee and ankle areas are specially prone to this. If it feels sore, then the RICE treatment should work for now. It stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

    Slipped and dropped my Yorkie- Hurt leg-No emergency help near-Can I do anything until morning for her pain?
    She rolled across the ground. Lower left front leg near ankle/foot is what she has injured. She is picking up as far as misery level. Giving lovin’s again but foot is bent in. Won’t straighten it out. Licking on foot without whining now. Sleeping much more comfortable though still awakes in pain. Can I do anything for her now? No Vet services anywhere near at night. My Vet won’t open until morning. I hate to see her suffering like she is. She’s only about 3 months old.
    To update. She is lying on her back now. She lets me rub her foot without whining. Hasn’t tried walking on it yet though. And to clarify for some, I called my Vet’s Office. There is NO EMERGENCY TREATMENT FACILITY NEAR. I have no choice but to wait until morning to have her checked. My 10 yr. old daughter is up with her as well. I feel bad enough as it is. It isn’t like I am waiting just to watch her suffer. So much for caring help. For those of you who have been nice and helpful, I thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Hopefully you made it to the vet and all is well.

      For pet emergencies in our area, the closest vet worth driving to is 100 miles away.

      Believe me, I have made that trip in all hours of the day and night. Once, wearing just my bathrobe! For a feral cat that showed up howling on my doorstep at 2AM!

      The cat survived and is now a house cat.

    Why do I feel an aching pain in my ankle?
    I work out about 3 or 4 times a week, mostly jogging and running. This is my problem, I woke up yesterday morning and I felt a faint pain in my ankle as I got out of my bed and and stretched(yawn stretched). I’ve always had a weaker ankle, I mean I could be walking and my foot would just cock to the side causing me to lose balance, so I thought nothing of it at the time. So I decided to jog and run again yesterday. Now here I am today and the pain is still here. It’s not too painful, it’s more noticeable and aggravating than anything. I’m just worried that I may be running on a sprained ankle and not know it and then make it worse… BUT I also don’t want to break my successful exercising schedule, which is helping with my weight issues at the moment (19yrs./225lbs. – 19yrs./219lbs.)… Answers, Ideas??

    • ANSWER:
      get it x-rayed. you MAY have a hairline fracture that will become more painful the more you jog. Oh and by the way, what does your weight matter if your foot is broken? Just have a doc look at it so you can stop worrying.

    What is the cause of my ankle pain?
    This morning, I woke up with a very severe pain in my ankle. I did not do anything to it, to my knowledge. I have never sprained, twisted, or broken my ankle or any other bone. When I felt it to see what was wrong, there was little pain in the ankle itself, but quite a bit in the inner side of the foot about where the first metatarsal bone is. It hurts extremely badly when I walk on it, and is causing me quite a bit of trouble, as I am 17 and go to a high school with a huge campus. I have an autoimmune disease (possibly ankylosing spondylitis) already, so additional pain is really a problem. If you have any idea about what may be wrong, I would be extremely appreciative. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:

    Why do I experience knee and ankle joint pain after walking for a long period of time?
    Hi, I’m 18 years old, but ever since little I experience knee and ankle pain after walking/standing for too long (i.e shopping for a day). It feels like my leg is being pulled apart right at the joints. After awhile my entire leg is numb and in pain, and of course most painful at the joints.This would last the entire night, but next morning I would wake up fine. Does anyone has an explanation for this?
    Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, I am a physical therapist. I would agree that this sounds like a potential spine related issue. Symptoms of numbness are generally related to the nerves. Although issues such as flat feet can create increased stress on the legs, symptoms of numbness are not very common. In positions of extended standing, the nerves of the spine can become compressed causing leg pain and numbness. Nerve related really should be evaluated by a physician, specifically an orthopedic doctor.

      For more information regarding spine related nerve pain, click on the link below. Hope this helps.

    Does anyone get inner ankle pain (or any pain) when they run?
    I’m getting ready for BMT, and I’ve noticed that after running, I sometimes feel some pain in my inner ankle. I also noticed that it hurts (more bothersome than “I’m gonna die” pain) in the mornings when I first wake-up and them sort of dulls throughout the day. Some days I can run without any pain, and other I can’t. My friends says I “bounce” when I run, but to me, there is not other way to run (I look at people and they all seem to “jump/bounce” when they run). Anyone have this problem. Are there special insoles for this or particular running shoes. I’ve heard the Brooks Ariel is good (I have flat feet), and insight on what this could be?


    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like shin splints. If it’s hurting when you’re not running or just won’t go away, see a doctor.

      Calf stretches before and after exercise can help. If the pain doesn’t lower while you run in response to your muscles getting warmer with exercise, stop running or it’ll get worse. Shin splints can range from a light pain that eases after a day to a virtually crippling injury that requires you to go around in crutches for weeks, possibly months.

      Better shoes can lessen the impact of your foot striking the ground, which is indeed an essential thing to invest in. Donovan’s right – don’t go for Nikes or Adidas, they look nice but wear out quickly.

    I’ve got sever ankle pain, what is it?
    I went camping over the past weekend and did some running. Well the morning i came back my ankle was hurting pretty bad. I told my mom and she got me some salt stuff to soak my ankle. Well after a few days my ankle pain has gotten so bad i cant walk, move it, or anything without wanting to cry. I’m still trying to walk on it, bit I cannot stand the pain one bit. It’s a little swollen, but not much. And one little bruise on it. I’ve had a lot of trouble with this ankle when I was little I tore ligaments in it and it’s hurt ever since. What do you think it is?

    • ANSWER:
      I think you answered your own question. You have a history of ligament damage in that ankle already, so it’s highly likely that is the cause of your pain. When the previous damage healed, the damaged tissue was replaced by scar tissue. Unfortunately scar tissue doesn’t stretch very well, so any stress on that area, such as running, can lead to further damage.
      You’ll need to visit your doctor to confirm this, and maybe get an xray to rule out any stress fractures. In the meantime, follw this mnemonic
      Rest – don;t walk on it unless you absolutely have to
      Ice – a bag of frozen peas works well, but make sure its not in direct contact with the skin
      Compression – some kind of firm bandage
      Elevation – raised on a pillow when you’re sitting down

    Continuous ankle pain?
    So I have had a dull ankle pain for about a week now. It kind of feels like it needs to crack, but I can’t get it too. It hurts more during the evening and morning. It hurts most when walking down steps. The pain is on the outside of my ankle right above and around the ball off my ankle. Does anybody know what this could be? Should I be worried? I play hockey and my ankle used to hurt in the same place, but this pain seems to be different. I don’t recall doing anything that could’ve injured it. I haven’t twisted my ankle or sprained it or anything. It’s not a terrible pain like I can’t walk on it, but sometime it gets to the point where I limp a bit.

    Any ideas?
    Also, there isn’t any swelling or anything in my ankle. It doesn’t appear to look inflamed.

    • ANSWER:
      You may have twisted it or stepped off a curb hard and don’t remember it. My mom’s doctor says this happens alot.

      You may have strained it or stretched a ligament or have an inflammation. You should see a doctor because you may need an X-Ray.

      Hope it feels better:)

    Has anyone ever had this type of inner ankle pain?
    a couple of weeks ago.. I was thrown in a grappling class and landed on my right foot hard. I did RICE the first few days.. have been soaking it in epsom salt, icy hot patches, Bengay. Ibuprofin.. you name it!… I went to a podiatrist last tuesday… he couldnt figure out what was wrong with it.. and said it was prob posterior tibial tendonitious.

    The pain is on my inner ankle.. so that makes sense. It has gotten like 95% better since it happend… I’ve been getting back into running… 1.5 miles then 2 miles the next day…. its fine. I am easily able to get up on the balls of my feet (which with posterior tibial tendonitous… you can’t)…

    I still feel it every once and a while… pain would be described as a 3 out of 10 .. 10 being the worst.

    I just think its weird that I have a lot of symptoms of posterior tibial tendonitious.. yet I can run and get on the balls of my feet without pain???

    oh.. and it hurts the most in the morning when I wake up…. I’m soaking it in epsom salt and warm water as I’m writing this message.

    • ANSWER:

    Ankle pain but no swelling?
    I feel a slight discomfort in my left ankle for about 3-4 days now. It’s not very painfull but it’s got me worried. I can walk, run without problems but the pain seems to be there when the ankle is not “warmed” up – in the morning, when i go to sleep etc. I can roll my foot but when i try to strech it straight ahead (as in raising on my tips) i fell a slight pain. However, if i warm the ankle up a bit, by rolling the foot in all directions and streching it for a few times, the pain is not felt. The ankle is normal looking’s not swollen or anything. I can also touch it without feeling any pain. The funny thing is that the pain came without no apparent reason …i didn’t strain my ankle, I didn’t get hit on it …nothing happend that would explain this light but worring pain. Can anyone tell me what the reason for the pain could be ? Is cancer/carcinoma etc a possible answer?

    I’m a 24 years old male. My height is 188 cm and weight is 93 kg. I restarted jogging about 1 month ago

    • ANSWER:
      you might have heel spurs

    Has anyone gotten pain in their knee from spraining their ankle before?
    I sprained my ankle a few days ago. Most of the time I sit around, but get up if I need to. I went on the treadmill yesterday and it felt fine, no pain at all. Just this morning I started getting a pain in my knee which I believe to be from the sprain. Has anyone had this happen before? Was it a torn ligament? What did the doctore say/do? Etc. Etc.

    • ANSWER:
      If you think it is a torn ligament, you need to see a doctor before more damage is done.

    Severe Ankle Pain with Toe Numbness?
    Okay. I went to bed last night with some moderate pain in my ankle and calf. It wasn’t too bad I was able to tolerate it. I woke up this morning with such severe pain in my ankle that I can’t walk on it. It hurts to move it, my toes are semi-numb and the vein on the outside of my foot is bulging out. It seems to be slightly swollen but there isn’t very much swelling. I did not injure it in any way. Anyone have any idea what is going on? Thank you so much in advance. I have no insurance so if you know a home remedy to fix this I would greatly appreciate it as well. :)
    I am 27. I do smoke. I do not take birth control. I had DVT about 3 years ago, but only that once.
    They said the DVT was caused by a lack of vitamin b and thus I am on prescription vitamin b tablets.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello, I am an EMT. How old are you? Do you by chance smoke and/or take birth control?

      Ok. You are displaying symptom of a DVT. Given your symptoms, the fact that you smoke, and your history of DVT in my professional opinion you should get checked by a doctor. I know it’s hard with no insurance but it is worth it. The hospital will usually have a financial aid program that can help you or cover you completely. I would go to the ER.

      Good luck! I hope everything works out well!

      Even with the vitamin B you are prone to DVT especially because the smoking causes venous constriction. Also if you have been sedentary or on a long drive or flight. I really think you should get to the ER. I don’t want to scare you but you could be at risk for a pulmonary embolus.

    could these symptoms be signs of pregnancy?
    i’m crying for no reason, my stomach is in so much pain, morning sickness this morning, horny, back pain, swollen ankles, to sick to eat but still hungry, nauseous at the sight of food, lighter and shorter period then usual. could i really be pregnant? i have been having unprotected sex. and i’m not due for my period again for about 2weeks. the nausea keeps coming back. should i buy a test soon?
    and terrible, terrible headaches.

    • ANSWER: