Ankle Pain No Swelling

Does your heel hurt every time you walk or stand on it? When you play sports, do you have to continuously call time-outs because of heel pain? When you wake up in the morning, do you experience excruciating pain in your heel? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a foot spur and need treatment. Foot heel pain treatments vary as to their effectiveness.

Causes of Foot Heel Pain

Many different things can lead to heel pain. The first step in foot heel pain treatment is to see your doctor or a podiatrist. Your doctor can determine why you are experiencing heel pain and work with you to determine which foot heel pain treatment plan is right for you.

Plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that occurs when the fascia (the band of tissues that connects your heel to your toes) becomes inflamed. This can happen from too much jumping or running, arthritis, or wearing poor-fitted shoes. Foot heel pain treatment for plantar fasciitis includes: specific exercises, rest, and/or heel inserts. If the pain is unbearable, your doctor may recommend medication to reduce the swelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Ankle pain swelling gone overnight what?
    Yesterday my ankle rolled over playing football it hurt and still hurts like a sprained ankle but there i no swelling so what is wrong with my ankle and should I bandage it

    • ANSWER:
      Wrapping/bandaging a sprain isn’t to help with the swelling -it does help, but thats not why it’s done. When you sprain your ankle, you’ve slightly torn or badly stretched a ligament or tendon, and weakened it. you bandage your ankle for extra support until your ankle can support itself properly again without pain.

      just keep icing it and putting it up when you’re not busy, and it will help with any inner swelling and to make it feel better.

      if the pain doesn’t subside in a few days, see a dr, as you might’ve hurt it more seriously.

    Ankle Pain, Swelling…?
    Ok i had a slight tear in my ankle ligaments about 13 months ago was told by the doctor to stay off it for a while and no running or playing football (soccer) for at least 8 weeks, ok that didnt happen i was playing again after 2 weeks, big mistake was in so much pain after, but i continued to do it, before matches i would look at my ankle and you could easily see the swelling it was still big, but i still played and after every match i iced it to get some swelling down, so after a while i decided i have to stop playing so i did swelling went away…

    ok so i gave up playing football 4 or 5 times a week until once a week in a 6 aside league, which is on astroturf, never really had a problem with that, but last 3 months after every match my ankle swelled up really bad, so i stopped playing for a while and yet again it all went away, but last 3 weeks i havnt even kickd a football and my ankle has swollen out again whats wrong with it ?

    have i done long term damage by not listening to doctor and continued to play football?

    • ANSWER:
      best bet is to get an MRI, to see if your did any long term damage to the tendon’s you might have done so since the ligaments/tendons might have not fully healed and you might of torn something else that was helping to keep stababilty. so get it checked out. let him know that you kept playing on it, other then that keep icing RICE Rest, ICE, Compressions, Elevation.

    Fell in a hole. Ankle Pain. No swelling. Should i get it looked at?
    I fell in a two foot ditch/hole type thing on Halloween. I woke up the next morning and my ankle was hurting and it has been hurting ever since. There’s no swelling, but it really hurts and i have to limp on it. Should i get it looked at?

    • ANSWER:
      nope. you’re fine. ice where it hurts 20 mins out of every hour, and take motrin/advil or something for the pain. it should go away in a day or two. try and stay off of it. but theres NO reason to get it checked.

    Pain and swelling on top of my foot and outside of ankle?
    I have extreme pain in my left ankle and swelling on the top of my foot and ankle. It is painful to the touch. The pain started a few days ago with no injury at all. It just started swelling up along with having the pain today. The joint is stiff and it is extremely painful to walk on. There is no bruising and no apparent reason I should even be having a problem at all. What does this sound like it might be?
    I cannot even walk on it today. The pain is way too bad. Even just sitting has become painful, because it hurts all the time now.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you might have an infection of some sort. Your body will not create swelling (edema) for nothing. Also, there would be no pain for nothing. It would probably be a good idea for you to visit your local emergency room, where they will be able to take a look at you and order some blood tests that might be able to determine what is going on with you. Good luck!

    Sudden ankle pain, no swelling at all…?
    My father woke up with bad pain in his right ankle this morning. He did not fall or get injured. Any ideas on what it could be?
    He’s only 47 so I doubt it could be arthritis. There is no swelling at all, and he’s been limping for the entire day, please help!

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend you see an orthopedic specialist and have them do a diagnostic test. That way your condition can be properly diagnosed and a proper treatment plan can be developed.

      Good luck.

    ankle pain and swelling?
    5 months ago i felt down the stairs and hurt my right ankle, i had it iced and added some cream right after the fall. i had no swelling or bruising the same day but the next it was swollen. i waited for a week then went to a doctor who indirectly said to my father that i was faking…(he didn’t do an x-rays or asked questions of any type)
    i stopped doing sports for a month.
    4 months ago i went back to sports and experienced awful pain… i couldn’t do anything since i have no excuse to stay away from it.
    i now have pain in my ankle (sometimes to my knee) and it swells when walk/run a lot. and when i walk fast i can hear popping sound with every step. I can even feel that my whole leg is a bit weak :(
    Any ideas?
    any answer is appreciated =))
    the problem is that my father have been told that i was faking so basically opening the same subject with him would be useless XD

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you’ve got a bad sprained ankle, I had one before xmas and my ankle is just about right now, but you need to rest it, ice it, put a compression bandage on it and elevate it to take down the swelling. And go to a different doctor. I actually went to the hospital to have mine diagnosed because my doctor didn’t do anything. If you keep on it you’ll do irreversible damage.

      * If you’re trying to use it as normal you might be “rolling” it again (i.e spraining it again, and again) so take it easy, and get a support bandage on it!

    ankle pain.. no swelling?
    My ankle has been hurting off and on for a few months now. It hurts more when i run or jump and a few hours after practice. A few days ago i tripped and fell down some stairs, now my ankle hurts nonstop. it isn’t swollen or bruised, but it really hurts.
    Any suggestions to help the pain, or ideas of what might be wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      Just because it isn’t swelling doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong with it. A few years ago I dislocated my knee cap and tore cartilage in it and it should have been like twice its normal size, but it never became swollen, even after surgery it was barley any bigger. I would try pain medicine to see if you just twisted it a little wrong and try putting a little pressure on it, but if it doesn’t feel better soon I would go see a doctor and get it checked out.

    Ankle pain and swelling…?
    I had surgery back in march and was in a no weight bearing cast almost 11 weeks now that im putting weight and pressure on it.. it tends to hurt and swell up. what can I do to get rid of the swelling and ease the pain??

    • ANSWER:
      To be honest you can find information about it anywhere on the internet if you search for it but ask your doctor if you have one. But im on my 4 month on a broken ankle and i had reconstructive surgery. Iam walking now but limping. The doctor did tell me you are going to see swelling and bruising plus pain. You have worked your leg and everything that consist in your leg however long you have been off of it. My doctor said the swelling can last up to 6 months but i would be ok its signs of healing. Trust me i know how you feel its scary to even think there might be something wrong again right? I just went to the doctor today and i have a small surgery the beginning of July to get a screw removed. Take it easy and take or your ankle…..

    Ankle pain. No swelling but very painful?
    I’ve had an on off pain in my ankle for a few months now. It seems to just get sore after I finish work. I work as a waitress so it’s fairly physically demanding.

    The past 2 days though it seems to be constant and since I got home tonight it has been so bad I can’t put weight on it anymore. The pain is just below the ankle bone and feels (if this makes sense) as if it’s really deep under the skin. It hurts the most when I bend my foot to the side, raise my toes or move my foot up but it’s not so bad when my toes are pointed.

    does this sound like a tendon or muscle. It’s not swollen so I know it’s not too bad, I just want to know if I should bandage it up for work tomorrow. Also is it better to put ice or something warm on it?

    • ANSWER:
      dont assume that because it hasnt swollen up that its not bad! i would go and see your GP or go to minor injuries. you should get it looked at immediately to prevent causing yourself further damage! good luck

    Hurt my ankle.. pain.. no swelling..?
    So I was stupid and a friend was pushing me in a shopping cart. Needless to say we hit a huge crack and fell over landing mostly on my head but i hit my ankle and my elbow. Everything felt fine when I got up, but the next morning (this morning) my ankle started to hurt. I believe I specifically hit the golf ball like bone on the outer side of my left ankle.. I believe it’s called the fibula? Pretty painful where I’d wanted to limp today but have always babied my pains before and most doctors told me I’m just screwing things up more by not walking on it so just decided to walk. Then was wondering if maybe I chipped it?? It’s painful, but I can walk on it. I’ve iced it today, but there is no swelling. The only thing that I just noticed is there is a slight bruise to the side of that bone leading to the back of my leg. This is not where it hurts though. Should I wrap it in ace bandage or a brace? Do I need to stay off it all together? Unfortunately I don’t have health insurance. I know this sounds bad, but the best help I can get from here the better. I’ve had too many injuries before and without insurance I really can’t afford another doctor visit.I hope someone can tell me what they think I did. Any advice on what to do? Any help is SO greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      well i have bad ankles. ( i twist them all the time) what i do is i ice it. get a hot and cold pack and place it on the ankle. take ibprofin if it is really hurting, but take it right b4 or after u eat. stay off of it. and get a brace or wrap it ur self whatever u like better.:) from like walmart or something. hope i helped

    Ankle Pain… No swelling… Gymnast/Cheerleader?
    it only hurts when I tumble and sometimes when I do jumps during cheerleading. It hurts a little when I flex my foot. no swelling or bruising.
    what could be wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a minor grade 1 ankle strain or contusion. I recommend you see a orthopedic medical specialist for your condition and have them perform a diagnostic test. That way, you can find out the nature & extent of the problem and a treatment plan can be formed.

      Good luck.

    ankle pain.. no swelling.. what’s wrong?
    i landed short on a tumbling pass one day and it started hurting really bad… it starts hurting once i tumble or run or jump again, but it gets better after wards.. any suggestions or answers?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like joints of your ankle got misaligned during tumbling. When joint does not articulate properly during the load it will cause the pain. Your local D.C. will be able to fix it.

    Cause of knee,ankle and feet swelling with pain and stiffness?
    I have had blood tests taken and DO NOT have sugar,no kidney or heart problems and no rheumatoid arthritis,lupus or lyme disease.So what else is there that can be causing these symptoms?Left foot and ankle swells more than the right one.Swelling goes down at night after sleeping,but pain and stiffness when
    i get up.My knees are painful,too.

    • ANSWER:
      There is not one test for most of these conditions. Your doctor needs to go by your symptoms and blood tests. You need to find a doctor who will take you seriously. Take photos of all your swollen joints.

      Ignore the idiot who keeps posting about avoiding sugar.

    I have left ankle pain and a little swelling with a red patch, no real trauma.?
    I am over 40, working out a lot, about 6 to 7 hours per week. I did a lot of squats the morning prior to ‘pulling up’ lame, but it did not hurt immediately, in fact,not until that evening. The doctor did an x-ray and shows OLD trauma but nothing new. He felt it was a sprain. I stayed off it for the weekend, elevated it and iced it. The second day it hurt so bad that I had to use crutches to get to the bathroom, gradually the pain and slight swelling subsided, but there still is a red patch on the left side of my ankle/foot. It feels like nothing happend to it after four days. Isn’t that odd? This kind of thing hapend to me before, with the same ankle, it swelled up, hurt like the devil and stopped, in a few days without any preciptating trauma. Once when I was 19 and then after when I was in the late stage of my last pregnancy at 37. Weird, glad it is over…..

    • ANSWER:
      You just sprained it and are over using it. Working out 6 to 7 hours a week is a bit to much you need to cut it down to about 5 hours and no more than an hour a day. You are just putting to much strain on it. Take a couple of weeks off to let it heal up well and then start back again but slower than you have been.

    Rolled ankle, extreme pain, no swelling till 1 week later?
    I rolled my ankle outward 3 weeks ago into a bison footprint while cross-country skiing. I heard a pop and was in so much pain I could no longer hear properly and became nauseous – had to sit down for a good 10 min (iced it in the snow in the mean time) before I recovered. I was able to walk on it and only had slight pain and no swelling at all – it became more painful a few hours later, but still no swelling. Pain was always there, round about the superior peroneal retinaculum / calcaneofibular area, but only when I flexed, stretched or rotated my foot – and no swelling until a week later, the day after I did several hours of steep hiking. Another two weeks since then and that area is still swollen, just slightly, same pain and now tightness.

    At first I just though it was a mild sprain since there was no bruising or swelling, but I’m becoming concerned since it is still swollen and hurting the same 3 weeks later – is this common in ankle sprains that take a while to heal or does this sound like something I should get looked at?

    • ANSWER:
      Just asked my wife about your situation, she’s an ARNP. She said that sprains don’t typically elicit a “pop” and that if you’re three weeks out from the initial injury and still experiencing swelling and pain, you should get in for an x-ray right away.

      Good luck to you.

    ankle pain but no swelling after dance class?
    I had tap class last night and my ankle popped with pain. rotated it and shook it off (happens a lot… weak ankles) but then when we ran the dance again, there was intense pain in my ankle and leg. iced it last night and it only hurt when i moved a lot.

    this morning it hurts all the time. no swelling or bruising but a lot of pain.

    should i go to a doc or hospital? is it just a sprain?
    but i can walk on it?! hurts a lot tho when i do

    • ANSWER:
      if it were sprained it would be swollen… you need x ray as you could have a stress fracture

    I have had ankle pain for 3 and 1/2 months now and I have no mechanism of injury?
    I have broke my ankle twice before. Mild swelling with activity. My pain is on the anterior side of my ankle in front of my lateral maleolus. Dr. thought it to be a retinaculum tear but if truly a retinaculum tear there would most likely be more swelling and pain. I have done PT for 3 weeks and not much improvement. Any ideas or suggestions?

    • ANSWER:

    Ankle Pain, however no swelling?
    Okay so today after walking all day and then going for a 4 and a half mile walk I noticed that I was experiencing minor ankle pain. It wasn’t anything major and it was easy to just brush it off. I drove to the store and experience no pain until I started to walk again and entered the store. It started to become sharper and sharper. I decided to be cautious and bought an ankle brace just in case. After getting home and taking off my shoes and putting it on and trying to walk a bit I noticed that it only got worse.

    As of now I cannot, repeat CANNOT, walk on it properly. When I do walk I have to limp and I also have to walk on the balls of the foot that hurts.

    I was just curious to if it was a sprain and what I can do to help with the pain.

    Some extra information is I am
    -very active female
    -exercise daily (elliptical or running)
    -Flat footed
    -no swelling or bruising
    -no external pain

    To describe the pain to you guys..
    well If you’ve ever had a cramp in your leg or foot that’s what its like after the sharp pain comes in. It seems to stay for awhile and then goes away. It’s very difficult now for me to walk period.

    Thanks for the help in advance :) I truly appreciate it.

    (I’ve so far only put ice and a brace on it. My father believes I sprained it as well as my Aunt. She suggested that I wore the wrong shoes for running; however I’ve always worn the shoes when running and this is the first time for the pain. Prolong damage maybe?)

    • ANSWER:
      Your aunt might be right about your shoes regardless of whether or not they’ve caused you any pain previously. It could possibly be past damage due to your shoes putting unnecessary pressure on your ankle as well as the muscles in your leg and even your knee. Chances are that right now you’ve only sprained it, but I suggest getting different shoes and running a little less until your ankle and leg can handle the pressure of your body weight when running. So best of luck and I hope your ankle feels better.

    so at soccer about a week ago, this kid kicked me right in the ankle. It hurt so bad i couldnt move for a few minutes then i got better and could continue running. We’ve had soccer practice a few times after that and i could sprint my fastest with no ankle pain, it was just stiff and tight. Well yesterday, i was sitting down and went to get up and my ankle started hurting out of no where. there wasnt a pop or anything.

    There is no swelling, i can walk fine, but can’t run. I can twist my ankle with little amount of pain so im not sure what it is? Any ideas? i have it wrapped in an ACE bandage and have been off my feet all day today. Oh, and my next soccer practice is tomorrow, need to be better? what can i do?

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like a deep bone bruise. there does not have to be a bruise visible for this to happen. they are painful and take a while to heal. keep icing and try to take it easy and keep it wrapped.

    Ankle pain with no swelling?
    so at soccer about a week ago, this kid kicked me right in the ankle. It hurt so bad i couldnt move for a few minutes then i got better and could continue running. We’ve had soccer practice a few times after that and i could sprint my fastest with no ankle pain, it was just stiff and tight. Well yesterday, i was sitting down and went to get up and my ankle started hurting out of no where. there wasnt a pop or anything.

    There is no swelling, i can walk fine, but can’t run. I can twist my ankle with little amount of pain so im not sure what it is? Any ideas? i have it wrapped in an ACE bandage and have been off my feet all day today. Oh, and my next soccer practice is tomorrow, need to be better? what can i do?

    • ANSWER:
      You should have stretched it out. Stretch it before you do any activity and keep the ace bandage on. Use ice and elevate all day today.

    Ankle pain but no swelling?
    I feel a slight discomfort in my left ankle for about 3-4 days now. It’s not very painfull but it’s got me worried. I can walk, run without problems but the pain seems to be there when the ankle is not “warmed” up – in the morning, when i go to sleep etc. I can roll my foot but when i try to strech it straight ahead (as in raising on my tips) i fell a slight pain. However, if i warm the ankle up a bit, by rolling the foot in all directions and streching it for a few times, the pain is not felt. The ankle is normal looking’s not swollen or anything. I can also touch it without feeling any pain. The funny thing is that the pain came without no apparent reason …i didn’t strain my ankle, I didn’t get hit on it …nothing happend that would explain this light but worring pain. Can anyone tell me what the reason for the pain could be ? Is cancer/carcinoma etc a possible answer?

    I’m a 24 years old male. My height is 188 cm and weight is 93 kg. I restarted jogging about 1 month ago

    • ANSWER:
      you might have heel spurs

    Ankle Pain, but no swelling?
    Hi, last wednesday, I tripped going down the stairs in school. It hurt a little bit for the rest of that day but then it stopped, so I figured it wasn’t a big deal. Then, that Monday, I noticed the same pain, and it became increasingly painful the next few days until today. It is not swollen at all, and it is not consistent. I feel pressure all the time though, and if I point my foot or walk on it it hurts. It also cracks way more than my other ankle, and constantly feels the need to be rolled and cracked. Oh, and I’m only thirteen. If it continues, I will go to the doctor, but right now my mom says she doesn;t want to because it is not swollen.
    oh wow. a cast and MRI and everything. I have nothing, I just limp a bit when I walk on it, because my mom won’t let me go to the doctors.

    • ANSWER:
      the exact same thing has been happening to me!
      for me i have everything ur saying except mine also feels weak and numb. now it hurts to move or touch it. the pain fades in and out, i always feel pressure on it, and it always feel like i need to roll and crack it. mine is swolen but not in the ankle area. it is swolen from the base of my leg to right before my toes. im going to be 13 in a month. i went to the doctor but they couldnt find anything on my x-rays. they gave me an air cast and crutches and on tuesday i have to go to get a MRI. they recomended physical therapy but i don’t want to do it until after the MRI.

    Ankle pain with no swelling; injured from soccer ball impact?
    I have a weak ankle due to surgery I had a couple weeks ago. I’m undergoing physical therapy and the whole shibang.

    Yesterday I was playing goalie and the ball was kicked hard at my right ankle. It hurt instantly and even today but there’s no swelling. Did I just pull it or is it possible to tear a ligament or tendon without swelling?
    I forgot to add the surgery had nothing to do with the ankle. There was a congenital bone behind my ankle that needed to be removed. My ankle’s only weak because of disuse after the surgery. So no, I’m not gonna freak out and call my doctor. Answer the question: Can you have tears without swelling, or is it only a pulled ligament/tendon?
    And I can walk on my ankle fine, just a little pain I want to go away because I have a game coming up soon.
    No offense poopoo but that’s not my question. Let me assure you, I’m an experienced athlete who’s been through TONS of injuries (rugby). I can tell a fracture, break, sprain, anything almost instantly. I know for a fact the ligaments/tendons are damaged, most likely ligaments. I just need to know, can you have a TEAR without swelling, or is it just PULLED?
    No thanks, Dixon, I did not ask for shady illegally prescribed drugs.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to call your doctor and let him/her know what happened and what you should do, especially if this is the ankle that was just surgically repaired.
      Anything is possible. The only way to know for sure is with evaluation and testing by a physician. It doesn’t matter *why* you had surgery, it’s the fact that you *had* surgery that is important. It takes awhile for everything to heal up in there. A sharp blow to the area could cause damage. Call, don’t call…it’s up to you.
      YES, it is entirely possible to do damage to the internal structure without swelling. Swelling is usually secondary to blood vessel rupture. It is possible to damage a ligament or tendon without damage to the vascular structure around it, especially in an area that is bony without much surrounding it, such as the ankle. I have seen badly fractured ankles with minimal swelling and badly sprained ankles swollen up like basketballs from the muscle tearing and blood vessel damage.

      I can’t tell you whether it’s pulled, torn, strained. No one here can tell you that. We aren’t capable of performing the necessary tests to determine that over the internet. If you are an experienced athlete, you should know that. You want a diagnosis, see a doctor. Pain is a symptom of an abnormal condition.

    How do I reduce the pain & swelling of my ankles?
    It makes it very hard for me because I’ve gained weight, & now I can’t exercise. They just started hurting & swelling for no reason.

    • ANSWER:
      first thing u need to do is elevate ur legs up especially at night when going to sleep. if that doesnt help with the pain u could use ice packs. good luck to u!

    persistant minor pain and swelling on foot 6 weeks after sprained ankle? PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
    i twisted my ankle invertedly about six weeks ago, causing a sprain. immediately, my foot had swollen, and it was EXTREMELY difficult to put any weight on my foot for the next few hours. by the next day, my foot was still quite large, but i could walk. swelling lasted about 6 weeks. now, most of the swelling is gone, but there is pain when i invert my ankle. the pain is on the front and lateral side of my ankle, and on the top of my foot — exactly where all the remaining, though minor, swelling is. what is going on with my ankle? please help me…i have no idea, as my mom will not take me to the doctor. all i want to do is get out and get fully active once again. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I went through the same situation around Thanksgiving weekend…Not a pretty site! Believe me, it takes a LONG time…it was February before I could walk without concern & even then my ankle would give out on me or twist easily again! What I had to do was get several different ankle supports…one for wearing with shoes[thin anlkle support], another to wear after all day & hanging around home. I also had to keep my foot elevated EVERY chance I got…it would swell ALOT! I also purchased Arnica gel…it is AWESOME…no smell, no stick,all natural but WORKS! Not cheap [about -11] but it not only alleviates pain it amazingly reduces the swelling too! Great stuff! Get some! You won’t be sorry! And keep your ankle supported & elevated as much as possible…I still have pain & weakness in my ankle and it has been six months! Even when asleep, if I twist it when laying down to readjust position, I wake from pain…your sprain was more than likely a “STRAIN” which is far more serious and requires lengthy healing! Take some anti-inflammatory OTC[over the counter] like Ibruprophen for discomfort & swelling too. Baby that ankle because IF you don’t…you may re-injure it easily again! Keep it supported when feeling better & beginning to participate in any impact activities/sports etc…or you WILL re-injure it again! Take care~

    i injured my ankle in September 07 it is not broken. but i have constant pain, swelling, cracking. what is wro
    it is the right outside of my swells evey time i run or physical activity. it feels stiff so i fell i have to crack it to get the movement back. i can run and no major pain but after is when it hurts. does anyone have any idea what i have done
    yes i had an xray to see if it was a fracture or broken and everything was fine. i also saw a physio for a while but they just gave me some exercises to Strengthen the ankle. but after all this time still swells after exercise, loads of cracking involved. but could this mean an operation if it is a tendon or ligament damage.

    • ANSWER:
      Sound like the tendon gets inflamed because of the previous injury, which I assume some numbnuts told you to put ice on and worsen the problem :-/
      Definately see a doctor in case there is an invisible fracture, and never use ice on your body.
      If you have an herbalist in your area see if they can set you up with some jow or a plast.

    Seems like all the sudden I have joint pain &swelling ,?
    First my right wrist,for no good reason swelled & became very painful.I used a wrist support brace, helped.Then after working down on one knee that swelled was sore and clicked when I walked a few weeks later , all I did was cross my left leg over my right knee,then a few minutes later It swelled so bad I could not bend it for a couple days. Used crutches took advil,allseemed getting better.Wait,limped on right foot two months because of right knee, now 2nd toe on right foot swollen,wont go down two months.Throughout toe misery,favored left foot.Now left ankle sore [only during use]stand or walk on left ankle intense “nerve pinching pain”.Now after moderate use both right wrist &right knee back to moderate swelling and soreness,left ankle -screaming pain,My biggest question is the possibilty I have developed a debilitating chronic joint disease,or may bone cancer or ?Please truthfully tell me I have only slight age related [40′s}osteo or some temp strain I will be so happy If you can!

    • ANSWER:
      A doctor better examine you and you should do blood test before we can say anything. If tests where normal then it is likely that you have an overall body weakness. ALL your muscles are very weak and you should strengthen them. By strengthening your muscles the pressure would be on the on the muscle and not the joint! Another reasons could be of over weigth. You haven’t mentioned it thought but if you are over weighted then you should control your diet. Again, I don’t tell you to starve coz you don’t wannu burn muscles too.

      In conclusion, I think you should consult and always be in touch with a ‘physiotherapist’ (of course after you saw a doctor I mentioned above) to show you the proper exercises so that you can strengthen your muscles.

    for several weeks i have swelling inner ankle very painful on ankle bone. no injuries.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you sure you didn’t get up in the middle of night and trip? Definitely go to the doctor if it’s been several weeks!

    pain and swelling of ankle?
    I’ve noticed pains in my ankle during gymnastics while tumbling for a couple of weeks now and recently it has gotten to the point where I can’t tumble at all. It is swollen and when it hurts it’s one of the most intense pains I’ve ever felt.

    the area that is in pain is on the top of the foot where the calf meets the foot. it’s the right one and it mostly toward the right side.
    most recently, when I get the sudden STABBING, CUTTING, HORRIBLE pain, it goes the whole way up my calf and down to my toes.

    could it be tendinitis, a stress fracture, or something else entirely?

    p.s. there was no actual “injury” that occured.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m going to guess it’s Achilles tendinitis. You said it travels up your leg and I’m willing to put two cents on that. lol Seriously you should take an anti-inflammatory and see if it feels better. The treatment would be a cortisone injection and rest the foot and ankle of course the best way to do that is cast it for four to six weeks.

      Oh I cheated so I’m going to put ten dollars down. I googled the most common injuries for gymnast. The think its because you do a lot of your routines in a pointed Good luck in gymnastics.

      “Problems with Acchilles tendonitis are relatively common in gymnastics. Gymnasts perform most of their maneuvers with a pointed toe, which leads to decreased flexibility of the tendon. The repetitive nature of the sport, especially during practice, also increases the risk of injury. Usually, problems with the Achilles tendonmay be atributed to dismounts and tumbling.”

    pain in ankle no swelling or trauma?
    I woke up this morning with very severe pain to my outter ankle, no trauma, no swelling and when I went to bed last night i was fine. Pain seems to be spreading around to other side of ankle and to the underneath heel area. Pain is bad at rest and while attempting to walk…. what could this be?

    • ANSWER:

      From your description it is very difficult to tell what is wrong. It could be “Achilles Tendinitis”. However there are a few things that are missing from your description, so in order to be positive please answer these additional questions –

      1) Is the pain located in the back of your ankle where your heel bone is?
      2) Does it also hurt when you are not walking/standing?
      3) Is it sensitive to the touch?
      4) Do you have high or low arches in your feet?
      5) What kind of shoes you usually wear?
      6) What kind of sports activities/exercises you do?
      7) Is it painful to wear a shoe with a back?

      Here are some suggestions for things you can do right now.

      * Ice the area at least 4 times a day.

      * Avoid walking/running on the injured foot – you should rest as much as possible.

      * Buy over the counter inserts to wear in your shoes – these can support your feet better and help with the pain.

      * If you must walk, then wear super comfy shoes with good arch supports.

      * Wear an ACE bandage over you ankle – I know it’s not an ankle sprain, but the bandage can support your achilles tendon and foot better.

      If it’s indeed Achilles Tendinitis then it is possible to recover with these conservative treatments.

      Again, if you can answer my questions above I will be able to help you further.

      You can write to me directly if you prefer, my email is in my Yahoo profile.

      Good luck and feel better!

    Just recovering from sprained ankle,no swelling,no pain,easy to walk again.?
    Would a gentle 3k jog be permissible?

    • ANSWER:
      i would be willing to act as your personal trainer on your first excursion.

      that way if anything goes wrong i could administer first aid and suggest alternative forms of ‘exercise’.

    Ankle pain from move, no swelling or bruises?
    I attempted this trick right here, I landed on my ankle while twisting downward with my weight+gravity so I am not sure what to do… I don’t see swelling, or bruising, I just feel pains, Sharp, small, and shocking pains and I can’t walk. If I do the weight seems to be making it hurt more. I also feel that its locking and it hurts and every so often it clicks or pops like your fingers, I cant put the foot upward a lot but going backwards hurts and triggers the pain the most going left and right do not hurt. What to do? This is the move I did btw t
    My family is poor and we don’t have any spare money to go to a hospital and sometimes it turns out to be something less than it is. So I am just going to take it safe

    • ANSWER:

    Sprained ankle been 3 weeks today. Still minor pain/swelling.?
    Sprained my ankle playing basketball 3 weeks ago. First 72 hours i Used the RICE method and so on. After I have been using heat packs and epsom salt baths daily. However, its been 3 weeks and the swelling is still there, no bruised colors, but the swelling is there, and i can walk fine without any pain. I have a basektball match coming up on the 13 of february. I need this swelling and minor pain to go away. Should i keep up with the epsom salt/heat or should i start icing it? what can i do to heal this asap. thank u.

    • ANSWER:

    I had ORIF on my left ankle 10 weeks ago for A BAD bimalleolar fracture (broke both ankle bones that stick out off and broke the small leg bone also).Have 1 plate and 11 screws to repair breaks. I have been weightbearing for about 4 weeks with boot with no crutches. My problem is that when I walk or stand for more than and hour or 2 my ankle swells up really big and I have excrutiating pains that I can not even describe. Sometimes the pain med I have works but sometimes not. Is this normal and how long should this last? I have taken a 12 week leave of absence from work as a cashier that expires on 10/23/2010 and dont think I am able to return yet. When will this nightmare end? and HAS ANYONE EVERY BEEN THROUGH THIS?

    • ANSWER:
      I would ask your doctor or a physical therapist. usually you can experience some pain after surgeries but I would guess you should be elevating it more. You might be able to do some physical therapy with it to make the healing process faster.

    Is swelling, severe pain and popping normal three weeks into a broken ankle with a cast?
    I broke my ankle three weeks ago. When I first got the cast put on the swelling went down immediately and the pain went away as well. One week ago I fell on my broke ankle and knocked my foot out of alignment and had to get a new cast put on. There were xrays done and no bones moved. Ever since the new cast, my foot swells worse everyday and my foot is purple. Also, the pain is excrutiating and feels like I just rebroke my bone. I went back to the doctor and he said I wasn’t elevating it enough. I elevate it all day at work and then when I get home again. Is it normal for pain and swelling three weeks into the healing process or could something else be wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s not normal. You need to get your doc to listen to you, or you need a new doc.

    my right ankle has become very red around the outside ankle bone and there is swelling & pain to touch or stan?
    My right Ankle around the outside Ankle bone and behind ankle area has become red(mostly on outside Ankle bone area..It is swollen and painful if you were to press on this area or even touch to hard there is pain, not to mention I am having a very hard time standing on this Ankle..I have no clue as to Why, or What is going on.. please Help Educate me.. There is also some burning ..Thank-you Victoria

    • ANSWER:
      There are numerous things that could be going on, from a bruised bone to a bone spur. This is something you should get checked. Check these sites for information about the possible causes of ankle pain.

    Ankle Swelling with No Pain?
    I went for a long run two weeks ago and developed severe pain in my ankle. Since then, I have been using the RICE method and taking ibuprofen. I haven’t run on it since then. The pain is gone, but I still have swelling around the outer ankle bone on my left foot. It doesn’t hurt when I walk, do spin or use the elliptical. The area is tender only if I massage it deeply. Any ideas about what this could be? Any advice about when to start running again?

    • ANSWER:
      I have experienced this many times. It usually happens after a sprain. When you sprain something it creates microscopic tears. Those tears bleed, causing the swelling. It takes a while for the swelling to go down. If you’re at the point where you don’t feel pain then I would suggested doing ankle strengthening exercises. Use a leg press but keep legs extended, only using feet to push. Also, you could try standing on your tip toes then going back down repeatedly. Once you feel you have strengthened your ankle you can start running.

    Pain in ankle no swelling or bruising?
    I was playing basketball the other day and after practice my ankle hurt really bad, I dont have any swelling or bruising and I can put all my weight on it. I’ve also been practicing for a while so I know its now just from not exercising for a while, WHATS WRONG WITH MY ANKLE???!???!???

    • ANSWER:
      i fell playing soccer and broke my ankle. It was such a clean break, therre was no swelling. I wouldsee a doctor. from my expierence, just because its not swollen, doesnt mean its not broken. You also could of tore a ligament or sumthin. go get it examined.

    bruised swollen ankle pain?
    since football today my ankle has really hurt in certain positions and with certain amounts of pressure on it. mainly if i pointed my toes out and stiffened my foot it really hurts like a sharp pain in the main circular bone bit above the arch of your foot above the heel and if i press it it hurts quite a bit as if it’s bruised but theres no visible bruising and i don’t remember a collision on my ankle :S.
    but now it’s started to sell a bit like the vein that sits over the bone has popped out and is squidgy

    also today after footy when i went to the cinema i stretched my leg and tried to reach my shoe which had moved under the seat i was on and i had this spasm when i felt like i should straighten my leg out really quick but i couldn’t and i had a cramp feeling and couldn’t move for a few minutes and since it’s hurt a fair bit in my hamstring areaand ive played football almost eery night of the week now so could i have overdone my muscles and should i see a doctor?
    and with hamstrings how does the doctor check to see if you’ve pulled or teared it? and even if i haven’t done either could he give me crutches even if it’s just bruising on my ankle because it’s really hurting. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      You could have some sort of pulled muscle or a spained ankle.
      Bone bruising isn’t always visible but can be extremely sore and painful.
      Take a trip to your doctor to make sure that there isn’t any serious underlaying problems with your ankle.
      Also he/she can prescribe you an anti-inflammatory and some pain medication.
      Get well soon.

    heard a pop in ankle little swelling no pain?
    it also feels weird when i turn it inwards like its goin to pop out

    • ANSWER:
      well i have twisted my ankle a few times. you might want to get it checked out. swelling is not a good thing. you might be numb right now count on pain in a few days. if not you might have messed up a jont of some sort. best advice is get it checked to make sure walking on it will not further injure it because i get pain occasionally from walking on a messed up ankle when i was younger

    Pain in ankle, no swelling?
    So last night at our Senior Talent show, my part in a skit was to be on my friend’s back and then he threw me down. Point being, I landed funny and now my right ankle hurts. There is no swelling. Last night I woke up and it was throbbing. When I walk, the pain is least when I keep a straight leg. Walking on my tiptoes hurts the most.

    I can’t go to a doctor until Monday. Do I even need to go since there’s no swelling? Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      you could have pulled a tendon or something that in its nature doesnt swell a lot…if it is still causeing you a lot of pain i would go see just to make sure..hope u get better
      Good LUck :)

      p.s. use R.I.C.E.

    Medial ankle pain (what is it?)?
    I am a 39 y/o female and recently started walking/running about 8 miles a day on a treadmill. I now have an injury to my right medial ankle with no swelling. The pain is so severe I cannot walk on it. It seems to get worse after I lay down and get back up.
    I am a registered nurse but do not currently have health insurance. Is this something that will go away in time? I realize there are a lot of tendons in that region. I have also used RICE. Ibuprofen works well. What is this pain. It’s been about 2 weeks since the initial injury which did not hurt until I got off the treadmill and sat down for a while
    Please no uneducated answers here, as I said I am an RN and need professional opinions only. Thanks.
    Richard, first of all thank you for such a great answer so far and thanks for your time.
    The treadmill is new and expensive with great sgock absorbtion. I recently bought the sneakers, which are new Nike airs and I tried on 20 pairs at the store before I decided on the right ones.
    The pain is sharp and extreme. It sometimes radiates slightly up the right lateral tibia. Almost indicative of nerve involvement. The majority of the pain is right below the ankle joint itself. Hyper-extention causes more apin and dorsiflex causes less. On palpation the pain is acutely and directly beneath the right medial ankle.
    I used to work in the OR around Orthopods all day but, now work as a nurse consultant and don’t really have access to the orthopods.
    I really want to run and love doing it. I hate the thought of not being able to run again.
    Thanks again for all your help.

    • ANSWER:
      Shelly, I wish that you had included a little more specific information on where the pain was and that movements evoked pain. You stated that it is difficult to stand or walk on it due to pain but is the pain sharp or dull? Can the pain be specifically identified any one movement or direction. Is there weakness to a specific motion when it is challenged and in a non-weight bearing position? Is there a specific point of tenderness with palpation? The answers to these questions are going to help give a specific answer to this problem. The medial side has the large deltoid ligament along with some tendons present. It is rare to injure the medial ligaments. But the one thing that could be happening is that the ground reactive forces from being on the treadmill are irritating the medial ankle joint. How old are your sneakers in terms of mileage? Most sneakers are shot after about five hundred miles even if the tread looks good. Check the floor of the treadmill and see what it is made of. Most all units are based on a piece of metal and then a thin layer of wood. The better units have more wood or a better shock absorption system. Most home units don’t have the best of shock absorption to them. Also look at the wear pattern of the sneakers. Are they worn heavily on the inside of the rear of the shoe? If this is the case try this for a simple solution. Get a pair of arch supports from a local pharmacy or supermarket from either Dr. Scholl’s or Spenco. If that helps when you can afford to go see a podiatrist for custom made orthotics but they are going to cost you somewhere around three hundred. Being that you are an RN do you know any orthopedists that would just take a fast look at the ankle? Do you know any PT’s that would take a look at the ankle? Usually the therapists are more than likely to just give you some evaluation and advice for free.

    Ankle pain w/NO brusing or swelling?
    I developed sudden pain in my ankle, and went to urgent care. They said it a possible stress fracture. I then met with a Podiatrist, and he put me in a Cam Walker, and I got x-rays taken. He said its a possible sprain. I have been researching on when my ankle hurts, and it looks like it could be a sprain; but I’ve had no swelling or brusing. And it also might be pulled/torn ligament. Again, no swelling or brusing. So I am unsure now. I go back on Friday to my podatrist. Im in constant pain, and the Nyproxen he perscribed isn’t helping. I feel I need to “pop” my ankle and the nurse said that was normal, but don’t. What could happen if I would “pop” it?
    I went to the ER, in the evening, after the urgent care. They said it was probably sprained. And put me in an aircast. It didnt help any… so I called my podatrist. I just hate waiting until Friday to find out whats wrong.

    • ANSWER:
      if you pop it you could make it worse if it is something bad like a sprain. Usually, no swelling is a bad sign of a sprain or break. I would have an ER doctor take a look at it…

    Ankle pain with fever but no swelling or bruising?
    My 2 year old daughter has been having a lot of pain on the top of her ankle. She has been having fever as well. I took her to an urgent clinic where all they did was verify there was no fracture or broken bones. That afternoon she seemed better and was walking on it, with a limp but was not complaining anymore. After she woke up from her nap it seemed like it hurt her even more. I have been giving her motrin to help with the pain but she still cries even when she is not putting weight on it. I am unsure of what to do, and I don’t know what it causing her so much pain. She has had minimal swelling that her dad says but I just don’t see it and I also don’t see any bruising. What should I do? Should I take her back to the doctor? Is there any other medicine that would work better? She is in pain and I hate seeing my baby like this.
    I have also been putting a cold pack on her ankle about every 2 hours or so.

    • ANSWER:
      At this point with no obvious injury and a fever-you need to take her back and have lab work done to rule out an infection. If they don’t want to do lab work, find another clinic or doctor. The indicator of pain and fever at least warrants lab work. Sometimes doctors have to look “outside the box”.

      As a nurse I just want to add that the pain in the ankle and the fever may be related. Some things pop to mind and one of them is osteomylelitis or infection in the bone which may not show up on xrays until much later. Littles ones bones have a long way to go to be fused and pediatric xrays can be difficult to read. It would be nice if she could be checked out by a pediatrician rather than an urgent care doc. Not to make little of urgent care docs as they are good in their own right.

    why do I have swelling and sharp pain in the top of my foot and ankle with no injury?
    I have pain shooting from the inner part of my foot near my ankle and the top of my foot swells and I have not injured it.the pain is in the arch and feels like a sharp object is being pushed into my ankle.the ankle is not swollen but the top of the foot is and my lower leg is too. Can anyone tell me what this is?

    • ANSWER:
      Do you wear flip-flops a lot? If so, I believe you have something called tendinitis. Just ice your foot and keep it up for about 24 hours and then try not to wear your flip-flops as much… Sorry that sucks i know, I had to go through it…

    I have a strange swollen ankle, no pain?
    About a week ago I looked down and noticed a large lump on my right ankle. (towards the front, below the bone) I didn’t hurt it, and there is no pain. If I push down on it it pops right up with no depression from my finger so it doesn’t sound like normal edema from what I’ve read. Anyone know what could cause swelling out of the blue?

    • ANSWER:
      might be some sort of inflammation … i had something like that happen to my finger. My knuckle swelled out of nowhere and it did not hurt. Mine went after about a week. But something liek that happened to my teacher and he needed antibiotics. So i suggest you see a doctor

    WHATS WRONG WITH MY FOOT!!! HELP!! i rolled my ankle but the only pain and swelling is on the outside foot?
    I was playing basketball the other night and when i jumped i landed on someone’s foot causing my ankle to roll outwards. i was able to walk on it but the only pain was on the outside/underneath of my foot which is very swollen. It hurts mildly to walk on it. I have full range of motion in my ankle but it hurts a little to point my foot outwards. i can bend my toes with no pain. could this just be a popped blood vessel. or a tendon/ligament tear? Please help me. I am also a 17 year old athlete who has had 3 surgeries already :/

    Thank you, gabe

    • ANSWER:
      u probably sprained it

    Pain in ankle… no swelling only happens sometimes?
    I’m 14 and sometimes when i wake up in the morning my ankle hurts and it doesn’t really affect how im walking or anything its just kind of an ache that doesn’t go away. I don’t know if this is normal. It doesn’t happen every day only once or twice a week. Should i see a doctor and get an x-ray?

    • ANSWER:

    Pain and swelling on the outside of ankle…please help?
    Someone I know is experiencing moderate pain and swelling on the outside of their ankle, right at the area where the Malleoli (bony knob) is located. As the day progresses the pain and swelling worsen. Her concern is that she has no knowledge of anything that may have happened to cause an injury. Is there anything else that could cause these symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      She could be having issues with the joint around there such as something like arthritis (an example only).

      The only way to know for sure is to have her see her doctor for further evaluation of the situation.

    Ankle pain in both ankles but no swelling. What could it be?
    I’ve always had a history of joint pain due to having my flexibility over-worked when I was very young. I tend to have the same joint problems as elite gymnasts. This new pain, however, is different. For a couple days now, I’ve had a persistent pain in BOTH my ankles. They are not swollen. I have done nothing to trigger it that I know of. The main focus of the pain seems to be in the front. Pointing my toes causes no pain at all, but tilting my foot upwards is very painful and hard to do because it is also very stiff. It’s been pretty hard to walk. I’m only a teenager! What could possibly be the problem?

    • ANSWER: