Ankle Sprain Swelling Up

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    What causes the Ankle to Swell up after You Sprain it?
    Why does the ankle swell up so much after you sprain it?

    • ANSWER:
      When the body has an injury, it sends interstitial fluid (the fluid between cells) to the site to cushion it. A little swelling is ok, but a lot causes pain.
      Treatment for a sprain involves reducing or stopping swelling. Follow the RICE formula.
      Access the source below for further information.

    why is my ankle still swelling up after 6 months?
    i sprained my ankle at the end of august 2008 and it keeps swelling up why ?

    it been over 6 months !!!1

    i have seen my doctor twice but he said if i go again it might come 2 surgery !

    and i dont want that im 2 frightend to have surgery

    can you help ?

    what could i do for it to not swell up ?

    • ANSWER:
      I sprained my ankle in June of 2008 and I had the same situation as you, where it was still swollen 5 months afterwords. I was going to the doctor, had x-rays, was soaking it in eptson salt, icing it, everything I could think of. They finally did an MRI and found multiple torn ligaments, one completely torn. I had surgery in December, was on crutches and am now walking around on it. In the next couple months my foot should recover enough to were I can run again!

      You may have to have surgery, you may not. I would recommend seeing a podiatrist and asking them to perform the drawer test. That test gives them an idea of what is going on with the ligaments.

      You may also try physical therapy and see if that helps, you’ll probably need it anyways if your foot has been hurt for that long.

      Good luck, and don’t be scared.

    Swelling a week after ankle sprain?
    I sprained my ankle about a week and a half ago, it was a regular side sprain, it swelled up a lot, but as of yesterday it was back down to normal. No pain now except when I bend my ankle in the direction of the injury. My foot looked normal.

    Now today, it swelled back up to where it was that first day, complete with that big bump, and then just overall foot swelling. I didn’t reinjure it, nothing happened, it doesn’t hurt unless I push on it, I can stand on one foot. It’s like all the swelling but none of the pain…what should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      You should be putting ice on for 15 mins several times a day, trying to keep your foot elevated as much as possible, and trying not to be on your feet as much as possible. You may also benefit from an ankle brace to assist in giving your ankle some support while the ligament heals. The ligament takes around 4 wks to fully heal and if you continue to put stress on it by walking then you are delaying the healing process.

    What Causes the Ankle to Swell After a Sprain?
    Why does the ankle swell up after you sprain it??

    • ANSWER:
      Inflammatory process. You’ve injured the tissue and it gets inflamed. Best thing is ice and some sort of anti inflammatory medication like ibuprofen.

    I sprained my ankle long ago but it’s been acting up, swelling up as of late. What should I do?
    I sprained my ankle about 6-7 years ago. It hurts off and on every 6 months which is supposedly usual. As of recently, the ankle is swollen once more. It’s been getting worse from prolonged use. Any suggestions as to helping with easing the swelling?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a licensed massage therapist who specializes in injuries like that. Usually a sports massage therapist will be specialized in that area. Check around with chiropractors and health clubs.

      In massage school, one of my teachers talked all the time about working with ankle injuries, and how much of a difference it makes even years after the injury. Scar tissue builds up and causes problems, and massage can break the scar tissue down and help the tissue be healthy again. It’s not fun, but it WORKS.

    why is it that a sprained ankle swells up?

    • ANSWER:
      When your body detects an injury, one if its responses is to increase blood flow to the area in an attempt for your immune system, including your white blood cells, to fight back any infection and promote the healing of the damaged tissue. In order to increase blood flow, your body releases Histamine, which binds to receptors and causes all the surrounding blood vessels and capillary beds to dilate. This is the swelling you see. We ice these injuries because often the histamine release-caused swelling causes most of the pain you experience, so by reducing the swelling, the injury won’t hurt as much.

    Grade 2 ankle sprain -swelling even after 8 weeks?
    I sprained my ankle 6 weeks ago. MRI showed that I tore 2 ligaments completely and partially tore one ligament.Doc has given me a lace up brace now that the swelling is not going down at all.He has also asked me to take CELEBREX for the swelling.
    Do you think I shud use a hard cast?is taking CELEBREX imprortant?

    • ANSWER:
      You may want a second opinion just to ease your mind that your doctor told you to do the right thing. When in doubt about any thing medically, get another opinion! My daughter was being treated for IBS for a year, and then found out she had Endometriosis! Doctors aren’t always right, and its your body, at your expense!

    I sprained my ankle and it’s swelled up. When will the swelling go down?
    Well, last night I sprained my ankle. At first it didn’t hurt that bad.
    I went to the doctor and she said nothing major and I need to wear this like cast or whatever and it’s super swollen. Which I know that’s normal, but when might the swelling go down? -.-

    • ANSWER:
      Keep it elevated as much as you can.
      The swelling should go down within a few days

    sprained my ankle,swelling went down but now its come back a little but is lumpy if i press it leave dent?
    i sprained my ankle 3 wks ago it swelled up and was black and blue, i heard a crack like noise. doc said couldnt tell if its a fracture as it was too swollen. swelling went down but came back today just a bit round my ankle..when i press it, it leaves an indent so kind of lumpy what should i do next

    • ANSWER:
      If you heard a crack noise, you need to go back to the doctor or to an ER. It could have been your ankle bone or it could have been a ligament or a tendon tearing. Are you able to put pressure on it at all? The indent when you press on it is because there is still some swelling to it. Take some Ibuprofen and get some ice on that thing!! And remember to elevate it-above the heart is best. Good luck!!

    ankle sprain need answer asap please?
    2 weeks ago wen i was playing soccer sprained my ankle it swelled up like tennis ball its week 2 swelling is just a little i walk but not to good i was trying to see how my ankle felt so i did some ground moves my ankle feels really REALLY weak, some times extremelly loose, and at times it feels tight, it feels unstabe, it pops at times wen moved, most of my range of motion/movement is gone, and dont know what to do to fix this, make heel faster, stop pain, etc please help thanks

    • ANSWER:

    Does icing a sprained ankle prevent and reduce swelling???
    For example, if I’m not able to put ice on my sprained ankle immediately then of course my ankle will swell up. However, if I apply ice to my swollen ankle hours later, will it help REDUCE the swelling??? Or does ice only PREVENT swelling. Thanks for your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      it will still help,

    Sprained ankle swelling crazy?
    I sprained my ankle two days ago, and I went to a doctor and they told me I sprained my ankle and they gave me a brace. They told me I could walk on it and it’d be fine. Yesterday the swelling almost disappeared, but today, when I stood on it for a while, it swelled up a lot. I’ve been icing it for 2 hours and they swelling hasn’t gone down… What do you reccomend?

    • ANSWER:
      just keep your ankle elevated and ice it every other hour or so. you seemed to have irritated your sprain. just don’t do anything on it for a day or so and it will be back to normal.

    how to prevent swelling in a sprained ankle?
    a few months ago i sprained my ankle while practicing for track. its still kinda swollen, not horribly, but enough its enough to notive the difference between the my two ankles. i am going to be spending tomorrow on my feet a lot. the last time i was on my feet all day, my ankle swelled up really bad. my question is there anything ican do to prevent my ankle from swelling up again. i am in traiing for track and dont want to be set back again.
    i have not seen a doctor because i work with trainers who take good care of me and stated that the reason its not healing fully is because i havent stopped runnin to let it heal, becasue i cant stop running. i just need a way to stop it from swelling.

    • ANSWER:
      Try not to move it if its already swollen you need to put ice on it have you gone to your doctor yet? take a pain pill also for the pain like ibu profen or advil hope you get better!

    why has my ankle swollen up from a knee injury?
    I injured my knee over the weekend. the dr said it looks like just a bad sprain, but now my ankle and the inside of my left foot are starting to swell and bruise… is this just residual swelling from being on that leg? How can i reduce the swelling in my foot?
    I was jumping off a bridge into a river while on float trip… my knees were bent, but when i hit the water, i hit a rock at an angle which caused the injury to my knee

    • ANSWER:
      Put alot of ice on it

    If you bandage your ankle tightly would the ankle swell up?
    Could it make simliar symptom effect like sprained ankle?

    • ANSWER:
      No. It won’t swell up anything like if it were sprained. And it’ll only last for a couple of minutes. It would be just a waste of time.

    how can i keep the swelling down after i sprained my ankle 7 weeks ago?
    I sprained my ankle playing football 7 weeks ago but I came back to sport 2 weeks after I sprained it. I have went to the doctors and I have been considered physio but my ankle is still swelled up and really painful !! what can i do to keep the swelling down when doing physical activity??

    • ANSWER:
      wear an ankle brace, the best ones can be received from your doctor. but you can get one over the counter at wal mart, Wallgreens, your local SVC. try to alternate 15 minutes of ice, and 15 minutes of heat at night. and maby try and icy hot patch under the ankle brace when doing physical activity. hope it helped

    Ankle Sprain?
    I would like to know how long it would take for a minor ankle sprain to heal. I was running toward the ringing phone and I tripped on our Christmas tree box and I twisted my ankle. I have done this before and my ankle was fine the next day. This time it swelled up (did not turn black and blue) and it was painful when I touched it. Like I said, it’s a minor sprain. It only causes me a very slight amount of discomfort. If I’m distracted with something I hardly even notice it. Any advice would help.

    • ANSWER:
      An ankle sprain is an injury to ligaments, tissues that connect bone to bone. A minor ankle sprain is a grade one – only minor injury to one or two ligaments. Healing is enhanced by doing three things, reducing swelling, stabilize the ankle during healing, help to enhance the return of proprioception. Proprioception is knowing where your ankle is in relation to gravity. When you injure the ligaments, you injure small proprioceptive nerves and they take much longer than ligaments to heal.
      So, to reduce swelling we use RICE – rest, ice, compression and elevation. An aircast splint will stabilize the ankle. You can get one over-the-counter. It prevents side-to-side motion of your ankle and speeds healing while you are active. It must be worn with an athletic shoe (cross trainer, walker, running). Proprioception can be enhanced by removing your shoe and splint twice a day and rolling a tennis ball on the floor with the sole of your foot. Remain seated, roll the ball for 2-3 minutes toes to heel and back and side to side.

      Complete healing is 3-4 weeks for ligaments though they should feel better in a few days for a grade one sprain. Healing for nerves is 6-8 weeks. You have to protect the ankle from further injury until healing is complete.

    Question on my ankle sprain.?
    I sprained my ankle during a basketball game. My foot landed on it’s side and i came down hard. I felt a ligament in my ankle rip/tear and it started to hurt. My ankle swell up and had juices in it. I wasn’t able to walk after i got hurt. For the first day i couldn’t put any pressure on it so i bought crutches but after the first night i left my crutches and could walk a little then about a week or so i could walk much more. But my question is why is my ankle still swollen, its been a couple months ( sprained it in august ) and its still not looking like my right ankle. I can walk fine but its still bigger than my right ankle, Any help?

    • ANSWER:

    Sprained Ankle Swelling?
    I sprained my ankle quite badly about 2 weeks ago now, i was playing football, and i rolled my ankle, i heard a crack, and it swelled up instantly, there wasn’t any real severe pain at all, i could still walk on it, i stopped playing and got my dad to pick me up,
    the next day, it was huge, and i couldn’t bare any weight on it at all, so i went to the hospital, they put me in a plaster as they thought it may be a fracture as there was a line on the x ray, 2 days later they took me out of that and put me in a walking cast, they said to keep it on for two weeks, after about a week, and i know i shouldn’t have, but i took it off, as when i was doing the exercises, it no longer hurt, i’ve been walking without the cast on for a few days now and there is minimal pain. however, the ankle is still slightly bigger than my other ankle, and is a feels quite hard when i touch it.
    I was wondering weather it was natural to still see some painless swelling, and wondering and hoping i haven’t caused any permanent damage,
    any help would be appreciated, thanks

    • ANSWER:
      It is completely normal for it to swell, although abnormal for it to be painless. I had a level 4 ankle sprain in november, it was extremely swollen for a few months following the injury. For the first month it was so swollen in fact that I could not even fit a sock on my foot. I was nervous about how crazy swollen it was, but the doctor told me it was normal.

      So I am sure you are fine.

    I sprained my ankle and it is swelling on both sides and on top of my foot. Is it just a sprain or more?
    I did it playing basketball last night. I came down on it wrong and knew it was hurt. I sat out for about 5 minutes and then decided to play more. I was able to play with a little discomfort. After the game I could walk on it with a limp. This morning I woke up and it hurt really bad-I can’t even walk on it now. The swelling is on both sides of the ankle and on top of the foot. Is it just a sprain or possibly something more serious?

    • ANSWER:
      The only way to know for sure if it is not broken is to get x-rays of your foot. There are plenty of people who have broken one of their foot bones and still walk around on it. It could be just a hairline fracture or a bone could be out of place.
      It probably wasn’t the best idea to continue playing. You could have initially sprained it (which is an over-stretch of the ligaments), and then since it was weak from the sprain, you could have fractured it going back into the game. Either way, I would see a doctor so you can get a picture of your foot. They will take 3 x-rays from different angles to see all sides of all of the bones.
      Either way, you will need to take it easy for at least 4-6 weeks.

    What is causing pain 4 months after ankle sprain…?
    Okay, I had a pretty nasty ankle sprain in September that left me with a blood clot in my lower leg. The other night I was “Spring Cleaning” my house (even though its the middle of winter!) and I noticed that my ankle swelled up and hurt a little. Here it is 4 days later and my lower leg feels extremely tight, slightly swollen, and Extremely painful to bear weight on. Every time I put weight on it, I want to scream. I have tried Ibuprofen, propping it up, and icing it. Nothing seems to be working. Why would this be hurting, this long after my injury and should I go to the doctor or urgent care today?

    • ANSWER:
      definitely go to urgent care

    i fractured/sprained my ankle 3 days ago and my whole foot is swelling up, not just my ankle. Is this normal?
    IThe orthopedist said it was a really bad sprain but now (3 days later from when the accident happened), my whole foot has become swollen. Is that normal? Also does it matter if when I take the splint off to take a shower if i put it back on and it is loose? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      haha i just sprained my ankle for the 3rd time within the last year about an hour ago lol. It hurts

      Anyway, Its normal to feel instability in your ankle for a while, and many times the swelling and bruising will spread throughtout your entire foot. It may feel looser after you take a shower because the heat loosened up your muscles/ligaments/etc. Just make sure to splint it again so you dont injure it again while its loosened up.

      And make sure you let it heal completely before getting back ou ton it, or you may end up respraining it frequently.


    can u sprain your ankle without there being any swelling?
    i went over on my ankle playin squash the other day and it hurts when i put weight on it, expecialy goin up and down the stairs. i thought i might have sprained it but there is no swelling, can u still sprain your ankle without there being any swelling? and how long should it take to heal?

    • ANSWER:
      I had a major sprain 2-3 months ago playing football, but I couldn’t walk. I’d torn some ligaments which caused huge swelling, but I also fractured a bone on the outside of the same ankle where you couldn’t see any difference.

      So maybe you’ve fractured it?

      Good luck :)

    What is the worst way to sprain your ankle?
    Are your toes supposed to swell up if you have a sprained ankle?
    Is it possible to add pictures so I can see what they look like. I need this info for a project, I dont have the injury luckily.

    • ANSWER:

    ANKLE sprain recovery?
    2 days ago, i sprained both of my ankles due to gymnastics, and i couldnt walk for that day at all. I tried to get up but it would hurt SO bad.My left ankle swelled up badly. yesterday i went to the doctors and they told me to rest, put ice, compress, and elevate. and that i didn’t fracture anything.

    i did that for 2 days and this morning its feeling WAY better. i can kinda walk now but i limp.

    I have cheer camp in 3 weeks and my first pep rally in bout 7 weeks. will i get better by then?

    • ANSWER:
      After years of jumping out of planes and doing other things in the military I have become well aquainted with ankle sprains. My quick estimate is 40 times of sprains of various degrees but I am sure there are many more that I have forgotten.

      The feeling better in 2 days is a bit deceptive. If you start going to it again as soon as it feels better later pain or creakyness can come back. It can become a recurring issue for a very long time.

      The ice is not really necessary right now. You need to actually just give it a rest for a few days…….say 4 more. Just walk around a bit normally.

      After that do some LIGHT stretches. A bit of streching of your achilles tendon will go a long way. Streching a bit until you can just feel a BIT of tension in the back of your calves and upper thigh will do as well.. The point is that you don’t want to lose range of motion and then have this totally stiff ankle later.

      The point is you want to give your ankle a rest for now and don’t rush the process. If you have all of this other stuff coming up you need to quit the whole gymnastics thing.

    Sprained ankle 1st 2nd or 3rd degree sprain?
    Ok so I sprained my ankle yesterday by bouldering at a rock gym. I only fell like 5ish feet but when I fell my foot landed half on the mat and half on the floor. When this happened my ankle buckled and my foot rolled under me. I immediately iced it afterwards. Currently I am using the RICE treatment with crutches where ever I have to go. My ankle is swelled up pretty bad but not that much. The swelling starts from the top of my ankle to the arch of my foot. There is some bruising but it’s slight. Is this a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree sprain. I’m gonna keep up with the rice treatment, so how much longer until it’s pretty good and healed up?

    • ANSWER:
      I sprained my ankle today playing basketball to a third degree and the doctor told me that it will be fully healed in 2 and a half months. Keep using the rice treatment and it will heal in like 2 weeks:

    My ankle was swollen now from my knee to my toes are numb and tingling?
    I was at my doctors 2 weeks ago and told him my feet and ankle kept swelling up he said stop eating so much salt anyway last night my ankle was hurting bad and it was swollen so I went to the ER they took xrays and said I sprained it, now this morning I wake up and from my knee to my toes are numb and tingling, even my right leg feels that way but not as bad.

    Should I go to the hospital or is it normal feeling when having a sprain ankle? Never had one so not sure.

    • ANSWER:
      if i were you i would ice it and see if it goes down if it doesnt go to the ER again

    My ankle is painful to walk on but I have no swelling or anything that indicates a sprain?
    I came home on Tuesday evening after going to the cinema and I had this pain just under my big toe on my right foot. I put this down to, too much walking, anyway I go to bed and I wake up the next day with the same pain but in my ankle joint. But my ankle shows no signs of it being a sprain. I now have the pain all along my foot, ankle and up my leg to the kneecap.

    • ANSWER:
      Do you do any running? I had a similar problem that seems to come and go. I went to the doctors and they said its Plantar Fascitus – Stretching of the tendon that runs through the foot and up to the knee. They gave me some anti-inflammatorys which helped but the pain is rather repetitive!

    Is methylated spirits good for ankle sprain?
    I badly sprained my ankle over a week ago. Been to hospital and had it x rayed. Doctor says just to give it time bla bla bla. Well it’s been just over a week and it’s still pretty sore. Someone told me to soak a bandage in methylated spirits and strap my ankle up with it and that will help with the swelling. Is this true? Is methylated spirits a good idea??

    • ANSWER:
      Methylated spirit is used in laboratories with bunsen burners, it has a low blue burning flame, of a low heat. It also is a good cleansing agent, and can be used for sterilising the skin for an injection. But using on your sprained ankle is new to me.

      Ice packs do wonders. And kaolin poultices can be used and have great healing actions. Not used like it were some sixty or seventy years ago, but time marches on.
      New techniques and methods. And a sprained ankle is no joke, I’ve suffered it too.

      After a week the swelling should have receded and be non existent now. But you have to not walk on the ankle, and use a walking stick to take the strain. I’m surprised a walking stick hasn’t been suggested for you.

      Doctors are far to quick to dismiss you these days, and be very unsympathetic. Using methylated spirit can soothe the ankle, because of its low temperature effect. It won’t be harmful. Also if your ankle fails to respond more quickly, then a future X-ray maybe advisable.


    how long should you wait to run again after an ankle sprain?
    I sprained my ankle about two weeks ago and now its only a little painful but much better, theres no more bruising or swelling. I have a tie up ankle brace but how long should I wait until I can start up running miles again? or at all…?

    • ANSWER:
      When i sprained my ankle and my swelling had gone down and the bruising went away my doctor advised me not to go running for miles but instead start slowly for example running for 10 minutes for a few days and then building up more time. hope this helps

    How to stop ankle swelling?
    Hey i sprained my ankle about a week ago but it still is swelled up. The swelling decreased drastically but for the last few days it has stayed on this level. How can i get rid of the swelling?

    • ANSWER:

    Can your ankles swelling up be a symptom from being infected with the herpes STD ?
    I have had one outbreak of genital herpes about 4 or 5 years ago. Since then i have never got another outbreak but a couple times a year my ankle swells up for a few days, sometimes it lasts about a week. It feels and looks pretty similar to a sprained ankle. I can’t walk very well on it, and it feels bruised. Then it goes away and doesn’t return for another 6 months or so. Someone told me that it was a symptom of the herpes STD but i can’t find any information on the internet about it. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know, it would be much appreciated. Thanx.

    • ANSWER:

    How long is a sprained ankle swollen?
    So i sprained my ankle last Saturday, and it still hurts and it still swells up. Is this normal or should i see a doctor?
    thanks for the help

    • ANSWER:
      A sprained ankle would normally be swollen for about a week. Even with constant icing and treatment, there will still be swelling for that duration. It just goes down very slowly. It can last longer than that, depending on the severity of the injury. Feeling pain is normal, too. I have sprained my ankles 3 times, and it takes at least a couple weeks to be back on my foot again. You should only be worried about it being a broken foot if your ankle is purple and severely bruised and it hurts extremely bad, like you can’t even really move it. Otherwise, just follow the conventional method of R.I.C.E. to treat it. Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. Stay off the foot with your sprained ankle completely, ice it a lot, compress and wrap it with some kind of athletic tape or splint to help the swelling go down and to keep the ankle from moving around, and elevate it by keeping the level of your injured leg above the heart (so when you’re sitting down or lying down when sleeping, put your leg on top of a few stacked pillows so your leg is higher than your heart). This will slow blood flow to the area…slowing swelling and inflammation.

    Can swelling after 5 weeks with an ankle sprain be a sign that I tore some ligaments?
    I sprained my left ankle on Dec. 22nd 2007. It was swollen and bruised really bad. The X-Rays revealed that their wasn’t a break which was done a few hours after I did it. It was swollen on the outside as well as on the inside of my ankle. I just started jogging on it because I have a lot of pain on the inside of my ankle. However today on the inside it begin to swell back up. I don’t know if I need more x-rays or if its just because I just started back running on it. Also I was wondering if the swelling is a sign that I torn the ligament on the inside of my ankle.

    • ANSWER:
      I had a grade III ankle sprain (inversion) and tore 2 ligaments in half!
      At first in the ER (did it at work, taken by ambulance) they did an x-ray which showed no breaks. They put me in a soft cast (hard cast on the back of my leg, ace bandage wrap around that) and gave me crutches. I went a few days later to a podiatrist who kept in the cast for a week and then moved me to a walking boot. After about 7 weeks with no major improvement he did an MRI which showed the 2 tears. To make a long story short I ended up having arthoscopic surgery to clean the ankle area out (lots of scar tissue!) and just this past halloween had ligament reconstruction surgery and was in a short leg cast for 4 weeks , then walking boot for 6 more weeks.

      Ankle injuries are tricky, to say the least! If you are still having pain get an MRI and go from there

      Hope that helps

    Ankle Sprain caused severe swelling to foot.?
    Around last Thursday, 23rd August, I fell down around 8-10 steps of a certain staircase. I’ve got a really bad sprain and went to the hospital. They said I’ve got a fracture, and they’ll placed a cast on my legs.

    But right now, my whole right feet is swollen. I did some ‘experiments’ and here are the results.

    1. I raised my feet up high when I sleep. The right feet becomes less swollen. YAY!.

    2. When I got my crutches and start walking to the toilet, I can feel a SHARP, EXTREMELY painful pain at the ankle area, and the feet area.

    3. The swell got bigger again, and my WHOLE FEET becomes huge.

    So the question is, did I break a blood vessel? If not, what’s up with my feet? Is there anyway whereby I can stop the pain? (It is frikkin painful even after I eat painkillers) How long will it take to heal?

    (Please don’t ask me to elevate my feet. Yes, the swell will get better but when I stand up, it’s friggin painful and the whole feet swell again)

    -Thank You!
    Vin, Age 15

    • ANSWER:
      The reason why you are swelling is because your body knows that something is wrong, and is sending more blood to try to heal the injury, it’s just your body’s natural reaction/defense to try to heal. You have to keep it elevated in order to keep the swelling down, ice (if you are able to ice it in any way), and ibpforen are also helpful, but mostly you just have to give it time to heal. After I had my knee surgery my entire ankle, foot and leg would become very large unless I kept it elevated for about 2 weeks after surgery. I did have some nylon/sock type things called TED hose which helped keep some of the swelling down, but if you are in a cast this may not work for you (basically they are tight fitting nylons/socks which help keep your fluids up higher in your body so they do not get stuck in the bottom of your leg/feet). It will probably be about 4-6 weeks to heal, and for pain try keeping your mind off of it (if possible), and if the pain is too bad to bear then go ahead and give the doctor a call and let them know that your pain is out of control. Make sure that your leg is receving circulation and that you are not becoming numb, if this does happen it means that your cast could be too tight, one way to make sure that your leg is receving circulation is to pinch your toe and the toe/under the toe nail should turn white momentarlily and then go back to it’s normal color, if you are numb and your toes are not turning white then you should call your doctor because this could cause potentail problems (this happens because of the swelling and your cast being too tight). Good luck!

    Is it normal for a sprained ankle to swell slightly after 2 months?
    I sprained my ankle in late July / early August, and am still experiencing some swelling. I can feel what appears to be maybe damaged tissue still around my outside ankle bone, but there is no pain and I have good range of motion. It’ just that when I walk or play a sport on it, it will swell up very slightly. Is this normal? Is there anything I can/should do to reduce this. I still ice and compress it, but that doesn’t seem to work.

    • ANSWER:
      i think you should consult it to a specialist or a doctor. If it stays for 2 months, there may be some problems underneath. Try to rest your foot for awhile to avoid it from sweeling so that the tissues may regenerate. The swelling may be brought about by the pooling of the blood to the lower extremity. So when you walk, the blood goes to the lower extremity. Try to raise your feet after a long stand or walk to promote blood return and prevent swelling. But if this will not solve the problem, better consult the doctor right away so that you can avoid complications. Expect that they will require you tests like x-ray…

    What exercises can I do for my ankle sprain?
    I recently sprained my ankle playing football. I was dribbling and someone slide tackled me and I heard my ankle pop. I didn’t think much of it because it didn’t hurt and it didn’t swell up until after the game. I saw the doctor and she said to do ankle strengthening exercises because it was only a moderate sprain. Is there anything I can do except write the alphabet in the air with my foot?

    • ANSWER:
      First of all rest, ice, compress and elevate it.
      balancing on one leg
      Standing on one leg and moving up on the balls of your feet lifting urself up.
      Stretching your calf muscle by pushing against the wall with your leg back

    How long should my ankle be swollen after I sprain it?
    I’ve kept with the normal RICE method, but it’s still as swollen as it was 4 days ago.
    It’s also swollen up to the toes. It’s pretty gross. I can feel the fluid giggle when I’m walking around on my crutches.

    • ANSWER:
      I sprained my ankle just over 5 weeks ago. In the time Ive been resting, elevating, icing, compressing and taking anti inflamatory tablets and it is STILL very swollen.

      4 days isnt too bad. Just keep doing what youre doing. Ice it for no longer than 15 minutes at a time, try to wear a compression bandage to squeaze the swelling out and take some iboprofen a few times a day. And try to keep it mobile – even if its just tracing the alphabet with your big toe.

      Good luck!

    Doc says ankle sprain, but could there be a fracture?
    I’m 25. 2 weeks ago I fell down some stairs both twisting my ankle inward and hitting the outside of the ankle hard against the banister. Went to the ER and xrays of ankle from one hour after the incident were negative. Followed up with PMD 2 days later who said it was sprained but noticed swelling in my toe and got xrays of the foot (which were negative). It’s been two weeks. I’ve been off work resting, used crutches for 4 days, icing, elevating, and wrapping ankle when up and about. Toe area is fine now but this constant aching pain is continuing on the outside lateral/posterior side of ankle. Worse when walking. Also still a little swollen, bruised, and very tender to touch (even a blanket hurst sometimes). Pain wakes me up at night and is sometimes sharp radiating towards my knee or down the outside of my foot. Taking NSAIDS every 6 hours with some but not much relief. Went back to PMD today and she said it should’ve healed by now and she doesn’t know why a sprain is lasting so long. I asked for more xrays since the first ones were done right after the injury and while my ankle was swollen. She said no xrays necessary, ordered PT, and sent me on my way. Due to my HMO I can’t go see an ortho without her approval (switching to PPO in January). Pain gets so intense I think about going to ER again. How many weeks do I need to wait after the injury before I MAKE my PMD give me the referral or go to the ER? I’ve heard fractures sometimes don’t show up for a couple weeks and that ERs can miss fractures frequently? I want this to heal properly so I don’t have issues later and yet my PMD just doesn’t want to listen to me.

    • ANSWER:
      I doubt there is a fracture, it would have shown up immediately. I don’t know what your dr. means by a sprain healing. I had one this year on my wrist, got it a day after flipping my bike. I had got up and all of a sudden my whole hand got big and so did part of my arm. In less than 5 minutes I was rid of it and have never had a problem with it. A sprain is nothing more than tendons that have shortened themselves up and when they do that in a foot or arm they pull parts together and kind of lock them there and that is what causes them to swell up, the blood is getting trapped there. Once you release the muscles the swelling is gone and you can use your foot again. Go to where the sprain is and look for the ends of any swollen parts and press on them and hold for 30 seconds. If you have the right area they should have released. Keep trying until you hit the spot that takes the big one down. Sorry I can’t be more specific than that but it’s the best I can do on the net.

    i sprained my ankle and it swelled up to about half of a soft ball?
    it wasn’t broken, but they’re gonna check it for sure tomorrow. i have volleyball tryouts in exactly seven days. anything i can do to make it heal a little faster?? or to make it stronger?

    • ANSWER:
      I’d be sure to ice it and to stay off of ur ankle as much as possible until the swelling goes down then start working to gain strength and stability. I would also go to the pharmacy or walmart and get an ankle brace so that u don’t re injure ur ankle and end up missing most of volleyball season. Good Luck…

    Will my ankle ever actually heal… and will it become weaker after a second sprain!?
    I severely sprained my ankle when I was about 11 years old, and went on crutches for a few weeks. I have just done again to the same ankle. It swelled up (not as much as last time though), and then went down a bit but now, almost one week later it still has some swelling and hurts if I twist it (when you can naturally do it without any pain). Have I made it weak? I went to pharmacist- dont really see the point of going to the docs…

    • ANSWER:
      Sprain ankle takes a very long time to heal depending on injury. If you repeatedly sprained the same area, it may take a couple of years before you feel relief. Try to wear support, or a brace whenever you can and be careful. Ask the doctor for further advice. my ankle took about two years and even 10 years later sometimes I have weakness and feel it if I step the wrong way. Be careful and best of luck!

    Is it more likely an ankle sprain or a fracture?
    My daughter (9) fell down the stairs yesterday (on Christmas day!). She landed with her butt on her right ankle (with her ankle twisted). It swelled up right away, not a whole lot but enough to notice. She was able to put some weight on it, but didn’t seem to want to walk on it. Today it’s almost like she’s favoring it more. She says it even hurts to take her sock off. She has her foot sort of turned out to the side and says it hurts to move her ankle or to straighten her foot. Is it normal for a sprain to hurt more the next day? I know an x-ray is the best/only way to check for a fracture, but I’m thinking that since there isn’t too much bruising or swelling, it’s more likely a sprain. We don’t tend to break bones in our family, although she did break her collar bone when she fell off a swing when she was three. Should I go to the ER and get it checked or should I wait and see if it improves? By the way, I live in Canada where because we have free health care, people always go to the ER for stupid, trivial reasons. The wait times are sometimes up to 6 hours just to see a doctor and if the nurses/admitting clerks think you’re wasting their time, you’ll get major attitude.

    • ANSWER:
      If it got swollen it could be a sprain, but sprain or fracture, she should always get an x-ray to make sure. You can get reoccurring pain if you leave a sprain untreated. I did the same with my ankle.

    why does skin swell up when you hurt/sprain/whatever it?
    i got my foot squished under a motorbike the other day and was got wondering why it swelled up? or if you sprain your ankle/wrist etc… why does it swell up?

    • ANSWER:
      1 word edema!

      when u sprain, or crush ur hand legs, tissue fluid is squeezed out and accumulate thus causing it to swell..

      or its blood or pus accumulation, an acute inflammation stage, the pus contains neutrocytes white blood cells etc..

    does wrapping your ankle speed up recovery time after a sprain?
    I sprained it on tuesday but now it is saturday. there is no pain but tenderness and a very little swelling. what else should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      When you think about treating a sprain, think RICE:

      REST – stay off your ankle when you can (easier said than done!). The more you have to be up and around on it, the longer it will take to heal. For severe sprains, sometimes a few days of no weight bearing (i.e., using crutches) is recommended.

      ICE – swelling reaches it’s peak at about 48 hours post injury. So icing a sprain (a 20 min application of cold packs, 2-3 times a day), can help reduce swelling.

      COMPRESSION – Use of an ace wrap or other mild compression dressing helps keep swelling in check. Most people also feel that it helps ease discomfort by providing support to the injured part.

      ELEVATION – when sitting down, pop your foot up on a chair or cushion. This also helps keep swelling in check.

      Use of non steroidal anti-inflammitory medications (NSAIDS like Advil or Aleve) can also help decrease soft tissue swelling and discomfort.

      Hope you feel better soon!

    Approximately how long does an ankle sprain usually take to heal?
    I sprained mine in January of this year, and it still isn’t much better. The swelling isn’t as bad, but it still is swollen regardless. I can’t run, and I really want to get back in shape. I have been icing it too. I can’t afford to go tot he doctor right now because my dad can’t find a job still, so any tips to make it feel better as soon as possible without a doctor visit would be helpful. Like how long should I stay off of it, as I have been moderately jogging on it, and it’s swollen up more. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I sprained my ankle when I was 6 years old. I’m now 20 years old and it’s still sprained. I don’t know how others solve this problem, however the only choice I had was just get used to the uncomfortable feeling.

    Need help with ankle sprain?
    Yesterday i sprained my ankle terribly, it swelled up to a little less than a golf ball, when i hurt my ankle i also hurt my calf on the other leg making it extremely painful to walk, so how long could it be till i recover and anything to make me recover faster

    • ANSWER:

    what is my ankle sprained stage if after 1 week i was able to walk and MOST of the swelling have been gone?
    I sprained my ankle about 2 weeks ago. After 1 week, i was able to walk pretty well and most of the swelling have been gone. Now it’s almost 2 weeks but i haven’t seen any significant recovery from the ankle. How long does it take for my ankle to completely healed up.(I sprained it when i was playing rollerblade, when it is sprained i heard 2 crack sound (sound pretty creepy :D)

    • ANSWER:
      The last time I heard 2 crack sounds in my ankle I fractured my lateral malleolar and buckled by Medial malleolar. After 3 months, 2 casts, a mechanical boot, and a lace up brace I am still not at full function….I would actually advise you go and see a doctor even though you can walk on the foot, just in case.

      I’ve heard of some ankle sprains taking months to heal.

    How to wrap a sprain ankle ( Inversion ankle sprain ) ?
    so i just sprained my ankle while playing soccer and i bent my ankle outwards and now i got swollen ankle. the only things i have is ace bandage and tiger balm .( my ankle is already wrapped up but im not sure if its the correct way ) any help ? videos will help so much.
    by the way i do not have any sport tape.


    • ANSWER:
      thug that shit out let it heal naturally with time homie

    Sprained Ankle/Massive Swelling and Bruising?
    i was playing basketball about 10 days ago, and i jumped very high for a rebound and landed on someone’s foot…i sprained the outside of my ankle.
    i’ve had really bad sprains before, but this one is different. i have swelling halfway up my leg, bruising on the outside and inside of the ankle, including along the bone up my leg.
    on the top surface of my foot, there is a lot of swelling and it feels like it’s full of shards of glass.
    don’t tell me i should go to the doctor, b/c i already know that.
    i just want to know if anyone has had a similar experience and what your rehab regiment/timetable was.
    thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Ice, elevation and anti-inflamatories. Also, invest in a stirrup style ankle brace (which you would probably be put in after a doctors visit anyways). Wear the brace for the next 4-6 weeks and any time you play basketball. Base your activity level on your pain level–if it hurts, don’t do it.

    Is it just a bad ankle sprain?
    back on june 21 i sprained my ankle playing basketball. it swelled up immediately and stayed a pretty huge size for a while. i forced myself to walk on it like 3 days after it happened, b/c of convenience issues at the time. i had an x-ray a week after it happend and it didnt show anything. i remained unactive for 7 weeks, nothing more than walking. after 7 weeks i began running cross country but then eventually had to stop like half way through the season b/c it was getting pretty swollen. i stopped to make sure i could get w/e was wrong with my ankle taken care of before basketball season (which starts on monday!). so i didnt run on it for roughly 5 weeks. i started running again like 2 weeks ago to kinda get in shape for basketball.

    so right now, i still have some minor swelling – maybe a bit more than that. there is also pain, but its not in one specific place at all times. when i tap on the inside part of the ankle bone it hurts and almost feels as if it shoots up like 3 inches or so. when i point my toes up it also feels really stressed right behind that inside part of the ankle bone. and there is some pain near the outside front…most of the swelling is on that outside part of the ankle bone.

    is this worth getting looked at again? possible a 2nd x-ray?
    any contributions are greatly appreciated! thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      A severe sprain is certainly possible, but I think if you are experiencing pain that radiates up the ankle bone (and especially if this is the in side you sprained as opposed to the “outside of the ankle”), there is a possiblity you could have an avulsion fracture which is common in deltoid ligament sprains.

      It might be worth a trip to the orthopedist…sometimes avulsion fractures do not show up on standard x-rays for several weeks.