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    Ankle Ligament Reconstruction Surgery and Foot Osteotomy?
    I had surgery to repair the ligaments in my ankle on December 17th, and I also had an osteotomy (bone wedge removed) from my first metatarsal on the same foot so that my foot would be angled more inward and I would not be prone to rolling it so often. How long do you think the recovery time will be? When will I be able to put weight on it again?

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    What is the recovery time for ankle ligament surgery?
    Based on the swelling and bulge on my ankle, I would say that my ATFL is torn, but I dont know for sure. I may have to have surgery to repair it and was wondering what the approximate recovery time was.

    • ANSWER:
      6-8 weeks for general reattachment.
      During which you will receive physical therapy for mild range of motion exercise till the site heals.
      Always keep it above your heart and elevated to reduce swelling. ice down but not more than 15 min or what a doctor recommends. After that a full recovery can take 6-8 months that’s standard for any sports injure. Talk to a physical therapist and the surgeon.

    Ankle surgery to repair torn ligaments?
    I tore 2 of the 3 ligaments in my ankle last March and rolled my ankle in May, which made it worse. The doctor now says I need surgery. Has anyone had reconstructive ankle surgery? Did it help? How bad is the scar? Will it prohibit wearing closed heel shoes? I wear slip ons now because of the pain when the shoe hits under the ankle. Should I have surgery?

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    ankle surgery?
    I had ankle surgery to repair 2 ligaments that were torn in half. They had to reconstruct them by placing 3 screws and some other stuff to my bone in my leg. I had surgery on January 23rd of this year. I’ve been doing phyical therapy for the past 2 months. I’ve noticed that my big toe is numb in some areas and my ankle and my whole foot in general swells up when I stand and walk on it for a few minutes. My Othopedic doctor says I’m putting too much pressure on the balls of my feet so I will need foot insole to relief the pain. I was wondering if anyone knows or has been through this situation if they know what is wrong with my ankle. This has been going on for a couple of months.

    • ANSWER:
      Are there any signs of swelling around your knee? Do you exhibit any weakness in your feet? Have you had this since your surgery? It’s possible that you may have a pinched nerve as a result of inflammation in or around the knee. I would guess that your inflammation in your foot is definitely contributing to the numbness of the toe. What I would do at this point is ice as much as I can to reduce the inflammation around your ankle and foot and consult another orthopedic surg. to examine you. Decreasing the inflammation is going to get rid of your numbness as well as the swelling.

      Dr. Ali, DC

    I have had major surgery to repair ligaments in my r ankle, when will I be able to horse ride again?
    Torn all ligaments lateral side of ankle
    In a cast for six weeks , three more to go. Still have major pain

    • ANSWER:
      Well DO NOT start again until you are 100% better, my friend started riding with a broken arm and could have done her self major injury. x Get better soon! x

    Has anyone had ankle surgery to repair the ligaments?
    I had two bad sprains about year and half ago. Then six monthsago i broke my ankle. I thought that after it hhealedit would be much better. However, on last Monday i sprained again a cheer practice. The doctor said it was a third degree sprain(whatever that means). It is bad enough that they put my in a cast again even though its not broken. He said that after he looks at the MRI he thinks i will need ankle surgery to repair the ligaments. Has anyone had this type of surgery? What is the recovery like? and How long till you could walk again?


    • ANSWER:
      Well I got in a car wreck 2 years ago and I hurt my ankle really bad. It was so swollen to the point my skin was ripping apart. I went to the orthopedic doctor and they put it in a cast. They said I may have to have surgery on it eventually and all I had was torn ligaments. I haven’t gotten the surgery yet but where I live in the winter it gets REALLY cold and whenever I go outside I just feel the air ripping through my ankle and it hurts like hell..

    Average time out of work from having a ligament repair in my ankle?
    I just found out that I tore 3 of my ligaments in my ankle and if they don’t repair in about 4 weeks I might have to have surgery. What is the average time you are unable to walk on that foot. I am a Transported and my job requires me to walk all day,

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry Sar but no weight bearing for 6-8 weeks. And if you cheat you can tear the repair and it will have to be done again and with more difficulty. You don’t want to mess with your ankle.

    Anybody ever had surgery to repair torn ligaments in their ankle? Can you relate your experience?

    • ANSWER:
      actually I had a surgury to replace the one I lost in an industrial accident. It hurt to have it done. A steel cable was woven into the muscle at one end and it was attached at the heel through holes drilled in the bone. To make it loon normal, it is surrounded by silicone. The proceedure really hurt, and it took me several months to re-learn how to walk again (there was alot more damage i didn’t mention), and well over a year to learn how to effectively hide the fact I have a permanant limp. To this day I hide from cold. Cold causes pain.

    I have to go see a orthopedic dr does this mean I may need surgery?
    My was rushed to the er last night with a swollen right ankle and have to make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon asap. Does this mean I need to have ankle surgery to repair my ankle ligaments?

    • ANSWER:
      It could mean so or maybe not. Most orthopedic specialist are orthopedic surgeons as well so you may just need to see an orthopedic doctor of some sort to talk about fixing your ankle in some way whether it is a cast, boot, or surgery is going to be up to the doctor. If I was you, I wouldn’t stress. I have seen two different orthopedic surgeons and have never had surgery. good luck!

    Have any of you had ankle surgery?
    I’m currently looking into getting surgery to repair a streched out ligament in my ankle. Have any of you had this type of surgery done? Is it helpful? What is the recovery like, and how long does it take? What is it like to play afterwards?

    • ANSWER:
      I am a 6 year volleyball player and had surgery on my ankle and it was a smart choise to do. It took a couple weeks to get back to the usual so do the surgey it helps

    I had ligament repair on my ankle after I mess it up years ago in school playing football.?
    My ankle is so stable and controllable now. But I still have a popping when I twist my foot after 6 months from the surgery. I said something to my doctor but he was not worry about it. The popping feels like something is popping from one side of something to the other side(It is hard to explain). Is that normal?

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    can anyone tell me about how long it takes for an ankle to heal after surgery to repair tendons/ ligaments?
    I know you are probably not doctors and I will not hold you responsible for any information. So don’t worry, many probably have experienced this injuries before and I would rather hear from you than the Army “doctors”. My husband went to get an exam and he says it’s and MRI of his left Ankle and the Army wants him to get the surgery ASAP to deploy to Afghanistan, even though he was supposed to get out in October…. I am worried for him since they are trying to do everything possible to deploy in the next couple of months and he might not be completely healed after surgery.Here are his results:

    There is some fluid surrounding the extensor digitorum longus tendon anteriorly consistent with tensynovitis. The Achilles tendon is intact.

    The medial and lateral tendons are intact.

    There is a partial tear of the deep portion of the deltoid ligament. The superficial portion is intact.

    The anterior and posterior tibiofibular ligaments are intact.

    There is thickening of the anterior talofibular ligament with irregularity suggesting chronic tears with scarring. The posterior talofibular ligament and calcaneofibular ligaments are intact.

    The sinus tarsi appears intact.


    1. Partial tear of the deep portion of the deltoid ligament.

    2. Chronic tears with scarring of the anterior talofibular ligament.

    3. Mild tenosynovitis of the extensor digitorum longus tendon.

    • ANSWER:
      The injuries aren’t that bad to start with, and with surgery to help fix them, I would say about three months.

    Had a right ankle orif w/ligament repair and severe problems with swelling. When will swelling go down.?
    Two days after surgery cast had to be cracked to release pressure from swelling. I’m taking oxycodone 5-325 to deal with pain and nothing for swelling. My leg is elevated but the swelling continues. The pain is so bad I cannot lower my leg to use crutches and am confined to bed. How can I manage the swelling and when will it begin to subside?

    • ANSWER:
      i had an ankle break with ligement repair and was in cast for 6 weeks after cast came off it took about 7 weeks before the swelling went completely down, im sorry if u already are but make sure u keep ur leg elevated at all times, i dont no anyhting about medication for swelling so i would see a doctor, it is worst when your on crutches as u probably no because the cast feels so tite with the swelling, make sure u dont start walking on it to soon like i did. When u are out of cast walk on ur ankle with as much pressure as u can mange using the two crutches then as it gets easier use 1 crutch and u should be walking fine with no swelling. Hope this helps.

    Post ankle surgery and desperate to start working out again!!?
    I am absolutely stoked about getting this @#!$@# cast off on Monday. I had a ligament repair done on my ankle where they tightened the ligament. I have been in a cast for four weeks and will be put in a walking boot on Monday. What types of excersize can I do to continue my weight loss without stressing or messing up my ankle again? How long should I wait? HELP!!!

    • ANSWER:
      i had this done in January. i know how you feel. i just did upper body. i just got cleared to workout with my ankle 3 weeks ago and my surgery was in January. the surgery is very serious cause it’s stabilizing your ankle and you don’t want to tear anything. if your allowed to walk with the boot you can do the treadmill for a little. that’s what i did when i had my boot and was aloud to walk. just don’t put to much pressure and pulling and tugging on your ankle.

    Ankle surgery question ?
    i am having ligament repair surgery on monday and i was wondering if after the surgery will i immediatley be in a hard (fiber glass ) cast or will i be put in a soft cast until my doctor appointment 3 days later ?

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    ankle surgery more likely second time around?
    I had surgery a year ago due to chronic ankle instability. I had torn two ligaments on the outside of my ankle and had a primary ligament repair. Everything has been fine and my ankle has been very strong until two days ago when I fell down steps and landed on my ankle. I went to the ER and they said I had a grade 3 sprain (nothing broken but foot looking very floppy again). I am in a cast and on crutches until I see ortho next week.

    My question is since I’ve already had to have surgery for this condition do you think I am more likely to need it this time around then someone who did this for the 1st time.


    thanks for the responses – I see the ortho doc next week. I had my cast taken off yesterday and was put in a walking boot (still on crutches). When I’ve sprained it before I’ve only had bruising/swelling on the outside of the ankle. This time the bruising is on the ourside, the back of the foot, and the inner part of the ankle. So, I’ll keep icing and elevating. I assume no doing pt exer. until I see the doc?


    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately if you had to have surgery before to repair the ligaments then you may have to go through it again. The ER people cannot tell you for sure that you have a grade 3 b/c that means complete disruption of the ligament and that needs to be confirmed with an MRI. The ortho is the right choice to go to. BTW you should go through physical therapy again and then make sure that you continue with the exercises indefinitely….you wont keep all the gains you make in PT unless you continue doing the exercises.

    Just had ankle surgery and going to school with crutches?
    I had ankle surgery last week to repair torn ligaments in my ankle. Stitches are out and I’m in a pretty pink cast but I’m having an awfully hard time getting around. Classes start Monday and I’ll have to go up and down many flights of stairs using crutches. Keep in mind I’m in college so all the campuses are outdoors so there’s no elevators. My ankle is still very tender and sore and throbs whenever it’s not elevated. So by the end of the day walking around on crutches, my ankle swells up. Any thoughts on how I can get through going back to school with as little pain as possible? Also, how to go up and down stairs on crutches? Not supposed to put any pressure on my ankle at all, already tried – not a good idea. Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:

    fibula/ankle surgery just a couple questions?
    I had surgery on sept 22 10 where i had a plate (10 screw holding it) and a screw through my ankle to repair some ligaments.
    I have a couple questions:
    1. how long till i play hockey again this year or next?
    2. how long should i wait to get all of the metal out? , well i know the big ankle screw is coming out after 8 weeks
    3. how much or if any physio is needed? (im not insured for that)
    4. Ive had no pain throughout this is ordeal, but a couple nights ago i slipped crutch gave out landing on my toes, i had some pain for a couple minutes but now theres no pain , should i be worried about this could it mess up the healing process

    thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      1-3 these are good questions to ask your doctor
      4. as long as the pain didnt last long and you feel better I wouldnt be concerned

      and no site can answer these questions without knowing all the details seeing a chart and x-ray ask the doctor you will be better off

    No energy or motivation…what can I do?
    Okay, so I had two surgeries in Dec and was out of commission for about a month. Now, I have absolutely no energy or motivation to do anything. Cleaning house is an all day thing, and I’m easily distracted from that. Before Dec, I was running all over the place, have classes 3 days a week, clinical 1 day a week and work 3 days a week. After surgery, (ankle ligament repair) I wasn’t able to do anything other then lay around, but I figured after I healed up, I would be good to go…and ready to hit the ground running. I just cant seem to get motivated to do anything. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Slowly start doing more things, as your ankle still heals. The more you will do, (like before the surgery) the more energy the body will produce. The body produces only the energy needed to do whatever we do and laying around for 2 months is a long time. Sometimes we have to push our-self a little.

    How fast am I recovering from ankle surgery/when would I be able to start PT?
    I had a fibular fracture of my left ankle on July 29 and had to wait 2 weeks for the swelling to go down before I had surgery (plate and screws). I had surgery on August 12 and it’s now been 13 days since. I’m in a soft cast that is supposed to come off in 2 days when I see my doctor. I have not been in any pain since 2 days after my surgery whether my leg is elevated or not (I keep it elevated just so any swelling goes down, though). My doctor also told me that if they did any sort of ligament repair, that recovery would be 10 weeks instead of 6 (which of course they won’t tell me until my follow up in 2 days). Well, its been 2 weeks, I have no pain and everything seems good so far. Typically, how long would someone in my situation wait until physical therapy (non weight bearing i.e. flexion exercises); or is that up to my doctor to decide? Unlike other questions I’ve seen on here for this type of injury I don’t know if I have any blisters or anything of the such since the cast hasn’t come off yet. Would my ankle feel this good if they had done any ligament repair? Lastly, since I live in NYC and walk everywhere would my range of motion come back quicker than others just because I have to walk everywhere in this city and the fact I live on the 5th floor of a walk up?

    • ANSWER:
      Ask about PT when you see your surgeon in two days. The sooner you begin, the better, but with the surgery you had, it’s going to be slow going. Don’t get impatient and don’t try to push yourself beyond the boundaries of what your physical therapist says you can and should do (trust me, you’ll probably call PT “pain and torture” after a few weeks). It’s great that you’re doing so well and I wish you continued good luck in your recovery.

    Post-ORIF ankle surgery, is this normal?
    I had the surgery about a week ago in my right ankle, got a few pins put in my tibia to reattach a tip that chipped off and a plate with screws on my fibula to hold it straight. The fibula-side doesn’t give me any problems at all. But I can feel the inside-side of my ankle pulsating and quivering nearly all day. It isn’t painful perse, just a little uncomfortable, is that how ligaments and bones feel to heal?

    I’m worried that it might be an infection, but looking online I feel like an infection would make itself fairly obvious to me fairly quickly. Am I feeling the start of an infection or just normal bone/ligament repair? These were my first broken bones, and my first surgery ever, so I’m not really sure how to expect it to feel.

    other stuff that might help:
    The surgery lasted an hour longer than originally estimated, 3.5hours instead of 2.5hours. Apparently my orthopedist had trouble getting the bone into position and I think they had to move(or remove) parts of ligaments to get it into place. The orthopedist told my father after surgery while I was in recovery that his hands and arms were tired and soar after the operation. My ankle got super swollen in the 3 days before I saw an orthopedist after the break and had to spend 10 days getting the swelling down, getting fracture blisters removed, and waiting for them to heal. So it makes sense that my ligaments got a fair bit of healing done.

    I’m essentially off of Percocet at this point, although a couple nights I’ve gotten frustrated trying to get to sleep getting my ankle to lie just right and have taken one to get to sleep faster.

    I’ve taken a few showers so far, but I waited 4 days (yeah eww) after surgery to take the first one and was pretty careful using multiple plastic bags to cover it.

    I can also see blood-stains if I pull the wrap back to look at the plaster cast under it. It isn’t wet on the outside and it hasn’t spread at all, plus I think I’d feel really woozy or something if I was still bleeding.
    I want to go into more detail into how my ankle feels.
    Very mild itch, the feeling is similar to when you think theres an ant crawling on your arm and you look over and its nothing, you scratch it real quick and forget about it.
    Every few minutes I’ll feel the area quiver quickly on its own, and if i wiggle my toes for a few seconds I can cause it to quiver every 2-3 wiggles.
    I can also feel my heartbeat on my ankle if I lay still and concentrate on it.
    Theres a lot of free-space in my cast, right around the ankle. Its tight around the toes and around the calf. But I can fit 3-4 fingers in the top of the cast when its been elevated for a while, but even when I neglect to elevate it for a few hours and the calf starts to get tight I still feel like theres a lot of free space near the ankle. atleast a centimeter or 2.

    • ANSWER:
      Any quivering should be from nerves or muscles. They don’t like to be bothered either so anything new, plus how they had to be treated to get a plate in there is going to make them a little unhappy. To get rid of it, just press in on top of it and hold the pressure for about thirty seconds. That should release whatever it was under there.

    I fell on my ankle after surgery… am I fked?
    No weight bearing was “crucial” for the first month. It’s been 2 weeks and while I was crutching to the bathroom (I lay in bed all day and elevate the ankle) I fell on it. It is now hurting and I’m hoping to god I didn’t screw something up internally. I don’t care about the pain, I’m just so worried that I destroyed the ankle and I need to have surgery again.

    Anyone have any experience with ligament repair?

    • ANSWER:

    What is the max amount of time you can wait for ligament surgery?
    I tore my atfl (anterior talofibular ligament in the ankle) and was wondering if there is a maximum amount of time you have to do surgery to repair it. I still have alot of pain, some swelling, and laxity (looseness) in the joint. If I wait too long, is it still operable and should I fully recover? The waiting is not by choice. I have had two worker’s comp docs screw me over. They sent me to an evaluating state approved doc and she said that I would need surgery but it may be beyond repair at this point. I have had 3 weeks of physical therapy, 3 rounds of injections, a walking boot, a soft cast, and a hard cast. It has been almost 6 months. I’ve had both x-rays and an MRI. Complete rupture/tear of the atfl, anterior (bone) bruising, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Do I have the legal right to sue the worker’s comp doctors for malpractice or my insurance co for third party negligence?
    I forgot to mention that I work on an oil rig. My ankle should have been fixed 5 months ago and now I will not have surgery for at least the next month, recovery time after that. I’m looking at not returning to work for close to a year from my date of injury. I will have lost close to ,000 even after workers comp pays my temporary benefits. Am I entitled to any of this for the time that I should have been back at work. After reconstruction, will it heal back as strong as it was before. This is very important in my line of work.

    • ANSWER:
      forget the suing thing, you can have surgery if necessary but at this point it would be a reconstruction and not a repair

    had ankle surgery and now….? 5 stars!?
    i had ankle surgery to reconstruct my ligaments on January 10th. i was in a cast for 8 days and then i got a boot. today february 10th i went back to my orthopedic doctor and after being on crutches for a month i can finally start walking and i can sleep without my boot on!

    1) my knee hurts after walking today and i was wondering if it’s from not being used for so long or it could be from the injury i had? ( i had surgery on October 12,2009 to repair my patella tendon and clear out torn cartilage)

    2) how can i sleep to be sure my ankle wont be re injured? should i just sleep with it on? i’m allowed to sleep without it. i got cleared too.

    • ANSWER:
      Your knee probably hurts because you haven’t been using it as much as before and you might have also been putting a different kind of pressure on new areas.

      to sleep, I would sleep on your back and maybe elevate the foot so that you are less prone to roll over in your sleep

    Anyone break an ankle and NOT have surgery?
    I went to the ER & got a MISdiagnosis of a sprain. Made an appt with the orthopedic doc today & he says it’s actually broken. He said the good news is, it doesn’t look like surgery will be required (it IS required in 90% of patients). He expects it to heal on its own within a month. ANyoen break theirs and it healed on its own? I have had surgery to repair it, because of ligament damage. Hoping I won’t need anything like that again!!
    I will be weaing “the boot”, without crutches for 1 month – then a follow-up x-ray to see if it healed.

    • ANSWER:
      So when i went snowboarding, I actually broke my ankle and it hurt really bad, but I continued to ride for the rest of the day. Surprisingly, I got use to it for a few weeks and it didn’t hurt anymore but it was extremely big and extremely blue and black. I went to the doctor and xrays showed it was indeed broken. I got a cast on and it healed by itself.

    Serious Info On Weight lose?
    I am 38, 5′ 8″ tall, currently sitting at 235 lbs. I was in the military for 8 years and was in fantastic shape. Obviously that has slipped by me. I have had total ankle ligament repair, 3 knee surgeries, hernia repair and a tumor taken out of my shoulder. (this helps explain the weight gain, plus I love to eat). I want to lose 60 lbs before October. I do not have the ability to snack during the day to keep my metabolism up. Is this even possible and what is a good regime to try and accomplish this?

    • ANSWER:
      Fruits and Veggies

      Eat more plants and keep away from stuff that was made in plants.
      don’t eat anything that comes in a can, box or package

      Don’t think of it as a diet, but think of it as a lifestyle change

      I have lost 25.5 pounds in 2 months, drink lots of water. I usually eat a meal of what ever I want once a week….controlled portion….this really works………

      Write down every thing you eat

    Serious Info On Weight loss?
    I am 38, 5′ 8″ tall, currently sitting at 235 lbs. I was in the military for 8 years and was in fantastic shape. Obviously that has slipped by me. I have had total ankle ligament repair, 3 knee surgeries, hernia repair and a tumor taken out of my shoulder. (this helps explain the weight gain, plus I love to eat). I want to lose 60 lbs before October. I do not have the ability to snack during the day to keep my metabolism up. Is this even possible and what is a good regime to try and accomplish this?

    • ANSWER:
      for men quick weight loss comes through not eating…snacking is actually better for women ( suppoedly). Plus you should only be snacking if you are working out and with those issues I dont think you should be working out.

      I would focus on cutting calories

      PS the drink 8 glasses of water a day thing is not true either, that was a advertising campaign…if you noticed they started saying that when bottled water started being a “thing”

      you really should talk to a therapist about your body and what exercises would be ok.
      I would think you shouldnt run or jog but really I dont feel comfortable saying that

    What are the steps in recovering from an ankle fracture and torn ligaments?
    2 screws were put into hold the fracture and ligaments were repaired in surgery.

    • ANSWER:
      the bone will heal fine on its own, even stronger than before.

      sadly, your ligaments can only be repaired in surgery, sometimes not even then.

      i had to give up skateboarding because i neglected my ankles, so be safe. give it time and take the right steps to healing properly.

    Strange red spots on my ankle? (picture)?
    A few months ago some strange red spots appeared on the inside of my ankle. I had surgery on this ankle to repair the ligaments 2 years ago. The area is tender to the touch but the spots are not raised or itchy. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen these before and what I can do to get rid of them. I am going to be in a wedding in Aug and I would like them to be gone before then. I have linked pictures of the spots.
    Thanks for the help……

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t see your ankle pics on either of those links.

      Alas, to answer your question, go to your doctor for help with this. I suggest this because you say the area is ‘tender to the touch’. And that means a problem only a doctor should be consulted for. That tenderness could very well be indicative of something more serious going on, rendering the spots only a superficial, cosmetic concern.

    Severely damaged ligaments in ankle. Doctors, do you have an opinion?
    2 years ago I severely sprained my left ankle, I had a complete tear in my ATFL and a partial tear in my CFL. I am also born with an accessory bone on my Navicular which then fused to the Cuneiform next to it via cartilage. That sprain was treated on my own since I didnt have health insurance. I used crutches for 3 weeks while using RICE. The ankle and its ligaments healed, yet I had developed Posterior Tibial Tendinitis and was experiencing an aching pain on the medial side of my foot (where that fused lump is located) in the mornings, after exercises, and after standing up over 20 minutes.

    After nearly 9 months of that pain, I took 6 weeks off from any physical activity as hand surgery prohibited my participation in any sport. That sore/dull pain went away.

    I now have been able to play basketball, football, and soccer completely pain free for about 14-15 months. Now that is that is the ankles history, lets move on to where it gets tricky.

    1 month ago I incurred another ankle inversion on that same ankle while coming down awkwardly off a rebound in a game of basketball. This time I have insurance and made an appointment with my local Podiatrist. He ordered an MRI and it showed:

    -Bifid os tibiale externum and slight edema at the synchondrosis associated with midfoot pronation and posterior tibial paratendinitis.

    -Peroneal tenosynovitis with slight adhesion’s within the peroneal tendon sheath, an os peroneum, and mild peroneus longus tendinosis proximal to and within the cubital tunnel, but no morphologic high grade tear.

    -Anterior Talofibular ligament is torn.

    -Mild Achilles tendinosis without tearing or advanced tendinopathy.

    -Tibiotalar and posterior subtalar joint effusions with synovitis and/or hemorrhage. Mild talonvaicular and naviculocuneiform degenerative changes.

    (Speaking with my podiatrist and doing my own research on these terms I completely understand what is going on with the ankle.)

    The ankle was mildly swollen, no discoloration, and I was able to bear weight on it with a slight limp the very next day; however that old aching dull pain came back. Im thinking tendinitis again. After being in a Cam-walker for 1 month I was ordered for physical therapy and didnt need the boot anymore. My physical therapy was mainly just for the tendinitis so it involved a lot of stretches and electro-stimulation therapy.

    Since I was in the cam-walker for a month, the pain went away. So I decided to tape my ankles up and get back to running and getting back on the basketball court. Well after 2 days of 70% basketball, the ankle felt perfectly fine during and after the game. On the 3rd day of basketball, I inverted my ankle while jumping up off an opponents foot and re-tore my ATFL and possibly my CFL as well.

    This is the 2nd ATFL tear in the last 35 days, and the 3rd in its lifetime. Also, that fused bone on the medial side of my foot is aggravating the tibialis tendon trying to enter into it.

    I am going to see my podiatrist tomorrow morning, but wanted to see if anyone else has an opinion on what I should do from here on out.

    My questions are:

    1. With two grade 3 sprains in the past 35 days, does this diagnose me with Chronic Ankle Instability?

    2. Should surgery be an option to repair the ligaments that have been torn a few times and to shave that accessory bone deformation down to relieve stress on the tibialis tendon?

    3. If healing conservatively, is there a chance to get back to full strength if rested the proper amount of time (several weeks) followed by a more intense physical therapy to help strengthen the muscles and ligaments damaged?

    4.Can the ATFL naturally heal after two severe injuries to it within 35 days, or is surgery a must?

    5. Since I was able to play going about 70% with 0 pain during and after, was this last inversion simply bad luck, or was it because the ligament wasn’t fully healed?

    • ANSWER:
      1. Yes, absolutely. Chronic Ankle instability is more of a subjective diagnosis based on your ability to function, but it sounds like your ankle is pretty jacked.

      2. An orthopedic foot or sports med specialist can perform a bronstrom repair to re-attach your ATFL and tighten your CFL. While they were in there, they could probably deal with the accessory navicular. It would be a significant surgery and require some serious PT and rest, but it would eventually get you back on your feet. You’re talking about roughly 4 weeks of non weight bearing followed by another 4 in the boot. This would probably help with the posteior tibialis tendonitis eventually.

      3. Typically when an MRI reports that a ligament is torn, that means it’s torn all the way through and basically gone. Your ATFL may scar down to a certain degree, but would always be very loose. I think at a bare minimum, you’d be doing regular ankle exercises, like daily, and wearing a quality brace for many years. While it’s not an easy decision, I’ve seen some good results from the Bronstrom repair, including one girl playing Div. I college volleyball.

      4. See the first part of answer 3

      5. Once you have a few good sprains, you’re always more likely to sprain again. In addition to having very loose ligaments, your peroneal muscles (which are responsible for protecting against inversion sprains) tend to have reduced reaction time and poor proprioception. A lot of the PT exercises they made you do were to re-train your peroneals.

      One other thing that stands out in your MRI is the “Mild talonvaicular and naviculocuneiform degenerative changes.” This basically states that you’re starting to develop some arthritis in the ankle. The fact that you’re not hurting right now is good, but that’s the sort of injury that catches up to you at 55 or 60 years, sometimes earlier.

      I’m assuming you’re a younger person so you have to think about the long term health of your ankles. All in all, you might have to transfer your care to an orthopedic foot/ankle surgeon. I don’t know what surgical procedures your podiatrist does. You kinda got delt a bad hand, good luck with everything.

    does any one know how much my personal injury is worth approximatley?
    ankle ligiment tear scope surgery.prior to the surgery i have done about 8 mos of therapy and did not get better.had to have a surgery to repair torn ligament.will be on cruches for 6 weeks then start therapy all over again for approx. 4 months.hurt on job and want to get an idea about what the average settlement is.

    • ANSWER:
      you should get about 80 percent of your salary

    Has anyone used the Velocity Ankle brace?
    I had surgery last summer to repair a ligament and take out some excess bone chips, and have received the okay from my doctor to begin playing soccer again. He wrote me a script for the Velocity ankle brace. The brace looks like it would give great support for my sprain-prone ankle, but it also looks like it would make it hard for me to have the wide range of ankle motions needed to play soccer. Has anyone had experience with the Velocity Ankle brace (LS) and could let me know how they feel about it? Thanks so much.

    • ANSWER:
      I have no personal experience, but here is a good review by someone who seems to be pleased with this product.

    Question about short leg cast ?
    So on monday i had ligament repair surgery on my ankle and it turned out to be a bit more severe then the doctors had thought ! They were planing on just repairing my torn ligaments , but it turns out not only were my ligaments torn ,they were super over streched ! They had to go in and cut a big chuck out of multiple ligaments and anchor them to my bone ! Also they found multiple bones in my foot were popping in and out of place when i moved my foot certain ways so they had to mess around with all my bones as well ! Lastly they had to make a second incison on the top of my foot and cut and anchor those ligaments and a few tendons !
    I was put directly in a hard cast but at my follow up appointment they said they needed to cut my cast to allow swelling and cut both sides and have and ace wrap holding it together however everytime i move my leg the cast hits my bone because it is to lose ! Should i contact the doctor ?

    • ANSWER:
      I would call the doctor and ask him/her but it is lose because of the swelling.

    Does and avulsion fracture with a torn deltoid ligament require surgical repair?
    4 years ago, I had a Brostrom reconstruction for my posterior talofibular ligaments. After severely spraining the medial and lateral side of my ankle three weeks, this surgery held strong. As far as the MRI has shown, there are no tears in the surgically repaired area. Unfortunately, my deltoid ligament was not so fortunate. I completely tore it and chipped off part of my medial malleolus. Last week, I was moved from a soft splint cast into a hard non weight bearing cast. They had to apply extreme pressure to my knee to set my foot to 90 degrees with the cast on. They think this tightness is caused by damage done to my medial tendons as well. If this tendon problem is tendonosis, I have an avulsion fracture, and a torn deltoid ligament, is there any chance of this recovering fully without another surgery?

    Additional Details
    I am 20 years old and consider myself to be in good shape. I played college basketball last year, but now I am more focused on daily workouts and triathlon training.

    • ANSWER:
      Mike, I would say the chances are slim. If it were only a tear of the deltoid ligament and under 50% at that then you might have a chance to avoid the surgery by immobilization. The avulsion fracture makes this almost impossible to stabilize without an internal fixation. See a podiatrist as well as an orthopedist about this.

    Physical therapy for 2 ruptured ligaments in ankle?
    I would like to know how well physical therapy could work for 2 completely ruptured ligaments without surgery. I don’t see how it is possible for complete tears to repair themselves through PT only. I am supposed to do PT twice a wk for 4 wks. Never had an injury like this before, just curious. They say they don’t think it will require surgery, but they can’t say for sure.

    • ANSWER:
      It could work wonders.
      You’re right, ankle sprains rarely need surgery, even yours (a grade III).
      Typically you should be put into a cast immobilization for about 2 or 3 weeks, then start the physical therapy. The sooner the better, so it does not become chronic, since this is the first time you’ve had this type of injury.

    My talofibular ligament on my ankle was cut of by a glass bottle, do I need to fix it?
    The beer bottle fall out of my fride on my foot. It cut open my ankle/foot on the talofibular ligament area and need 8 stiches to repair the cut/wound. The nurse did not see that the talofibular ligament was dammage and only treat the cut/wound. 2 months later I got a very painfull, swollen and unstable ankle. I gone to my GP for advise. He said my talofibular ligament is probally been cut off by the glass and need urgent surgery asap.
    Do I need a second opinion? What does the surgery involved and what is the rebalitation programme?

    • ANSWER:
      The cut is complete or incomplete can be ruled out by a MRI,to find out how stable is ur ankle u need a xray,so u have to visit a orthopaedic surgeon,but im sure it wont need a repair if it is fresh,but it is old ligament cut mostly it needs repair depending on the stability of the ankle.

    Anyone else with a bad ankle that repeatedly sprains?
    Way back when when I was an eight year old kid I badly injured my ankle. We were out on my family’s sailboat and my dad was working on the boat engine – which is under the stairs. Being a kid I was goofing around on the deck and went to run down stairs. Since the stairs were moved aside I fell down into the cabin and my father’s toolbox fell on my ankle – badly spraining it .

    Years and years have gone by and every few months I step on an uneven surface and my ankle gives way. It’s always an “inversion” sprain – with my ankle turning in. Sometimes it’s just a temporary discomfort while other times I’m hobbling around for a week or more. Normally I can run, I can hike, I’m in decent shape. If I wear my hiking boots I’m fine – it provides the support to prevent this – it’s usually in other shoes that this happens but I obviously can’t always wear hikers. I’ve sprained it when I was running across a grassy area with the dog and found a small hole, tripped off curbs. I guess my gracefulness could use work LOL

    Today I was out back about to do some yard work (NOT in my hiking boots which I always freaking wear out there, damn it!) and went to walk down the steps from the upper part of my back yard (I’m on a hill) and slipped on some pebbles and there goes the ankle once again. This time it was particulary bad because I twisted it AND put the brunt of my weight on it as I stepped down. I may be going to the ER in the morning for an xray :(

    My question to any of you that may have dealt with something similar:

    Years ago a doctor suggested reconstructive surgery on my ankle – putting in I guess something artificial to make up for the wimpy or beyond repair ligaments in my ankle. Have any of you had this sort of operation done – or know someone that has – and has it worked for you/that person? I’m not worried about cost as insurance would cover most of it.

    I’m tired of falling and right now I’m, once again, hobbling around with an ankle brace on and a VERY painfully sprained ankle and quite bummed that I won’t be going hiking this weekend :(
    Wow – lots of you with the same thing going! Love the story about the cadaver parts – hey, he or she didn’t need them any more LOL!

    Pixie – you can come visit me in WA anytime. Just bring sturdy hiking boots or we’ll BOTH be on our asses somewhere in the woods. I did trip off a trail once even in my boots and landed in this nasty mucky pond. I had to hike about 2 miles back to the trailhead looking like a mudbeast from hell AND limping LOL
    I bought this nice Neoprene brace at Walgreens and have worn it the last few days. Definitely helps. I really wrenched it bad this time – the entire outside of my ankle is red and purple bruised. I also have more of a “cankle” than ankle on my left side at the moment :-/

    • ANSWER:
      I can totally understand your story!
      I had the surgery you’re doctor was talking about in 1998. Mine was so bad they took out my damaged ligaments and replaced them with cadaver ligaments (yes, dead body parts!).
      It was a good thing I had the surgery when I did, turns out from the repeated sprains and strains and weakened ligaments, the bones in my ankle were taking a beating. Several were worn thin and in danger of breaking with the next sprain. So they also performed a scope and cleaned out a lot of ratty material from the repeated injuries.
      11 years later the ankle is still stable. Infact, I’ll break it before I sprain it it’s so stable.
      I have a fantastic orthopaedic surgeon, I’m very blessed. In 1998 I was still active in EMS and the repeated injuries were really holding me back. 8 weeks after surgery I was back to full duty.
      Go on with the surgery, you’ll be much happier for it.

    is there anything to help my knee? please! i’m tired of being in pain!?
    okay well i’ve had knee problems since i was 12 from softball and after a year of dealing with it i went to an orthopedic and they did x-rays, MRIs and found i tore my patella tendon and loose cartilage! my doctor did ALL the non surgical ways first and then after a year of going back and forth and nothing helping he did an arthroscopic surgery and repair everything and after all that it was great. i had that on October 12th, 2009 and i was 14! i am now 16 and it’s killer again! i have a brace on it and everything! i had ankle ligament reconstructive surgery on January 10th, 2011 and just got cleared to walk with a boot a week ago and ever since my knee hurts the worst! btw it’s my right knee and my right ankle so it’s all on the same leg. my mom doesn’t believe me because she says everything is fine and it’s the weather hurting my joints but wouldn’t my ankle hurt too? also i should mention that i did slip on my steps and landed awkwardly on my knee and heard a pop/crack and then i couldn’t bend it all the way or straighten it. i can walk but with pain. i feel like it’s gonna dislocate and it’s always cracking and making noises! it looks swollen but not bruised! i see my orthopedic doctor march 3rd for my ankle and he the same one who i went to for my knee.


    • ANSWER:
      tell your Mom about you slipping on the steps,you need to go to the er and get it checked out as soon as possible.The pain is from slipping,and you probalby something happened to cause the pain.Tell them at the er about the pain you our having they will prescribed something for you to take.Do not wait any longer the sooner it gets checked out the better it will be. Good luck.

    advice on my knee injury? please!?
    okay well i’ve had knee problems since i was 12 from softball and after a year of dealing with it i went to an orthopedic and they did x-rays, MRIs and found i tore my patella tendon and loose cartilage! my doctor did ALL the non surgical ways first and then after a year of going back and forth and nothing helping he did an arthroscopic surgery and repair everything and after all that it was great. i had that on October 12th, 2009 and i was 14! i am now 16 and it’s killer again! i have a brace on it and everything! i had ankle ligament reconstructive surgery on January 10th, 2011 and just got cleared to walk with a boot a week ago and ever since my knee hurts the worst! btw it’s my right knee and my right ankle so it’s all on the same leg. my mom doesn’t believe me because she says everything is fine and it’s the weather hurting my joints but wouldn’t my ankle hurt too? also i should mention that i did slip on my steps and landed awkwardly on my knee and heard a pop/crack and then i couldn’t bend it all the way or straighten it. i can walk but with pain. i feel like it’s gonna dislocate and it’s always cracking and making noises! it looks swollen but not bruised! i see my orthopedic doctor march 3rd for my ankle and he the same one who i went to for my knee.


    it’s gotten better with ice and being elevated!
    um no i ain’t for your info. i didn’t mean to put the ! point! so f off and get a life if you have nothing nice to say kthanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I think you either have arthritis in the knee and the fall triggered it along with humid air or you tore a ligament or the meniscus(cartilage).

      Here’s my email if you want it explained more or have any questions.

    Help with ankle ballet problems and surgery!?
    a year ago i was playing soccer at school and i hurt my ankle , i went to the doctor and got some xrays, it turned out that i chipped a bone off and damaged ligaments! the doctor said that m yankle should repair its self by me keeping off it and stuff , which was really hard! a year has passed and i recently went and got a mri sone and i have more chipped bones!! i had to get a quarter zzone injection and the doctor said if my ankle is still sore in a month then surgory is needed! I am scared that after surgery my ankles will be different and wont be as strong for ballet! HELP!

    • ANSWER:
      In all honesty, there is no real way of knowing. I would suggest that you seek the opinion of an orthopedic doctor who works with dancers. There are plenty in NYC where I live, but there might not be any near you. If you live near a big city that has a major ballet company, you may wish to call their affiliate school for a recommendation. If there is nothing around and you don’t want to take a trip (something I would do), you could see if there was an orthopedic doctor who deals with sports injuries. Doctors who don’t work with dancers really don’t know what is required of them. Doctors who specialize in dancers have additional knowledge and lots of experience on dealing with these things.If you need surgery, they will know how best to maximize your mobility. If you can go to the Harkness center for dance injuries in NYC, they would be one of the best places around to analyze your problem.

    Could i be medically discharged from the army?
    Hello, I am a SGT and have been in the US ARMY for 4 years now. I have had surgery twice on my right ankle to repair a fracture then once to repair a torn ligament. Now the doctors have just discovered multiple cyst on my spine and in between my ribs. I still have to undergo test to ensure they are not cancer, however they causing me pain due to pinched nerves. Does anyone know if i would qualify to be med boarded?

    • ANSWER:
      Well Sargeant, Max Klinger tried for 11 years (on war that only lasted few years in reality) on MASH without success. While you are in army, you are getting free medical so, make most of it and hope you get well soon..

    Can I be MED BOARDED from the army?
    I am a SGT in the US ARMY and have been in for 4 years and been delpoyed twice. I have had 2 ankle surgeries: 1 ) To repair a small fracture 2) To repair 2 torn ligaments and now I am having back problems. I have multiple cyst on my spine and in between my ribs. I also have a pinched nerve and am always in pain. Can anyone help me to determine if it’s possible i can be med boarded?

    • ANSWER:
      You should talk to your unit and doctors about considering a med board. You’ll probably be sent to the WTU (warrior transition unit) during the process. My husband is currently in th WTU fighting to stay in, his SGT’s had a meeting with his doctors who decided to send him there (as to why I suggested you talk to them). Good luck.

    One more ankle question?
    I have a screw between my tibia and fibula to help repair ligaments in my ankle. Doc told me to do up and down exercises. So I do the exercises but is it safe to move my ankle side to side?? He never told me to do that but never said it was dangerous. I’m not sure if the movement of the bones can cause the screw to break if I move it side to side. I’m in no pain and there is little swelling (from surgery). Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      If it does not hurt when you turn the ankle then, it’s okay to turn the should not be dangerous if it does not hurt. Hope that helps!

    Going to school on crutches.. ?
    I had ankle surgery last week to repair torn ligaments in my ankle. Stitches are out and I’m in a pretty pink cast but I’m having an awfully hard time getting around. Classes start Monday and I’ll have to go up and down many flights of stairs using crutches. Keep in mind I’m in college so all the campuses are outdoors so there’s no elevators. My ankle is still very tender and sore and throbs whenever it’s not elevated. So by the end of the day walking around on crutches, my ankle swells up. Any thoughts on how I can get through going back to school with as little pain as possible? Also, how to go up and down stairs on crutches? Not supposed to put any pressure on my ankle at all, already tried – not a good idea. Thanks in advance.
    ummm listen, NOBODY taught me to use crutches, so don’t assume. it’s not my arms that hurt, it’s my foot. Whenever my foot isn’t elevated, it aches. If you would have read the question, you would have known.

    • ANSWER:
      See if you can get a wheelchair.. it may be a little easier to get around campus. My campus has little carts that can be used for people who have a cast or wheelchair. I also had a friend get a scooter (the one that older people use) to get around campus.

    could a medieval knight still perform as a knight and fight effectively with minor injuries/ deformities?
    im into medieval arts greatly , i collect real forged swords, crossbows , longbows , shields , maces , axes etc .
    my ancestors were the Normans who were descendants of the formidable Norse Vikings .

    i sustained minor injuries years ago , through recklness, violent activity which surgeons have informed me ; no surgery can fix – i have to live with them basically.

    on my right hand , i struck something years ago and damaged the nerves in my knuckle , i can still grip with my right hand and the like , but it hurts to punch anything even lightly . – an x-ray on the hand showed it was clear and no underlying problems .

    on my left hand , my little finger – i injured it years ago , cant remember how and now it looks deformed and crooked – i can grip with that hand , bend my little finger normally , except – its weaker than the other little finger – surgeons said no surgery can repair it.

    finally ; i tore the ankle ligaments in my left ankle years back – it was operated on last year to repair the ligaments , i joined a gym and do a lot of swimming to strengthen the ankle – the at home exercises were to tedious.

    so there you have it , my injuries and deformities in TOTAL – inspite of these ailments i still want to pursue my passion for collecting and useing the medieval weaponary ive described .

    i just wanted to know ; would the ailments and injuries ive described stop a medieval knight from performing his duties as a knight , ie – fighting and doing battle – would ailments like this get in the way – or could they still go on and perform what they had to do – ie – fighting, useing swords etc ? .
    i hope you can see what im trying to say and answer to the BEST of your ability .


    • ANSWER:
      Being a knight was a dangerous business, and despite their armor, they got hurt in battle routinely. Things like deformed hands from broken bones, or bad joints which caused stiffness and loss of flexibility were pretty common.

      Knights didn’t generally punch people–that’s what the weapons are for, so I think that as long as you don’t get yourself into a situation where you absolutely need to punch with your right hand, you’re fine. It sounds like your grip strength is fine, which is really all you need to hold a shield, wield a weapon, or use a bow.

      Similarly, a weak little finger on the left hand should not be much of a problem. Your other fingers are stronger anyway, so a little less grip strength in the pinky finger shouldn’t set you back too much. When holding something heavy like a sword, that last finger works mainly as a balance to help control the angle at which you wield the weapon. As long as you can do that, you should have no problems. It works the same way if your left hand is your shield hand. Your other fingers, as long as they are strong, can take up the slack from the weak finger. I am right handed, so when I draw a bow, I draw with my right hand while my left holds it. I tried drawing with my little finger sticking out, so that it’s not helping me hold the bow at all, and it did make it slightly harder to steady the bow (I have a small recurve–nothing like a longbow, which requires more balance, as it’s longer), but I found that by making a tiny correction in my wrist, I was able to steady the bow just fine. HOWEVER, my bow is not strung right now, and I can’t draw my husband’s compound, as he’s much stronger than I am, and the draw weight is too much for me. It’s possible you could develop problems with the bows. However, I’ve seen really good archers who are actually missing fingers, so if they can learn to do it, so can you.

      You said the ligaments in your ankle have been repaired, and you’re just working on regaining the strength. I think it all hinges on that. How good is your balance with that leg, and is it the leg which needs to bear your weight most of the time, or not? Usually, your weight shifts as you move from an offensive to a defensive stance. If your ligaments are weak enough that you can’t shift your weight comfortably, or your foot rolls from one side to the other, then you may have a problem. That will be helped to a great extend by wearing armor, or at least shoes or boots which provide ankle support when you are fighting. If the doctors say you can do stuff, then you should be fine.

      I don’t see anything you’ve described which would really prevent a knight from fighting. The hand problems would be mastered by practice, which they did quite regularly, both on horseback and unhorsed. There might be a slight problem for a knight trying to fight from the saddle because of the ankle ligament, but I think that armor would limit the mobility enough anyway that it wouldn’t be a problem. When you lean forward in a saddle, as you must, I imagine, when fighting, you put the pressure on the balls of your feet, which stretches the back of your leg. The stirrups give you the counterbalance to lean forward and not fall on the horse’s neck. That might be a tiny problem, but I’ve never worn sabatons or sollerets, so I don’t know how much ankle flexibility you get. It’s most likely that instead of your leg bending at the ankle, the let stays straight, with the foot at a right angle, and the bending is actually done at the knees and/or hips. The same thing would go for unhorsed combat. It would all depend on the foot armor. As I said, I’ve never worn any, but I do know that the Achilles tendon is critical to movement, and also a very vulnerable point, which leads me to believe it would be very well protected. As long as the knight had decent flexibility and the strength to stay upright while shifting his weight, I don’t see that ankle problems would be terribly detrimental.

      I think, with the things you’ve described, that you should be fine. Often, small deformities can be worked around almost completely by shifting the burden from the injured area to another area, like I mentioned with your fingers, or adjustment to the wrist when holding a bow. The main thing you need to do is get your weapons together, and practice slowly, paying attention to your injured areas. If any of them give you trouble, make small adjustments–very small, and see if you can work around them.

      I know that knights suffered many injuries in battle, many of which left permanent damage. That didn’t stop them from fighting. I don’t think that any of what you’ve described is so bad it would stop a knight.

      I wish you the best.


      What I did with my bow, since it is not strung, is hold it normally in my left hand, then have my husband pull on both ends, simulating the drawing. I thought I should clarify that, since I stated I drew it, but it’s unstrung.

    what would be the possible outcome of Torn ligaments/tendons in iraq?
    Ok first I am going to give the medical history of my problem and try to educate whoever is reading this based off of what I know through research on the internet and previous doctors (Majors in the army). When i was in A.I.T. in 2007 I tore my Anteriro talofibular ligament while spraining my ankle. This is very common and with enough rest ice and physical therapy it will eventually heel. After 9 months and improper use of a profile and me being hard headed and listening to shitty NCO’s making me do shit i shouldnt have done physically, like PT and things my ankle was never normal. After about 8 months and complaining of pain, i had completed three sessions of physical therapy, they finally gave me an MRI. When i initially rolledmy ankle and it was swollen black n blue they just gave me tylenol and a profile and crutches, so this was the first MRI. 8 months later. This is when they found out i had the anterior talofibular ligament torn in my right ankle, i was put in a cast for a month, than the major said i might need surgery but its a big step cutting people open, so we decided it was never going ot be normal but it wasnt pain ful. I decided to resume with no profile. About a year later i deployed to iraq. I left in august and in early september in Kuwait, i rolled it running on rocks. At this time i had on n off pain everyday. I did not tell anyone. I started doing missions in iraq and clearing fields and what not as the pain got worse. In November i complained to the doctor and he literally said take tylenol for 11 months and than get surgery in the rear after the tour, because he needs me on the line(im a 35 m i do source ops and interrogations) I go out with the infantry but im not infantry and i wasnt in his company i was attached, so i told my nco. He than told our chain of command and they thought (OH HES INJURED LETS SWITCH HIM OUT) but didnt take my injury serious. So i went to our PA and he said ok listen lets do physical therapy and take naproxin, celebrex, tylenol, wear a brace. so i did this, come december i was going on leave and asked if i could get a second MRI(The first was in korea 8 months after initial injury nov 1 2007.) so i was authorized an mri in december, i got back late december and i have the mri cd and the typed report from a doctor at ucla. I now have three torn ligaments and a torn peroneal brevis tendon, with fluid in 2 different areas. after igot back they pushed back me seeing the PA because he moved fobs. So i did nothing, still in pain and fighting sleep and being comfortable everyday i kept my mouth shut and patiently asked every week “will i see a doctor soon to go over my MRI” so i finally get to go next week and see the doctor who is a major and his field is physical medicine. I researched this problem and my pain everyday and warmthness in my foot, instability is all coming from the torn ligaments and tendon. Everything i research online says the tendon tore because i have a pre existing injury which makes my ankle loose and unstable. the tendon frayed apart and unlike ligaments needs surgery to repair. The research says the pain will not go away and only get worse if i dont have the tendon surgically repaired. now to my questions

    1. What will happened when i see thePA and go over MRI results? (will he make me do more physical therapy and tylenol? make me wear a cast?) even though everyone knows if u tear ur peroneal brevis tendon u can only heel it and make it better by surgery.

    2. Do you get sent to the rear for surgery if it is needed?

    3. If he tells me i wont have surgery and theyn wont send me home, and i have to finish 6 months of my tour in pain because its not serious, what should i do? is this malpractice?

    • ANSWER:
      listen man if you see a good doc they will tell you that surgery is normally the last resort but this surgery you will recover ok from. Yes you need to go back to the rear and get this fixed I personally feel you are stupid for not pushing this harder. I don’t know how new you are to the military but you are a replacable asset. from what I got above you have some garbage NCO’s and they are not doing there job by looking out for the Soldier. If your PA tells you tylenol and wait you need to go see another doc. if you can find an ER some where close go there you should be able to see a different doc.

      Really you need to push this issue because you let them fuck you up and the Army will not have a problem kicking you out on a Medical board and you won’t get shit other than some compensation.

      And no you can not claim Malpractice on the military sorry.

    Shin Splints – help needed?
    I know there are a lot of shin splint questions out there but none of them seem to answer what I want to know. I have only been running since August 2008 and I am up to running 3 2-3min intervals (starting with 2 min then doing 2.5 then 3 min) in 20min with warm up and cool down. 1 1/2 yrs ago I had surgery on my ankle to repair torn ligaments from an old injury that wouldnt heal. I have been getting shin splints in the same leg as my ankle. I did go for physio and was instructed to start running this way so that I could start playing soccer again this summer. What I want to know are my shin splints bc of my ankle being too weak to handle this much running? Should I slow down and not do as much or continue with what I am doing? What are some stretches that I can do? (I am already doing the one where you put your hands on the wall and push the heel down stretching the calf) I would also like some information on taping, I have been searching the internet for instructions and seem to be getting conflicting results on how to do it and whether it should be done.
    Thank you very much :)
    I forgot to say that I do get shin splints in my other leg too but not as often or as bad. It also seems to heal fast than the leg with the ankle injury.

    • ANSWER:
      There may be a link between your weak ankle and your “shin splints”. Think about it, your ankle has never experienced the movements of running for, and then suddenly you start continuously slapping it down on concrete or whatever- it’s going to obviously have some effect. You should always gradually increase the amount you do, so your body has time to adapt. Also, make sure you don’t overpronate because like me, thats what causes my shin splints along with knock knees

      As for taping, i did this, and it worked great, it didn’t hurt at all until i took off the tape again!!

      This is a great website

      Make sure you have a decent pair of trainers
      Your feet don’t overpronate
      Have had adequate rest to let your shins heal
      Icing them after a run to reduce inflammation
      Taping works well for me
      Massage is really good

      Remember! Always ice them after exercise for no more than 5 minutes!!

      Heres another useful website for taping shins

      Good luck and i hope yours heal, mine haven’t and its nearly been 3 years!

    Should I ask for a second opinion or MRI?
    I just broke my left ankle last Friday playing tennis. The break is a hairline fracture on the inner side of my ankle. I also tore ligaments on the outer side of that ankle. I just went back to the doctor today, had an x-ray , and told he I have to have surgery. You can easily see the fracture from the x-ray, but the ligaments can’t really be seen from it. The first doctor I saw said he didn’t think the break would be a problem and since I am young it should be easy to repair by itself. The second doctor whom I saw today said that I should definitely have surgery to repair the ligaments. I had talked to my coach earlier in the week about his past surgeries and he told me to ask for an MRI so they know the full extent of the ligament damage. I am not too concerned about the break but my doctor says that to have it be more stable I will need surgery, which I am fine with. My problem is that how can the doctor even prepare to correct my ligaments when he doesn’t really know what is wrong with them just from looking at the x-rays? I feel like I may need surgery but I am worried that he won’t fully know what to do with the ligaments if he doesn’t know how they ripped. He told me that it probably wouldn’t change his diagnosis from taking an MRI. Should I still ask for one anyway so he knows exactly what is wrong, or based on it being an ankle would it be obvious enough what I did to not have to worry about it?

    • ANSWER:
      i would go back to the doctor that did not jump right to surgery. some doctors just say you need this surgery and it turns out you dont. also you can not see ligaments on an xray at all so you definitely need an mri. ligaments are really not surgically repaired unless they are really stretched out from year of repetitive tearing. a completely torn ligament can heal in an ankle so he should at least wait 6 weeks to even consider surgery. so i would be worried about him. i would go to a new doctor and tell him you think you need an mri and what the other doctor said.

    What rights do we have in regards to military medical discharge due to poor medical treatment?
    In Sept 2005, my husband broke his ankle & severed some ligaments during field training. He was told that it was only a sprain for the first 4 months, sent to Physical Therapy. The Physical Therapist would not treat him stating that he had a fracture on initial x-rays. He was referred to a doctor who gave no treatment except pain meds. He went through about 6 months of therapy with no improvement, his pain levels actually got worse. The doctor told him that he was just one of those that do not heal from a sprain as quickly as others. His first medical discharge was canceled due to lack of treatment and the doctor passed him off. After a MRI 8 months after the injury, he had the initial fracture and another fracture as well as poor ligament structure. He did have surgery at about the one year mark to try and repair the damage. He is now facing a second medical discharge and cannot walk without a cane. He will be like this for the rest of his life.

    What options do we have?

    • ANSWER:
      Welcome to the military life.

      I broke my ankle back in 1977 and almost broke my back. They put a case on my ankle which I took off and set the bones myself (painful) but nothing could be done about my back. The Navy doctor told me I had two choices. I could get out of the Marines or I could get out of the Marines. Some choices eh?

      Your husband still has all of his benefits though and that will count for something. I don’t think he’ll be on that cane all his life, maybe from time to time but not always. The VA will take good care of him. They have more than just military doctors. I’ve been going to them for some time now and they have helped me.

      At least he won’t be going to Iraq and stand a chance of being killed. You do have that bright side.

    SCREW and PLATE in ankle question!?! Please answer!?
    I broke my fibula and tore ligaments in my ankle. I have a plate to support and strengthen the fibula and a screw in my ankle that goes between my tibia and fibula to help repair the ligaments. It’s been about 5 1/2 weeks now since the surgery. I get the SCREW taken out next week. Doctor said I can’t put weight on it but I catch myself walking on it. I’m in a removable walking cast. My question is what are the dangers of walking on it?? I know the screw may break which leads to another question…what happens if the screw breaks? Will I feel it and be in pain? The main question is what are the symptoms of a broken screw…will I feel/hear it/be in PAIN? Can I move it side to side? Oh, the plate will stay in my leg forever. Please help me out here

    • ANSWER:
      Recommend looking at the answer CF gave you the last time you asked this