Fractured Ankle Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

    I fractured my ankle 7 weeks ago, i have had no treatment, should I be worried it will heal wrong?
    I sprained my ankle 7 weeks ago. I found out last week that it is fractured. The dr. is sending me for an MRI, however another week has gone by and it still isnt scheduled. Should I be worried that it will heal wrong since I have been walking on it for 7 weeks now without treatment? It swells up and aches something FIERCE. Any suggestions on what I can do or if I should even be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, it might be bad if it heals wrong, but if the Dr hasn’t yet than it probably is minor, and if your even able to walk on it that’s a sign that it must be pretty low grade. But regardless you might have to have surgery for that anyways so it probably isn’t a huge deal.

    Hairline fracture ankle treatment…..?
    My friend has hairline fracture on ankle and the leg has swollen and its now just same for about 2 weeks or so. Doctors said it might take 4-8 weeks to cure.
    My friend, she is 20 yrs old.

    I wanted to ask if calcium sandoz or similar things that contain higher amount of calcium can help her recover faster?
    Is it ok to take those pills?

    Is there any other remedy to reduce the pain & reduce the swell?

    • ANSWER:
      Elevation and Ice to bring down the swelling. Consider a good calcium magnesium liquid for faster absorption. Also silica can be beneficial It spurring the healing.

    Ankle fracture treatment?

    i went to hospital because i thought id broken my ankle playing vollyball and the docotor said i was fine and that id just probobly spranined it, but i was adamint that i had done something to it. Anyway i got home and the docotor said i had broken something.

    But said come back on tuesday and its sunday today, 2 days wait!

    i cant move my ankle to the right as its really painfull and i also have constant numbness and tigiling feeling in my foot.

    It hasnt swollen at all though so thats a start but its really annoying with the numbness and tigiling.

    Anything i can do till tuesday that could help?

    • ANSWER:
      The pain and tingling may well be due to swelling, if you are really struggling, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go back sooner.

    What is the treatment for an ununited distal fibula fracture at ankle level?
    Fracture occured April 2, 2006 and was treated for 6 weeks with cast and four weeks with walking boot. I was told on July 5, 2006 with an x-ray that the fracture is not healed. Does anyone know what the next step would be?

    • ANSWER:
      seek an orthopaedic doctor, especially one who specializes in feet and ankles. it is uncommon for a fracture not to heal after 3 months. they may have to surgically repair it if it cant heal on its own

    Any profesionals on ankle injuries here?
    What are different degrees of ankle sprains?
    would it be possible to walk on a fractured ankle or foot?
    what is treatment for ankle sprains?
    how long should you stay off a sprain?
    what happens if you dont stay off it?

    • ANSWER:
      Mild (pain but stable), moderate (pain and unstable), and severe (little pain and really unstable).
      Yes, but uncomfortably
      Depends on course of action from your orthopedic specialist, physical therapist and athletic trainer
      As minimally as possible
      Will not heal properly and may cause long term damage

    Possible fractured ankle? help?
    I was swinging and i was so relaxed i closed my eyes and I started twisting while i was swinging really high. Bang! I hit the outside of my ankle flat on the post. At first it hurt a lot I could barely walk. I put an ace bandage on it for a while and didn’t walk. Now I can walk almost pain free, I can move my foot around except in with little pain but the problem is it’s swelling. My ankles are very skinny so you can see the bone very clearly on the outside but now you can barely see the outside bone. It is also much warmer than the other. May it be broken? Should I tell my dad? What is the usual treatment for low ankle fractures…

    • ANSWER:

    What is the typical treatment for a fractured fibula?
    i play volleyball 24/7 and the doctors think that i might have fractured my fibula/growth plate. i want to see how long i would be out if i did. i hope i didn’t but im just wondering. thanks!!

    (it swelled right away to twice the size (my ankle) and has stayed swollen 3 days later.. how likley is it that i fractured it?)

    • ANSWER:
      It’s possible you fractured it, or badly sprained it. In my opinion it is better to fracture than to sprain, because with fractures, the bones heal completely, while with sprains, the ligaments get weak and may require physical therapy and there is a higher chance of re injuring it, as well as lingering pain and swelling.
      That being said, if it is a small, clean fracture, they will probably cast you for about three weeks. If it is a bad sprain, they may just put you in an immobilizing boot.

    (URGENT) Is my ankle fractured or sprained?
    Last night I went jogging in the dark. I jog against traffic, and while jogging, and oncoming truck did not get over for me. When this happened, I got off the road, to my dismay, there was no shoulder to the road ( I didn’t see this because it was dark), but a deep and steep ditch. I rolled my ankle (lateral sprain). and fell into the ditch. I walked home, barely able to put pressure on my ankle. My ankle swoll up to three times its natural size within the hour. Immediatley upon getting home, I elevated it and iced it,and have een restiing it. last night I did not compress my ankle, although today I have on and off, and have taken acetametaphin and ibuprofen throughout the day. I still can not put pressure on it without the pain being unbearable, and there has not been any bruising. I have a small range of motion, although moving it too much creates relentless pain. Most of the swelling is to the lateral of my ankle, although their is slight medial swellng, and small pain to bottom of my talus. This also brings me to another point, that late August, 2 1/2 months ago, I suffered a medial sprain (more severe pain, but bearable to put pressure on foot). I have not gone to the doctor, because I do not have health insuarnce, nor can I afford it. I am a struggling college student, and need to be able to work by Friday, Two days, and three nights away. Please I need advice on whether it is sprained (and also what grade of sprain), or fractured. Also a treatment plan, and an estimated full heal time, and an estimated heal time to be able to walk on it. P.S. I have been using cruches I own to get around.

    • ANSWER:
      That’s too big of an answer you’re asking for over the internet.

      Best bet is to do the RICE method for sprains: Rest as much as possible, Ice it as much as possible, Compression bandage it (ACE), Elevate it constantly.
      Keep taking the Ibuprofen.

      It sounds more like a fracture than a sprain but the only way to tell is an X-Ray. Look around for an Urgent Care facility. They have ER doctors at a low price for patients w/out insurance.

    i have fractured my ankle, what exercises or treatments can i do to speed up the healing process?
    I fell three weeks ago and went to the doctor the following morning, they took an X-ray told me it was sprained, gave me a lace up ankle wrap and crutches and told me to elevate and stay off of it, and to put weight on it when I was able. they called me back five days later (i was already trying to put weight on it and walk with out crutches) and told me that is was fractured. I went to the orthopedic surgeon, had an MRI he says surgery isn’t necessary and neither is a cast and i am walking on it gingerly without crutches. besides elevating it when i sleep and keeping an ace ankle wrap(doctor’s orders) on it. Is there anything else that will help speed up the healing.exercises/treatments etc. ?

    • ANSWER:

    i got fracture my right ankle by passing auto on my feet am taking treatment from 2weeks in report it got?
    ” fracture lateral molecules c fluid soft tissue noted around the right ankle joint” so pl z how it is cured and steps to get cure?

    • ANSWER:
      apply pop (done by professional in hospital)
      take rest
      increase calcium intake

    How long would it take for me to walk from an ankle fracture?
    Recently, I had an ankle fracture( tiny fracture) from playing basketball. It has been 5 days since the incident. Surgery isn’t necessary. I just need to wear an ace wrap.I have been using crutches to walk and treatments for my ankle. The treatments are just keeping my ankle elevated, applying ice on the swelling, and doing exercises.I am able to touch the floor now with two feet, but I am not able to walk. I just want to be able to walk before my college starts. I don’t care if i can’t run yet. Really would like to know an estimate on when to walk. Thank You.

    • ANSWER:
      You should try to keep your weight off it for 6 weeks. You may find that it is better after 5 but 6 is the usual figure. You should find that you can move it slightly and gently moving it without any resistance can help prevent the muscles wasting but don’t put any pressure on it.

      Sorry if this wasn’t the timescale you was hoping for.

    I was told I have a hairline fracture on my ankle bone. The doctor didn’t give me a treatment plan?
    He basically said “You have a hairline fracture. He’s a prescription for an AIRCAST. See ya.” He never told me any other treatment. How long should I wear my AIRCAST and if it feels okay, can I start walking without it? It’s been 10 days since “my accident”.

    • ANSWER:
      Phone his office and ask the nurse or PA how long you should wear the aircast.

      There really isn’t much you can do for a non-displaced fracture. It takes a bone injury about six weeks to heal.

    About a year ago i fractured my ankle
    its been about a year since i got a hairline fracture on my right ankle i did not have insurance for any real treatment so i guess you could say i walked it off in a way. Anyway its still alittle swollen on the inside ball of my ankle its just that sometimes when i position my foot a certain way i feel s sort of tightness that annoys me im not sure if it could be my tendon. I was just wondring if my ankle could still be treated so it can heal now that i do have insurance? thanks and any suggestins help.

    • ANSWER:

      there is always something they can do….just a word of advise: when it comes to your personal wellbeing/health never skimp. get a loan, get teh work done on credit, borrow from your friends, sell your stuff….dont ever let your body deteriorate like that.

      the reason you are haveing pain may be because your bone healed in a bad angle (even if off by only a fraction of a degree) and that will cause pain.

      but go know and see what has to be done.

      hope you get better.

    treatment on my ankle?
    hi i fractured my ankle as well as torn ligaments on my left foot about a month ago, ive been in a leg cast for about 4 weeks and have an appointment next week, ( it be 5 weeks on a cast).i can seem to put weight on the left foot but not all the time.
    Would anyone out there have any experience or have any information about what happens next? will i be on another cast? will they give me treatment and how long will it take for me to be normal again!!! thanks and much obliged

    • ANSWER:
      You are going to have more x-rays to see if the fracture line has consolidated (healed) and to what degree. If there is enough callous formation (new bone growth) you will most likely be placed in a walking cast or limited movement boot. That will allow you to take some weight on the foot which will help speed the bone growth. As for the ligaments they are actually more of a problem than the fracture. They do not heal at the same rate as the fracture. The ligaments will require some physical therapy to make them more mobile. But at the moment if they want you non-weight bearing stay off the foot. You will have plenty of time to work on getting back on the foot soon enough. It is impossible to state how long this is going to take until the cast comes off and an assessment can be made of the ligamental healing.

    FRACTURED ANKLE? :/ help.. please?
    Sorry this may be little long…

    So a few years back I fractured my ankle (I didn’t know at the time) but my mum didn’t believe that I had injured my ankle so I never got a cast, never used crutches and never let it heal properly. I had to visit physio this summer because of knee problems and that’s when I found out that I had fractured it previously. It is noticeable when I sit down as my ankle hang differently and lately I have a dull yet severe pain in ankle (which I fractured) and it hurts to walk on and I am able to bear weight it is just agonizingly painful.

    What can I do to relieve the pain?
    Should I visit a doctor?
    What treatment is a doctor likely to offer?
    What is wrong with my ankle?
    Oh also the pain is generalized around mid foot, up my ankle, to mid shin if that helps :S

    • ANSWER:
      I truly feel your pain. I fractured both my tibia and fibula at the ankle 2 years ago and had surgery to repair it. I also badly sprained my other ankle this summer. I went to a different orthopedic surgeon recently because I still am unable to deal with the pain and wanted a second opinion. That being said–I think you should at least have the ankle evaluated by a doctor. Hopefully there is some way to correct the problem But, I will tell you what the doctor told me this past week–Pain after a you have had stress to your ankle (in this case) that you say is all over ( like you describe) is most likely RSD a nerve problem (there is a lot written about it/check it out ) and the treatment is physical therapy and managing the pain. Good Luck
      I see most answers are directed towards surgery to correct the fracture that happened “years ago”. He also states it was diagnosed by a doctor when he had knee issues. Hopefully any corrective surgery would have been done at that time or at least that doctor would have followed up with the ankle. At least you would hope so.

    Fractured ankle recovery?
    I am 15 and I fractured the growth plate in my right ankle while doing the long jump. That was in march. Following the injury, I was put into a hard cast for the first three weeks and then a walking boot for the next three weeks. After going through the whole treatment process, I was told that I could begin running and stuff but only with my brace.

    Only two or three weeks after I was able to run around, I got eye surgery and was set back another two months. It is now the beginning of september, and I am just beginning to be allowed to get back to my normal things. The doctor said the bone was healed, but I don’t know what to do.

    After a recent visit, I was told that my calf muscle was what was causing the pain. Alls I had to do was stretch it. Without suggesting a physical therapist or doctor.. I was wondering if there were any exercises that I can do at home. Maybe even in my bath tub. I also have to mobilize my ankle. Soccer season is also starting, and I really want to be able to play.

    • ANSWER:

    what is the treatment for an unstable ankle ?
    so i ride an ambulance as a volunteer EMT. and i have sprained my ankle to many times to count. i went to an ortho about a year ago and he said i loose ligaments and gave me a brace to wear during duty when im on the ambulance but now i can feel the bones slide and its tender to the touch, as well as hard to walk on it at time. it has become easier to sprain like i was stepping up into the ambulance going to a call and sprained it. i know how to treat a bad sprain so i never go back to the ortho i have also fractured this ankle 2 times when i was little from climbing. my question is what is the treatment ? what can i do to make it better ? i have tried physical therapy didn’t help alot…. i cant go back to my ortho until i get my new insurance care and i got a feeling hes going to want to do surgery… please help ! anyone who has delt with this please give me a hand . also not sure if this is relevant but im a 19 Y/O/F

    • ANSWER:
      physical therapy really is the best way to treat it; it strengthens the muscles to stabilize the ankle joint.
      the brace protects it, but also prevents the muscles from actively working to strengthen naturally, and can lead to weaker muscles and an overall weaker joint over time.
      surgically, the options are to fuse various parts of the joint, which is painful and just not a great idea for many reasons (I’m sure you can figure out why; loss of flexibility being the main one).

      How long ago did you try PT? Maybe a different PT center/ a different approach would help.

    What is the treatment for an unstable ankle ?
    so i ride an ambulance as a volunteer EMT. and i have sprained my ankle to many times to count. i went to an ortho about a year ago and he said i loose ligaments and gave me a brace to wear during duty when im on the ambulance but now i can feel the bones slide and its tender to the touch, as well as hard to walk on it at time. it has become easier to sprain like i was stepping up into the ambulance going to a call and sprained it. i know how to treat a bad sprain so i never go back to the ortho i have also fractured this ankle 2 times when i was little from climbing. my question is what is the treatment ? what can i do to make it better ? i have tried physical therapy didn’t help alot…. i cant go back to my ortho until i get my new insurance care and i got a feeling hes going to want to do surgery… please help ! anyone who has delt with this please give me a hand . also not sure if this is relevant but im a 19 Y/O/F

    • ANSWER:
      my ankle is the same way and i been dealing with it for a year and now i have to have reconstructive surgery because nothing else is helping so yes if you go back to the ortho then he/she will most likely wanna do surgery to fix them because your just making it worse but for right now just wear a brace and do the RICE thing. good luck.

    Has anyone had an fractured tibia resulting in joint trouble in the ankle?
    Has anyone had an injury similar to this??

    Any suggestions for treatment, supplements exercises etc??

    I would be very interested to hear from someone who has a similar injury and hear about their symptoms and recovery. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:

      Try this website. It’s for people with broken legs. There’s lots of tibia breaks on there. Someone (or lots) of people will answer your question.

    Help… Fractured ankle + elite distance runner = depression!?
    I have experienced an avulsion fracture of my calcaneus resulting from a tear of my calcaneofibular ligament after rolling my ankle. Xrays show a minor fracture, however, no cast needed. I have some swelling and discoloration although no pain and gait is not effected. I obviously want to prevent permanent damage, however, I would like to begin running as soon as possible. All the advice I get is the standard “4-6 weeks and then we’ll re-evaluate”. What are my risks? How do I manage my own treatment?

    • ANSWER:

    I’m not sure if i have fractured my ankle, how can I tell it apart from a sprain?
    I have a problem with my RIGHT ankle, i sprain it very very often, and it’s become very weak. I have fractured it numerous teams, and done ligament damange numerous times. Yesterday I went over on my right ankle in a game of football, immediately there was GREAT GREAT pain, but immediate swelling, but after half an hour there is no pain.. and now over 24 hours later still no pain. My toes are stiff-ish when I move them, but again.. no pain, anywhere.

    A small purple bruise has appeared under the ankle it’s self, and there is a great deal of swelling around the ankle it’s self and on the front of the ankle/shin/foot (hard to describe where lol)

    My hospital is terrible, and I will be there for 4+ hours so will need the day off work to go really..and can’t afford to take this time off for just a sprain.. how can I diagnose my self the difference between Sprain and fracture? Even if it is fractured, will the hosptial give me any treatment I can’t just give my self?

    • ANSWER:
      Well obviously this isn’t a true emergency if you’ve waited this long. The only real way to determine fracture is on xray. Call your doctors office and request an order for an xray. They can order this for you, you go straight to xray and avoid the ER, faster and cheaper.

    How to deal with ankle stiffness?
    Following an accident my ankle and knee was fracture. After treatment now bones are fine but Joints are very stiff and painful. I cant move the Knee and Ankle to its full range. Its very hard like iron. Already 1 yr have passed.
    Though Doctors advised for Physiotherapy but that was very painful and twice I became unconscious (I am a patient of High BP)
    Now can it be cured by Physiotherapy or is there any option with surgery. Plz advice. Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Physiotherapy will not cure it
      Apply relaxyl cream to the effected area
      and keep the ankle for 15 minutes
      in hot water daily for 3 months

    What are the symptoms of a chipped ankle bone?
    I think I may have chipped a bone in my ankle. What are the symptoms and what is the treatment? Also what is the symptoms and treatment for a stress fracture in the ankle? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      symptoms: pain. lots of pain. especially when you put weight on it
      It should show up on x-ray photo’s, it can be treated with a cast (usually a plaster cast is used, sometimes other materials) it won’t heal by itself, it has to be treated by a doctor.

    I think i have fractured my fooot? treatment?
    i think i fractured my talus. (where the foot bends or ankle or whatever its called)

    like maybe a hairline fracture. i dunno. it looks like a bubble. like a big swelling bubble.
    hard to describe. i hit it on my bedframe. & like it looks like theres a line under my skin.
    like a small bone line. maybe its from hitting it not sure.

    but like if i fractured it (going to doctor tmrw) what would they do? like i heard some people got plaster casts. and some got a boot. sooo what would they do. like what types of severitys & treatments?

    • ANSWER:
      you will definitely get a cast or just a wrap around your foot and most definitely crutches.

    Cause and treatment of pain in lower leg near ankle?
    I have pain in my lower right leg, just above the ankle, on the outside of the leg. I get the pain when I run or walk. Ankle movement is fine. Pain feels like shin splints, only more painful. I usually run 4 miles 4 days/week. I haven’t run in a week, but the pain has not subsided.

    What kind of injury could this be (stress fracture, ligament damage, etc)? Does it just need further rest, or is there something else that can be done?


    • ANSWER:
      Its definetlely not a broken bone ill tell you that. If it was fractured then you couldnt even put pressure on it!. Well i think that its just under stress. Since your running so much and your putting so much pressure on that foot i think that you are just stressing the muscles in that leg. Yes, its not the bone. Its just the muscles around it. I think that they are tearing and there are getting stronger. Welll this is what you have to do: try not to put so much pressure on it while you are running or you can stop running for a couple of days. Now if you love running then you should just try not to put so much pressure on it. Well i hope that this helps you out

    ankle and treatment?
    I hurt my anke yesterday and could tell i hurt it… i was limping and my ankle got swollen on the outside but not that much, i coudlnt run on it but i could walk but with a limp, when i woke up today the pain was must worse its still swollen and i can’t walk on it anymore i’m not sure if its sprained or fractured i dunno what to do since i dont have health insurance right now what should i?

    • ANSWER:
      It is quite normal for your ankle to be more swollen and stiffer the next morning.

      A sprain is an injury to ligaments. With ankles, lateral sprains like yours are the most common.

      Ice, compression, and elevation treat the secondary effects of the injury. (pain, swelling, loss of function) Work on the normal up & down motion in order to get back to normal heel to toe walking.

      Even if you feel better, don’t be suprised if your ankle looks thicker for a while. Scar tissue – part of natural healing – will make it look thicker even after swelling is reduced.

    Sprained Ankle Treatment?
    last tuesday while at DisneyWorld I severely sprained my ankle. i went to the ER and they said no fractures. well since i didnt want to ruin my daughters vacation i was unable to really keep it elevated or ice it that much at all, i did however stay in a wheel chair for a few days. im now walking on it. it is still very swollen and isnt getting much better. my question is should i be using heat even with all this swelling or would ice help the swelling go down some. i know its 48 hours ice than heat from then on but with me being unable to ice it early on im kinda confused what to do. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      As a general, never apply heat to an area that is swollen (rheumatioid arthritis and a few other conditions are exceptions). Heat is applied when there is stiffness after the swelling is gone.

    fractured my ankle a week ago…went to the hospital yesterday….?
    they gave me a ‘half cast’…..hard on the back, ace bandage on the front….and now it hurts worse than it did before i got treatment. is this normal or should i go back to the hospital?

    • ANSWER:
      i was there 3 years ago broke my ankle had 2 screws put in i feel ur pain no its natueral u r gonna have lots of pain sorry to tell u i hope everything works out for u and do exactly whatthe doctor tells u

    Medical treatment for broken/sprained ankle?
    Okay, so I think I fractured or sprained my ankle because of volleyball.
    I’m not going to the doctor for two more days and was just curious as to what they’d do for it.
    If it was sprained, would I be in a brace or anything? Or on crutches?
    Same questions for fractured! I’d like to have some idea of what I’m getting myself into before I go to the doctor’s office.
    Also, about how long does stay in splint or brace or whatever if it’s broken/fractured?
    I want to get back to volleyball ASAP! Thanks so much! Ellen.

    • ANSWER:
      I was playing football with my friends at the park and fell in a hole and ended up with a grade 3 sprained ankle. They will have you in a splint for a week. You will have to use crutches. After a week in the splint, they will have you in a walking cast for 3 weeks. Then, you will use a simple brace or wrap for about a week. You total recovery time will be about 6 weeks. So, a month and a half. The last week will be needed for your ankle to rest. So, you will be taking about a month and a half from volleyball to recover. Hope I helped. :)

    Can you help with fast heal for ankle fracture?
    X-ray results: undisplaced frature of lateral malleolus. Also a flake of bone projected in the joint space laterally (avulsion).

    Walked (hobbled) around for 2 days after initial x-ray, before getting results.

    May I have caused more damage?

    Treatment is taping and an aircast brace has been ordered. Should receive tomorrow.

    I need to get this healed as quickly as possible. Should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      There will be no quick fix and it will take time. For stable, nondisplaced, isolated malleolar fractures rest, elevate the involved ankle above the level of the heart, and apply ice, while keeping the splint dry. If you are in a prefabricated splint and able to withstand ambulation, you can bear weight as tolerated. Motrin for pain and swelling. An orthopaedic doctor should follow up with you for repeat X-rays and a check on your general condition.

    Ankle Injury? Sprained or Fractured?
    I am very clumsy first off. Earlier this week (Thursday) I fell down my stairs and injured my ankle badly. It is very unstable, black and blue and I can’t walk on it at all. It is also swollen up the leg a little bit. I have been using RICE, but it doesn’t work much. Intitial swelling went down a little bit, but not much.
    So do you think it is sprained or broken
    and either way, what is the treatment and how long am I going to be on these stupid crutches?

    • ANSWER:
      Those symptoms follow a sprain. Fractures do not produce inflammation, however it is very rare to have a fracture an not a sprain. You really did not provide enough information to reach a substantial conclusion, and palpation in critical in ankle injures. It sounds like you already saw a nurse or trainer so do what they told you.

    What are the age/grade requirements to play seventh/eighth grade basketball?
    A relative of my needs to know for her son. He is only 13 years of age but he skipped a grade so he’s in the ninth grade. Would he be allowed to play? Not trying to use this in a bad way but would it help to sway the decision in his favor since he couldn’t play last year because he was undergoing chemotherapy treatments and had a fractured ankle?
    A relative of my needs to know for her son. He is only 13 years of age but he skipped a grade so he’s in the ninth grade. Would he be allowed to play? Not trying to use this in a bad way but would it help to sway the decision in his favor since he couldn’t play last year because he was undergoing chemotherapy treatments and had a fractured ankle?

    UPDATE: He skipped the second grade. I was just trying to say that since he’s a year younger because he skipped a grade that maybe that combined with the fact that he was getting chemotherapy during his eighth grade year which prevented him from playing ball would convince the school board to allow him to play. We do live in a rural kind of place so maybe they will let him he really wants to play…

    • ANSWER:
      I think it depends on where he goes to school. If it is a private school they will probably be more likely to work with you about it. Either way I would go sit down with the coach and principle and talk it through and decide what would be best for this particular situation! This is probably a case by case decision! Hope it all works out!!!

    Ankle injury… Need treatment or just more time to heal?
    4-5 weeks ago I was hanging curtains and lost my footing on the chair I was standing on, I fell backward and hit the front of my ankle on the chair seat as I went down. It hurt a lot, but I iced it and it wasn’t immediately swelling. I had and still have full range of motion, and it didn’t hurt any worse when I walked. It only hurts more when I sit indian-style with that ankle on the bottom pushing on the floor (my favorite sitting position of course). By the next it developed a NASTY bruise and some swelling. The bruise lasted 3 weeks. The swelling went down to a small bump which is where it hurts to push on it. The bump now comes and goes, it gets bigger if I wear tight socks. I’m concerned that it still hurts there and it’s odd that the bump comes and goes… if I go to a doctor can they even do anything? What type of injury do you think it is? It doesn’t seem like a sprain or fracture… How long should it take to heal? Thank you for any educated advice you have!

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your doctor now. A friend of mine hit her leg on the edge of the bed frame and said nothing about it at the time. She went to the corner store to get a carton of milk and returned home. Told her husband she felt tired and laid down for awhile and never got up.
      Blood clot formed and went to her head and killer her. Do not take any chances.

    Stress Fracture Treatment?
    I did track last year (long distance) and i got a stress fracture in my ankle from what i assume was overusing my ankle running miles. I got the stress fracture in April last year, and i took a break from sports since then. I though that would heal it but i still feel it sometimes! It didnt show up on an xray, and i really don’t want to get an mri (cost). Track is starting up and i realllly want to join the team..but i’m scared i may re injure it. What are some good things to do to help ensure i wont re injure it? I have about a week before the season actually starts so maybe i can do some training or something before i start running again (after a year)

    • ANSWER:
      Slow, I would suggest that you start to strengthen the ankle. By strengthening the muscles they will be able to absorb more of the stress and not impart it on to the bones. The bone itself is quite strong as it will respond to the stress placed on it. So the stress fracture is completely healed and what you are feeling could just be some of the lining of the bone caught up in the healed bone. This layer of tissue is called the periosteum. This layer has a lot of nerve endings in it thus giving you that sensation of pain.

    Example of public healthcare on radio today?
    Heard on the radio, an example of a British man who was denied healthcare to treat his fractured ankle because he would not give up smoking. Government pays for healthcare (out of Britain’s citizen’s taxes) and since smoking drives up costs, he was given a choice: quit smoking or no medical treatment.

    This is an example of what happens when government controls something. Make no mistake, public healthcare is less about treatment for everyone than it is about consolidation of power and control over everyone.


    • ANSWER:
      This is what happens when you push a government healthcare system. No shock here.

    Misdiagnosed ankle fracture. What would they have to do?
    About six month ago I was running and I got a “sprain”. The doctor said it would take less that 2 weeks to heal but I ended up going back every week for about 2 moths. I gave up and asked for a second opinion. This doctor says that it’s a fracture that was misdiagnosed.
    It still hurts when:
    -I run
    -I walk DOWN stairs.
    -I jump

    What sort of treatment/surgery would they have to preform?

    Will it hurt for the rest of my life?

    • ANSWER:
      To be absolutely sure of your injury ask your doctor to refer you for an MRI that will show up exactly what is wrong as it is very hard to work out what is wrong

    What rights do we have in regards to military medical discharge due to poor medical treatment?
    In Sept 2005, my husband broke his ankle & severed some ligaments during field training. He was told that it was only a sprain for the first 4 months, sent to Physical Therapy. The Physical Therapist would not treat him stating that he had a fracture on initial x-rays. He was referred to a doctor who gave no treatment except pain meds. He went through about 6 months of therapy with no improvement, his pain levels actually got worse. The doctor told him that he was just one of those that do not heal from a sprain as quickly as others. His first medical discharge was canceled due to lack of treatment and the doctor passed him off. After a MRI 8 months after the injury, he had the initial fracture and another fracture as well as poor ligament structure. He did have surgery at about the one year mark to try and repair the damage. He is now facing a second medical discharge and cannot walk without a cane. He will be like this for the rest of his life.

    What options do we have?

    • ANSWER:
      Welcome to the military life.

      I broke my ankle back in 1977 and almost broke my back. They put a case on my ankle which I took off and set the bones myself (painful) but nothing could be done about my back. The Navy doctor told me I had two choices. I could get out of the Marines or I could get out of the Marines. Some choices eh?

      Your husband still has all of his benefits though and that will count for something. I don’t think he’ll be on that cane all his life, maybe from time to time but not always. The VA will take good care of him. They have more than just military doctors. I’ve been going to them for some time now and they have helped me.

      At least he won’t be going to Iraq and stand a chance of being killed. You do have that bright side.

    care after the taking off the cast of my right ankle?
    i had a fracture in my right ankle.both the lower portions of tibia and fibia were made a cast and yesterday after 38 days the cast was removed.i want to know about the recovery time and what else i can do to start walking again and any other thing i can do for my treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      Please call the Dr and ask the Dr, Dr should have given you instruction on the care, some exercises and crutches to use as this is healed enough so you do not need the cast but it is healed only partially, and you have to be very gentle with it. If need be, Dr should do a follow up X’ Ray (contrast) to see, to what extent it has healed and the also do a MRI to find the exact condition of the soft tissue.

      You may also want to use ace ankle support but clear it with Dr. A special shoes for few years may not be a bad idea.

    What happens when you fracture your ankle?
    Today I was on the swing , and I didn’t lift my legs and my left foot hit the floor . I was too busy cursing (as you do) it brought tears to my eyes it was so painful. I could not walk home at all.

    I went to Accident and Emergency for a checkup as my ankle ballooned. I had an X-ray and then the doctor showed me it and she said “I really don’t know if it’s fractured” she showed me a bone that looked bent and told me it was supposed to be straight. I have to go back tomorrow morning.
    What are the possibilities ? I really don’t want a fracture but I’d rather be sure than go back and make a fool out of myself.

    What treatment do you get ?

    • ANSWER:
      Each hospital and doctor will have slightly different ways of doing things when treating an ankle fracture, so you should follow their guidance where it is different from the information given here. Because all patients, conditions and treatments vary it cannot cover everything. Use this information when making choices regarding broken ankle treatment with your doctors. You should mention any worries you have. Remember that you can ask for more information at any time.

      What is the problem?

      Your ankle is broken. A break is also called a fracture. There is no difference in severity between a fractured bone and a broken bone. Therefore your injury may be called a fractured ankle.

      The broken bones may still be in the correct place (undisplaced) or out of place (displaced). It is also possible that the ligaments that normally hold the ankle in position are also damaged.

      Your type of operation will depend on the type of fracture. This should be discussed with your orthopaedic doctors.

      What is the ankle joint?

      The ankle is a hinge joint comprised of three bones: the shinbone (tibia), the other bone of the lower leg (fibula) and the talus at the top of the foot. The shinbone (tibia) extends down the inside of the leg to form the inner bony bump of the ankle, called the medial malleolus. The fibula runs next to the tibia to form the outer bony bump of the ankle, called the lateral malleolus. The talus is enclosed within the ends of the tibia and fibula.

      The ankle joint allows the foot to bend up and down. Usually one or both leg bones break, rather than the talus.

      What has gone wrong?

      One or more of the bones in the ankle joint has been broken:

      It could be only the lateral malleolus at the base of the fibula that is broken
      It could be only the medial malleolus at the base of the tibia that is broken
      It could be that both the lateral malleolus and medial malleolus are both broken
      The talus may be pulled right out the joint (dislocated). This is called a fracture-dislocation

      Your treatment would depend on the type of fracture and whether the fracture was displaced or not. It will also depend on how stable the fracture is. Generally, a stable fracture is easily held in position by a plaster and an unstable fracture would need to be held in place by a plate and screws.

      The aim.

      The aim is to fix the ankle bones in the correct place while your fracture heals. If the fracture is displaced, we aim to re-align the bones to make the joint as normal as possible. We will then hold the bones in position with plates and screws while your fracture heals.

      The benefits: If a displaced fracture is in a joint, it can make the joint surfaces very rough and lead to arthritis. Reconstructing the ankle reduces the risk of arthritis developing to a minimum.

      Are there any alternatives?

      The decision to treat a fractured ankle with surgery depends on the type of fracture. Not every fractured ankle needs to be operated on. Some can be re-aligned by pushing and pulling (manipulation) and then held in position with a plaster only.

      In some cases it is better to fix the fracture with plates and screws, if treatment with a cast only is not the best option.

      What if you do nothing?
      If the bones are out of place, and you do not have an operation you may develop arthritis in the ankle within a year or two.

      Who should have it done?
      If your ankle is broken and you are fit enough to undergo surgery, you ought to have the fracture fixed.

      Who should not have it done?

      If you suffer major medical problems, these should be sorted out before you have the operation. These problems include irregular heart rhythms and breathing problems. If your leg is very swollen, you should wait for the swelling to go down before having your operation. This may take as long as six days.

    Treatment options for cat’s dislocated ankle?
    My cat was diagnosed yesterday with a dislocated ankle, torn ligaments and a bone shattered. He also has a small wound on the same foot. He’s currently in a thigh high cast. They vet said he couldn’t get his ankle lined up well cause of the fractures. He’s gets pain meds every 12 hours. When they wear off he starts shaking from the pain. I feel so bad for him. I don’t know how he did it. He was outside barely 20 mins. I feel so bad for my baby :(

    I was wondering if anyone has gone through this or something similar. Knows a good ortho vet.
    I forgot to add my vet has been very good. They took him in immediately and treated him. They said he prob will have to go to an ortho vet. Either fusing or plating the ankle. Neither sound comfortable for a 4 year old cat.

    • ANSWER:
      I dont have any expertise for this kind of thing, I am so sorry. Thank you for taking care of him as you are doing. There are orthopedic vets that specialize in these types of injuries. You might want to check that out. I learned the hard way NEVER NEVER for even a minute to let a cat outdoors. It is not cruel ( and Im not beating up on you, years ago I bought a house on a quiet dead end street so my cats could roam safely. Well, I was constantly battling fleas, fight injuries and worrying when they didnt come right home. Then a teen age girl driving 15 miles an hour on my quiet street hit and instantly killed one of the cats. She was devastated too as she owned 2 cats herself. She would not even drive for a month after that. Not to mention how terrible I felt. I work in a cat shelter and people whose cats got killed outside come in crying.. Oh but he loooovvvved it outside, they sob, NO, he got conditioned to go out . Cats are curious and will try to explore any new thing or area. If the cat sneaks outside the lazy owner gets the idea less cat litter and box duty and the cats spends more time outside and something always happens. Your cat can be retrained to stay inside at all times. Of course they need to be neutered . I had a carpenter put up a door between my front hall and the outside door. The cats knew not to go out when I left the house . Its when I would be coming in with grocery bags they would get out. With the 2 doors it was impossible. Your cat will be fine indoors. The outdoors does not love THEM as sadly you have found out. Terrible as this is at least he is alive. Watch the dose on the pain killers. They have some rough side effects so you dont want to give any more than absolutely necessary. Go on line to a wonderful source of cat info. The people on here write in from all over the world and so many are incredibly knowlegeable. I bet you would find out much more info about these kind of injuries, pain meds, etc. It is one of the YAHOO groups right here on YAHOO called “for the love of cats”, they have sub groups on almost anything to do with cats, theyve helped me a lot. I will send prayers for your cats speedy recovery. Take care and thank you for caring for him. “this too shall pass”. Good luck.

    ankle fracture surgery?
    i am 32 and had an ankle fracture (ice skating) 8 weeks ago. I had surgery and 10 screws and plate inserted. The fracture is at the posterior malleolus and the fibula. Treatment going good. Doc says i am responding well. Right now i am on Partial Weight Bearing stage with crutches… when will i be able to walk normally without crutches….. Serious answers please

    • ANSWER:
      I did not get the screws but had similar surgery. It took a while but it also takes time to heal. Remember that the outside can look great but interiorly it takes a little longer. You need to take your time and it took me 6 weeks after surgery to start walking short distances (bed to bathroom or desk to doors.) When you do the physical therapy you will see the improvements.

    Treatment for hairline fracture?
    what is the treatment for a hairline fracture on the tibia of the ankle
    it was such a small break it hardly showed up in the xray.

    • ANSWER:
      I suggest that you talk this over with your doctor and ignore any other advice given on this forum.

    treatment for hairline fracture?
    what is the treatment for a hairline fracture on the tibia of the ankle?

    • ANSWER:

    Bimalleolar ankle fracture – no surgery; weightbearing a week before suggested time?

    11 weeks ago I twisted my ankle and managed to fracture both sides; although surgery was considered the consultant opted for conservative treatment (no surgery) as the bones were in a good position and hadn’t moved from the position.

    Although I was told not to weightbear for another week (5 days really), I could not postpone working any longer as they would have let me go.

    My job does require a lot of standing – serving customers, but I am only working 2 more days this week; one 4hr shift and another 5hr shift.

    My question is, will this have adverse affects on my healing? Also – what kind?

    Rather than the airboot I am suppose to be wearing, I have purchased a smaller brace – so that it will fit into a trainer.

    Please help! Am worried about my foot but also my job – I mean my leg comes first…..but a job is a job and not easy to find.
    (I tried to upload a picture of my last x-ray – 2 1/2 weeks ago – but it didn’t work – the inside bone is completely healed (small break) and there just seems to be a faint shadow where the other (big break) was)

    I was told at my last app to be in the boot for another 3 weeks and no more appointments were necessary.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Alia,

      Chances are that you’ve probably given it enough time to heal. I couldn’t be sure unless I saw some up-to-date X-rays of your ankle. I would suggest taking it easy as possible when you’re standing for the next week or so, especially avoiding the stairs – take the lift or escallator wherever possible to minimise the range of movement and weight distribution changes between your legs.

      I doubt you’ll have any long-term problems as a result of the fractures, but again, I’d probably be able to give a more educated response if I could see an up-to-date set of X-rays… because I do this for a living!

      Good luck with getting back into the swing of work – I bet it’s tough after all that time off!

      All the best,

      Just some guy

    I stepped in a hole and thought i broke my ankle went to the ER and was treated badly what should i do?
    On the fourth of July I stepped into a hole and twisted my ankle. I thought I might have fractured or broke it because it hurt and swelled up really bad. I got to the ER and there was like three people there waiting. I waited for two hours till a nurse came and got me. I was in a wheel chair for I couldn’t walk and she forcefully was herding me through doorways to my room actually knocking my foot up against the door once and then asking me if that hurt?! I got my xrays done and waited in the room for about thirty minutes and the doctor came poked his head in the door and said your foot is not broken. That is the only time I saw him. The hospital is a county hospital and was not busy. I was discharged with a bandage around the foot and no one told me how to take care of it or what I should do. It still hurts really bad should I go see my family doctor if it is just a sprain and should I report to someone about the treatment at this hospital? It just didn’t seem right.

    • ANSWER:
      Call the hospital that you were treated at and ask for the
      “Human Resource” department. Tell them you want to file a complaint, then tell them your story.

    Pain on top of foot with very very minor ankle fracture.. Help?
    Ok, so a week and a half ago I broke my ankle. It was the tiniest little fracture there could be and the Dr said they are gonna treat it like a sprain. However, they still put me in a freaking cast! Well, 5 days later I attempted my first shower (gross, I know!) and did everything they told me to do but STILL got the inside wet. So I had to have it taken off at the ER cause it was a friday night. They put me in a walking boot and said Monday morning, call to get a new cast. Well when they were cutting the wet one the lady said “OMG they double casted it! They NEVER do that! Can’t believe it especially how small it was!” I was just like, great…

    Anywho, the Walking boot is magnificent!!! I can actually get around, do things, and it doesn’t hurt one bit! Well except when I take it off to give my leg a breather.

    If I leave it off for more than 10 minutes, my entire flipping foot cramps up and is hard to walk on. Even with the boot. So… Before I go whining to my doctor and they throw another freaking cast on me, (which I am avoiding anyway…. hence no Cast today-its monday- especially since they were “going to be treating it as a sprain” I think they went overboard on treatment if you ask me!) What on earth is causing this? Inactivity too much activity? Just me being hurt? Its more painful than the stupid break! But it DOES go away after a little while.

    • ANSWER:
      you can’t tell that way go to a doctor!

    do ankle fractures affect height?
    I had fractures in both my ankles in may and i am worried if my height would affected. I didn’t had a surgical treatment
    my height has not increased till december and i’m worried if my height has stopped
    i am of 15 years

    • ANSWER:
      as long as the fractures healed well then i don’t think you will have a problem with height, by the sounds of it the fractures wern’t too bad as they didn’t require surgery so they have probably healed fine. If you are really concerned about this then have a chat with your GP.

      Good luck and happy growing



    my ankle is still swollen after I removed the cast?
    is it normal for a fractured bone after over 1.5 month? any treatment could make it better?


    • ANSWER:
      *****I recommend that u get your ankle recheck to make sure everything has heal correctly. See if it hasn’t the ankle will continue to be swollen because it’s still injury. I read other people statments and it’s incorrect about it been swollen still if anything it would look smaller then the other ankle because it’s been in a cast, so sweety please follow up with you doc. I wish u the best and I hope u have a Divine Day and a Happy Easter

    I need to see a doctor 4 fracture ankle. the doctors i have been seeing are mis diag.Im on ssi, medi.starts 1y?

    • ANSWER:
      For a fracture? Hospital or a clinic.

    What is the proper treatment for deep contusion/hematoma-inside of the shin, 8″ above the ankle.?
    My leg impacted a jet ski at 45 mph 6 weeks ago. Had X ray, no fracture. Area is 5″ long by 3 ” wide, swollen and hard knot visible with no bruis visible, just a red spot. How is the best way to treat?
    First X-ray was at 4 weeks from injury. Hot soaks in hot tub increase the visibility of the wound. Talked to a Dr. today informally, and he suggested cat scan, or MRI. This information suggests that mmmckin is accurate in suggesting that bone is fractured. Dr also pointed out that x ray might not be able to pick up small fracture. Reported that small fracture in the leg might take up to 12 weeks to heal. Any other conclusions? Thanks mmmckin, I will be following your advice.

    • ANSWER:
      That visible hard knot is calcium deposits trying to rebuild a bone. It seems that the xray did not pick up your fracture. You need to go back to the doctor. I had the same thing happen but to my foot. An xray doesn’t pick up a hairline fracture immediately, but wait a day or two, and there it is.