Fractures Of The Foot

Ankle Fractures & Multiple X-Rays
Scenario: A new patient presents to the office suffering from an injured left ankle she hurt while shoveling snow. The orthopedist carries out a detailed history and examination. Thinking it to be a fracture, the orthopedist orders a two-view ankle x-ray, which shows a bimalleolar fracture. The NPP provides local anesthesia and the surgeon uses closed treatment to manipulate the fracture. In order to ensure proper alignment, the orthopedist orders a second two-view ankle x-ray. Notes point to moderate medical decision making. The orthopedist writes the proper prescriptions, the NPP casts the ankle and the patient goes home. So in this scenario, can I code both ankle x-rays?

Well, since the orthopedist orders separate x-rays for different purposes (identifying the fracture, ensuring proper bone placement), you can code for both. You should report the following on the claim:

27810 (Closed treatment of bimalleolar ankle fracture [example, lateral & medial malleoli; or lateral & posterior malleoli or medial & posterior malleoli]; with manipulation) for the fracture care 73600 (Radiologic examination, ankle; 2 views) x 2 for the x-rays (one prior to the surgery, and one to make ensure proper bone placement post-surgery) 824.4 (Fracture of ankle; bimalleolar, closed) added to 27810, 99204 and 73600 to represent the patient’s ankle fracture E016.0 (Activities involving property and land maintenance, building and construction; digging, shoveling and raking) added to 27810, 99204 and 73600 to represent the cause of the patient’s ankle fracture. See to it that you check with your payer update prior to filling this claim. Some payers might require you to place a modifier such as 51 (Multiple procedures) or 59 (Distinct procedural service) to the second x-ray code. For more on this and for other medical coding updates, sign up for a one-stop medical coding guide like Supercoder.

Frequently Asked Questions

    so how long does it take a fractured foot to heal?
    I fractured some bones across the top of my foot, marisuple or something like that they called them. clean fractures, how long till i can take off this boot thing?

    • ANSWER:
      you broken your METATARSALS (there are 5–one for each toe–imagine that!).

      You only need the boot to walk–not 24/7.
      It will take about 3-4 weeks, if you are lucky.

    What is causing the burning sensation in my fractured foot?
    I fractured a bone in my foot about a week ago. It turned out to be a hairline fracture. The past few days I’ve experienced this painful and annoying burning sensation around the area that’s fractured. It hurts so bad that it wakes me up in the middle of the night. The only relief I’ve found is putting an ice pack on it. What is causing this pain and what’s the best way to relieve it?

    • ANSWER:
      That’s usually a staph infection. If it spreads it could get not your bloodstream and then it’s all over, particularly if it’s an antibiotic resistant strain.

    What do you wear for a fractured foot?
    I think I may of fractured the bone leading into my foot from my big toe but closer to my ankle. I dropped a hammer on my foot today and now it’s swollen and all red. It doesn’t hurt right now but at certain time it hurts like hell. I have a pretty good limp when I walk on it. So what do ya’ll think about the foot and what kind of cast do you use.

    • ANSWER:
      The best way is to X-ray your foot to rule out any fracture. If NO fracture, use firm but not too tight bandage, then loose foot-wear. If there is fracture, go to emergency department and have a plaster of paris cast or hexalite cast.

    Is pins and needles ina fractured foot normal?
    I fell on my foot and got an exray at the doctor. They told me a minor bone connecting my pinky toe was fractured they gave me no brace or crutches for it. Two weeks later I started experiencing a pins and needles numbness feeling in the general location of the fracture. Is this normal or something that needs to be treated right away?

    • ANSWER:

    Is it possible to have a fractured foot/ankle and still be able to walk?
    Around the bottom of my tibia, I was kicked in a soccer game, and it has been swollen and reallllly bruised since. ( 6 days ago ).. I have iced it and the swelling still hasnt gone away. Mostly, unless I step hard against the ground, it doesnt hurt badly to walk, but around the bottom of my tibia its really tender to touch. I have had bad bruises before, and this is not what they feel like. ?

    • ANSWER:

    Can you walk on a fractured foot?
    8 days ago I went rollerblading and did gymnastics with my kids. A couple days later the top of my foot started hurting really bad, especially when I wiggle my toes. It is also extremely sensative to any touch. The part that hurts is just below my big toe and the one next to it, on the top. The rest of my foot feels fine.
    Some times it hurts to walk, other times it doesn’t bother me.

    I can’t afford to go to the doctor. Is it possible to walk on a fractured foot? Anyone had these symptoms before?

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t worry, I doubt that you did anything that severe to it. What is does sound like is that the tendons are telling you that they were pulled in ways that they weren’t ready for, they ended up being stretched rather than released. Our tendons are like turtle’s heads, they tend to pull together without use and when there are times of trauma to the body, like it is going to prevent any more damage to a weak area. But tendons don’t like to release on thier own, they need help. For your foot, with it up on your lap, find the open space that is on top of the ankle where it connects to the leg. You should be feeling and seeing the cords that run through there and one of them is giving you your trouble. It has pulled in and in doing so is pulling on your toes. By pushing on them you might find the right one, but try to release them all for a nice light feeling when you walk. Press down hard on them, very hard and hold using both hands to do this. Now relax. Take a deep breath and exhale, and don’t tense up your body, including your arms. Let you hands and fingers do the work. I have some trouble with this for I had tensed up my body and was holding my gut, and when something is tense, they won’t release. Hold for 45 seconds and then very slowly start to extend your foot until it’s fully extended. Let go of the pressure and let your foot rest there for one minute. You might have to do it twice to get all of the cords running through there, I had to, but it was worth it for the feeling afterward. Then do your other foot.
      I was wondering if you or your kids have trouble with cramps? I have a solution for them that has stopped mine in their tracks.
      One other reason I didn’t tell you to go to the dr.’s is that yesterday I answered someone who had been to the dr. and had x-rays that looked good. Then the dr. upon examiation found what he said was a hairline fracture and without the aid of x-rays, and with x-rays that say there is no problem. That is scary to have something like that coming out of a dr. office. So you really have to be aware of who you are talking to and what they are telling you.

    Will a treated fractured foot effect me later?
    I got a cast and it hurts a little, I’ve had the cast off for a few days already. Will it effect me for the rest of my life? It healed perfectly

    • ANSWER:
      It really depends. As long as it healed properly, it should be fine. I’d take it easy for a few more weeks though, and if the pain persists, talk to your doctor again

    How do I know of I have a broken or fractured foot?
    Yesterday in a high school soccer game, me and another player went for the ball at the same time, I dont remember exactly how it happened but after that I started limping and today I can’t walk without a limp

    it mostly hurts in the joint between my foot and big toe.
    I don’t think I would be walking today if it was broken but I want to make sure

    • ANSWER:
      Go have it x-rayed

    Can i walk on my heel of my broken foot?
    I was skateboarding and broke my foot jumping over a 22 stair-set, hurt EXTREMELY bad right after it happened and I called my mom and i was brought to the doctors, he said that I have been skating on a fractured foot and I have just broke it and have put me in a cast and said I have 3 weeks since it’s summer, but he showed me the X-rays and I broke the bone to the right of my little toe, kind-of in the middle, looks like a centimeter little line on the x-rays. It has been two weeks into my broken foot and I hate the cruches because they hurt, and I don’t like the weelchair because I don’t wanna get looked at all the time by little people, so I walk on the heel of my foot when I go out in public and experience no pain, but I try to use the cruches when nobody is around. Sometimes when im walking on my heel I hit a hard rock and tumble a little bit and experience very small amounts of pain when I put pressure on the broken part. Is it acceptable that i’m walking on my heel a little bit?
    Ya, but why can’t I walk on it if it isn’t hurting, I mean my broken bone isn’t anywhere near the heel!
    F.Y.I~ I have never experienced any-type of swelling before on my foot.
    Ya, and I am a fast healer!

    • ANSWER:
      No! oh my gosh! rest now then you can do you amazing skateboard thing when you get your foot better!

    What happens if ur fractured foot stays fractured after cast is off? ASAP please?
    i fractured the metatarsal bone in my foot so the doctor put me in a cast for 5 weeks. . im getting it off Jan 24th. . what happens if its still fractured? what would the doctor possibly do ?. . because wen i touch the opening of the cast where the fracture was i can still feel pain like wen it was fractured. and it the cast was put on Dec.28th.. is this normal to still feel discomfort on the same fractured part of the foot ?please write back asap

    • ANSWER:
      Yes its very normal, you can expect it to be quite painful for a long time after the cast comes off. You should be in physical therapy to get the muscles in your foot back to normal.

      If its just a simple fracture, which it sounds like, the bone should have reset by now.

      If it is still fractured, they’ll do an x-ray and put you back in a cast for another few weeks. But it is normal for it to still hurt after a fracture.

    Do you think that my foot is fractured/broken?
    Ok, so last Monday, I slammed my foot on a corner, and it really hurt. The next day, I could barley put my shoe on! Today Sunday, almost a week after, it is still tender, and hurts every morning. Later in the day, all of the pain goes away, and I can walk on it with no problem, but it hurts if I touch it. Please don’t say, just go to the doctor, because I need to know the probability of me actually having a broken/ fractured foot! Thanks! ;)

    • ANSWER:
      Well actually I’d say you have a 50/50 chance of a break. It really could be either way. I had similar symptoms when I injured my foot, and it turned out to be a sprain, but months after it healed I did the same thing to my other foot and had the same symptoms as before and I assumed it was a sprain but when I got an x-ray they said it was broken! So I would stay off it and ice it for a couple more days and see if it improves, and if it doesn’t improve then Its probably broken.

    Stress fracture foot is cold, other foot is not, is that OK?
    I’ve had a stress fracture for around 11 weeks. Constant reinjury is making my foot heal really slowly. However, I have finally gained insight and am doing all I can to make it better. Walking as little as possible, etc.

    I noticed (might have been like this for a long time) that my stress fracture foot (the whole thing) is more red and more cold than my other one. And when I compare them, my stress fracture foot’s toes are always just hanging, and my other foot’s are always kind of standing up.

    I think this might be because of the fact that I am really careful on my stressed foot, and move it as little as possible. But I’m not sure.

    • ANSWER:
      Be sure to see a physician as soon as possible. Cold extremities are usually a sign of decreased blood flow to the extremity. This could be a result of damage to the blood vessels.

    do i have a broken or fractured foot?
    i wore too small sneakers for like 6 hours(not straight) and (top of my ) foot felt cramped and it hurt. at first it felt like a muscle spasm but now(this was less then a week ago when i wore the shoes) it hurts. i can move it and walk on it, but it hurts if i land on it. or contract/extend my toes upward.
    its a little pink where i think the pain is coming from, but theres no swelling.

    • ANSWER:
      Wearing shoes to small can cause a lot of problems and one being what you have mentioned. It has made your foot really sore. It will take a few days for it to feel better. Take some tylenol. Only a doctor would know for sure what to do for you and he would have to see you.

    Walking on a slightly fractured foot?
    ER told me it was sprained the other night, then called today to say it looked like there was a slight fracture. Today, I’ve mostly been walking on the foot…basically ’cause I’m sick of the crutches…will this lead to any further damage?

    • ANSWER:
      there are diffrent ways to use crutches and get some foam and cloth and staple it on to the things under your armpits (makes it hurt less)

    Physical Therpy Exercises for fractured foot?
    I have fractured my foot three times in less then a year (Last november, June and just last week) The first time I did it I don’t remember what i did it just started hurting whenever I landed on it (I am a gymnast) The second time it happened I landed on the spring board the wrong way and just recently a mat I was using slipped out from under me and I landed on it the wrong way. Obviously my foot is not strong enough and I really need to make it stronger so I don’t have to sit out another season. Does anyone know of any? PLEASE HELP ME!!
    Oh and the fracture I keep getting is a stress fracture

    • ANSWER:
      I hope this is of help! :) get well soon!!!

    Broken/Fractured foot from ankle sprain?
    Is it possible to break or fracture bones in your foot from spraining your ankle(without impact or trauma to the foot)? I had a pretty bad ankle sprain 2 weeks ago, my ankle seems to be on the road to recovery but there are a few areas on the top of my foot which are super sensitive to touch and painful when you do touch them. The swelling in my foot has gone down, parts of my foot(like towards the toes) are still a little black and blue. Could it just be ligament damage from hyper extension or broken bones or fractures? Anyone with medical experience heard of this? Thanks. I’m getting an MRI tomorrow…just want to make sure if they should be scanning my ankle or my foot.

    • ANSWER:

    Are these signs of a fractured foot?
    Some swelling, pain to the touch and when weight is beared, some discoloration (hurts from the outside bone on my foot and up to my shin)

    • ANSWER:

    Treatment for a non-fracture foot injury?
    I had something heavy dropped on my foot 5 days ago. It’s swollen (not the whole thing; a noticeable bump in the middle of my foot) and bruised.I saw my doctor yesterday, but by then they were not doing any more x-rays. Got an x-ray today, but won’t get the results until tomorrow.
    I know what to expect if it’s broken, but what happens if it isn’t? What would treatment look like? What would my condition be called?

    • ANSWER:
      If it isn’t a fracture, it would be called a crush injury or “contusion.” Treatment for contusions is usually RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). Ice and elevation will help most with swelling. Never put ice against the skin. Your doctor would figure out the best way to stabilize the foot, perhaps with compression with an Ace bandage, and you may be given a cane or crutches to help you rest and stay off of the injury.

    can you walk on a fractured foot?
    last week all of a sudden my foot just started hurting almost like a nail had gone thru it…. i played bball on it all weekend even tho it hurt and now occasionally i get this really sharp piercing pain but it goes away in a little while. when i get the pain nothing helps it. the pain
    does anyone know what exactly this could be?
    and yes i have gone to a doctor he told me to wait a week then see an orthopedic….

    • ANSWER:
      You could walk on it, but it would probably hurt and make your injury worse. Try to stay off your feet. If you can, try elevating it and maybe take some ibuprophen for the pain. An ice pack or heating pad may also help.

    School project- How to break your foot?
    I am taking health this semester and we are learning about the human body and we have this project about bone fractures. I chose to explain foot fractures. I need to list some causes of how a fracture (or sprain) can occur. I already have one from my own experience. I missed a step and fractured my fifth metatarsal. I need a few more causes so if anyone knows any other causes, please tell me because this project is due in two weeks. Thank you. =)

    • ANSWER:
      Sprains can be caused by anything, I’ll assume you know what a sprain is.

      My most recent sprain was a lateral sprain in my left foot, I was training at gymnastics and landed a handspring funnily on my weak ankle and it just went, the pain was so bad I thought I might have fractured it, thankfully it was just a sprain. Even just running and landing on the side of your foot badly can be enough to cause a sprained ankle.

      “The most common type of ankle sprain is when your foot turns inwards, overstretching the ligaments on the outside of your ankle. This is called an inversion sprain.

      Half of all ankle sprains happen during sport. They are especially common in sports that involve running and jumping, landing from a jump, fast changes in direction or lots of stop-starts (such as football, basketball and volleyball).

      Other common causes of ankle sprains include:

      * walking on an irregular surface
      * your foot slipping off the edge of a kerb
      * twisting your ankle while climbing stairs
      * losing your balance wearing high-heels

      You are more likely to sprain your ankle if it has happened before.” –

      Fractures are a bit more awkward, because some people can do the tiniest things and fracture bones, I remember falling off pointe once ( ) during a ballet performance, I broke and dislocated three metatarsals, my first, second and third, and ruptured both Achilles’s tendons at the same time. Not surprisingly my Achilles was a bigger deal to me than my toes.

      “When you stress an ankle joint beyond the strength of its elements, you injure the joint.

      * If only the ligaments give way and tear, you have sprained the ankle.

      * If a bone gives way and breaks, you have an ankle fracture.

      * Fractures can occur with simultaneous tears of the ligaments. You can do this in several ways:

      o Rolling the ankle in or out

      o Twisting the ankle side to side

      o Extreme flexing or extending of the joint

      o Severe force applied to the joint by coming straight down on it as in jumping from a high level” –

      Try googling “sprained ankle + causes” and “fractured ankle + causes” etc

    Do I have a broken/fractured foot?
    I tripped and fell over a binder, twisted my foot and fell into a china cabinet. Yeah I’m in alot of pain.

    My foot hurts really bad, it’s all red and the veins are popping out on top of my foot and on the side of the ankle. It appears to be a little swollen. I cannot walk or bend it without getting sharp pains. I can wiggle all my toes except the smallest two. There is a bit of pain up along the back of my leg and the shin. It hurts to put it down (like keep it not elevated). There are two.. bubble-like.. things running along what feels like a bone in my foot, but it doesn’t really hurt to poke it there.

    Just checking. I’m not going to go to the hospital if it sounds like it’s just sprained or something else, because it’s late here and our emergency room sucks and you have to wait like 5 hours.

    • ANSWER:
      You really need to see a doctor. You may have just sprained it or broken a blood vessel, but you really need to have that checked out Also, sprains can actually be more painful than fractures. I know emergency rooms suck, but you may be making the problem worse by not seeing a doctor immediately. In the worst case scenario, if you have no circulation flowing to your foot, they could have to amputate it. You need your feet to walk, you should take good care of them. Good luck…

    Old hairline fractured foot has throbbing pain and popping after climbing up bank, please help!?
    I had a multiple hairline fracture of my 5th metatarsal on my left foot over 2 and a half years ago. A podiatrist said that the damage wasn’t bad and they didn’t need to rebreak it. But I have had trouble with my foot ever since. My foot throbs continuously and just the other day I was climbing up on a bank and my foot really started to hurt. The throbbing became painful and my foot began cracking and popping. I can’t flex my foot and can walk on it, but can’t put much pressure on it. My foot almost feels like it needs to be put back in place- almost like when you crack your back or a joint to make it feel better? Once the foot “cracks back in place” it relieves the pain a little bit.

    I am really at a loss here. I always felt that my foot never healed properly. The pain and throbbing is on the side of my foot close to my ankle. The throbbing can actually be felt like a pulse and with rest it isn’t getting better.
    What could possibly be the problem? Did I reinjure my foot?

    • ANSWER:
      It would be good to see a doctor again to make sure there is not another fracture (x-rays dont show stress fractures, bone scan will). I think there is a good chance that you have a stiff foot that needs to be worked on to gain the mobility back in your foot and ankle. I would recommend you go see a physical therapist to work on the mobility and strength of your foot/ankle that you lost with the previous injury.

    Recovering from a Fractured foot?
    I think its probably the middle three matatarsals bone that i fractured in the middle top of my foot. I’ve had my cast on for 3 weeks and just got it off this tuesday. When i first started moving my ankle around it started to kind of hurt and felt kinda weak.

    My teachers told me that muscles tend to die out or srink when not in use for long periods of time and that i have to do exercises to build the muscle back up.

    Is this true, muscle srinking or something when idle for long periods of time? What exercises should i do to build the muscles in my foot back up? im NOTdoing physiotherapy.

    I can stand on my foot but i havent tried walking yet, i just sort of do walking motion with that foot everytime i use my crutches

    Is this an effective exercise for my foot?

    The docter said something about 2 months to heal, that leaves 5 weeks. He told me not to come back, take it easy and walked out of the room before i could even ask him questions. Didnt even offer me anything! (No physio, no aircast, no nothing!!)

    • ANSWER:
      Muscles when not used do have a tendency to weaken. But with you having it for only 3 weeks it shouldn’t be that bad. I would start out with some range of motion exercises. You need to keep the fluid moving in your foot and ankle so it doesn’t lock up on you. When that feels like it’s helped then you can start putting minimal amounts of pressure on it until you are back full throttle. Just remember to go slow though because they are small bones and can be re-injured very easy. Here is a place that has some good information.

      Health and money
      Health and Money A to Z
      Toe, Foot, and Ankle Injuries

      I hope this helps! Good Luck!!

    What happens to an old unhealed foot fracture?
    I have chronic pain in my left foot since I sprained it last year. An xray back then showed no fracture. I recently went to an orthopedist who xrayed it and found an old fracture, and that there is nothing to do for it at this point except surgery to remove the small piece of bone that is fractured. He said I did not have to have the surgery and that it would all depend on how much I was willing to live with the chronic soreness in the foot. Has anyone else had this problem and how did it turn out?

    • ANSWER:
      The fact your foot hasnt healed in a year really says the answer. It wont heal or get better if it hasnt in this long period of time, so the pain will be the same and will not reduce, the best advice to to just stick to the advice already given surgery solves this problem youll live comfortbly and your foot will be fine. Like your doctor said if ur willing to live in alot of pain for the rest of yourlife go for it but surgery wont hurt youll be put under general anstetic and the healing time will be a lot quicker :)
      Hope i helped

    How long does swelling and aching last after a foot fracture?
    I fractured my foot in April and the doctor released me to work on light duty ( factory-setting workplace) and I notice a considerable amount of aching and swelling after my shift ( I carry heavy stuff all day for about four hours ). I was curious as to how long this aching will last . The doctor said it’s going to bother me and the therapist said that the pain could last for almost one year. Anyone know anything about this?

    • ANSWER:
      i can take up to a year and longer to mend and heel u need to keep in rested and up on a stool when not working good luck and take care all the best

    Fractured foot. Bit worried. advice please?
    I fractured a bone at the side of my foot when I fell down the curb. The doctor gave me crutches but they bruised my arms so i have been hobbling around for a couple of weeks with no crutches. I still have slight bruising on my foot. Really i was wondering if I could have done more harm than good giving up the crutches? I can walk alot better now but I keep hearing clicks and if I walk on uneven ground I can feel it. Advice please?

    • ANSWER:
      If the crutches were provided to stop you weight-bearing on your foot, then you have probably prevented healing somewhat.

      Speak to your physio and request the crutches you have are changed for a different style or size. Elbow crutches are much better than axillary ones (that go under your arm)

      Ask your orthopod to rexray your foot to check.

    Is it normal for my healed foot fracture to hurt?
    My foot was deemed fully healed about 2 weeks ago. ( I opened my cast over 1 month ago). I skateboard and today after a skate session( not my first after the injury) I noticed that the spot where the fracture was hurt a little. Is it normal for the newly healed bone to hurt because of the skating or should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      It still can be sore. It should not be very painful though. You need to be careful doing vigourous activity after a fracture and be careful not to ‘re-fracture’ it. It can take up 12months for a fracture to fully heal on an xray. However you should notice the pain should be slowly reducing. If it was a stress fracture initially I would go back to your treating health professional.

    a question on foot fractures….?
    about 7 years ago i fell down an escalator at the mall (im a klutz, i know)
    and hurt my foot. i went six months without getting it checked out and found out i had a broken fifth metatarsal.

    about three years ago my dog got loose and i ran after her in my bare feet, after getting home i felt this sudden pain in the same area of my foot, and i had rebroken my 5th metatarsal.

    then in June of ’09 i re broke it yet again while tapdancing.

    and now i think i re broke it in cheerleading.

    why does it keep fracturing? i’ve had boots, casts, shoe inserts, EVERYTHING.

    i do not know what to do…. please help.

    • ANSWER:

    what type of foot fracture requires a boot and which requires a cast?
    I injured my foot. Didn’t think much at first, now I’m wondering if I may have a slight fracture. The location is right by the navicular and first cuneiform. I was just wondering if there’s a way to figure out if I’d get a boot or a cast.

    • ANSWER:
      Usually it depends on the doctor.
      Every doctor is different. For young people they tend to put a cast on. The reason is the boot can be taken off while the cast cannot. The doctor wants to make sure you heal that broken bone.
      If you are able to put wait on the foot, then usually they make a walking cast. Often that would be a walking cast cam walker boot.

      Here is a link that shows a good many styles of boots now.

      It also explains the different types of Cam Walker Walking Cast boots out there now.

      Now if it is a serious break that needs protection, a cast is a most definite.

    fractured foot help,still hurts after 2 months?
    i fractured my third metatarsal in october and hand it in a waight bearing cast for 4 weeks then had it taken off and x-rayed and they said it was healing fine,but i am still getting alot of pain in it and noticed that during the day it gets really hot,also when i was in the shower i noticed that my good foot was normal colour and my other was very purpley red

    • ANSWER:
      It’s still early days. My broken foot bones took about six months before there were no effects, especially if I knocked my foot or tried to walk long distances. Keep exercising it gently, wear protective and supportive shoes, and let the body’s natural healing processes do their stuff!

    fractured foot?? or sprained it?
    i was precision jumping and i missed the post by a little and i landed with my right foot.. now the top of my foot hurts, did i sprain it or fracture it? its not bruised, just swollen and i cant move it

    • ANSWER:

    mother slipped on ice and fractured foot 2 weeks ago…too late to sue?
    my mom was going for a walk and she slipped on ice in front of someone’s house. it snowed a few days before and the sidewalk in front of the house was not shoveled so she had to walk around and slipped on ice. she went to the ER right after and is going through therapy now, but is it too late to sue? doctor told her she fractured her foot and it`s gonna take 8 weeks to heal. this is in nj btw.

    • ANSWER:
      If your Mom was on someone else’s private property, she can get fined for trespassing if she tries to file a claim against that person.

      In addition you said your Mother chose to walk around the unshoveled walkway, if your Mother had stayed on the walkway as she was supposed to, her accident may not have occurred.

      If you sue, the other people will also be forced to get an attorney, and even a first year law student could make what you’ve told us look bad on your mother. It also gives the person being sued a chance to countersue. So in reality your Mother could not only lose the time her Doctor said she would be healing, but could lose her own money as well. And that is not including possible attorney fees, fines and court costs for filing a frivolous law suit, if the judge sees fit.

      You must prove the homeowner at fault, have receipts for Doctor, letter from place of employment stating that she was unable to perform any job that the company offers, prove her temporary disability caused her extreme duress. Plus a bunch of other stuff that would make this response ten times longer than it already is.

      If you really want to sue, contact one of those lawyers that charges you nothing unless they win. If they won’t take the case, don’t pursue it any further. If they do, than you might have a shot at winning.

    FRACTURED FOOT…asap please?
    i fractured the metatarsal bone in my foot so the doctor put me in a cast for 5 weeks. . im getting it off Jan 24th. . what happens if its still fractured? what would the doctor possibly do ?. . because wen i touch the opening of the cast where the fracture was i can still feel pain like wen it was fractured. and it the cast was put on Dec.28th.. is this normal to still feel discomfort on the same fractured part of the foot ?please write back asap

    • ANSWER:
      Your doctor may xray your foot first to see if you are healing properly.
      If it’s not healing the way he thinks it should, he may keep you in the cast longer, recast your foot or put you in a splint.

      Yes, you can still feel pain, when you break any bone, it is also bruised and tissue around it was damaged from the break. It is normal to still feel discomfot, you are have not been casted for that long yet. The bone and tissues must heal.

      The best course of action is to keep off the foot, using crutches when necessary to get around. If you put pressure on the foot with the cast in place, you may cause further injury or may hinder healing.

      Healthy eating habits and taking vitamins will help in the body’s processes in healing the bone.

      Good Luck

    How much should I get for a foot fracture I recieved in a car accident? I was a passenger.?
    I received a fracture in my 5th metacarpal bone in my foot. They are treating without surgery, because a pin may further damage the bone. However, they didn’t rule out the possibility of needing surgery sometime in the future. The accident happened in NY, and I live in CA. We swerved to miss a deer, and hit a telephone pole instead. I was out of work for one month, and am back on limited hours. I am a hairdresser, so standing on my feet all day is common. THe Dr. told me today, that it may be 3 more months until the bone is healed… no hiking trips or other activities I enjoy. Does anyone know what ammount I should look at for a settlement? I really don’t want to involve a lawyer, but I already feel like the company is trying to jerk me around. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    • ANSWER:
      I was in an accident that tore my shouler apart, requiring surgery, a total of 6 months of physical therapy, and 3 years of post-surgical pain.

      By the time all my bills were paid back to my health insurance and my lawyer took his cut, I got K.

      A friend of mine got hit by a car while riding his bike and got even less, despite months of PT and now must live in constant pain.

      My recommendation is to get a lawyer if you are looking to get anything more than your medical bills paid. It sounds like you are about to sue a friend. I did as well.

      Funny things will start happening when yoy sue a friend. People you don’t talk to will come out and say you did this or said that. You friend will understand, but probably take it personally anyway. The insurance will blame your injury on everything else. If you get into another accident (like I did), Lord help you.

      My views and advice:

      1. Get a lawyer (you will get what you pay for…remember that…don’t be afraid to ask them about previous victories and screw ups). The insurance is going to string you along until the statute of limitations is up (2 years in Illinois). A good lawyer will also make sure you receive good medical care at intervals that won’t screw up your case)

      2. Be prepared for a very stressful time. Going through lawsuits sucks…period.

      3. Don’t expect to get much. A lawyer friend of mine who worked both sides of auto claims told me to expect about 2 times medical bills (and you pay the bills out of that). Medical bills can be negotiated (another thing a lawyer should do for medical bills had about a K sticker price…my insurance negotiated with the doctors and my laywer with the insurance. In the end, I think I paid about K for medical.)

      Good luck. Get a lawyer!!!

      Edit: BTW…if you think you might need surgery, a lawyer can work the system so that you can continue medical treatment after the statute of limitations. You might be able to have a lawyer stall long enough to figure out if you need surgery or not

    fractured foot hurts!!!!?
    i fractured the side of my foot about 4 – 5 weeks ago and ive been in a full cast for 4 weeks now. im due to go back to the hospital in 2 days .,i can still feel a small bit of pain in the fractured part of my foot. its not very painful though. does this mean its not healing?? please please help :(

    • ANSWER:
      ahh bless . . .you poor thing
      relax . . don’t worry it is healing its just not fully healed yet
      Take Care

    bruised/fractured foot?
    I landed on my foot a few days ago when like five kids jumped on me while playing a slip and slide game. at first it thought I sprained my ankle and I couldn’t walk on it and the next day I could walk on it a little, and yesterday and today it seemed to pin point to the top middle art of my foot. it doesn’t hurt like really bad and I can put pressure on it, and it’s only kinda swollen… could it just be bruised or could it be something else?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s just bruised because if it was anything else you would not be able to walk at all.

    Fractured foot, off the boot?
    So it’s been about 3 weeks I’ve been in my boot, I decided to try walking around without the boot, if I’m just walking at a nice pace, I feel no pain. Of course if I’m doing something active it will hurt.. My mom said if I use my foot, it will heal faster. What should I do?

    • ANSWER:

    Fractured foot not healing??
    I fractured my foot a year ago and lately it’s been aching a lot when i work…so i got it checked out and apparanlty it didnt heal properly. i just had a bone scan thing where they inject you with radioactive stuff to see it on the screen….and im waiting to hear the results.
    does anyone know some possibilities of what it could be? thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Exactly what you said. Your foot didnt heal properly. I fractured my wrist and it didnt heal right. I cant put alot of weight on it .

    okay i was playing soccer earlier today and a “fat” girl ran past me and jumped on my foot. i now have a swollen bruise in the middle of my foot about a quarter inch after my toes. how can i tell whats wring with it? what can i do? i put ice on it and took advil but nothings helping…
    should i go to the hospital?

    • ANSWER:

    fractured foot and early pregnant!!!!?
    i fractured my foot and it is in a great deal of pain i just found out that i am pregnant with a pregnancy test a week ago i cant be too far along becouse i had ny period in late june i cant see my doctor for another week my question is are my hydrocodone pain pills going to affect the early yolk? and can i still take them….

    • ANSWER:

    Fractured foot, but won’t wear boot?! I don’t know how to reply to people so I am posting another question!?
    Thank you so much to everyone who answered my question about my daughter not wearing her CAM boot for her fifth metatarsal fracture in her foot!! I want to reply to the comments, but I don’t know how! So if I called the doctor and asked if he would put her in a cast so her foot would heal is he even allowed to say yes? I hate this because my daughter is over 18, but she is on MY husband’s insurance and my husband and I pay for everything and we pay for her to see the doctor. She is completely covered by us!! Obviously a cast is going to be the only thing to keep her off her foot, but she also didn’t need a cast when she went to the doctor. IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN GET THE DOCTOR TO SAY YES AND GET IN HER ASAP?!!? if she is just walking on her foot is it really going to make the fracture worse or do people just say that? It isn’t like she is doing high impact cardio all day. Somebody PLEASE HELP ME with HOW I CAN GET A CAST ON HER LEG!!!! I don’t want to deal with a worse situation….
    also…i can tell her i won’t support you anymore or I will take her car away or whatever, but that won’t stop her. I have already tried it all, but she doesn’t live with me and I am not going to the extreme of making her move home or not paying for this and that because she needs to stay in college and i don’t want to make this situation turn into that. I just need help to how i can get a cast on her foot!!! PLEASE!!!

    • ANSWER:

    My daughter has a fractured foot, doctor put her in a boot, but she wont wear it!Can I ask to be put in cast?
    My daughter fractured her fifth metatarsal bone in her foot. I don’t know how bad the fracture is because I never saw the x-ray. She is a college student and she went to the doctor by herself. The doctor put her in a tall CAM boot for 4-6 weeks. One problem though, she is not wearing her boot and trying to still walk on it during the day while she goes to classes. She is just going to make her foot her worse. She can be very stubborn sometimes and this is one of those times. If I called her doctor and asked him to put her in a cast would he do it? If she had a cast on she wouldn’t have a choice but to wear it, and she can’t take it off until that fracture is healed. I don’t think it is a very big fracture, but every fracture can get worse. Obviously the doctor put her in a boot because her foot didn’t need a cast. I just REALLY need to know if I called and asked for her to be put in a cast would he? Even if her fracture doesn’t call for one? If she isn’t in a cast her foot won’t heal.

    • ANSWER:
      unfortunately, because she is in college (so i’m assuming she’s over 18) you can’t ask the doctor to do anything.. well actually you can ask, but the doctor can not listen. your daughter’s medical concerns are now private from you. (i know bummer right?) you can continue to talk to your daughter .. maybe show her some pictures of fractures that never got healed? or explain to her that if she doesn’t let it heal, she will eventually need surgery. or ask a boyfriend or friend to help you.. sometimes my daughter will listen to others more than myself (welcome to motherhood) i hope this helps!!

    fracture foot please help?
    my 9 year old girl fractured her foot it is a metatarsal fracture i live in a small town in texas well i took her to the er on friday and thy did the xray and showed me the fracture thy put her in a walking boot and told me to make app. with a o-surgen and gave me a list of phone numbers to call but the thang is every number on this list none of these dr take medicaid so i have to go about 2hr away to see a dr. but waiting on and app.from them . but i have never broke any thing so i was wanting to know what thy are going to do it is not swollen but the pain is getting worse and she said her toe’s felt funny so i took her back to the er and thy told my it was fine and there was nothing else thy could do for her . don’t know what to do it is hard to be a good mom and see your kid in pain and there is nothing i can do please help tell me what i can do i keep it propped up and keep her off of it as most as possible

    • ANSWER:

    Broken or fractured foot?
    Two weeks ago I had this moderately heavy, wooden mirror land on the top of my foot – diagonally near the middle. It swelled up immediately and the bruising turned blue. I could walk, just barely.
    I went to the doctor a few hours later and because I’m 25 weeks pregnant, he did not recommend an x-ray. I could move all my toes and he felt the bottom and sides of my foot (no pain, only the point of impact) I was told to wrap it up in a tensor bandage, keep it elevated with ice therapy and 1 tylenol if the pain gets really bad.
    So now it’s 2 weeks later and I have had some minor bruising all over my foot, but that has since faded. I can walk without the tensor on with hardly any pain. My foot does appear somewhat swollen, but that could also be because of the pregnancy.
    Would I be able to walk normally with hardly any pain if my foot is broken? Fractured?
    Or is it just a close call, like a bone bruise or contusion?
    I am seeing my doctor again this Wednesday as well.

    • ANSWER:
      A break and a fracture are two terms that mean the same thing. It’s possible it’s just a contusion, but the only way to completely rule out a fracture (or break) is with, of course, an x-ray.

      You should continue to elevate your foot as much as you can since it’s still swelling and follow up with your doctor as recommended. Be careful, too. Since the foot is already injured, it won’t take much to re-injure it.

    healing of a broken or fractured foot?
    INFO : i went to the doctors, got x-ray no breaks shown. doctor said could be a fracture because they dont often show up when they are on the top of your foot.

    I got this injury in a soccer game where a really big heavy guy stood on the top of my foot with metal studs, the next day i woke up it was tender on top of my foot and i had to limp.
    i used my foot in september to play soccer and it still hurt very bad.

    its now almost December and i still get a slight pain kicking a soccer ball

    MY QUESTION is this really a fracture? what other injury could i have? and should i have my foot strapped ? why would a fracture take 2 months to heal? how long should it take?

    The problem is i cant tackle or smash a soccer ball . .i can walk and run without any pain AT ALL.

    give your thoughts and opinions

    • ANSWER:

    How do I know if my foot is fractured?
    I slammed my foot really hard, and now I can’t walk on it, and I’m in a lot of pain if I even try….could it be a foot fracture? Want to know, before I go to the doctors.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds fractured.

      Seriously, why do you want to know BEFORE going to the doctor?
      Isn’t that what the visit is for?

    Help please!!!??! Fractured foot?
    So today I was at my house and I was doing a cartwheel and I hit the side of my foot on a chair. I think my foot bone might be fractured I know its not broken cuz I’m not in a WHOLE LOT of pain but I have gymnastics tomorrow and wanted to know how can I at least get rid of some pain? I already took Pain medicine. There’s no visible discoloration/ bruising/ Swelling Could my foot be fractured? Please HELP ME!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      If fractured foot, it will be serious pain. I think only hurt the skin and muscle.

    Fractured foot, HELP !!!!?
    Hi all, got a puzzle for ya all to solve as im all puzzled out :(

    I was walking my friends dog last saturday and decided to jump up onto a grass verge so he could do his “business” however he pulled to fast and I went over, my ankle went under me and i fell ontop of it followed by a dull crack & immediate pain.

    I went to the A&E department next morning and they confirmed i broke it in two places. gave me a bandage and sent me on my way, a couple of days later i fell down the stairs of my flat & again foot went under me and cracked. Now today i went to fracture clinic and the specialist checked my foot & decided an XRay and a below knee cast was needed. (GRRR)

    what im puzzled over is why did it break there and how ??? surely if i went over on my ankle it’d have just been a sprain or an ankle break so why just 5th metatarsel…. (see pic in “More details”)

    • ANSWER:
      metatarsles are small bones and break eaisly.. thats why

    Possible broken or fractured foot?
    Last Saturday I was dealing with my younger siblings fighting.

    My sister was fighting with our brother who was trying to sit in the same chair as her to watch her play on the computer. I walk out of my room and in to the dinning room to deal with it. Our little brother moved to another chair after I told him to. Then he starts to bug our sister…So what do I do? I trying to pick him up off the chair to put him in the front room to watch tv or play his video games. As I do so the chair fall backwards and lands right on my foot as it does my little brother happens to be standing on it. Mind you I never got him off the chair until after this happened AND the chairs back is wood. My fiance’ had fractured his foot a few years back and when I told him he said it may be fractured.

    When it happened I suddenly felt sick to the stomach.
    Now it’s been a week and it is:
    Very sensitive to the touch
    Cracking noise if you press around the area
    Numbness in the foot and toes
    Sudden sharp pains.

    What do you all think??
    I will be getting it looked at on Monday.
    But I want other thoughts on what they think it could be.
    (Sorry it’s so long…..Had to get as much detail as I could)

    • ANSWER:
      Did you consult a doctor? I think you should. Your foot must have proper medical attention before it’s too late.

    Does This Sound Like A Broken/Fractured Foot?
    last week i was out with one of my friends and i fell off a skate ramp i landed on my left foot/ankle only i didnt hear anything click or pop but i still cant walk on it at the moment im in agony and cry alot because it hurts it hurts in my ankle and my ankles like a gobstopper and it hurts on those tiny bones near your toes(metarsels or something) it aches alot and i was wondering if its just a little sprain or whatever i know you dont have x-ray eyes but from experience someone might tell me how the pain is


    p.s yes my foot is swallen

    • ANSWER:
      You should see a doctor,sounds like it could be broken or a bad sprain. Since it’s been a week and you are still in a lot of pain and there is swelling I’m guessing break. Get it checked out before it heals wrong.