Healing A Sprained Shoulder

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    How long does it take a sprained shoulder to heal?
    I kinda twisted my shoulder a 5 days ago, and it wasn’t a bad sprain, but it still kinda hurts. When will it heal? Thanks.

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    Whats the best n quickest way to heal a sprained shoulder?
    Was wrkin out may have pulled somethe nxt couple days it felt like I slept on it wrong then I was roofing was in the attic fell threw the drywall n cought myself before ifell now it hurts when I put my arm straight up or when I tuck my shoulder in. Wht I mean by tuckin in is I fight soo when I put up my guard it hurts any suggstions would help thnx

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    Sprained Shoulder heal time?
    About 2 months ago I fell, grabbed the railing and sprained my shoulder. It has gotten somewhat better, but I still cannot raise my shoulder sideways. Like if I were to flap my wings, sorry I cannot describe it better. Will this ever get better? I am currently out of a job with no health care so I don’t think I can afford to have an MRI or get it fixed. There is still pain when I try to raise it up…

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    How long does it take for a sprained shoulder to heal?
    I sprained my shoulder playing hockey a couple of weeks ago, i’ve been to see 3 different doctors as i’ve been in a lot of pain! the pain has varried from not being able to lift any objects above my head to not being able to move my arm at all without being in pain. The pain is not just in my shoulder any more it has moved into my tricep as well making me wonder is what i’ve been told right and maybe i’ve done something more serious! I work in a warehouse lifting heavy boxes all day i almost have no strength in my arm or shoulder at all which is affecting my job. I was told it can take up to 6 weeks to heal and then i may need physio, is there anything i can do to speed up the healing proccess? Or does it sound like I may need surgery?

    • ANSWER:
      Suregery i think is a last option. Best thing to do is to just let it rest. There isn’t really anything you can do to speed up healing/recovery unfortunately. Just doing EXTREMELY light excersises to keep your muscles in check should be OK.

    HOW LONG for a sprained shoulder to heal completely ?
    have had a sprained shoulder since early february.does not seem to be getting any better!did the 48 hours in a sling then went to doctor was on co-codamol for 3 weeks then went back to doctors and was told would be reffered for physio (4 weeks ago) any ideas of how long it could take to heal as still in pain non prescription co-codamol doesn’t make any difference (still try to keep the muscles working. any advice or info would be appreiciated!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:

      try treating the affected area with heat about 4 times a day then get someone to massage the area each day if possibe. Massaging encourages fresh blood to flow to the area therefore promote faster healing. Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.

    How can I help a shoulder sprain heal faster?
    I didn’t see a guy coming in my ice hockey game yesterday and hit the boards funny and I sprained my shoulder. Any tips would be helpfull.

    • ANSWER:
      Use the acronym RICE. R-rest try not to use your shoulder until it starts to feel more normal, I-ice put an ice pack on it to reduce and control swelling, C-compression wrap it in an ace or tensor to support the joint, E-elevation-try and prop your arm up which will also help to reduce swelling. When your joint starts to heal do not overuse it. A very good thing to try would be physiotherapy where they will be strengthening and stretching your muscles, ligaments, tendons etc. Also mention how you want to heal and get back to hockey quickly. Do the exercises they give you and I guarantee a full recovery.

    What can I do to heal a sprained shoulder muscle?
    I joined a gym for the first time. With the membership, you received a free hour with a personal trainer. In my free hour, I did several upper body exercises with weights and repeated them several times. Well, the next morning I woke up and could not lift my right arm to put my hair in a ponytail. That was almost 5 weeks ago. I toss and turn all night, sleep on both shoulders and I wake up in pain. When I lean my head back to swallow vitamins, I feel discomfort. If I turn my head to the left, I feel discomfort in my right shoulder. During the first 2 weeks, I did rest and did not work out at all. The following 2 weeks, I did one or two hours of yoga a week and a few upper body exercises. The last few days, I have done nothing. Should it take this long to recover? Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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    as well as having 2 sprained ankles, i sprained my shoulder yesterdy. i was boxing with my friend at a basketball court (typical teenager jackass stuff) and my lat punch i extended my arm as far as it can go (and gave a nice ass punch to his face) but after that my shoulder was hurting all day and i cudnt play baskertball. i think i have a sprained rotator cuff bcuz i can really lift my arm up widout hurting it. all in all I NEED FREE EXCERSISES TO HEAL MY SHOULDER QUICKLY and if im wrong about the injury i have, correct me. IM SCARED LIKE A MUFUCKA CUZ BASKETBALLS COMING SOON an i wana make jv’s

    • ANSWER:
      Ok you just sprained it. You didnt fracture it or dislocate it which is good or else you couldnt make the team. Right now you just need to leave it alone and dont do anything with that arm. And if you want it to go away even faster stretch that arm every day. Look up online about some arm stretching. Stretching is the easiest way to prevent and heal an injury

    How long does it take for a sprained or strained shoulder to heal?

    • ANSWER:
      depends on the injury and person

    I hurt my shoulder doing Yoga a month ago. How do I cure it?
    I did an injury to my shoulder a month ago and sprained my shoulder and it felt like frozen shoulder or arthritis. I am only 30 though. I did light yoga again and it acted up again. Anyone know what I can do to make my shoulder heal right so I don’t have this problem. I don’t want my should to continue being like this.

    • ANSWER:
      you might want to go get it cheaked out. you might have torn a muscle or tour a ligament.

    How to heal sprained ankle and injured arm/shoulder?
    Ok, first my ankle. I twisted my ankle bout to months ago playing basketball. Jumped, then landed on my foot sideways, thus spraining my ankle badly. It healed, then bout a month ago, I sprained it again, playing basketball. It doesnt really hurt now, but if i make circles with my foot, i still can feel a little bit of pain. How can i help it heal faster?

    Now my shoulder and arm, I was riding my bike then fell landing on my shoulder. It happened about two weeks ago. My shoulder doesnt hurt anymore, but my whole arm still hurts. How can I help it heal faster also?

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    Has anyone been through shoulder surgery? Did it work well?
    Hey there :)
    I’m a 16 year old girl and pretty much a little over a year and a half ago I had a bad fall and ended up separating my shoulder and spraining my back. Long story short, my shoulder healed incorrectly and now I have tendinitis, bursitis, rotator cuff tear, and the bones are dissalighned. Also, my back is still sprained.
    I’m really sick of the constant pain. I’ve seen multiple doctors, gotten two cortisone shots, gone to physical therapy three times, gotten massages, and ect.
    I’m saving the third cortisone for later if I REALLY need it cause I know those can cause damage if you get too many…
    The past few doctor visits, my doctor has been nudging the option of surgery. My mom is in denial and thinks I’ll magically get better on my own but my dad believes I should look into this surgery. I’m personally really scared of surgery and don’t really want to get it. But I feel this is the only option left…
    I just want some opions about it. If you’ve had this type of surgery, was the recovery quick? Did it work? Do you still have problems with your shoulder? Do you think I should get this operation?
    If I do, it’ll probably be this summer, when I’m not in school.
    Thanks for your advice and support :)

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    sprained shoulder from collision on the court.?
    I cant lift my arm and it is really bruised and the trainer said that i have a torn somthing and its sprained. Are there any suggestions on how to heal faster. BTW, we have games every wed and fri and my couch refuses to let me sit out because he says he needs me. everytime it feels like im getting better, i have a game and im back to square 1. is there somthing i can wear or do before and after the game besides ice it?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to rest it. Plain and simple. Tell your coach to deal without you.

    How do i know if my shoulder is badly sprained or not?
    I fell off a ramp yesterday and at the top of my shoulder blade it hurts when i move my arm too much but it was hurting more yesterday, also a little sound happens when i move my arm too much back but it doesn’t hurt when i do that.. I want to know whether it will heal by itself?
    Thanks for your help

    • ANSWER:
      ive sprained both my shoulders badly, and really, there is nothing u can do about it. but yes it will heal on its own!! and it shouldnt take to long as long as u dont lad on it again. once it starts to feel better, lift some weights and slow shoulder movements to strengthen the muscles again and you should be good to go in a few weeks or so

    Does running hurt my shoulder?
    Okay guys, so I’ve been having a left shoulder sprain for two weeks now, and my doctor said no activity for six weeks. Life has been hell so far, so I’m just wondering would running, or cardio affect the healing process of my shoulder.Please answer me guys! Thanks a lot

    • ANSWER:
      If your doctor said no activity, don’t be active… moving your hurt shoulder can only make it worse.

    How long for my shoulder to heal!?!?!?!?
    2 weeks ago i was playing basketball with my friends..one of my friends is about 90 lbs, and she ran into me. her jaw connected with my shoulder. we both fell to the ground. she has a nice red mark on her chin (jaw area) and i couldn’t move my shoulder. it took about 4 days for me to be able to put deoderant on without my shoulder hurting terribly. i went and had a physical done so i could join a sport, and the doctor sais i sprained/strained my shoulder. he told me to ice it and take motrin. the thing is is that i have been icing it for the past 2 weeks, and the pain just wont go away. some days are better than others, but it wont go away. i’m scared that i might have to get and MRI done or something, cause i’ve never had one before. i dont know what to do about this. i’m doing a sport in school now..and it hurts everytime i am done with practice. and i’m not quitting the sport-that is just not an option to me..i dont know what to do..i can’t afford to buy a shoulder brace..and i just want it to heal so i can geton with my life..any advice would be really helpful..if you could help me out that would be greatly appreciated!! thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      It really depends on what the problem actually is, so you need to try to identify it. It could be a rotator cuff injury or tear, or it could be something else entirely. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause, not just the symptoms. Check these sites to try to determine exactly what is going on. You should really see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.





    I sprained my shoulder… now what?
    My friend and I were climbing a tree on Sunday night. I didn’t fall out or anything. I just heard like a pop noise and then it hurt like hell! I got off and could barely walk because it hurt so bad. So on Monday I went to the doc and he said I sprained it. I got xrays just in case and everything is fine. I am only 13. School starts on September 7! Will it be healed by then? It hurts really bad! What should I do? Wear a sling? I don’t know what to do! It hurts soooo bad! :(

    • ANSWER:
      Take some Tylenol and try not to move it too much. If it’s your writing arm, just try to write really, really, slowly with your other arm once school starts. If you want a sling, just ask your doctor. If you think that it’ll be a serious problem during school, get a note from your doctor. Actually, you’ll need one anyways, because you won’t want to be doing P.E. if it’s not healed yet.

    About how long does it take for a class 1 sprain of the AC joint int the shoulder take to heal?
    This is the injury I recieved today at practice and I want to know how long Im gonna be out.

    • ANSWER:
      if you go to a trainer, do no more than what is advised and work hard on your rehab you can be out for anywhere between 2 and 5 weeks.

    I think I sprained a tendon in my shoulder?
    I can’t be sure however, but if that is the case, what should I do? and how long will it take to heal?

    check out my other question for the full story

    • ANSWER:
      If you go to a doctor, you can be sure. They will run some tests and most likely send you to a physical therapist. If you have tendinitis it could take a while

    Anyone Know Some Physical Therapy Exercises For the Shoulder?
    Anyone Know Some Physical Therapy Exercises For the Shoulder??
    I am only 15 and have had shoulder pain since June (2010). I believed I hurt it working out until i took a break and the other one began hurting in the same exact spot. The doctor enitially told me the left one had some sprained CC ligaments, but when i saw him a second time because the other one began hurting he said i have Bi-Lateral Tendonitis. That’s kinda weird to get it in both arms at the same time considering i’m 15 years old. I cant afford physical therapy and really want to heal my shoulders… Does anyone have a site or just some workouts they could tell me to heal my shoulders? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:


      Here’s the google search link for images and charts of exercises for your shoulders.

    My 4 month old puppy has sprained both her shoulders, how long will it take to recover?
    My cavalier puppy is 4 months old and has sprained both her shoulders, the vet said I should keep her inactive for about 6 weeks to give it the best chance to heal. Problem is she obviously needs to have some exercise otherwise she will just become very frustrated. We are stopping her from jumping up and down off the sofa as that is what probably did it in the first place but need to give her a bit of freedom. How long will it take – does anyone know and do you think we will have recurring problems in the future.
    She is on a Royal Canin diet and her nutrition is fine.

    Katie, why bother making a reply when you don’t read the question. I am not over exercising her, I am confining her to her crate, all as I was doing was asking people for there opinions or if they have had similar experience.

    And also, I don’t think she did it from jumping off the sofa once, but many, many times. She is a very small dog (6lbs) and has very small limbs and jumping off the sofa for her is equivalent to a big dog jumping 4 foot several times a day.

    If you can’t think of a helpful comment I would rather people didn’t comment at all.

    thanks to those of you who have placed useful comments.

    • ANSWER:
      our boxer dog puppy has just recently got over a sprain to her right front leg through just running around the garden and behaving in the usual mad manner all puppies do. we were advised by our vet to not walk her, just let her play in the garden and try to keep her as calm as possible, which is difficult when all they want to do is play with you! she took about two weeks to get over it and is absolutely fine now. she was prescribed some pills to reduce the inflammation and this worked. hope this helps.

    Sparined Shoulder?
    OK, over the summer I learned a front handspring and I was doing them alot with no professionsal teaching me. My shoulder felt strained and in pain when I do little things like hold my arm up. It healed 2 weeks later but that was back in August and Sepember.
    It reoccured and I was wondering if the gymnastics might have done it because I do untrained gymnastics and I taught myself,but I havent been doing it much lately. But a week ago I went to reach under a desk and had to extend my arm and now the pain is back from September. So is a sprained shoulder harsh pain from doing little things, am i experiencing a sprained shoulder?

    • ANSWER:
      This sounds a lot like my sprained knee so I’d say yes, you probably gave yourself a little first degree sprain. I went through physical therapy, but it still acts up when it gets rainy. If your shoulder is acting up when its rainy it may do so for the rest of your life, the barometric pressure can affect it.

    My dog escaped my yard earlier today and he has sprained his wrist and i think he got into a fight with a cat.
    He has two scratches one on his shoulder, one on his ribs, and he is limping and i want to heal his sprain kind of quick.What should i do?I’ve been putting peroxide on his scratches and it looks like it’s been working.What should i do next?(About the sprain)One of the sratches has been bleeding?And the other is missing some hair.How can i make the hair grow back?

    • ANSWER:
      You know what an infected cut looks like, just keep an eye on them.’
      As for the leg, keep him as immobile as possible.
      If it were my dog, I would put him in the crate for as long as possible.
      That way he rests and knows I do not approve of galavanting!

    How long does a Rotator Cuff Sprain take to heal, especially with a good amount of rehab on the shoulder?
    I was injured on a weird fall from a hockey game and the blow caused fluid and swelling to go into my shoulder. it took about a week to go down, i had to wear a sling. Now all they could tell from the MRI was it was a bone bruise and a muscle bruise, so overall a rotator cuff sprain. No tears or breaks. Even with a lot of rehab, can you get the shoulder back to normal or even better?

    • ANSWER:
      How long is the recovery from rotator cuff repair surgery?
      This will depend on several factors, including your level of strength before the fall and the severity of the rotator cuff tear or sprain. physical therapy begins. Initially, the therapy is gentle so as not to affect the rotator cuff repair. After four to six weeks, more active lifting with the arm begins. Several months after the rotator cuff repair, physical therapy will become more intense in an effort to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles. Complete recovery usually requires at least four to six months.

      This is more so if you’ve had surgery which you have not. I’m going to give a link on Rotator Cuff’s and let you read it. Hope you start hockey again soon. Good Luck!

    shoulder injury…please help?
    In my football game on friday, i fell and i stretched out my shoulder. I didn’t hear/feel it pop or crack, it just got stretched. It hurts to lift my hand/arm straight up above my head and it hurts to rotate my arm 360 degrees in a circle, when i try going 360 degrees it hurts when my arm gets to the higher part(when it starts to get above my head0

    do you think this is a strained, sprained, seperated shoulder? i think it might be the deltoid muscle, but im not sure or it might be a joint problem

    how long will it take to heal?
    p.s with this injury, it hurts to do one push-up(just so you get a better idea of the pain)

    what should i do to speed up the healing?

    Thank You So Much

    also could it be a rotators cuff injury?

    • ANSWER:
      You probably just strained the muscle. Shoulder is one of the worst places to get injured. You would be full of pain if you would have done worse. The PRICE method is your best bet. Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Shoulders are also known for the longest healing period. I woould guess 2 to 3 weeks of healing before I would even consider doing anything with it.

      Good luck, you’ll be back tackling people in no time.

    how do i know if its a serious shoulder injury or a minor sprain?
    I had a bad wreck snowboarding a week ago that literally knocked the wind out of me and i fell with my arms straight out, hard. I have had limited arm motion without tons of pain, and soreness which is pretty much to be expected after boarding. Anyways i fell down a few steps a couple nights ago and of course, fell on the same shoulder. My shoulder is not healing like the rest of my body has from the snowboarding and the stair incident. I cant bend my arm behind my back, i can only reach my fingertips to the center lower part of my back. And even that hurts. I also noticed if i move my arm straight out in front of my up to my ear it cracks/pops several times on the way up and catches on the way down.

    Seeing as how i just graduated i am no longer insured i obviously do not want to go to the docs if its a simple pulled muscle or if there is a simple home remedy. However, if it appears to be something serious i will get it checked out. In the meantime, in just limiting my arm motions.

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      It really depends on what the problem actually is, so you need to try to identify it. It could be a rotator cuff injury or tear, or it could be something else entirely. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause, not just the symptoms. Check these sites to try to determine exactly what is going on. You should really see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.





    Why does my 4 month old puppy keep getting sprains on his shoulder and ankle?
    I have a PWD and he had a small accident jumping and landed wrong, which sprained his right shoulder, a few months later he slipped and sprained the same shoulder, 10 days later he was almost healed and did a play bow and sprained it again, 10 days after that he jumped a foot high and landed wrong and sprained the other front leg. Now he can’t walk. The vet says its a soft tissue injury or bone bruising. Could it be that he is lacking some vitamins and minerals???

    • ANSWER:
      Dogs with sprians can take a very long time to heal. It may be that your dog was not really completely healed after the first sprain, and the later slip made that problem worse. Every time you reinjure something like a shoulder or wrist before it is completely healed and rehabiliatetied you compond the problem. And really 10 days is not nearly long enough for a sprain to heal. And durring this time it sounds like your dog was still allowed free and full mobilty, becuase he was active and kept re-injuring himself. Ideally the dog would be kept at a lower activity level, and not be allowed to engage in activities that can cause injury.

      Dog also have a much higher tolerance to pai them we do, so that can also mask the seriousness of an injury. You need to remeber that while your dog is healing.

      So one of the things that happens with animals is that an injury on one side of thier bodies can cause them to alter thier gait. This is another reason you want to limit motion while the dog is healing. This altered gait often causes more injury to the healthy side that is trying to compensate for the side that is already injured. What happened to you is most likely a case of that.

      You need to allow your dog enough time to heal properly. And when you start being active again take it slow, use massage and gental streching (get a canine therapist or vet to show you how). Ask you vet about pain management. But don’t let the imporvement pain meds appears to bring fool you into thinming your dog is all better. At the muscualr system level humans and dogs are pretty similar so think about what a human would do with these serious injuries.

    What kind of settlement{dollars}should i expect {car accident}?
    Was rear ended bigtime 7 mnths ago. Very badly whiplashed{wore neckbrace for 5 months}sprained right hand, left arm and left back shoulder has not healed yet,live with daily pain in arm/shoulder and neck and left side of back. Soft tissue injuries. Presently being paid loss wages{80 percent}. Still in physio. Still unable to go back to the job i was in. I do have a lawyer. What would my lawyer be seeking roughly in dollar amount? What would be fair? I was making 500.00 a week at my job that i will probably be unable to go back to, and my daily/normal life has been an upheavel battle!How long will my settlement take? Is there a place in Canada to whom would buy my settlement/claim?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s going to depend on your state. Regardless of the settlement requested, the other guy’s insurance policy isn’t going to pay out MORE than their policy limit. So even if you sue and get a judgement, that’s a long way from actually getting any money.

      You’re best off asking your ATTORNEY for a range of low/high what you think you can get.

    Sprained ac joint my in my shoulder (help need advice)?
    I went to the doctors like 5 weeks ago and they said i had a sprained ac joint so i had to wear a sling and ice it for a month but i didnt listen and only wore the sling for like 2 weeks then played basketball and it still hurts and i know i messed up but i need help on what to do and will it heal back? It doesnt hurt that bad just like a sting
    I went to the doctors like 5 weeks ago and they said i had a sprained ac joint so i had to wear a sling and ice it for a month but i didnt listen and only wore the sling for like 2 weeks then played basketball and it still hurts and i know i messed up but i need help on what to do and will it heal back? It doesnt hurt that bad just like a sting. I really want my weight training back is there a way to without fully resting it or will it heal on its own?

    • ANSWER:
      I did the same exact thing, and when I went back to the doctor. I lied and said I had rested it. So they did a cortisone injection and the next day it felt better, and I haven’t felt it since!!!

    I have bad shoulder pain..?
    About a couple weeks ago I sprained my elbow and my shoulder was hurting also. My stepmom told me pain goes down, not up. So the sprain in my elbow couldn’t be the reason for the pain in my shoulder. My elbow is healed now. Today my should was red where the pain hurts really bad and it you touch it it hurts. It is going from my shoulder to my back. ( where my shoulder is heading to the back it’s right there where you lift your arm up. I don’t know what it’s called. ) Should I get it checked out or does anyone know what could have happened?

    • ANSWER:
      Do you do any weight lifting? It could have been a separate accident and not an accident related to your elbow. I would go to the doctor and get that one checked out.

    shoulder pain ???
    HI everybody
    i”ve been going to a gym and doing split workouts!
    for the past 3 days I am having a short of sharp pain in the front part(1st head) of my shoulder.Will this be an injury or just a sprain from heavy workout?Normally how long will it take to heal in the shoulder for me to to a gym again.
    please help?
    Actually I could do all the exercises,no problem except for this pain which comes and goes every now and then!
    thank you Tom K.I”d do as you said and if I still had pain I”ll mail you !

    • ANSWER:
      Pain is the body’s way of saying “Something is not right here.” Some of these things that go wrong are not serious and others are. It could be a minor tendon irritation or strain, a muscle pull or tear, or maybe even something related to a rotator cuff.

      Take some ibuprofin.
      Give it some rest.
      If it doesn’t clear up by next Thursday, call back. I’d have said Wednesday, but that is the day we all play golf.

    What did i do to my shoulder?
    I’m a eleven year old guy who was playing football on Thursday with my best friends. One of them, who happened to be 5’5″ 135 pounds tackled me and all his weight fell on my left shoulder. I think I was in shock cause I couldn’t lift my arm up, but I couldn’t feel it. Is there such thing as a shoulder sprain? Would these be the symthoms? When I try to scrath my back with this arm, it hurts. When I fall on it again, painfully I’ve probably done it about 4 times since Thursday, I feel a pop and it gets all numb again, then it hurts really bad, then the pain slowly goes away,( actually it only takes like 10 minutes) it feels more like an injury around the joint. It hurts right under my shoulder blade and a little bit to the side and on top of the shoulder, but not much. I hope I didn’t dislocate it, because I heard that you have to wait up to a year for it to heal. And I’m very athletic, to others like me you understand how hard it it not to play a sport in a day, much less a week, and even a year. I’m terrified even thinking about this. When I reach rrreeeaaallllllyyy high up above my head it hurts a lot, but not as much as after I fall on it. Please don’t answer shoulder sprain or muscle pulled just to make me feel good, and please don’t answer dislocated to scare me. I can still lift stuff like a football, glove, remote, and full water bottle with this arm. I feel a little better cause even though I don’t really cry about my injuries anymore(I didn’t cry during this incident), my mom said I would have definitly been on the ground crying not being able to get up if I dislocated it. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      It’s not dislocated you wouldn’t be able to move it and your mums right most people even adults cry and show pain when they dislocate something. You have probably bruised the muscle and bone a bit. It might have swollen a bit so it’s best not to use it if you dont have to. Just rest your shoulder and see how it goes. If it doesn’t get better in a week get an X-ray done to make sure there is no serious damage done

    How long does it take a pulled muscle to heal?
    OK, so last week at my sister’s wedding, my little cousins (105lbs. and 99 lbs.) wanted to be carried around. I did, but I think I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder (they were sitting on my shoulders). It is in no way a sever sprain, but it is enough to be annoying. When I sprained my calf, the doctor said it would take 7-10 days to heal. What is the time frame for a sprained shoulder? I would think it would be less because it is easier to stay off a shoulder than an arm.
    I am 15, and a pretty serious weight lifter. I have had bad sprains in the past and let me assure you this is NOT one of them. A trainer cleared me to do everything except chest and shoulder workouts. The pain isn’t even bad, just annoying. I just want an idea of when I can hit the bench again.

    • ANSWER:

    Had Shoulder injury from Pushups, now better but still feel slight pain. is it healing?
    I did flying pushups.. you konw, where you jumt up with your hands and do like a clap, then land. Then the next day i was in bad pain. I had bad pain for about 3 days. thefirst days the pain was constant, third day the pain was more intermitent. All the while.. i never had problem with the range of motion.. i could lift my arm and never felt like i couldn’t move it..

    ANyways, i still have full range of motion.. but now, 5 days later i have minimal pain.. sometimes i dont even have any pain.. but there’s a slight weird feeling in my shoulder somewhere inside.

    Dont have any problems moving it. Anyways, when i dont have pain i kind of feel close to normal. but when i do have pain in a scale from 1 to 10 , the pain is now at 2. while at the beginning it was at 9

    Again, it’s been 5 days. I’ve had plenty of sprains in my life.. Some took like a year to heal but they did. some never healed but they stopped hurting .. etc. So is there a chance this will at least heal good enough?
    By the way,, this is not like pain from sore muscles. Not at all. It’s some weird pain inside the soulder. So that’s why i’m asking

    • ANSWER:
      Give it time enough to heal. Muscles are attached to bones by tendons. Bones are attached to other bones with ligaments.
      Either way, these bands are similar, but stronger than, rubber bands. They only stretch so far before they “tear”. Ouch!!!

      Once they are torn, they have to grow back together and must be completely rested for a few days while swallowing ibuprophen for pain and applying heat as much as possible.

      After a few days one can begin slowly moving the injured area in a normal manner. The area must not be “worked” or used beyond what is just normal wear/tear. In other words, no exercise. That will “work” the area. You will ease into a slight work schedule where you will move the injured area above and beyond normal activity as you slowly strengthen the area again.

      Now, that is what one should do to allow an injury to heal fully. Depending on the injury and it’s location, this process can indeed take up to a year. To feel pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong. If you don’t hurt any more, then you should be healed.

      Hope this has helped you.

      I am an RN

    Sprained upper arm, what rubbish timing!?
    Are there any quick ways to heal a sprained arm (upper arm and bit of the shoulder)? Any remedies as such? I can’t drie with it and i need to tomorrow with ease! HELP!
    Occured: slept “funny” and woke up with it, and over a day it grew worse and this morning was at its worst…
    Will it be ok for the 3rd day?

    • ANSWER:
      it won’t heal for tomorrow, try some deep heat on it and tape it for support, is my best suggestion! It may help to ease the pain.

    should I continue to work out on a tight shoulder muscle?
    I just finished physical therapy for my arm and it feels great but I made the mistake of being drunk about 2 weeks before my therapy ended and either strained or sprained my left shoulder blade muscle. First few days it was really painful but now it just feels tight. Should I continue to work through it or stop working out. After I workout my shoulder blade muscle is extremely tight but isn’t really painful. Alspo my therapist told me to work through it but I don’t go anymore so she doesn’t know my shoulder blade is still tighting up. Also how long for this to heal completely? I am doin hot and cold therapy and stretchin.

    • ANSWER:

    what does it mean, good or bad?
    I was playing a game of rugby on sunday and I pretty badly sprained my shoulder, but now its aching real bad like a dead arm sorta pain, does that mean its healing or not?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think that means it is healing. It really depends on what the problem actually is, so you need to try to identify it. It could be a rotator cuff injury or tear, or it could be something else entirely. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause, not just the symptoms. Check these sites to try to determine exactly what is going on. You should really see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.





    A good or bad idea? Will it affect healing time?
    I found out on Monday that It is for definite I fractured my right collarbone, and also stretched and sprained the ligaments in my right shoulder.

    The Saturday I went riding and the Sunday I did too. However, on Sunday I fell off and landed on my right side, and heard a ‘pop’ in my right collarbone. I told the orthopedic doctor this, and she said that it doesn’t matter.

    She said I’m allowed to ride and do what I please, as long as I take my tablets when necessary. Will this affect the healing time for the fracture and sprained ligaments?

    • ANSWER:
      I am not a doctor but my common sense says that it could affect healing time, especially if you have accidents such as falling off. Be careful.

    I have a sprain/strain of my shoulder girdle?
    does anyone know of any rehab stretches that would help the pain go away and make it heal quicker?

    • ANSWER:
      First, ice it. Take ibuprophen. This sprain could be your rotor cuff. Ask your doctor if it’s your rotor cuff. It’s bad when you injure your rotor cuff. Be careful with it. Ask your doctor to prescribe physical therapy for the exercises, if he thinks it is appropriate. Yes, you do need to exercise it.

    How long does it take for a sprained finger to heal?
    Okay three weeks ago on monday I “sprained” my finger none of the swelling has gone down along with the pain how long does it take for a sprain to heal. I went to the the doctors and it was a small little urgent care they didn’t seem to know what they were doing my dad had drove me there and they were asking him when he looked at the x ray if he thought is was broken…so they decided that it was sprained but for all me and my dad know it could be broken because they didn’t know what they were doing. It seems like my finger has gotten worse instead of better. I did go to another doctor after that because of the pain my mom took me there and she just told them that i’m still in pain and that they said it was just sprained, so they didn’t x-ray it because we told them it was just sprained. Then we heard from my dads friend who just went to the doctors for his shoulder that sometimes on x-rays you cant see if its broken or not so in 4-6 weeks come back and they’ll talk about getting a MRI done. Now i still have pain but recently this just started, when i bend my finger it feels like two of my bones are now rubbing together making it hard for me to move it feels almost as if there is a rubber band in there. So any suggestions what i should do and how long does it take for a sprain to heal and is it normal by three weeks for it to look the same as when i first hurt it

    ~~ Thanks so much!
    The first doctor I went to put it in a big metal splint…the second doctor put it in a plastic little splint that didn’t even support where it hurt.

    • ANSWER:
      You poor thing!

      First of all, if it were a simple sprain, you’d be healed by now.

      You don’t mention if your finger is wrapped up or has a splint. Just in case it is broken, I recommend that your parents go purchase a finger splint from the local drug store (or Walmart).

      Second, I don’t know where you live but you need to get to some- freakin’ -where else so that you can be evaluated properly. If I were your dad, I’d be asking for my money back from the first idiots who asked him to look at the x-rays (and possibly report them to the state).

      Third, when you do get to see someone else, you need to tell the doctor exactly what you said in this post. Especially the symptoms that you mention in the end. Your parent needs to be your advocate and insist on additional xrays. Period. Even if everyone thinks it’s a sprain. This is your health. Better safe than sorry.

      Fourth, it is possible that it may not be a break. However, you might have severe damage to a ligament or tendon. You mention that it feels like a rubber band is there. That is exactly how our tendons behave. You don’t say if it’s hard for you to bend the finger or straighten the finger. Just because it’s a finger doesn’t mean that the damage isn’t serious. This kind of damage may require surgery.

      Alternate between hot and cold compresses. Alternate between Tylenol and Aleeve for pain if necessary. More important, get to a freakin good doctor. Perhaps and orthopedic doc. Depending on your parents insurance, you may need a referral.

      God help you. I will keep you in my prayers. If the people in your area can’t diagnose a finger issue then what happens when there is a true emergency!

    Getting injured on the job, then getting fired via email. My rights under CT Workers Comp laws.
    I worked hard at my job. I injured my ankle and shoulder when I fell. I told my boss (the owner) and he contacted his Workers Comp ins co to see where I needed to be seen. I went and was sent home with a sprained ankle and shoulder. When I left to go to the hospital, my boss told me to make sure I contact him with an update. I did that as soon as I got back home. I tried to call him two times actually and it kept going into voicemail, which I thought was odd because I called the business number. I heard nothing back from my boss (the owner) until later that evening about 6:30pm. In an email, he told me that he planned on firing me. That I was not to report back to work, that he disengaged my code. He gave as a reason that I had too many absences and made mistakes with customers (I was the Service Manager at an automotive repair center in CT).This accident happened on the 21nd. The bumps and bruises will go away, but I am devistated. Workers Comp looked into it and OK’ed medical follow-up and pay, but after almost two weeks I am still very upset. I would never go back to work there….I am looking for other positions while healing. I can’t get over the anger and sadness that I feel. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks…I just want to add that I was never spoken to about any excess absences or any work issue at all by the owner. I thought things were fine.

    • ANSWER:
      Your previous employer fired you illegally. Your termination would be considered “wrongful termination” on the basis that an employee was exercising his/her rights under a protected acency.

      I would persue this matter immediately. You need to file a complaint in a timely maner in order for it to be considered. You can file your claim against your previous employer with the Department of Labor. There are employee advocates who assist individuals with cases like this. I have listed one below that seems to be reasonable.


      Best wishes.

    Can anybody find “video evidence” of faith healing?
    I remember in college, a roommate described an experience at his non-denominational Christian church where he saw a group of people that were immediately healed by prayer. In fact, he described a body part involuntarily moving back into place (I think it was a dislocated shoulder or some other joint sprain). I asked if anybody videotaped the joint healing itself so quickly, and he said no.

    Anyway, this seems like some pretty darn remarkable stuff. Wouldn’t somebody want to videotape it and show the world proof of God’s power?

    Anybody know where to find “video evidence” of faith healing like this. If anything it would be a good laugh to see a faked/edited healing.
    To make it clear, give me a link to a video that shows an actual body part healing instantly through the power of faith, haha.

    • ANSWER:

      Of course!

    my shoulder hurts ………………………?
    I came off my motorbike the other day. I’m aching all over, but nothing is broken. It’s just muscular pain all over, probably from bracing myself as I hit the ground after being thrown off my bike.

    Anyway, my shoulder on the right feels kind of loose. I can type, i can do stuff with my arm and hands, but it just hurts bad. Right now my hand feels num, and my shoulder feels kind of as if it’s loose, if that makes sense. It’s likely to be purely muscular pain perhaps some tendon damage, but I’m just wondering if it’s something I need to go to A&E with, or whether I can just let it heal?

    Last time I went to A&E I sat there for hours and hours and hours and hours only to be told “you need to take it easy.” So I’m loathe to sit in A&E for hours and hours this time, only to be told “you have sprained a muscle in your shoulder, try not to use it for a few days.” Urgh.

    • ANSWER:
      Honey, I say go and get this checked out. Is there anyway that you could contact your family doctor, or do you have one. When I have a problem I usually call my doctor and he will advise me on what to do. You might need to get some pain meds.and you might need something to take the inflammation out of the injured muscles. I believe that Advil helps take inflammation out of injured muscles as well as kills the pain. But you might need something stronger by the way it sounds. So honey don’t fool around with your health, this is the only body you have. I hope you will be feeling better real soon. Sundae Rose

    Why does my entire right side of of an old right sprained ankle still hurt even after it healed?
    It’s been years now since I have sprained my right ankle from playing basketball. I immediately followed the R.I.C.E procedure for healing.The ankle never went back to it’s original shape as it healed. It formed a big bump and the only way now from getting my whole right side of the ankle from hurting is by wearing a brace which I picked up from CVS. When I say my whole right side, I mean beginning from my neck, back, hip, shoulder, and down to my back leg. I intended to go without the brace for a day thinking maybe it’s all in my head. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bear the pain and quickly put it back on. I am now 24 living with this stupid brace and embarrassed to even wear flip flops, so does this call for surgery?

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:

    Possible shoulder injury.. go to the doctor or no?
    I had a fall yesterday, approx 24 hours ago now. I fell onto the curb with my shoulder. The shoulder is slightly swollen, I have full range of motion, but it is painful motion. I can hear very little crepitus upon movement. Most painful is to raise my arm above my head or lift an object above my head. Is it worth going to a doctor for this? or does it sound like a strain or sprain that should heal on its own.

    • ANSWER:
      Step 1: X-ray is necessary to make sure if there’s any fracture or not. As orthopaedic doctors are more reliable in treating fracture than any alternative therapist.
      When there’s no fracture then you’ve got to follow the 2nd step: See a massage therapist (deep tissue, sport massage, trigger points or the like) to deal with your muscle abnormalities.

    possible torn shoulder muscle?? help please…?
    ok well a few months ago i was lifting weights. the shoulder press and my right arm jerked down real fast. at first i thought it was just sprained but it never healed. i have a lot of movement in my arm still i just cant lift my arm over my head without feeling pain. i cant stretch it back either. i can still bench press no problem but not shoulder press.. lately it has gotten worse and i have an appointment for it in 2 weeks but football starts next week. please what should i do and what is wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      You definitely need it checked out before football, the stuff you go through in training could make this a lot worse, i just had a dislocated shoulder and rotator cuff repair. Still have not feeling in my left hand’s 3,4,5 digits. this happened at the end of February and I have limited range of motion and most definitely cannot lift over my head. I am finally happy to be able to push a full grocery cart. I can bench a little, but not much. If you can avoid this by all means , do it. See a ER physician if they can’t get you in first at your primary’s office.
      it would be horrible if you had all this because you had to start football before your evaluation.
      Talk to your coach and explain your symptoms, and tell him when your appointment is and that you would feel better getting a doctor’s okay to start sports. He would also be better off knowing what is going on with you anyway, as he will probably have you train differently. I don’t know where you live, but our state has kids get sports physicals every one to two years, and the doctor signs off that you are in a good enough state of health to play. If you can’t see your regular doctor, you may be able to get into and orthopedic doctor if they know you are having problems. Whatever you decide, I would definitely make sure the coach knows and that you don’t do anything to jeopardize your health and mobility. Good Luck!

    Why do I STILL have shoulder pain?
    I hope someone can help me, as I am very upset, nervous, and depressed at this point.

    On Jan 18th, I injured my left shoulder while lifting a patient’s leg while bathing her (She’s very stiff and heavy). I reported to my charge that I felt a pull or rip in my shoulder and continued to work the next 3 days. The pain gradually increased to the point where I went to see a doctor. He told me it was a muscle sprain/tendonitis and ordered PT.

    There were days when I believed I was healed and was ready to go back to work. In fact, I’ve been sent back twice and each time the pain returned, and I returned to the doctor and have been out of work since. I have had an MRI (neg results) and last week I had a nerve test (also neg). I feel like I’m going crazy and I feel paronoid that people think I’m faking this. I wake up fine and then the burning starts, my shoulder muscle tightens up, and sometimes I get sharp pain, like an electric shock. Ice is the only thing that helps.

    • ANSWER:
      Based on your description, there are two possibilities here … first, and this is the one I’m leaning to … it’s possible that you damaged your neck or the nerves around your neck. Burning pains are usually associated with nerve damge/injuries, and also neck damage can cause pain in the shoulder region.

      Second possibilitiy, is that you did damage one or more of the muscles in your shoulder and that it just hasn’t healed up all the way. A lot of times people will return to work or activity too soon before an injury is healed completely. Just becuase you are painfree on a day does not mean that the injury has healed. So then you return back to injury thinking you are fine because the pain is gone, and start using that shoulder again like mornal … only its not normal because it hasn’t completely healed. The results being that you redamage the muscles you injured at the first place, and then you have to basically start back at square one in the healing process.

      Did you complete your PT? Usually the PTs are pretty knowledgeable (like me for example). You might also go back to your doc and talk to him. And you might want to see about getting an MRI for your neck to rule out problems there.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

    What’s wrong with my shoulder?
    Almost a year ago I fell on my shoulder. I didn’t go to the doctor until a month later but when he xrayed it he just said it was sprained and to stop playing vollyball for a week or two so I stopped playing for two weeks. Now a year later it still hurts when I use it a lot and it makes a grinding noise when rotate it. Does anyone know what could be wrong or how to make it heal?

    • ANSWER:
      Xray’s don’t show up all the damage, i would demand an MRI so they can see what is going on, you obviously have something going on with the rotor cuff which i have problems with as well and is painful

    Healing, carpal tunnel?!?
    I do type from time to time & I have to work with my hands a lot since I go to a culinary and art institute. Suddenly my wrist and shoulder began to hurt pretty bad after playing baseball. I’m so terrified it might be carpal tunnel but my moms a nurse and she highly doubts it. She says it’s a sprained muscle. I’ve taken a break off typing, sports & any hard labor involving my hands for a couple days but it still kind of hurts. Has any one else experienced this? How long till it goes away? Please only serious answers.

    • ANSWER:

    Please help! i don’t know what to do about my shoulder?
    tonight i fell on my shoulder and it is in a lot of pain when i move my whole arm forward and back. my neck and my whole arm. i can move my shoulder in circles and its no that bad to be broken
    but it is probably sprained. what is there to use to keep it in place so it can heal should i tape it up, a sling? please help!!

    Thanks so much

    • ANSWER:
      i just broke my shoulder, you need to get an x-ray because if its in pain it could be broken. so to be sure you really should see a doctor. unless it is a really bad break you’ll just need a sling (if its broken)