How To Sprain Ankle

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does a sprain ankle and a strained foot take to heal?
    I hurt my foot and ankle Wednesday night. I went to the doctor Friday. They said that I had sprained my ankle and strained my foot. The term strained foot means the same as a sprain. I was put in one of those walking boots. I’m on bed rest for a week. How does it normally take for something like that to heal?

    • ANSWER:
      You can do this to help with the pain and also make it heal faster. But a word of caution that you will most likely sprain it again because the ligament get stretched and will let it happen again. Find a large bucket that your foot will rest inside of and fill it with hot water (not to scald you) but hot enough and add to it 2 cups epson salts. And soak it for 1 hour. Most of the pain should go. But wear your boot to give support. You will need it. Just do this a few time a day 2-3 max. You should see an improvement with in 1st or second time. Or just rest for about 2-3 weeks no running or jumping.

    How long will it take to heal my sprain ankle?
    I got a sprain ankle about 3 weeks ago. The x-ray showed no fracture and it was eventually going away but then just yesterday, i twisted my ankle again at the same place :( I’m using the Ace wrap when i go out but cannot avoid a lot of walking everyday for going to class and everything. So do you have any idea how long it will be for my sprain ankle to heal completely and i can run again?

    • ANSWER:
      A spain just takes time to heal,I would have to say at least a good 3 weeks,you can ice it down and help with the process and yes you will be able to run again,it just has to heal.

    How to sprain your ankle on purpose?
    How can yoj sprain your ankle on purpose in the house but make it seem to parents doctor ect that it was an accident like on the stairs.
    so what is a step by step way of spraining your ankle?
    what is a detailes way of it accidently happening on the stairs?

    I want to do it because iv never had an injury, iv always wanted a sprained ankle dina why and i want a big bandage on my ankle. not for attention or to get out of something.

    • ANSWER:
      Purposely damaging your bones is so stupid

    How long does it take for a bad ankle sprain to fully heal? Is soreness normal? When can I start plyometrics?

    June 22nd – Sprained Ankle
    June 30th – Played 2 VB games, more swelling (yes, this wasn’t smart)
    Jul 21th – all brusing & swelling gone, played 1 VB game with taped ankle, felt fine after
    Jul 28th – played 1 VB with taped ankle, slightly sore after
    Aug 2nd – tried some jump training with ankle brace, sore after

    My definition of “bad” is what I think would be classified as a grade 2 sprain. There was a decent amount of swelling/bruising on the outer part of my foot and above my ankle on the right side of my leg. It took 3 weeks of no sports for all the swelling & brusing to completely go away.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated…

    • ANSWER:
      When the tenderness and irritation have gone away and stay away is a good indicator. Start to walk a large figure 8 and slowly decrease the size of the figure. When you can walk the 8 in as close a figure as possible start to jog the large 8. Work your way into as small an 8 as possible. If there are no problems or pain start to run the 8 at half speed until you get down to the smallest 8. If you have no problems then run it at full speed. When you are able to run the figure in the smallest circles without and pain, weakness, or swelling you are ready for normal activities. This means doing all of the above without the taping or brace on. Continue to use ice until you are back to normal.

    How long will i be on crutches and what type of ankle sprain is it?
    I went to the doctors a few days ago and they got it checked. my ankle wasn’t broken but it was a severely sprained ankle. The doctor gave me an ankle brace and told me to use crutches. Then he just told me to come back after 2 weeks to get another x-ray. I’m wondering if it’s possible to find out what type of sprain it is and how long i will be on crutches for.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a second degree ankle sprain. You will most likely be on crutches for a month. If it’s a third degree you may even need surgery to repair it.

    How long does a sprain ankle take to heal?
    About an half a month ago, I sprained my ankle badly while pole vaulting and as a result I already missed half the track season. I am just wondering how long it will for my ankle to fully Heal.

    • ANSWER:
      It always depends on how bad you sprained it. Sometimes it takes a couple days and sometimes it takes weeks. The best thing to do is just keep resting it and it will sooner or later fully heal. Hope your ankle feels better.

    How long does it take for an ankle sprain to heal?
    I have a severe sprained ankle, level 3 or whatever, and it hurts like hell. This happened 5 days ago (21st). Also, I play soccer and the season begins in a few months, will I be fully ready? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      u should b ready for sure in a few months. if not u neeeeeeed to see a doctor but it should be good in a week or so just stay off it as much as possible and ice and elevation r always good. good luck

    What is the average amount of time to be able to walk again after an ankle sprain?
    I sprained it on monday nite. Ive been icing and elevating it and wearing an ankle brace since. Yesterday I was able to balance on my sprained ankle with all of my weight. How many more days approximately do i need to heal? What in your opinion would you say is the average amount of time it takes for a sprained ankle to heal?

    • ANSWER:
      about a week even after that it might just be a tad bit sore

    How long does it take for a sprain ankle to get better?
    The average or most amount of time it takes for a ankle to heal. Thnx in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Well if you STAY OFF OF IT, it will heal faster maybe 1-2 weeks depending on how bad,

    How to sprain ankle in gym class tomarrow we are playing basketball ?
    I was wondering if you can sprain it by just leaning on it ?

    • ANSWER:

    Need to heal quick. How do I treat an ankle sprain after the swollen is down?
    I am going to a snowboard trip in two weeks. I have a sprained ankle. The swollen is gone now, I can walk and put full weight, standing on the ankle (stand on one feet) without any pain. But i can’t jog or run yet. It hurts when I try to stand on my toes.

    What is the best course of action to get my ankle healed before my snowboard trip? should I start exercising or should i just rest? I heard applying heat helps, is that true? Please advise.

    • ANSWER:
      sprains can be treated immediatley by RICE:
      R= rest
      I= ice
      E= elevation.
      the first 3 are for immediate use, but you can still elevate it when sitting down i would place a cushoin under it. But mainly DO NOT do excercise if you can help it, i had the same problem and this made it far worse, sounds kinda obvious but try to avoid it. Try not to sit on it (e.g. crossed legged). And relax!!!

    How to train for winter track with a sprain ankle?
    I sprained my ankle running cross country and i cant put any weight on my left ankle cause it hurts. I am wondering how can i train before winter track starts without running. I am a sprinter that runs the 55, 100, 200, 400.

    • ANSWER:
      There are two things you can do, one is swimming or running in deep water so your feet don’t touch the bottom of the pool, and you can bike.
      You can use a stationary bike and not use a load factor, just spin you can help your cardiovascular system and legs without putting weight or stress on your ankle.

    how long does a sprain ankle take to heal and how do i make it better?
    I just got my sprained ankle and its been hurting a lot that I can’t walk and can’t sleep, how do I treat it to make it better and how long does it take to heal? Thanks for the help

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on the grade of the sprain. A grade I ankle sprain usually heals within a couple of weeks, where a grade IIl ankle sprain can take months to heal and may need the application of a cast for stability.

      I’m assuming you have seen your doctor for an exam and diagnosis (you need an x-ray to insure you didn’t fracture something). If you have and the pain is not improving with convention treatment (rest, ice, compression and elevation), you need to go back. If you haven’t, you need to book an appointment.

    How long does it take for swelling to subside after an ankle sprain?
    I fell and twisted my ankle on Friday morning… although it hurt to walk, I could still walk by limping and I’m sure nothing was broken. Today is Tuesday night so it’s been 4 days since.

    My question is, is it normal for my foot to stay swollen this long? I can walk fairly well without limping (although slow, of course). But there’s this dull ache from my toes to my knee (it doesn’t hurt a lot, but it’s just there, you know?) Is that normal after almost five days? Also, how long does a swollen foot after a sprained ankle last?
    My big toe is a little uncomfortable because of the slight swelling there, but it’s not discolored. But thank you for your concern :)

    • ANSWER:
      I torn up an ankle and had chronic swelling for over a year, to minimize this remember RICE.

    How to sprain ankle tomarrow while playing outside or at school ? ?
    I want to be on crutches and I want to sprain my ankle don’t ask me why ! And can you tell me step by step I need this p.s I know the consequences for doing this so don’t tell me please

    • ANSWER:
      I tripped on the bleachers and took a serious tumbles as I was on the top row. The pain was excruciating it took a few days of bed rest to even fully stand up. To get to the bath room I had to crawl on all fours. And now today about 5 1/2 years later I am still dealing with the painful side effects. I have to watch how I run and walk other wise I will plop straight down to the ground in pain. I was also taking dance at the time an d and it affected the way I danced. I hope you know what your getting yourself into!

    is it normal to get a sprain ankle playing american football and how can i prevent from geting one next time?
    because i got a bad sprain playing football and im a running back.

    • ANSWER:
      don’t listen to anyone that tells you to put weight on it!!!!! ive sprained my right one three times and left one once, and it all was due to athletics. the key is KEEPING WEIGHT OFF IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! its like a broken leg. would you put weight on it for it to get better? noooo plus spraining something is worse then breaking and that is a fact! my advice would be to ice the ankle 4 times a day for twenty minutes if possible during your schedule. if not then just get ice on it when you can. second thing would be to get a good pair of high tops with supportive sides on the shoes. basketball and cross training shoes are good as long as their high tops. for football if you have to practice and still play you can go to any drug store and find athletic ankle braces. they go for around 15-20 bucks and can really help support your ankle. plus if youre a running back you should already be wearing high top spikes, if not get them!! hope this works for you

    how long does it take for a sprain ankle to heal?
    I just got in a car accident on Wendesday night and i got a sprain in my ankle. Or the ankle bone has been displaced i think. I forgot but anyways today is Friday… How long will it take for this to heal so i wont have to wear a “moonboot” anymore at least???

    • ANSWER:
      How are sprains and strains treated?

      Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) are keys elements in the treatment of both sprains and strains.

      Depending upon the extent and location of the injury, it may take many weeks to return to normal function. That does not mean that all activity must stop; instead, there needs to be a gradual return to function that is guided by the body’s response to activity. Most often, the patient can “listen” to their body’s response to activity and increase or decrease the amount and intensity depending upon whether there is pain with the activity or whether there is subsequent pain.

      It can be a difficult balance between resting a part of the body enough and resting too much and losing strength and range of motion. For example, when the rotator cuff is strained, it may take a significant amount of time for the shoulder to return to full function. Resting the arm for a prolonged period of time in a sling to rest the muscle group may lead to stiffness in the shoulder joint and loss of range of motion. The health-care professional and patient must appreciate that balance and minimize the loss of function while maximizing the rate of healing.

      Muscle, tendon, and ligament heal themselves naturally by repairing the fibers or filling in the damaged area with scar tissue. Full muscle and joint mobility may take time to return and gradual stretching may be required to return the injured area to normal. Additionally, depending upon the area of the body that is injured, the damage sustained, and the amount of loss of function, physical therapy may be suggested. A variety of treatment modalities may be considered, including ultrasound and massage, to encourage healing and preserve range of motion and function.

    How do you see am NBA Player get a sprain ankle and 3 days later they are back on the court?
    Im amazed at over the years how many times I have seen players get really severe ankle sprains and somehow get over it real quick… What are the treatments that the pros at the NBA level do to heal there ankles? I keep hearing that the NBA has secret methods??? HELP?? ANYBODY! I sprained my ankle really bad and I couldnt go to work today cause I cant apply pressure or anything

    • ANSWER:

    How do you reduce swelling on a sprain ankle?
    My grandma feel outside and now she cant walk on her ankel and it is really swollin and she is lots of pain. What can i do to make it better?

    • ANSWER:
      If you are licensed and know how to drive, take her to the emergency department in the hospital. She should get her ankle,foot, and leg all x-rayed. She could have done some damage to the bone, ligaments or even the joint. I did damage and I waited and told myself that I wasnt going to go to the hospital or doctors and I had to get surgery on myine yesterday because i damaged the joint. If I would have gone to the hospital they wouldnt have had to do surgery. Please take ur grandmother to the hospital!! And also ice it as soon as possible. Keep it elevated and have her take some advil, but make sure you tell the hospital that she did! Hope everything works out for you and her. If you cant go to the hospital, call 911 and have an ambulance come and get her. Somethings wont be able to heal right if you take her tomorrow!

    How did you sprain your ankle?
    believe me i don’t want to hurt myself. im just interested in how everyone ending up injured. i am currently rehabbingg a sprained ankle from doing step ups on my coaches front porch and landing half on the sidewalk and half on the mulch which was about 3 inches lower.

    • ANSWER:
      I have sprained both numerous times. The first time I sprained my right ankle I was playing soccer and a girl on the other team and I both went for the ball. One of us hit the ball and we both turned to go after it but her foot (along with all of her weight) ended up being on top of my foot. That was how I sprained my right ankle the first time. For my left foot we had just moved into a new house and going down the stairs did not have the turn that the old house had. Well, I turned early got my left foot jammed in the banister and ended up on the floor with my foot/ankle behind me stuck in the banister.

    How to sprain your ankle?
    What is a way to sprain your ankle on purpose while running, the ground has lots of holes but there hard to see. It has too look real, like be a way a sprained ankle would normally happen but do it on purpose. it has to be a real injury to get a big ace bandage on it from a doctor. i might do it because i havd always wanted to see what an ace bandage on a swollen ankle is like also i wanted to see what a sprained ankle is like.

    • ANSWER:
      the other day i sprained my ankle in running long jump… i ran and jumped but when i landed, i landed with my ankle completely to the side. just act like you are running and jumping over something then land on the side of your ankle… that usually works. or if you have access to a trampoline, it’s incredibly easy to sprain your ankle on one of those. just land on the side of your foot.
      of course, landing with too much pressure could break your ankle, so just be careful. good luck breaking, i guess o_O

    How long can it take for a sprain ankle to completely heal? My daughter sprained hers about 3 weeks ago.?
    She can walk but she wants to play soccer in about a month. She says it is still bothering her when she tries to run. She puts ice on it and sometimes soak it in warm water. Any advice on this?

    • ANSWER:
      Not trying to be a smart alec: it can take a long time, so she has to let it heal. She may be able to heal in a month, but you should probably take her to a dr (orthopedist) if you haven’t already, to rule out any more serious injury. He/she will also tell her the proper way to let it heal so she can be ready to play.

      I sprained my ankle over 6 months ago. I tried ice/warm water and compression/wrapping, but because I didn’t let it rest (that is, I continued to exercise once it stopped hurting, only to have it start hurting again —duhhh!), it STILL HURTS. Finally went to dr. last week. Took me long enough, huh?

      As the dr. will probably tell you, she should probably not run on it and needs to avoid too much flexion (ie. she may need to wear a “boot”). Don’t stop moving it, but no high impact exercising (running, jumping), and avoid twisting, of course. She may be able to heal in a month if she concentrates on taking it easy on her injury. I was told I need 3 more weeks with only low impact exercise.

      Good luck!

    how to break or sprain ankle cheerleading?
    for a school project i’m researching ankle injuries and what is a common way one can break an ankle during cheerleading.
    also would it sprain or break or weaken if the foot is severely inverted to the point of pain for a certain amount of time? thanks y’all!<3 or could rolling it tumbling break/sprain it?

    • ANSWER:

    How to wrap a sprain ankle ( Inversion ankle sprain ) ?
    so i just sprained my ankle while playing soccer and i bent my ankle outwards and now i got swollen ankle. the only things i have is ace bandage and tiger balm .( my ankle is already wrapped up but im not sure if its the correct way ) any help ? videos will help so much.
    by the way i do not have any sport tape.


    • ANSWER:
      thug that shit out let it heal naturally with time homie

    how long after you sprain an ankle, does it stop aching and you are back to normal?
    I am 55…..sprained ankle 1 month ago. Went to Dr. and had it xrayed. It is fine in the morning but by afternoon it tends to swell. It seem to be on the tender side.

    • ANSWER:
      Ankle injuries take longer to heal as you get older. Depending on the extent of your injury, it can take 6-8 weeks for recovery. It sounds like you have not been giving it enough rest and elevation during the day. A familiar acronym for bone and joint injuries is
      ICE – that stands for Icing the injury immediately after;
      Compression – wrapping for support and protection; and Elevation to reduce swelling for as long as it takes.
      If you have torn ligaments and bruised the bone itself, this injury may even take longer to heal. Protect it with wrapping and elevate as often as you can.

    How to sprain ankle on purpose?
    How do u sprain my ankle…don’t ask why. Iva always wanted to

    • ANSWER:

    How to sprain my ankle?
    In detail step by step how can i prposly sprain my ankle playing football. not because i want to get out of something but i just have always wanted a sprained ankle dunno why and a bandage

    • ANSWER:
      you know all you have to do is start running and fake fall if someone is watching you and then there its sprained u dont have to do anything really just fake it

    how to break or severely sprain ankle in cheerleading?
    for a school project i’m researching ankle injuries and what is a common way one can break an ankle during cheerleading.
    also would it sprain or break or weaken if the foot is severely inverted to the point of pain for a certain amount of time? thanks y’all!<3

    • ANSWER:
      If they have finished doing a flip and they land strangely on it they could injure it badly and won’t be able to play for 2-3 months.

    how long will i have to wait for a sprain ankle to heal ?
    i’d just sprained my ankle last week . and now i was just wondering when will my ankle heal ? that’s cause next week , i have an event to attend . it’s a semi-formal event and i’d to wear high heels . so i was just wondering if i can heal in time . :)

    • ANSWER:
      You will probably be able to wear high heels. It depends on the injury for how long the ankle will heal. For me, usually it take about 1 week-2 weeks for it to heal completely.

    how long those it take to heal a sprain ankle.?
    I sprained my ankle yesterday and basketball try outs starts on tuesday. can my ankle heal in time to play? my ligament is streached and looks like a vain goin out my leg. what can i do to make it heal..

    • ANSWER:
      Healing time depends on the amount of damage, your life style and how well you know this information,

    how can i recover my sprain ankle please help details inside?
    well i rolled my ankle really bad last friday but the swelling is down and its still kinda bruised up a bit
    what can i do to help me get me walking normally again
    i mean i can stand straight i just can walk far like only a step

    • ANSWER:
      Recovering from a sprain takes time. There really isn’t anything you can physically do to hurry it up.

      I do recommend that you wear an ankle brace. Specifically a Bauer and Black ankle brace.—black.html

      These are the most supportive and comfortable.

    How to cure a sprain ankle?

    • ANSWER:

    the doctor says i have a sprain ankle?
    i fell and my foot went back under me,the top of my foot is bruised and both ankles swell really bad if i get on them .i dont have a lot of pain but if i dont keep my foot up by evening the swelling is bad. i cant get a shoe on ,it has been 2 wks.every one says go back to the long should i wait for the swelling to go down?

    • ANSWER:
      I am sorry for the problem but there is not quite enough information. You don’t state how old you are, weight, what kind of shape you are in or what you do. Most of all are you on any medications that might have an effect on this. Do you have any medical conditions that might contribute to the problem. Having said that keeping your legs up higher than your heart is one way of reducing the swelling. If there are no conditions such as congestive heart failure, cardiac problems, or vascular disease you might try placing your ankles in a large tub or basin of water and ice. This will bring down the swelling but before you do that please check with your doctor about this.

    my dad dosnt think i have a sprain ankle how do i fake one to get crutches?
    my dad is in the military and i want to fake and ankle sprain and he dosent belive in pain HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Hi brooke.
      Im sorry about your anklle.
      I sprained my ankle really bad once and your so right no one belives the pain.
      i have one question not to be like agaist you but…
      do you want crutches because there “cool”
      or because it really hurts.
      if you answer ethir way i know how you feel:]
      when i sprained my ankle i used crutches for maybe 3 days at the most.
      and i made my ankle feel 10 times better. so yes crutches do help quiet a bit.
      it very good for you too stay off it.
      second if you think they are coool then i understand that too.
      and i thought that when i got my crutches… i got to show it off to my brothers and couisens
      it was nice. but trust me. they are most annoying they hurt ur arms you make you soooo tired they’re a hassle to cary around. there terrible i would rather crawl:]
      so for the first 3 hours they are kinda cool. :]

      so you just gotta ask you self first that question i asked you up there…
      do you want crutches because there “cool”
      or because it really hurts.
      if the answer is because there cool. think again and just read what i saidd up there but you serriously dont belive anyone but you gotta trust me it is not cooooll!
      and if it is it hurts you deffently should get them.
      you need to stay off it. just tell your dad that. and tell him how bad it hurts!!!

    When will swelling go away? (sprain ankle)?
    So I sprained my ankle about 3 weeks ago. The bruising is all gone.
    I can walk around barefoot.
    I am running again.
    I don’t feel any discomfort with movement.
    But its still swelled. I mean, not big swelling but definitely noticable compared to other ankle.
    If I use a vibrator(massage thing for backs) on my ankle will the swelling diminish more?
    Tips, suggestions?
    How long did yours take?

    • ANSWER:
      Stay off it as much as you can until the swelling is down.

    How long will my sprained ankle be irritating me?
    I am a majorette, and sprained my ankle sometime in august, It was a bad sprain too. I’m talking about my ankle was like a baseball, I went to the doc just in case and stuff. But my ankle still irritates me some days, Is it always going to be like this?

    • ANSWER:
      I sprained my ankle 2 years ago and sometimes it still bothers me…it really depends on the person and how badly you sprained it. It’ll get better though, don’t worry! But there is a higher chance of spraining it again, so try to be careful on it.

    How long does it take for my sprained ankle to heal, and what should i do to make it heal faster?
    Yesterday I sprained my ankle in gymnastics and I suspect it is a grade 2 sprain. I use crutches at school , ice it, and elevate it. I am going to the doctor in a few days, but in the meanwhile what can i do to make it heal faster? And how long will it take to heal?

    • ANSWER:
      It would take around a month but you need to stay off it for a while or use crutches still you can walk on it without pain. It you use ur ankle too much it will take longer to heal.

      Lastly, when you sleep you need to elevate your foot.

      I had a sprained ankle in November. My ankle is still not completely healed where I can work my calves in the gym but I can walk

    How to still lose weight with sprained ankle?
    I have had a vicious cycle for a year now that started with a bad sprain. I’ll be on a weight loss and excercise plan, then resprain the ankle somehow, then get discouraged since I can’t work out and fall off track all together. It just happened again, as soon as I recovered from the last sprain and I actually ran for the first time since the last sprain the day that I reinjured it. How can I still lose weight while I recover from the sprain?

    • ANSWER:
      You can try Crevax. It is a herbal supplement. Doesn’t require exercise or diet plan. Just like you, I can’t work out because I’m busy with my work. I’ve been using it for almost a month, it give good results.

    How long does a sprained ankle take to heal?
    I sprained my ankle last saturday and I could limp on it a few hours after it happened, and now I can normally walk on it, but I can’t slide my foot up my skateboard because it hurts. It was a pretty minor sprain I think so how long do you think it will take? Also, how could I speed the healing process up?

    • ANSWER:

    How long does a sprained ankle stay swollen?
    More than a week ago I sprained my ankle.. And the swelling looks like it did when I first got the sprain. Its really black and blue still too? I can walk on it slightly (have to cause of school), but it hurts. I can’t really see a doctor for awhile because she is booked. I was supposed to have a doctors appointment on Thursday but I had to go to the hospital (more like rehab) for mental health reasons for me.
    Anyone know?

    • ANSWER:
      A sprain should not be black and blue, nor swollen a week later! I seriously suspect a fracture, you better find a way to get it looked at quickly! If your doctor can’t see you, go to an acute care clinic, or even the ER. Don’t mess around where your arms and legs are concerned, you’d hate to lose the use of one!
      In the meantime, try to stay off of it as much as possible, and use R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation)

    How long does it take a sprained ankle to fully heal?
    I sprained my ankle about a month ago, and although it has almost fully healed, it still tends to swell a bit around the ankle bone where the sprain was. Rarely I get a little bit of stiffness/discomfort or pull it a bit, but it never hurts a LOT. Is this normal? Am I aggravating it somehow, or is it supposed to take this long to become 100% better?

    • ANSWER:
      it may not be pain free for along time. KEEP THE SWELLING TO A MINIMUM.Use ice and elevated, try something like ibuprofen for swelling.

    How long does it usually take for a sprained ankle to heal?
    I was playing volley ball today and sprained my ankle. My coach said It’s a minor to medium sprain. It’s a little swollen. I can walk if I do it slowly but it hurts to walk fast. We have a tournament tomorrow. And I really want to go. If I put ice on it and elevate it would it be safe to play tomorrow? How long do sprained ankles take to heal? Thank you lots!

    • ANSWER:
      If it is mnior it may take a couple weeks

    How painful is it walk on a sprained ankle hours after injuring it?
    If you sprain your ankle and then stay off of it for about 6 hours and try to walk on it again. How painful should that be?

    • ANSWER:
      That definitely depends on the severity of the injury. If it is a mild injury (grade 1), you will probably be able to walk on with some discomfort hours after injury. Often times you continue on with your game or walk, or whatever you were doing prior to injury.

      If it is a moderate injury (grade 2) you may be able to walk a bit after, but there will be definite discomfort, as the ligament is partially torn.

      A severe injury (grade 3) you probably won’t be able to walk. The ligament is completely torn and the ankle may even feel unstable.

      This is generally… always exceptions to this!

      Hope you get better soon.

    How can I still exercise with a sprained ankle?
    I am a cross country runner and I rolled my ankle on a run. I normally roll my ankle all the time but this time it got swollen and black and blue. My personal trainer thinks it’s sprained and I should stay off of it for two weeks. I think it’s a very minor sprain because it only hurts when you touch it not when I walk or run. So I need to know if I can run since cross country season starts Monday and if I can’t how can I get a cardo workout ?

    • ANSWER:
      If your not a member join a gym for a few weeks or use your school gym if they have one. Use the recumbent bike (sitting down one) as you can do cardio and not put pressure on your ankle. You can use the leg machines as long as you don’t do any that you pull up in leg curls. Pushing down should be fine. You can probably do leg presses at a light weight where you are comfortable. You can still do all the arm weights you want. Most gyms will accommodate a 2 week membership especially since you are a student and need to work out for an injury. I go to the gym daily and have to work around a torn rotator cuff and there is still alot I can do without using my arms.

    How can you differentiate a sprained ankle and tendinitis?
    I screwed up my ankle today during 2-a-days and my trainer determined that I could have tendinitis or an ankle sprain or both. He tapped my ankle up after practice to see if it could support my ankle when I walk. It was to painful for me to walk with the tape so he gave me a boot and he told me to come see him tomorrow morning before practice.

    I have done some research on symptoms for both and they all sound very similar. so how can you differentiate a sprained ankle and tendinitis?

    • ANSWER:
      An ankle sprain is more of an acute injury than tendinitis. An ankle sprain is an injury to the ligament, either a stretch or a tear, resulting from twisting or landing on the ankle wrong. It usually results in swelling and bruising, but not always. Tendinitis is inflammation of a tendon. Thus, tendinitis is more of a chronic thing, it happens slower, and will more than likely not just start hurting out like mad of the blue. Usually, it doesn’t come on so quick that it hurts to walk.

      The treatment is mostly the same for both. If it’s difficult and painful to bear weight, use crutches. Rest is key….no practices until you are symptom free. Ice to reduce inflammation. Compression may also help. You will want to make sure you also have full range of motion and full strength in the ankle before returning to sports. Keep following up with the athletic trainer and if necessary, he will send you to an orthopedic.

    How long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal?
    I sprained my ankle a few hours ago. It’s a minor sprain.

    • ANSWER:
      If I kiss it better it will be healed right away!

    How long will the pain from a sprained ankle continue?
    It’s been roughly two days since I sprained my ankle. I’ve already gone to the doctor, and they diagnosed it as a second to third degree sprain. Right now, it hurts to the point that I cannot concentrate on my job. The pain killers the doctors prescribed also doesn’t seem to get the job done. Roughly, how long would it take for this pain to lessen?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a second degree sprain. It happened 3 weeks ago today, and it’s STILL sore. It hurt through the painkillers for about a week, and then it lessened as long as I wasn’t using it. The more you use it, the more it swells, the more it hurts. Even now, if I’ve been on my feet a lot, it’s pretty sore by the end of the day. Rest it, ice it regularly, make sure you have it wrapped (an ankle BRACE is great), and hang in there. Sprains hurt a LOT. It can take several weeks, even months, for them to heal completely. The doctor actually told me that it would have been less painful and healed faster if I had merely broken the ankle, rather than spraining it. Go figure.

    How do you know if you have a sprained ankle,or a torn muscle?
    One week ago, I twisted my ankle. I went to the doctor and had X-rays done, nothing is broken, yet after a week I can barely walk on it w/o an ankle brace? is this normal for a sprain? Doc said it takes about 2 mons for a sprain to completely heal, I have had a sprained ankle b4, yet I don’t recall it taking so long to heal up.

    • ANSWER:
      Did your dr. say exactly what was ‘healing’ during this time? What was broke that needed healing? This is what the dr. should answer for you for you to know that he knows what he’s doing. If it’s not broke or torn, what would take so long to ‘heal’?

    How do I reduce swelling in foot due to sprained ankle?
    I sprained my ankle a week ago and my foot is still swollen. How do I reduce the swelling. I have iced it quite a bit, wrapped it with an ace bandage and wear an air cast. I know it’s not broken because my doctor took x rays. I have been using the ankle a fair amount, although, not as much as I did before the sprain.

    • ANSWER:
      Place your foot on a pillow while lying on a bed or couch. Keep the ankle above the heart. This allows the blood to flow out of the foot, adjusting the swelling.

      Soak your foot in a tub with Epsom salts. Soak for 20 minutes, then ice it. Continue the rotation of soaking, then using an ice pack. It will take the swelling down within a day or two. You might also try taking ibuprofen every four hours. It is an anti-inflammatory.

    how to sprain ankle on purpose?
    my lil sis, 13, wants to 4 crutches. uh, plz dont call her names or ill report it. she wants ways on how to sprain her knee, ankle, or foot 4 crutches. and dont say to fake it or just go buy them at the store that wont do any good……….. anyway, thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

    • ANSWER:
      If I were you, I wouldn’t try to sprain my ankle. It can be dangerous and why woud you want to sprain your ankle? I mean it will hurt. :/