I Hurt My Ankle

Why Do My Feet Hurt?
Every day people are complaing that “My feet hurt”. This is a common thing among most people throughout the world. The real question, however, is what is causing that pain. There are a lot of different foot ailments out there tha can be causing discomfort in the lower extremities. The best way to treat this foot pain is to first diagnose what is causing it, and then learn how to prevent it. In severe cases, you may have to get professional treatment or even surgery in order to correct the problems, but after that is done you can still benefit from prevention methods.

One of th most common causes of foot pain are bunions, warts, and ingrown toenails. These can cause a lot of pain in the foot and some (like ingrown toenails) may require some surgery in order for them to be taken care of. These things are usually cause by shoes that don’t fit correctly, or even bad personal hygiene. You need to make sure that you are cleaning your feet regularly and that you have enough room in the toes of your shoe that your toes aren’t being squished together all of the time.

Another very common foot problem that causes pain is that of plantar fascitis. This is usually caused when someone has very high arches in their feet but don’t have any arch support in their shoes. This can be an extremely painful ailment, and can be corrected by getting specially fit shoes and other techniques to help loosen up the ligaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you treat a hurt ankle?
    I was at my volleyball tournament, when i went to do a Jump set, and as i came down my ankle twisted and i fell. I decided to not let my team down and play the rest of the game, which hurt it more. Now i can barely walk. There is a shooting pain. What do i do?

    • ANSWER:
      Just Rest It Alot And Put A Cold Compress (Flannel) Or Even A Packet Of Frozen Vegies Lol
      More Info:
      A sprained ankle happens when the ligaments have been damaged by the joint being twisted.

      When you twist your foot or ankle, it usually twists inwards damaging the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. Outward twists damaging the inside ligaments are rare.

      The majority of cases are sports injuries but a sprained ankle can also happen in everyday life.

      If you do not receive the appropriate physiotherapy treatment and allow the injury time to recover you will be more likely to sprain the area again.

      What does a sprained ankle feel like?

      A sprained ankle can be very painful. But the speed of onset and the severity of the pain can vary greatly.

      Sometimes, the pain can be delayed, at other times it is instant. The level of pain is not always a measurement of the extent of the damage. Some people hear a ‘pop’ in their ankle. This could suggest a torn ligament. The twist is followed by swelling of the area.

      Rapid, significant swelling usually indicates severe damage has taken place. The swelling is caused by bleeding of the damaged tissue and the resultant bruise or discolouration is a result of gravity pulling the blood downwards. So the swelling is often situated a small distance away from the actual damaged site.

      What are the danger signs?

      There are no actual danger signs but after a sprain you may feel your ankle is unstable, you may have problems controlling it, or you may have balance problems when standing on the affected foot. In these circumstances, it is essential to get advice about appropriate physiotherapy treatment and exercise.

      If you have persistent pain and a feeling of instability, you may have sustained damage other than a sprain. These symptoms need further assessment by a doctor.

      What can be done at home?

      Injuries of this kind should receive first aid treatment following the RICE principle, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Cooling the injury as fast as possible will reduce the swelling and pain.


      The injured foot must be rested for the first 24 to 48 hours to prevent any further injury.


      The damaged area must be cooled by using an icepack or a packet of frozen peas. The ice must never have direct contact with the skin or the patient could get frostbite. A cloth should be placed between the ice and the skin. Ice can be laid on the affected area for up to 20 minutes every hour, but for no longer than three hours in all. Ice treatment has been known to be effective for up to 24 hours after the injury occurred.


      The compression must be firm but not too tight. It must not be allowed to affect the blood circulation. An elasticated bandage from the toes to the middle of the lower leg would be ideal.


      The foot must be elevated above heart level. It is most comfortable to lie down and elevate the limb with a few pillows. If you are sitting down, the legs can be raised on a chair or a table. This elevation should be maintained for a few days.

      How does the doctor make a diagnosis?

      The doctor will assess the degree of swelling and the extent of the damage and whether the tenderness corresponds to the position of the ligaments or bones. Finally, any weakness of the ankle will be assessed.

      If a fracture is suspected, an X-ray examination will be necessary.

      Future prospects

      Depending on how bad the damage is, these symptoms will usually go away between one and four weeks after the accident.

      The immediate tenderness can persist for one to four weeks, depending on the extent of the damage. Support-related pain can persist for up to three months.

      With the correct approach, there will rarely be any lasting symptoms but a small number of people have ongoing pain and a feeling that their ankle is weak. If this is the case, further investigation may be needed to find the cause of any ongoing symptoms.

      For a more severe sprain, you need physiotherapy and you should not do any sports training for at least six weeks.


      The primary treatment by RICE is adequate to achieve recovery following minor sprains.

      When receiving treatment, it’s important to give the physiotherapy time to work. The patient must avoid damaging the ankle further by not allowing it to bear too much weight too early.

      The physiotherapy is aimed at starting to move the foot after one or two days. After this, a lot of balance training is required, on the floor and using other apparatus such as a wobble board or seesaw board or a trampoline. This is important to restore the stability of the ligaments.

      In addition, strength must also be restored to the joint by training. Later in the recovery period more complicated running patterns can be attempted such as running zigzags, figures of eight and so on.

      If the ankle is not allowed to mend properly, sportspeople often complain of l

    Should I go to school with a hurt ankle?
    I hurt my ankle today, and its swollen, and it hurts soooo bad. should i go to school tomorrow?
    Sorry Ted, I forgot you had nuns when u were younger, soo they’d slap u if u missed a day of school.

    • ANSWER:
      No, have bed rest and enjoy TV. If injury is greater, go to ER.

    Are there any cardio exercises I can do with a badly hurt ankle?
    I don’t have any weights or machines at home, so I was wondering if there are any cardio exercises I can do that don’t involve jogging or jumping jacks, because my ankle hurts really bad?

    • ANSWER:

    How do i make a hurt ankle better.?
    How do i make a pulled ligament in my ankle feel bettter? It urts its green and its swollen how do i make it feel better? What can i do for it?

    • ANSWER:
      Read this:



    i have a hurt ankle that i sprain and tweak easily and a thumb that always gets jammed when playing sports?
    what kind of therapy should i do to strengthen my ankle and my thumb. people always say once you hurt your ankle it will always be prone to getting hurt, is there any exercises i can do at home?

    • ANSWER:
      sure, if you sprain a ligament, it will be more prone to reinjury later. so you’ve got to strengthen the muscles around the joint to help support the weakened ligament.

      for the ankle, some very basic things to do would be 4-way ankle exercises. either have some one use their hands manually or an exercise band and use it to resist your movement in the four planes (going “out” is a tough one.. my least favorite!). for at least one plane, you can do yourself — toe raises! also, for dynamic stability, simply stand on one foot for 30 seconds at a time 3 times. progress from that to doing it with eyes closed. progress from there to doing it eyes open on an unstable surface (bed?). progress to that with eyes closed. i’m sure you get the picture.. make it harder and harder for yourself over time. another great one, perhaps best when you are not injured and pain-free, is to use a line (can be imaginary) and time yourself (say.. 30 seconds) and jump side-to-side OVER the line as many times as you can. try to improve your number each day for a week. then decrease time and try to hit your first number again and so forth. also, do it back-and-forth as well — this targets different muscles.

      as for your thumb, be creative. you can easily just resist different motions for strengthening. get some play dough and using only your thumb, create something. it’ll be hard and can help with endurance. get a tin can like vegetables come in and squeeze it as hard as you can for a set time to improve endurance. up the time every week. lots of little things you can do..

      hope this helps!

    How to heal a hurt ankle fast?
    I really want to heal my ankle but it has not healed yet and it has been 5 days. My injuries usually don’t last this long….Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      yes • r.i.c.e


      Resting is important immediately after injury for two reasons. First, rest is vital to protect the injured muscle, tendon, ligament or other tissue from further injury. Second, your body needs to rest so it has the energy it needs to heal itself most effectively.


      Use ice bags, cold packs to provide cold to the injured area. Cold can provide short-term pain relief. It also limits swelling by reducing blood flow to the injured area. Keep in mind, though, that you should never leave ice on an injury for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. Longer exposure can damage your skin. The best rule is to apply cold compresses for 15 minutes And then leave them off for at least 20 minutes.


      Compression limits swelling, which slows down healing. Some people notice pain relief from compression as well. An easy way to compress the area of the injury is to wrap an ACE bandage over it. If you feel throbbing, or if the wrap just feels too tight, remove the bandage And re-wrap the area so the bandage is a little looser.


      Elevating an injury reduces swelling. It’s most effective when the injured area is raised above the level of the heart. For example, if you injure an ankle, try lying on your bed with your foot propped on one or two pillows.

      After a day or two of R.I.C.E., many sprains, strains or other injuries will begin to heal. But if your pain or swelling does not decrease after 48 hours, make an appointment to see your primary care physician or go to the emergency room, depending upon the severity of your symptoms.

      Once the healing process has begun, very light massage may improve the function of forming scar tissue, cut healing time and reduce the possibility of injury recurrence.

      Gentle stretching can be begun once all swelling has subsided. Try to work the entire range of motion of the injured joint or muscle, but be extremely careful not to force a stretch, or you risk re-injury to the area. Keep in mind that a stretch should never cause pain.

      Heat may be helpful once the injury moves out of the acute phase and swelling and bleeding has stopped. Moist heat will increase blood supply to the damaged area and promote healing.

      Finally, after the injury has healed, strengthening exercises can be begun. Start with easy weights and use good form

      I would recommend getting a splint to put on your thumb

      tap ur finger together with other, till better tap toe toe together with other I would recommend getting a splint to put on your thumb u can get from pharmacy

      for sunburn calamine lotion

    What cardio exercises can I do with a hurt ankle?
    I know about swimming but don’t have access to a pool. What other things can I do to keep up my routine while injured?

    • ANSWER:
      have lots a sex lol if not then floor cardio just google it love!!!

    How do you fix a torn quad? and a hurt ankle?
    ok so last week in track i really hurt my ankles and then yesterday i was running a i think i tore on of my quads. so any suggestions on how to fix it before monday?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no way to fix either problem quickly. If you really tore your quad, you can expect about to be out of track about month or more. You should be seen by a doctor or ATC or PT to determine the extend of your injuries.

    What should I do for my hurt ankle?
    I was skateboarding, and I did a kickflip. While the board was is rotation, the trucks smashed into my ankle really hard. Not to mention i flicked the board really hard causing it to go faster and caused harder impact. I don’t think I broke it or sprained it or even twisted it because i can walk on it. What can I do so I can get back on the board as soon as i can with the most limited pain possible?

    • ANSWER:
      The RICE method is best for this type of injury.


      Stay off the skateboard for three days, continue to ice your ankle and wear an ace bandage around it. Keep your leg raised in the air. In three days, you should be ready to go without pain.

    what should i do at volleyball tryouts tomorrow when i cant do anything because i have a hurt ankle?
    tomorrow i have volleyball tryouts but today i hurt my ankle and cant walk on it and there is not time for me to have an appointment until tomorrow and i am freaking out! what should i do!?

    • ANSWER:
      Get to tryouts 20 minutes early and have a conversation with your coach, explain that you really injured your ankle but you dont want to give up on volleyball, and that although you wont be able to do everything today, you’ll still try your best at what ever feels comfortable on your ankle. Make sure the coach knows you would still like to be considered for the team, and maybe give them an idea of how you play without an injury! Good Luck (:

    What should i do for a hurt ankle?
    Today, i was playing softball with my daughter and while she was running her ankle gave out. She has complained that it hurts really bad but its not swollen or anything. She has had a broken bone before and she says its a different type of pain. What should i do to help her pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Some light pain medicine, don’t drug her up. Ice (even though it’s not swollen) it will still help numb the pain. Elevate, keep the blood circulating. Get her a milkshake(; And most of all make sure you get her to the doctors, to get it looked at.

    How to treat a hurt ankle?
    I was at my softball game and I was covering 2nd base when the runner knocked me down and stepped right on top of my ankle with his cleats. It was at the very beginning of the game and I played through the rest of the game cause we were already a man short and I didnt want our team to forfeit. Now it is swollen and bruised and I cant really walk on in and it hurts pretty bad when I am just laying down not moving it. What is the best treatment besides just ice?

    • ANSWER:
      You can use the RICE method which is

      R- rest
      I- ice
      C- compression
      E- elevate

      do not leave the ice on for more than 20 min ata time you could cause tissue damage and elevate your ankle above your heart

      You should really go get your ankle checked out by an orthopedic doctor and/or a sports medicine specialist. Try and avoid walking on it if you have crutches aroud the house use them! If not then it is even more crucial for you to go see a doctor. For now if you do not have crutches try hopping on your non-injured foot until you gain access to crutches. Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon!

    Question about a running injury. Hurt ankle now my upper leg is tingling/”asleep”?
    I was in a trail race this weekend and was running in mud/over branches and fell. I hurt my ankle. I’m limping on my ankle but I’m more concerned about the fact that my upper leg is tingling and feels “asleep.” Any ideas why?
    The tingling is running up the back of my thigh on the side of the hurt ankle.

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe you hit a nerve? Maybe its just the strain on your leg. Note that if you hurt you leg bad enough your entire leg is going to tighten up and be stiff. I know you didn’t ask, but ice your ankle A LOT. Maybe 15-20 minutes 3-5 times a day or when you can. It sounds like such a little thing but its magic when it comes to injurys.

    What should I do about my sprained/twisted/hurt ankle?
    I landed it on it’s side while playing basketball a month back, and it’s been prone to getting hurt a lot now.

    What should I do for it?

    • ANSWER:
      1. Stop playing basketball for at least a month, probably closer to 2 months. This will suck. But you need to properly rehab the ankle until you regain full strength in it.

      2. This is a list of exercises that you will need to do:


      Partially from the above:
      What if the pain continues?
      The most common cause of persistent pain following an ankle sprain is known as incomplete rehabilitation. This means that patients either don’t complete the right type of rehabilitation, or they don’t progress properly (i.e. too fast or too slow). If you feel that your progress is not going along properly, ensure you seek advice. Talk to your doctor, work with a physical therapist, seek proper advice!

      3. Once you feel fully stable, don’t push it by playing basketball. Stretch before every exercise. Get at least to the point where you can run on it. Then see if you can do lateral side to side push off on it.

      Slow and steady is the only way to go on rehab. It sucks. Its maddening, but if you rush it, and try to hard, you will cause more damage and have to sit out even longer.

      4. Once you are comfortable putting weight on it in all directions, and feel with 95% confident on it, then get back to basketball. When you first start playing, mentally you will hold yourself back, but as your confidence returns, you will play like nothing happend.

      Don’t forget to stretch before playing though. That is the fastest way to get reinjured.

    How Can I Heal My Hurt Ankle In Around 12Hours (close sprain but not sprained).?
    i am going to St.Louis tomorrow and i need to heal my football injury……

    • ANSWER:
      There is no known quick cure for a hurt ankle other than time. The best thing you can do is put an ice pack on it for the night and keep it elevated above your head. Take something for the pain so you can sleep tonight. Keep off your ankle as much as possible and if you have an ace bandage, wear it. Since it is not broken it should only be sore for a few days or maybe a week. You were very lucky.

      I broke my ankle the last day in June and it’s still broken and I can’t walk on it without a cane.

    what will a doctor do for a hurt ankle?
    Well at field day at school i hurt my ankle and im not sure if its twisted or whatever but ive been walking on it for awhile but it has a pain and it doesnt just hurt on and off, it hurts all the time. its really bothering me so i was just wondering if i should make an appointment to the doctors so i could have something done.

    • ANSWER:
      He will probably send you for x-rays/ ultrasound & tell you to ice it when you can & to bandage it for extra support when you are up & about.

    Hurt ankle not sure if it is serious or not?
    today I hurt my ankle, the pain was moderate, but as the day goes on the pain has been growing. It now hurts badly, there is very little swelling could something more serious then a turned ankle be wrong?

    • ANSWER:

    What can I do about my hurt ankle?
    Yesterday evening, I was on the trampoline and was jumping really hard. I accidentally jumped on my ankle sideways. I’m having a day off school. My mum hasn’t taken me to the doctors or hospital. My ankle is swollen and hurts when I stand on it. I can hardly move my big toe, but all the other toes are fine. What can I do? (By the way, I’m 13 days away from being 10)

    • ANSWER:
      you might have twisted it broken it go to the doctor right away cuz it might get worse and Happy early birthday i always twist me ankle it hurts

    what to do about a hurt ankle?
    i didnt sprain it or naything, its just today was my first day of cross country. they are so soar that is hurts just to walk 20 feet, so i dont think ill be able to run the 25000 feet im supposed to run tomorow. any tips on massaging them or making them better?

    • ANSWER:

    Hurt ankle what exercise can I do?
    I have hurt my ankle and can hardly stand on it and I work our quite a bit (almost everyday) and now I have to rest it and am not even allowed to walk long distances. As i have recently lost some weight and toned up I am so scared I will just put it back on as I am now eating a lot more than I did before I started working out.

    Apart from watching telly and starving myself what exercises could I do? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Hmmm, There’s always lovin with your mate ;-)

    What do I do about my hurt ankle!?
    I was playing on my varsity soccer team and my ankle started hurting. It hurts near the bone that sticks out on the outside part of your ankle. It kind of feels bruised but it hurts on and off. One of my teammates thought it just might be a cramp in my ankle but it’s hurt for two days now. Any suggestions on what it might be and what I should do? Thanks:)

    • ANSWER:

    What should I do with my hurt ankle?
    I don’t know why it hurts. Please don’t say “Go to the Doctor”. I would try soon but today is Monday and I have my first softball practice this season on Thursday! What should I do until I go to the doctors? And no, I can’t skip practice!

    Thank you! :-)

    • ANSWER:

    Any thing fun to do with a hurt ankle?
    Is there anything fun to do with a hurt ankle cause I’m board to death I don’t know what to do cause I don’t want to hurt my ankle but I don’t want to just stay home in my bed sleeping all summer or all week

    • ANSWER:
      Rest is essential with a injury but i suggest just get your family or anyone with you to be your servant until you’re better :-)

    Hurt ankle, worth it to go to the doctor?
    I was playing badminton on august 11th and I rain for the birdie and did a twisting move and hit it. When I turned it seems like my body turned and my knee kind of did but my ankle stayed in place. I heard about 2-3 popping noises (I guess my knee and ankle since they both hurt a lot).

    I posted this before and got some good feedback on how to care for it. But it’s been a few weeks and my ankle still hurts sometimes. I had to go to band camp for it which involved me marching for 8 hours a day for 10 days. I know this probably wasn’t the smartest thing but I need Marching Band for Indoor Color Guard…but that’s not the point.

    It still hurts a lot if I’m on it too much, or whenever I put on/take off my shoes a certain way. Also, my knee hurts when I lock my knees or I’m close to it, it automatically locks and hurts like hell. It’s not swelled or discolored and I don’t know if it’s worth the money to go to the doctors or not.

    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi – PLEASE go to the Physician asap! You are NOT wasting their time, and you will be glad you went. I ignored a knee injury for MANY years, and really messed myself up for not getting medical attention until years later. If you heard popping sounds, something happened. Try taking an anti-inflammatory like advil or Ibuprophen- REST the ankle and ELEVATE IT. Alternate heat/cold compresses on it. Get an ace wrap and use this, too, as it helps with some of the pain issues, and keeps it more in control and protected. PLEASE go to the Dr.- This happened several weeks ago. Get this diagnosed properly, and get the proper treatment. Hope this helped you out. Good Luck and Take Care!

    how to heal a hurt ankle?
    i hurt my ankle somehow this past week and i had a dance convention this past weekend. it started hurting during it i think, but when i danced it didnt rlly feel that bad it hurt more when i walked.ive been icing it and elevating it, is ice or soaking better? also i hve try outs this week so i hve to tke dance classes but il tke it easy and wrap it at nite and do the best i can how will it heal? what else can i do?

    • ANSWER:
      sorry, but thats it

    Hurt ankle, should I go to a doctor?
    I was playing badminton on august 11th and I rain for the birdie and did a twisting move and hit it. When I turned it seems like my body turned and my knee kind of did but my ankle stayed in place. I heard about 2-3 popping noises (I guess my knee and ankle since they both hurt a lot).

    I posted this before and got some good feedback on how to care for it. But it’s been a few weeks and my ankle still hurts sometimes. I had to go to band camp for it which involved me marching for 8 hours a day for 10 days. I know this probably wasn’t the smartest thing but I need Marching Band for Indoor Color Guard…but that’s not the point.

    It still hurts a lot if I’m on it too much, or whenever I put on/take off my shoes a certain way. Also, my knee hurts when I lock my knees or I’m close to it, it automatically locks and hurts like hell. It’s not swelled or discolored and I don’t know if it’s worth it to go to the doctors or not.

    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      With the pain having gone on this long, I’d definitely see a doctor. They will want to do x-rays or possibly an MRI to find out what is going on. At the least, you’re probably going to need physical therapy. I was in a national champion marching band program when I was younger, and I know from experience that all the exertion of practice is going to do nothing but make the injury (whatever it may be) worse, and drastically affect your ability to learn drill.

      Best of luck and happy healing!

    Hurt ankle again, what is the problem?
    Yesterday i jumped into shallow water and landed hard on my ankle. All it did was get pushed up hard, not twist or anything. It hurts for about an hour and then it goes away. Does anybody know what the problem is?

    • ANSWER:
      same thing happens to me. I sprained my ankle badly once and I think ever since then it’s become a little weak. it’s never fully healed. maybe your ankle has become a little weak.

    Help with curing a hurt ankle?
    My friend kinna hurt her ankle but its not broken. however, she sometimes complains about the pain when she walks…are there any quick fixer uppers she can do that can temporarily remove the pain?…i ask this because we were supposed to be doing a dance on sat. and her ankle started hurting wed. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Stick to the protocol RICE
      Rest – do not use injured foot for a few days after the injury also make sure to avoid wrapping the joint as this can cause inflammation and discomfort

      Ice – alternate between ice and heat 2 minutes at a time for a few hours each day this will to clear fluid and inflammation out of the injured area

      Compression – As soon as you are able, put weight on your injured leg. You can begin by placing weight on your foot while you are seated. This can progress to slow walking, being careful not to put too much burden on your non-injured leg

      Elevation – Elevating your injured ankle on a blanket or pillow while on the couch or in bed is helpful for fluid drainage

      Hope this helps

    Hurt ankle constantly falls asleep?
    I was jumping on some boulders last week by the lake and I landed weirdly on my ankle. I think I’ve sprained my ankle but I’m not sure. I can walk on it, better if on tip-toe, but I cannot move it side-to-side. I have to watch how I sit down as not to spin myself around on this foot. It is always falling asleep and has the pins and needles sensation to it. I have broken this ankle about 8 years ago and have had surgery on it. I’m afraid that I’ve really hurt it this time and that it could be broken again. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      i broke my arm last august and had surgery to drill plates inside.the pins and needles sensation (i have that too) my doc says it has something to do with nerves,
      you better see your doctor about it, maybe you broke it again and hit some nerve which could be really serious if ignored. and if the movement is limited then that means a bone or ligament is not in its proper place.
      you must tell your doctor right away before it worsens.

    How to ease the pain in your ankle from tearing ligaments?
    I was at basketball practice and I hurt my bad ankle again, I went to the doctor and I popped it out of place and tore the ligaments in my ankle. The pain is terrible! The doctors didn’t give me anything for the pain.. :( How do you ease the pain!?!?

    • ANSWER:

    Hurt ankle playing soccerrrrr?
    While playing soccer yesterday i kicked the ball at the same time as the oppenent ( i think i kicked it with my toe) and as soon as i set my foot down i got this sharp pain in my ankle and i can’t put any weight on it without feeling the sharp pain. It had a little swelling yesterday but no more today and there is a little bruising, but not that bad. I still can’t walk on it. Do you know what happened?

    • ANSWER:

    hurt ankle help! I was running ant i twisted it the wrong way.?
    so i hurt my ankle yesterday and i iced it and kept it elevated. the swelling has went down a little but i cant walk on it at all and it hurts. my family is short on money and i dont have insurance…….. what do you think, is it sprained, fractured, or broken. and how can i treat it at home?

    • ANSWER:
      A bad sprain can take weeks to heal, but ice, antiinflammatories and elevation help. Also you can ace wrap it for support. I’d stay off the leg as much as possible for a few days. Gentle exercise that isn’t weight bearing to keep it mobile, and if you show signs of torn muscle or ligament, get to the doc’s as the longer you wait the less chance in many cases that it will heal properly.

    I have a strained ankle that really hurts I have a bruise, should I put like a ankle support around it?
    I have an hurt ankle I think i strained it, I have been running like back and forth quick for exercise, the next afternoon, I went jogging with my dog and I think I over stretched a muscle, I fell to the ground did not sprain it or anything, it hurted a little when I put pressure when I walk. Is there anything I can do? Should I put an ankle support because I have somewhere to go later?

    • ANSWER:
      An ankle support will certainly help but also try soaking it in cold water then strap it up with sn elastic bandage soaked in cold watter then elevate and where the support when walking

    hurt ankle running? help?
    I was running (not in the best shoes, I wasn’t planning on running, but it was really nice out so I took a jog) they were Nike low tops so not to bad. and all of the sudden my ankle/foot started to hurt a lot. It is right n the middle of my ankle/foot. It hurts to walk and it aches when I am sitting. Not much swelling, but does anyone know what I did?
    yah i know it is not broken just wondering because I am going on vacation in a day

    • ANSWER:
      If you don’t normally run it gets sore down the middle also when you run alot or for to fast of a time for long

    how can you heel your hurt ankle?
    i hurt my ankle last Monday doing basketball
    becasue it been hurt for 1 week now what should i do
    i broken a ligment in my ankle

    • ANSWER:
      listen, r.i.c.e. Rest, ice, compression and elevation the first 48 hours. Then alternate heat and ice for 20 minutes each treatment, thereafter. If continued swelling, ice and elevation necessary.

    i have a question about a hurt ankle?
    i wuz running and i did somethin and my ankle hurts really bad and its been 2 days since the actual thing and it wont stop… do u think i twisted it or sprained it or anything? the pain is in the back and in the front… thanx so much 4 reading.. please answer!!

    • ANSWER:
      Re Sherrys answer: Sprains are not worse then brakes.
      My guess it’s sprained. Look at your foot and see if you notice any bruising or swelling. Compare the hurt foot to your other foot. There should be some difference. Can you walk on it? I suggest you wrap it in an ACE bandage when your walking and take it off when your lying around. Try putting some ice on it to ease the swelling. Twenty minutes with ice, and twenty without. Keep it elevated while lying down and while sleeping. It will heel faster by staying of it so ether don’t move for about a week or get some crutches. You can get crutches (I think) for free by your doctor. (but you have to return them) Or you can buy them. I got mine from Walgreens for about . When using crutches remember to keep them one inch from your armpit. Also if this makes since, have your arms and working foot bare the weight rather than your armpits. For the pain you should take some motrien (spelled wrong). Like I said if you want it to heel as fast as possible then stay off it.

    Hurt Ankle? How soon can I use it again?
    I hurt my ankle yesterday (Sunday) while playing badminton. I don’t think its very bad and am not sure if its a sprain; there was no swelling and it only hurt a bit when I put pressure on it. Today its better but I still feel a bit uncomfortable if I put weight on that ankle. I’m skipping badminton practice today, but I was wondering if I can go back tomorrow?

    • ANSWER:
      Apply a firm (not tight) bandage and keep foot elevated, if you still after a few days go for an xray you might have a hairline fracture.

    How much does a tattoo on an ankle hurt?
    I am planning on getting a tattoo on my ankle.. Probably an anklet. I was wondering how much it hurts to get one there. I have an alright pain tolerance. So about how much does it hurt?
    10 points for best answer..THANKS

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone has their own opinion of how much a tattoo hurts. I had people telling me that getting a tattoo on my foot and wrist would “kill”, and it didn’t bother me at all. However, I’ve seen some girls cry the ENTIRE time they were getting tattooed. Just take some ibuprofen an hour before you go in and take a friend to talk to to keep your mind off the pain.

    Hurt ankle and now it pops?
    About a week ago I fell out of a tree and hurt my ankle (I fell on it wrong so that the bottom of my foot pointed inward and most of my weight was supported on the side of my foot). The next day I had difficulty walking, but I was fine the next day. It doesn’t hurt anymore, but now it pops occasionally and feels strange when I lift my foot (so my toes are pointing up somewhat). I was wondering if I should see a doctor. What’s wrong with it? Will it go away?

    • ANSWER:

    How long should a sprained ankle hurt for?
    I hurt my ankle over ten days ago. I kept asking my parents to take me to the hospital, but they said I would be fine. I can walk, but pain is still there. I’ve been taking ibuprofen.

    My ankle is still swelled up.. This is the first time this has happened to me, and I just want the pain to go away. :I

    • ANSWER:
      Sprains can actually hurt more than a break, But the only true way of Knowing the difference between a sprain and a break is through an ex ray. If it is a true break you can be causing more damage to your leg if not treated because your bone will try to heal itself and actually grow the wrong way and will cause you problems later. If it is a sprain you need to ice it, don’t use heat as the swelling will get worse and keep it elevated so the blood will not settle in your ankle. This keeps your blood flowing. Good luck and talk to your parents again about seeing your doctor.

    Hurt ankle and I have gymnastics?
    I have gymnastics tommorrow and I think I rolled over my ankle doing an ariel on the grass, HELP PLZ PLZ!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t really know what your question is…but just ice it and rest it and hopefully it will feel better tomorrow!
      Good luck!

    How much does getting a tattoo on your ankle hurt?
    I know I’m very young (13) but I’m only considering getting one when I’m at least 19. It’s just going to be a small heart on my ankle, no letters, no nothing. Just a heart. How much would it hurt?

    • ANSWER:
      Since its on your bone, yeah it does hurt. But they can look really nice

    Why my foot and ankle hurt after playing basketball?
    Played 4 hours after school today and my foot and ankle hurt. Foot is not a surprise it always hurts when I play basketball. Yes they are basketball shoes as well.

    • ANSWER:
      because you run a lot in basketball

    Hurt ankle what should I do ?
    basically I went up for a walk several hours ago near fields close to my home but coming back i tripped in a hole left by a horse I believe. I had to limp home and still are limping now and the ankle hurts when walking moving it or even putting pressure on it. I’m not sure what I’ve done and what to do so if you could help it would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m in football so I’ve sprained my ankle plenty of times XD. What you probably did is just stretched the ligament around your ankle a bit. Just ice it for now if it hurts badly, and tomorrow if theres minimal pain then try walking on it a bit. If theres a lot of pain try not to walk on it and go talk to your doctor. If there’s a lot of pain still, then, you probably tore it a bit.

    For how long will a sprained ankle hurt?
    I was playing soccer 6 months ago in September, and I hurt my ankle in the beginning of a game but I was able to run until the end of the game. As soon as I took the shields off (the supporting ankle parts) I couldn’t walk at all. I was taken to the hospital for an x ray but the ankle wasn’t broken, just ‘moderately’ sprained.

    Now, lately I’ve been paying more attention to how it still hurts after 6 months, and I’m a little worried; what if there’s something else to it? Is it normal or should I check with the doctor?

    • ANSWER:
      just tape it up and leave the tape on 24/7 it wont hurt as long as you dont keep moving it around, it will heal faster too

    How much do tattoos on the ankle hurt?
    I plan on getting a tattoo on my lower ankle. Like, below the little bone that sticks out and I was wondering how much that might hurt. I was also curious if the tattoo artists have something that can numb, or dull the pain.

    • ANSWER:
      not too bad!
      and yeah they have cream they can put on it before hand.

    football game yesterday, tackling someone and hurt ankle?
    i was infront of someone for the tackle when 3 other people came and we all went down and one of them landed on my foot and twisted it
    i had to come out of the game, it hurt pretty bad
    i iced it yesterday and went to bed
    this morning it feels better than it did but it still hurts when i walk or when i stretch the foot out and now it doesnt just hurt on the ankle it also hurts on the akilies (spelling?). any ideas what could’ve happened

    • ANSWER:
      You could of sprained your ankle, you should get an x-ray to be sure.

    Will a turned ankle make the arch of your foot and the top of the foot to the toes hurt?
    That wouldn’t have anything to do with tendons or ligaments would it? When I have turned my ankle before only the ankle hurt, not my whole foot.
    Will an ace bandage help?
    It is swollen and hard to walk on and I don’t have insurance.
    Any tips would be appreciated. And I do have to walk on it – I can’t stay off of it all of the time.
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      yes it has everything to do with ligaments and tendons
      if you have a stage one ankle sprain you can use an ace bandage
      but if you have a stage two or three you may need a boot
      or even surgery. I’m no doctor but have been a professional athlete
      and a high school coach in my younger years
      since you say you have twisted it before you may have torn a ligament
      since you don’t have insurance, you could go to emergency rooms
      or you could ice it down for a couple of days stay off it and keep it wrapped
      then see how it reacts, ankles are touchy they can heal quickly
      they can also take several weeks to heal.hope this helps
      good luck, and stay off of it. oh and with the ice 20 minutes on 20 minutes on
      for a couple of cycles then wrap an elevate

    Will it hurt to get a tattoo on my ankle?
    Im thinking about getting a small four leaved clover on my right ankle…Around the size of your index finger forming a circle with your thumb, well maybe a little smaller. I already have a tattoo on the top of my left foot, will getting one on my ankle hurt more or less than getting it on top of my foot? Because it hurt ALOT when I got it on top ym my foot. Like, ALOT.

    • ANSWER:
      This is funny I came across this question because earlier today I got my first tattoo on my ankle. People will say that it really hurts getting tattoos. But it’s not as painful as people say. After about the first 5 or 10 seconds into you getting the tattoo you’ll think think “this isn’t so bad” and you’ll relax. After you relax it will hurt less. If you’re tense it will make it hurt more. So, just relax and it won’t hurt that much.

      I think it hurt getting it on the top of your foot hurt because there isn’t as much skin there and places like that will hurt and with your ankle I think there is more skin then your foot.

      Like I said just relax because mine is about an inch or an inch and a half big and it was my first ever. So, don’t tense up and don’t think about when you got your first tattoo and you’ll be fine.

    About how long should a twisted ankle hurt for?
    I twisted my ankle running.
    About how long should it hurt for?

    • ANSWER:
      no more than 2 weeks..