Ligament Tear

Popping Sounds & Cracking Noises – Terrible Knee Pain – Knee Braces That Add Stability
Have you ever experienced a cracking or popping sound in your knee? – If you have then this article was written for you.

Often times knee pain can accompany this kind of a noise, and when it does the discomfort can be intense!

Maybe you can relate to this kind of a knee problem…

Let’s take a moment here to listen more carefully to what these sounds may be telling us, which may be different kinds of knee issues.

Popping Sounds

Popping sounds in the knee are common, whether you have a knee problem or not. Obviously, the more significant concern here is when these popping and cracking sounds are related to a painful knee injury.

For example, a “pop” sound is often heard or felt in the knee when a liagment tears happens. Often times when you hear this type of popping sounds, an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear can be very close behind.
Crunching/Cracking Sounds & Sensations

When bone grinds against bone, due to a wearing away of cartilage, you may experience a cracking sound or sensation. Individuals will often times have these kinds of issues when they suffer from arthritic symptoms.

As a result of having these knee issues, people should often times look toward supportive options. Knee braces can be very effective when you have an ACL tear, MCL tear, or meniscus tear. Moreover, if you have arthritis, knee supports can also help to decrease pain and help add needed stability. – They will obviously not give you back your knee cartilage, but they will help you resist excessive movements that will push you over the edge into a painful situation.

When you finally get sick of having knee pain, you should seriously consider using a knee brace. Sometimes you have no choice but to have surgery, and your physician’s advice should always be considered as well. – Knee braces can help you maintain proper alignment and reduce pain due to the meaningful support that they can help provide.

When you are looking into your knee support options, we will not tell you which kind to get, because that decision should be up to you… But, what we do want to suggest to you is that you go with a brace specialist, not just someone that buys and sells knee supports. There is a difference in the support that you will get as a result and getting a well designed knee brace is important.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you treat tenosynovitis and ligament tear in wrist?
    I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and have swear pain in both of my wrist and forearms. An MRI revealed tenosynovitis and tear of External Ulnar Ligament. I am taking NASAID (Mobec) but the pain remains and is worst in the morning. Are there any other treatments for this?

    • ANSWER:
      mobic is good,you can ask your dr about max. dose 7.5mg twice a day,seems to work better than one 15mg once a day. I would stay away from ice though that makes arthritis pain worse,even though you have some inflammation.You may try some mild moist heat…10-15 mins,then range of motion may end up with a wrist fusion if pain becomes intolerable down the road.
      You are at risk for carpal tunnel as well.

    How to treat an incomplete anterior cruciate ligament tear ?
    My mri shows anterior cruciate ligament tear I’ve been asked to do some physio exercises for about 3 months before the doc finally decides if i need a surgery .When can i start playing football ??? Is surgery must for football ??? What is the cost involved in arthroscopic surgery in Mumbai???

    • ANSWER:
      mostly partial acl tear gets healed by physiotherapy. but you can’t play football for a long time…probably never, but to play football you need to go for arthroscopic repair which costs around 60-70thousand in a good centre, plus medicines and hospitalisation charges.

    My MRI showed a probable ligament tear what does that mean? It seems either there is a tear or there isn’t?
    I had a MRI on my ankle it said probable tear of the ligament what does that mean probable?

    • ANSWER:
      That’s medical jargon for, “You have a ligament tear”. If the doctor is unsure he will do another MRI to recheck the area.

    how to reduce swelling in the case of ACL ligament tear? can i bend my knees?
    how to reduce swelling in the case of ACL ligament tear? can i bend my knees? its possible for me to bend my knee should i bend it or should it be kept straight?

    • ANSWER:
      Use Knee Cap or use crape bandage.

      In the mean time. Try hot and cold water therapy. Take some pain killers. You can also try RICE therapy.

      Rest: Activity should be reduced, the injury should be splinted, and no weight should be applied to the injury.
      Ice: Ice packs reduce pain and swelling and should be applied judiciously for 20-minute periods to avoid ice burn or frost bite. Packs should be removed for intervals of 40-60 minutes before being reapplied.
      Compression: Compression should be applied lightly in the form of an elastic wrap so that it accommodates swelling. Anytime the wrap seems too tight or causes swelling below the wrap it should be loosened.
      Elevation: Holding the injured part above the level of the heart is standard treatment to reduce swelling.

    is it necessary to make an operation for knee ligament tear?
    While I was Playing more than three times slipped because of ligament tear. Is it possible to walk fast? Or operation must? Physiotherapy told that i have to exercise regularly just like daily routine habits. is there no option?

    • ANSWER:
      Hate to break it to ya, but you need surgery. Trust me.

    Can you live with partial ligament tear, without any surgery?
    If i tear one of my knee ligaments, can i still live with it or if i don’t get surgery something really bad can happen.

    • ANSWER:
      u can.
      its not life and death!!
      ur use of dat knee wud be limited, vunerable to further injury and not as stable.
      if u leave it be but built up d muscles u cud be grand once ur not planning to play competitive sports r neting.
      dats dependent on d severity of d tear tho

    What is the treatment for small ligament tear in the shoulder?
    I have a 1 cm. tear in my left shoulder, Will it heal on its own?

    • ANSWER:

    How do I know if I have a stress fracture of metatarsals or ligament tear?
    I’ve had problem for 3 wks. I’ve seen physio, 2xdoctors, A&E nurse, x-rays and no one knows for sure. First thought was Plantar Fasciitis, now ? fracture of 2/3rd metatarsals, or interosius ligament pull. Pain in ball of foot and on top, with swelling. Can be very severe and debilitating. Am now off work.

    • ANSWER:
      They would know without a doubt if it was fractured, they show up easy with xray. More than likely its a tear os some sort.

    Can I recover from a small Posterior Crutiate Ligament tear ?
    I had a partial menisectomy to remove cartilage and the surgeon found a small tear of my PCL.He has told me never to play football again.
    Can anyone explain more about this ?.Can I get surgery ?

    • ANSWER:
      It is possible to have corrective surgery.
      The ACL is the most famous, but the PCL holds your leg together in the back, so it is just as important.
      Basically your knee is a fee joint that allows you to flex your lower leg and thigh, if it were not for the ligaments the joint and your leg would not stay in place, you could not walk let alone run.
      If the doctor has an MRI you might have a specialist look at it and see if he agrees about your not playing contact sports again.
      It is a very serious injury.

    will doing exercise with weight lead to ligament tear ?
    i am 15.will doing exercise by lifting weight othr than dumbells (like a bucket of water) damage ligament and lead to ligament tear in d wrist?

    • ANSWER:

    How to tear a ligament in foot?
    im close to tearing a ligament in my foot i want to be sure i dont do it

    what should i definently avoid doing

    what would cause my ligament to tear?

    • ANSWER:
      How do you know you are close to tearing a ligament? Have you been examined & told this? Which ligament are we talking about?

    has anyone heard of repairing a ligament knee tear while being awake?
    my (new) doctor has just informed me i have a torn ligament in my knee. he would be able to repair it. it is only a 20 minute procedure and i will be awake. I have been looking on line and everything says general anesthesia or spinal. has any one ever heard of it and if so is it wise to do it this way?

    • ANSWER:
      He can anesthetize the knee with local anesthetics. Most torn ligament procedures I’ve seen are 2-3 hours long… don’t know what he’s planning to do, but if he says local is all you need, then he’s probably right.

    How likely is it to tear a ligament again?
    About a year ago i tore a ligament in my wrist and had surgery to fix it. now i started a new job a couple of months ago and i have to lift cases of water and beer and big bags of dog food and stuff like that and a week ago i hit my hand really hard on the counter but my wrist was hurting before that. now it’s gotten to the point that it hurts pretty bad to move it at all and i have to wear my brace to stop most of the pain. did i re tear it or is it just aggravated by the lifting?

    • ANSWER:
      It’ll defiantly be weaker, I’d stay off it for a while longer.

    what is the best way to care for a medial collateral(ligament) tear?
    i tore it horse back riding, and went to the ER, and got crutches and a brace, but r there any tricks to make it heal faster?

    • ANSWER:
      Most people are able to recover from an MCL tear within a few weeks. The best thing you can do to move the process along is to keep off of it. Other than that, icing it and taking anti-inflammatory medications will help.

      When I tore my MCL, I also went to physical therapy for 3 weeks. I think that helped… =)

    If you tear a ligament do you always need surgery?
    If you tear an ankle ligament do you always need surgery? What could the treatment be? Like crutches, rest, brace, or what. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:

      The ankle has several ligaments, a ligament is a fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone. The function of the ligament is to prevent a certain movement. When you have an ankle lesion what happens is that you take a certain ligament further than what it can normally sustain.

      That can cause 3 types of injury, 1- distension, 2 partial rupture, 3 total rupture.

      the first 2 normally heal in 3 weeks and only need a restriction of movement (cast or brace)

      The third, with total rupture, in most cases is also treated with immobilization, but in high performance athletes, or when there are 2 or more ligaments involved, then they could need surgery to get the two extremes together and allow for the ligament to heal.

      So the answer two your questions, is most ligament lesions just require a brace for a short period of time (around 3 weeks)

    Why Does This Happen When You Tear A Ligament?
    I tore a ligament in my ankle a few days ago, it hurts like hell and now blood has started to pool in my ankle. I would like to know why when you tear a ligament blood pools. Thanks! :)
    By the way, I have been to the doctor’s and he diagnosed it as a broken ligament. I got a walking cast too.

    • ANSWER:
      I assume that a doctor has been seen to give the diagnosis of a torn ligament. If not then you should see a podiatrist for this as they are the foot and ankle specialists. As to why the blood is pooling in the ankle area it is simple. One there is an injury in that area and so bleeding would normally be associated with that. The second one is that with the torn ligament you are going to baby the foot by not using it as much. So when you don’t use the foot and lower leg the blood would normally pool there. It is a simple aspect of physics that a column of liquid will fall to the lowest point available. Keep the foot elevated and use ice to control the pain and swelling. Keep the ice on for fifteen to twenty minutes per hour. Again if you have not seen a doctor see one now before any further damage occurs.

    When does the pain from an ACL ligament tear go away?
    I had reconstructive surgery December 9th, 2008. Since April 1st, I have been doing low-impact cardio about 4 times a week to try and rehabilitate the joint.

    I still feel pain when I completely straighten my leg. Also, I can’t go down stairs fluidly, my bad leg wants to give out. I have to kinda hop it down a bit.

    I have been taking 3 pills of Glucosamine since April 1 as well.

    Please advise!

    • ANSWER:
      I had a mild ACL tear, my doctor said it was a 50/50 as to whether or not I should have surgery, so I didn’t. It was sore for a couple months for me. Given that you had the surgery, I’m not surprised it still bothers you. I know how painful that is, I think my mind was conscious of babying my knee for a year. I know I didn’t really answer your question, just sympathizing. Take care.

    Of MRI comes out normal can I still have Meniscus tear and ligament tear?
    I work at a hospital and the radiologist I talked to said my MRI came out normal from what he sees but he is forwarding It to the other radiologist who specializes in the ortho area…. Can I still have a meniscal tear and a tear on the inside of my right knee cap as my orthopeadic doctor said I may have???

    • ANSWER:
      MRI’s aren’t taken “at angles”. Having said that, tears can be very subtle. If the MRI doesn’t show it, but the orthopedist is still suspicious, I think a myelogram is the next step.

    How can I tear my ACL (also called Knee Sprain or Torn Ligament) easily?What would you like to ask?
    How can I tear my ACL (also called Knee Sprain or Torn Ligament) easily?
    this was a question that i got asked by a m8 she isn’t going to actually do this but would like to know the different ways that you can tear you ACL, also it is for a sports project that she is doing at school.

    • ANSWER:
      I tore mine playing basketball … jumped off of someone’s foot. I have seen many others that involved basketball. Soccer also seems to be a popular sport for these types of injuries. It is mostly just putting too much pressure on the knee , particularly if the knee juts outward after the impact.

    Can you tear a ligament without having it swell up?
    I fell 2 nights ago, inward on m ankle. I didn’t sprain or break it, cause its not swollen. I think I tore a ligament.
    Also I can’t walk flat footed without pain, so I walk on tip toes. Should I go to the hospital?

    • ANSWER:
      I think you tore a ligament somewhere and it probably is swollen or you could have just badly bruised it but in any case go to the doctors and check it out.

    is it possible to re-tear a ligament in your knee?
    i have a partially torn ligament in my knee from skiing a month ago. i am still on crutches and today i slipped on some ice and my knee bent backwards in the same kind of way from when i first did it. the pain is worse than when i first tore it. what could this be? is it possible to re-tear it that soon?

    • ANSWER:

    Should I give up basketball for good because i have one ligament tear?
    i still fell pain a yr later ,but i think i coulve been really good amongst the best played for my entire life.An now im just feeling bad like giving up on that s***
    i know I need to be 100% to continue god teaches how he can take stuff imporant to me away maybe the only thing I had he can take that too

    • ANSWER:
      dont give up but you need to talk to a doctor

      many nba players have injuries

    how to know if your ligament is about to tear?
    i just recovered from a fractured elbow in the growth plate. my ortho says i have a chance of tearing a ligament, carrer ending. i don’t want that, how will i know if i refracture the elbow or about to tear a ligament?

    • ANSWER:
      Ligaments tear when you strain or over stretch them. Make sure you build the muscles around the ligaments in question up before you start strenuous activities. My ATFL tore when I slipped in some ice and my foot went the wrong way so just avoid putting too much strain on it and keep the weight off it for a few more weeks. If it is going to tear, it will just tear and hurt like hell, so avoid it!

    How much time will it take to heal the ligament tear in Knee?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on the ligament and how badly it is injured. Some of the ligaments such as ACL, PCL, etc. need surgery to heal properly. If you damaged a meniscus, they can heal on their own usually. A slight injury could take 1-4 weeks, while a more serious one could take months. If the pain gets worse or doesnt get better soon, better to visit your physician and get a medical opinion.

    My dog has a cruciate ligament tear that requires surgery. Should I go with the Extracapsular (ECR) or TPLO?
    I’m trying to decide which surgery is more fitting and yields better results. TPLO is relatively new, but I’ve heard great things about it. My dog is a American Staffordshire Terrier, weighs 61 lbs, and is 5 years old. Any past experiences with this type of injury and these types of surgeries are welcomed!

    • ANSWER:
      After being diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate, DJD & dysplasia in the stifle, Tori had TPLO surgery on 13th November 2008.

      Apart from an edema, (swelling in the surrounding tissue) the first two weeks following her overnight stay at the veterinary referral hospital for the TPLO surgery were without incident. Tori was not allowed on chairs, to use the stairs and to go on walks, but all fairly easy to manage.

      From week three Tori was allowed lead 5/10 minute walks up to 4 times a day. Tori loved being out and about again, but less thrilled with the lead only exercise.

      At just over one month after Tori had her operation she appeared to be making very satisfactory progress. She went on four ten minute walks a day & enjoyed them, but was clearly fed up with short lead walks, as she would sooner be off lead chasing squirrels!

      Tori went back for check up at the veterinary referral hospital on the 30/12/08 & given the good news that the plate had taken and the bone was healing well. I am now able to gradually increase her exercise.

      Surgery was the best interest for Tori, as the ruptured cruciate would have only continued to deteriorate if left. There has already been a vast improvement in her comfort and mobility & she continues to make very good progress.

      By the end of March this year, I will be able to exercise her off lead again.

    How 2 cure muscle fracture and ligament tear of ankle ?
    Had a sprain , a bad right ankle twist on right side 1.5 months ago. It was plastered for 5 -6 weeks.. Plaster is out last week but still pain, swelling and stiffness there in the foot and ankle, foot has lost its flexibility.. can’t walk and move much. Pressure beneath the sole ( on standing ) and the stretching exercises advised cause pain..

    Please Help ???


    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do is to stay off of it…it still needs healing..dont’perform strenuous exercise on it…it will make it worse and prolong the healing. A cold pack every now and then will relieve you a bit from the pain. Ask your doctor for medication for the pain until it gets better.

    Did I tear a ligament in my toe?
    5 weeks ago I stubbed my big toe while going down my stairs, but when I got an x-ray they said it was not broken. There is no swelling and it only hurts when I put pressure on it. Is it a torn ligament?

    • ANSWER:
      It might be a torn ligament, but more likely you sprained it. Just like a sprained ankle, ice it, elavate it, and try to keep off of it; hopefully it will heal quickly.

    How do you tear a ligament in your knee?
    I need to know for an anatomy class. Specifically, how do you tear your…
    -or sprain your knee.
    What are some examples? How could you fall that would cause this?
    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      “Anatony class”.. You’re not fooling anyone.

      Seriously, stop trying to harm yourself in order to skip school/gym class/appointment/etc.. Just go, it wont be that horrible.

    Small tear in anklle ligament recovery time?
    I twisted my ankle during cheerleading practice and the doctor said it was a small tear in the ligament. He said to rest for 2 weeks – I have competition in a week in a half. I won’t be doing any physical activity except for walking during school for a week. Will this be long enough for the ankle to heal? I NEED to go to competition. Please help, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I have had many tears in ligaments in my ankles and they take a LONG time to fully recover or even recover enough for strenuous activity … when he said rest for two weeks, I don’t think he meant rest for two weeks (no less only a week and a half) then go into a cheerleading competition !

      Your decision might determine how you walk for the rest of your life. …

      If you decide to go into the competition and injure your ankle further then please print and frame this page to remind yourself not to make such mistakes in the future.

    I want to break my ankle so i can get surgery or tear the ligament WORSE than it already it?
    I tore my ligament a little bit but i need to tear it more i dont care please just help me find out how to tear my ligament more
    I already tore my ligament do you think i would have to get surgery?

    • ANSWER:

    Please suggest me name and cost of treatment for ligament tear. Which Indian hospital is better for these kind of treatment ?

    • ANSWER:
      Almost in all the hopitals with good orthopedic department you can have ligament tear treated,now a days most of the tears can be fixed by making small cuts and putting a tube in called arthroscopy.
      In delhi there is excellent facilities in Sir Ganga Ram hospital,AIIMS and others.
      The treatment and the cost shall differ according to the specific case.

    what does my mri report say? Is it Ligament tear?
    My MRI report says “Oblique un displayed longitudinal tear of posterior horn of medius seen interrupting peripheral capsular surface superiorly and inferior articular inferiorly”. Is it Ligament Tear?

    • ANSWER:
      No ligament tear. It may be the tear of medial (internal) miniscus.Miniscus is a small washer like cartilage plate within the knee joint, two in each. Their function is to give cushioning effect in the knee joint.On sudden jumping. twisting of the legs the tear may happen. Your report appears to be incomplete.

    what happens if you tear a ligament in your hand?
    my friend’s hand go banged up pretty bad and we’re thinkin he may have broken a ligament. what does a ligament do and what happens if it breaks?

    • ANSWER:
      A ligament connects muscle groups to bones at joints. If it breaks you experience loss of function and piles of pain. Have your friend read this it will allow him to know exactly what’s wrong and then “maybe” fix it.

    Differences between knee sprian, ligament tear, and broken knee?
    I am seeing the doctor two days from now, but before that i wanna know if my knee is just sprained or broken or one of the ligaments is torn. This semester is very important, but this injury is f-ing me up badly. I am hoping that it’s just a sprain. What are the differences?

    • ANSWER:
      the best i can say is good luck at the doctors.

      what u did to ur knee initially would be a good indication of what kind of injury u have. but if u can bear weight on ur knee then it is pretty safe to say that u did not break any bones. if the injury occured as a result of a twisting motion while ur foot was planted then it is likely that u could have a torn ligament.
      if the doc says that u sprained it dont take that as a key to go out and do whatever because a sprian is just another way of saying that the ligament is damaged its just not completely torn.

      best of luck

    Can a ligament tear be noticed in an X-Ray or is an MRI scan a must.?What are the symptoms of a ligament tear.
    Actually after a very tiring game i feel my right knee irk for a few days and again normal. Recently in a match of football i hurt my left knee. Now and then i feel great pain in both my knees .May be when i just skip a step on stair case or get down a running bus or just jump a little etc.I am also very very insecure about my knees , i am afraid when the pain ‘ll shoot and so cant trust my left knee at all.There’s also a feeling as if i am goinna fall off.I ust cant trust my left knee.My right kne also gives shooting pain now and then.Theres no real pain when the knee is physically pressed with the palm or fingers.The doc suggested waxing and Ultrasound therapy.How far is it good. Is an MRI a must. Do Xrays reveal a ligament tear?? How to make the leg bones stronger ?The doc told that u may walk well with a torn ligament but in the long run its goinna create havoc. I eat only sea-food.

    • ANSWER:
      M R I only.

    can i excercise with a ligament tear?
    about two weeks back i fell down twisted my ankle which has caused a ligament tear. i still have lil swelling around the ankle.i m used to regular excercise in the gym but since the injury i have not been able to do so and feel tat i am putting on weight. What excersises are safe to do during a tear -, can i swin or ride a stationery bike?

    • ANSWER:
      You can ride a stationary bike, but it has to be light. Push it too hard and you will be in some pain.

    How Can i tear my ligament so i can get surgery?
    I got a little tear in my ankle, I want to tear it more so I can get surgery. Does anyone know how i can do that??? Please.
    i already tore it but i want to get surgery. youngs of 6 and i get the least attention but thts not why im 12

    • ANSWER:
      Are you crazy? This is the most ridiculous question I’ve ever read in my life. Tearing a ligament isn’t only painful but very dangerous. If you want surgery for attention, you’re really f*cked up in the head. Think. You have a brain. Use it.

    What injurys can tear a ligament in a knee?

    Okay, So I slipped and slammed my knee yesturday and I think I may have torn a ligament, the doctor says that it is so bruised and bleeding inside, they can;t tell. PLEASE HELP ME!

    • ANSWER:
      How many times do you think one knee is actually torn? How many times do you think they did surgery because they couldn’t find any other explanation for what was causing the pain? You can’t believe all you are told when it comes from only one source. That is not a good thing to do. As long as they make money they will do surgery.

    could a meniscus or ligament tear feel like this?
    some days it locks, gives out and is in pain, and other days, it just feels stiff but not much pain. my knee kills regardless of the day once i start doing activity other than walking. the ortho thought i had a meniscus tear but the MRI came back negative.
    to make matters worse. two days ago a kid stepped on my foot and then kneed me in the quad really hard. after that i couldn’t even stand and even when i was sitting my knee was in horrible pain.

    • ANSWER:
      Clicking, locking and giving out are all signs of a meniscus tear. MRI’s are not always accurate. Your Ortho Surgeon, should be able to do a few tests, and get a better idea.

      When my daughter went for her MRI, the results came back as inconclusive. The O.S. went in with a scope to take a look, and found 3 tears.

    How do I know if I really did tear a ligament?
    My right foot has been swollen slightly for the past few days. It hurts when I touch it. It’s light pink and when I walk it pains.

    It’s on the top part of my foot.

    How do I know for sure what’s wrong with it without going to the doctor?

    And what could’ve caused it?

    • ANSWER:
      Chances are you didn’t tear a ligament. If you tore a ligament there would be little pain your foot would be very loose. It sounds as if you have sprained it or that it may be bruised. If you were hit on the top part of your foot it may be bruised. If you were playing baseball or basketball and fell on it wrong you may have a sprain. If you can’t remember and it is continually getting worse you may have been bitten by a spider or some other creature. If ice doesn’t make the swellen go down, definitely go to the doctor after a day.

      Good Luck


    How long is healing for elbow fracture with partial tear in ligament and tendon?
    Dr. doesn’t want to do surgery because elbow is arthritic. Does anybody have any experience with healing time on this type of injury? There is also numbness on the right side of the hand.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you can expect it to take at least several weeks.

    Approx. How long does it take for an MCL grade 2 knee ligament tear to heal completely without further damage?

    • ANSWER:
      Ligaments and cartilage are notoriously slow healers due to the lack of integrated blood supply. Therefore physiotherapy, as well as other modes of therapy including the will to heal will dictate your healing time. Give your body the time to heal then slowly and steadily strengthen. I recommend you increase your fitness level past what it was when you were injured as your ligament is only as strong as its surrounding support tissues. I would guess at 2-4 months at least. Don’t rush what cannot be rushed and most of all don’t feel like you are missing out. Everything happens for a reason, take this time to catch up on stuff you were putting off before your injury.

    what does it feel like to tear a ligament in your knee?
    i’m afraid i’ve torn something and i’m scared…my knee hyperextended and went out sideways. anyone whose torn their ACL or any other knee ligaments..whats it like?

    • ANSWER:
      My dad broke his ACL, and when he did, he said it felt like his knee had burst. He went to the hospital to get an X-ray, and they gave him a big knee brace. Later on, he got fitted for a hinged one so that he could bend his knee, but now he only wears the brace when he is doing something where he might land wrong. He barely ever feels it now, but he is still debating whether or not to get surgery
      hope u didn’t tear ur ACL though <33333

    What do you feel when you tear a ligament in your knee?
    because I can’t bend my knee very far and when i do, it gets really stiff and feels like there is a knot in the back of my knee. But I can limp on it.

    • ANSWER:
      The knee is a complex structure. There are several different ligaments within the joint, as well as muscles (tendons) crossing over it. It also contains meniscus (cartilage) and and bursa. If you tore a ligament, you may have felt or heard a pop or snap when it happened. Then again, you might not have. If it’s been more than a day or two and you’re still limping, i’d recommend that you go see your doctor or physiotherapist for a proper diagnosis.

    I Got a ligament tear in my right knee a year ago?
    my leg was ok after 6 months from injury but after that i was constant dislocations in my knee and lots of pain every time can some one tell how will a ligament tear can be healed or it never heals???

    • ANSWER:

    I have a complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in my knee, do you have any info on treatments?
    4 years ago i tore my anterior cruciate ligament in my knee (had MRI scan to diagnose this).For the most part i can get on with everyday life, i can do my horse riding, walking and even running. Now and again my knee ‘pops’ out but usually pops back in if i straighten my leg, however over christmas it popped out and wouldn’t pop back in, i got my husband to pull my leg and it popped back, The other morning my knee popped out again (just turning over in the bed), it was VERY painful, i tried to pop it back in but couldn’t, i could not put any weight on it, i got the crutches out and went to doc, she sent me to a&e, they said x-ray showed bones were in place, they said i need to go to orthopedic surgeon and get a key hole scope to clean out knee, however to fix the tear of the ligament i would need a reconstruction op, i have heard it takes long time to heal and is not always successful. Has anyone out there had this op done and how long does it take to heal, was it successful?

    • ANSWER:
      While it is true that it takes a while to heal (10-12 weeks) and doesn’t always work, the alternative is dealing with your current pain and problems for the rest of your life. The surgery does work for the majority of people.

    best treatment for ligament tear knee?
    i had ligament tear on my rt knee a month back. i want to know how it can be treated. how much time it ll take to heal.

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with Flossy, I have never been the same after surgery, I can not kneel down on my knees and I am in constant pain, it has been since 2001 I have had three surgery’s for tears. I can hardly walk now and I am depending on pain medication…. Good luck

    cruciate ligament tear in dogs?
    the vet suspects my dog has a tear in her cruciate ligament, shes going in for an xray tomorrow to find out for definite.
    Just wondering if anyone knows what the treatment is if she has got a tear in it?
    does it require surgery?

    • ANSWER:

    is ligament tear in the knee a permanent injury?should i be careful for the rest of my life?
    its been 6 months since the injury……..but doc says i hav to be Very careful.can i run dance or jump.ive always wanted to join the defence.can i pursue my ambition?please help……

    • ANSWER:
      Your doctor is right to tell you to be carefull my sister tore a ligament in her knee and about 3 months later it seemed to be doing fine. We started working out together and while we were running etc. she tore her ACL and a couple other ligaments in her knee. When the took the X-rays the doctor said that she had probably only tore one ligament the last time and when we were exercising the knee was to weak and gave out causing the others to tear.
      I would wear a knee brace any time you are doing any type of activities.

    Did Maria Sharapova ever tear her anterior cruciate ligament?
    I have to find a female athlete who had or has torn their anterior cruciate ligament before. If not, can someone tell me the name of a female athlete who did?

    • ANSWER:
      ACL tears are often seen in high profile athletes. Recent athletes who have sustained ACL tears include Tom Brady and Tiger Woods

      if you go back a bit – Mary Pierce Teared her ACL.

      Here is the vid of it happening