Ligament Tears In Ankle

Suffering From A Hurt Knee From Running ? – Here’s How You Can Help Protect Yourself Does your knee bother you after you exercise?

How about when you run?

We hope you never have pain problems, but if you do, then this article can shed some serious light on this issue for you.

Many individuals that like to run, unfortunately find that they have knee discomfort. Many individuals feel the discomfort coming from behind or on top of their patella. The pain can go away while you are sitting and resting, only to come back when you weight bear again.

Getting Behind the Scenes of a Hurt Knee

1.) Overuse : Knee injuries can arise due to the wear and tear from running mile after mile. The ground impact is not forgiving on many running terrains and this is something we have to deal with each and every time we are out.

2.) Lack Of Correct Warm Up – Let’s face it, most of us do not warm up as much as we should. We both know that this is how issues can start to occur. Professional runners are more apt to warm up correctly because they know the costs of neglecting this point.

3.) Self Induced Weight Bearing Injuries – In other words, a sudden twist or turn of the knee when your foot is planted, can really injury one of your ligaments, your meniscus or both. If you hear a popping sound then a serious ligament injury can have just occurred. (Speak with your physician about your exact diagnosis and treatment plan.)

Professional Runners vs. The Rest Of Us Amateurs

In addition to warming up and running, the exercise regimen of a professional runner will also include a whole range of exercises that strengthen the leg muscles and allow them to better absorb the impact of running. They also know that all it takes is for a poor warm up, plus a sudden twist, to have a serious knee injury occur. Many professional runners have a knee support ready when they need it. They know that the stability that the brace can help provide can help reduce discomfort.

If you believe that you can benefit from improved stability in one or both of your knees, and would like to pursue pain reduction then you should consider a knee brace today. There are serveral light weight, low profile designs currently that can help provide great support. The same support that could help you keep running for a long time to come…

Frequently Asked Questions

    How can you tell that you have a torn ligament in you’re ankle?
    I do gymnastics, and i hurt my ankle. Now, I do have tendinitis but my nurse said it may be worse like I might have a torn ankle!

    • ANSWER:
      A sprain ankle means that you have at least overstretched the ligaments and probably tore a few fibers. However, if your ankle did not swell tremendously and discolor with bruising, the injury is probably minor and will heal with ice/heat/stretching, Advil/Tylenol, rest and time. If it does not get better with those simple measures your doctor can decide about therapy, splinting, x-rays, injections, MRIs and other intervention. Although an MRI is the definitive test, people would not try to get them so often if they had to pay cash for them; they are very expensive.

    do you need surgery for a torn ankle ligament?
    the doctor just called to tell me that i have a torn ligament in the ankle. ive been wearing a orthopedic boot for six weeks because he assumed it was a torn tendon.

    secondly is a torn tendon worse then a torn ligament?

    • ANSWER:
      torn tendon is worse then torn ligaments. if the tendon is torn completely in two you need surgery. ligaments do not need surgery unless they are over stretched. if they are just torn they heal. you most likely got an mri. since the average time healing after a torn ligament is 6 to 8 weeks you should be out of the boot soon. but no surgery.

    Sprained ankle, torn ligament and bruising on the top of ankle. Fastest way to heal?
    So i got in a motorcycle accident about 2 months ago. The doc said i have a torn ligament on the bottom of my foot and i had a bad gash wound to the top of my ankle but it has healed now but is still really swollen. I can barely walk at the moment and need it to heal as I am in the police academy and I know they won’t put up with this much longer.

    • ANSWER:

    Care for a torn ankle ligament?
    I tore ligaments in my ankle. i havent been able to walk for a week. other then keep it elivated and ice, is there anything i can do to speed up the process? its killing me not to be able to do things!

    • ANSWER:
      I completely tore 2 ligaments in my ankle on Saturday, May 10th. Went to the doctor for it on the next Monday, x-ray tech was out, so had to return on Tuesday. I dont have a cast at all, and this is my 4th ankle injury (2nd one for this ankle). I do have one of those air splints and was told I only have to wear it when I’m not resting my foot. My doctor told me to alternate icing it and applying warmth to it, and after 2 weeks I should be able to hobble around on it. Well, my two weeks is on this Saturday and I can’t even dream of walking on it now. They told me it would take a total of 6 weeks to heal. The swelling goes away and then keeps coming back. Luckily the pain has eased somewhat these past two days. If someone answers your question on how to speed up the process, I can’t wait! :) I also HATE not being able to do things…. ps if you haven’t been to the doc..go :)

    How 2 cure muscle fracture and ligament tear of ankle ?
    Had a sprain , a bad right ankle twist on right side 1.5 months ago. It was plastered for 5 -6 weeks.. Plaster is out last week but still pain, swelling and stiffness there in the foot and ankle, foot has lost its flexibility.. can’t walk and move much. Pressure beneath the sole ( on standing ) and the stretching exercises advised cause pain..

    Please Help ???


    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do is to stay off of it…it still needs healing..dont’perform strenuous exercise on it…it will make it worse and prolong the healing. A cold pack every now and then will relieve you a bit from the pain. Ask your doctor for medication for the pain until it gets better.

    torn ankle ligament what should i do?
    in my i hurt my ankle playing soccer and just found out the other day that i tore the anterior talofibular and calcaneofibular ligament I’ve still been playing since but now the doctor is telling me i shouldn’t play but its been fine before i knew what was wrong what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      you shouldn’t play for a while because your leg is messed up! wait to make sure it is ok first! you could mess it up worse if you try something not so smart!

    jumpsoles with a torn ankle ligament?
    i tore my ankle anterior talofibular ligament in june 2nd. now im already playing sports again but i cant do the cuts or jump as high as i used to…. do u think jumpsoles can help my ankle get stronger and can i gain my strength back to jumping and cutting at such a high level??

    • ANSWER:

    if you have a torn ankle ligament, a weak ankle which means you always twist it. does it mean your foot will?
    never be normal again? will i never be able to engaged in fully fledged sports activitiesbor any full contact sport? my doctor looked at it. said hed refer me to have it looked at, but he said he didnt feel anything could be done, unless i twisted my ankle, went over and cracked it. then he said in that case, it would be put into a cast, but my ankle and foot would never be the way it used to be. it would never be the same again….does anyone have any views on this? thankyou

    • ANSWER:
      Listen to your doctor….I’m afraid that your football days may be over.

    will my torn ankle ligament heal properly…enough to skate again?
    im 14 and i tore my ankle ligament skating 1 day ago,i went to the emergency that where i found out that i tore it….im in crutches and ace bandage and a slpint.will my ankle heal properly enough to ever skate again?how long?,and are there anythings i could do to speed up the recovery?

    • ANSWER:
      I can tell you that you should be just fine, I have experienced this as well. I am a basketball player and my sophomore year I came down on an opponents foot after getting a rebound, I thought it was just a sprain but I had actually torn a ligament in my ankle :(. I then found out a few days later that I was going to have to have surgery because it was that severe. Although this injury did put me out for the rest of my sophomore season, I was right back on my feet my junior year playing just like normal :). So I would say that if you have to have surgery it will be a few months, if not maybe a month I would say… But I would still give it a little ‘extra’ time. Better safe than sorry!

    Torn ANkle ligament HELPPP?
    i tore a ligament in my ankle. i can walk regularly with out it hurting or limping but i cannot roll it around because it hurts too bad! what should i do????

    • ANSWER:
      Its just sprained you’ll be aight

    Torn ankle ligament – how long should I be on crutches?
    I tore a ligament in my ankle playing ultimate frisbee two weeks ago. I’m not sure of the official severity, but I heard the popping noise, and the doctor who did the X Ray said that I tore the ligament, although not completely. That doctor also said that I would only need crutches for a day or two. Two weeks later, I’m still needing them. I can walk on the ankle for a little while without pain, but then it starts to really hurt. This makes me think that I should still be on the crutches. I’m also wearing a lace up ankle brace. It’s still a little swollen and bruised around my toes.

    Do any of you out there know how long I should be needing the crutches for? When will I know that it’s ok to not use them anymore? Should I wait until I can walk without pain?

    • ANSWER:
      use crutches until you can ambulate without a limp

    Do I have symptons of a torn ankle ligament?
    I rolled my ankle bad about a month ago at work. I heard a pop, crunch and a crackle, I had some small deformity and very bad swelling and bruising. X-Rays were taken and no fractues were shown. The Dr. that first checked it said my x-ray showed that I might have torn the ligaments but he had an ortho look at the x-rays only. The Ortho said he didnt see anything bad. Im being treated for an ankle sprain and now a month later the swelling and bruising has gone down, but in one area I still have severe pain and no good range of motion. Does that sound like a possible tear of the ligament?

    • ANSWER:
      It could possibly be an Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament or (ATFL) tear. I had the same thing happen last November and that is what they ruled it out to be. I would get a second opinion if you are still having pain and you can’t roll it. I did physical therapy for about a month. They started me off with heat for 15 minutes, then I would draw out the alphabet with my toes on the floor, put a towel under my foot and pull my foot as close as I could to my chest without hurting myself, then ice for 15 minutes. I did wear a boot for quite some time to keep it in place. You best bet is to let your Orthopedic Surgeon that you are still having difficulty with pain and movement, maybe there is just some swelling in the ankle itself. Cortisone shots are a common treatment for ankle injuries. From what you said it sounds like there is still something going on down there. Hope this helped.

    What kind of exercise can I do with torn ankle ligaments?
    I have been diagnosed with 5 or more torn ankle/foot ligaments that will take well into next year before I can strengthen and heal them. I was thinking about working out in the pool so I don’t stop with my exercising, but I don’t know if that would be too intense or not. Does anyone have any kind of suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Torn ligaments are not to be taken lightly. Movement is important to prevent scar tissue, but moving the ankle before it is time can lead to more injury. You should be talking to your orthopedic physician about this and possibly ask for referral to physical therapy. You may want to look for a therapist that provides aquatic rehab. Along with providing therapy in water, they would be best to prescribe a home program that you could do.

      good luck!

    Torn Ankle Ligament ?
    Over a year ago now I injured my left ankle. I landed in a ditch after jumping over something, the outside of my ankle was flat on the ground but my leg was still straight up, there was a loud pop that everyone else heard. I had to get carried home and couldn’t walk on it for at least a week or 2. There was alot of bruising around the bottom of my foot and the ankle itself by the time i finally got home. I was a figure skater at the time and because there was so much support in my skates I had weak ankles. I went to my GP he looked at it and said it was just a mild sprain and to only walk on what i could tolerate (still hopping around at this point) so i tryed to stay off it and the swelling and what not went away. I have recently started jogging and going to the gym and my ankle is giving me alot of trouble, even when not exercising it still hurts a bit. And since I did it there is a bit on my lateral ligaments (i think) that moves when i touch it, its weird. I don’t know what i have done to it or if i should go back but to a different GP to get it checked out again? Also any strengthening exercises that anyone knows of would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      Your question about strengthening your ankle is a good one. Your ligaments after having been ruptured are not as strong as they once were. You need to build up your ankle musculature to compensate.
      The use of an ankle board is quite helpful.
      I would look into seeing a specialist. Your GP is obviously not a specialist for the foot.
      Also, I would ask about getting orthotics with a “lateral flange”. This helps to hold the foot in a position that doesn’t lend itself to ankle blowouts.
      I found this website if you are interested in learning more about ankle boards.

    I have a torn ankle ligament?
    Ok so I landed funny yesterday after landing something wrong, I can put weight on it but I walk with a limp so went to a hospital earlier and I have torn the ligaments on both side of my ankle on my right foot. I have been doing the whole ice thing every now and then, foot above the heart and the foot exercises as well as taking ibuprofen. I know it’s not a good idea working 4 hours tommrow but I only really do 4 hours per week at the moment so basically what I’m asking is how long will it be with all what I’ve just said in mind will it be til I can start freerunning/parkour again? And how long would it be til I can walk again without a limp because I guess there would be a difference. Many thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      For moderate sprains, a removable cast boot or ankle brace can be used initially. Physical therapy is important to help minimize swelling, maintain range of motion, maintain proprioception, and gradually increase the strength of the muscles around the ankle to prevent future ankle instability and recurrent sprains.

      Severe sprains require immediate medical attention. Without treatment, they may result in long-term ankle instability and pain. The ankle should be immobilized in a brace or removable cast boot. Usually, people need crutches and are referred to a specialist. Whether surgery should be done is controversial. Most experts believe that surgically reconstructing torn ligaments is no better than treatment without surgery. Physical therapy to restore movement, strengthen muscles, and improve balance is necessary before people resume strenuous activity and can hasten recovery

    Ligament tear in ankle….?
    I tore a ligament in my left ankle years ago and the emergency room doctor said it would heal in about 6 months. I was able to walk on my foot again but ever since, I’ve had issues with my ankle. Occasionally it will hurt and have discoloration. I never went to an ankle specialist or had any therapy. Is it to late to see a specialist now?

    • ANSWER:
      I suggest you go now. You wouldn’t want to regret it. If you think now is too late, what about the next months, years, decade? It doesn’t hurt to try and no amount of money would be worth a career halting injury. Especially as an athlete. Go while you still can because what’s 50$-1,000$ to assuming the worst 10k, going to cost you? Your ability to walk? GO!

    Ligament torn on ankle, need some advice!?
    Hello, I recently injured my ankle during an indoor soccer game. I went to visit the doc and went for an x-ray the x-ray report came back saying:
    unfused epiphysis consistent with age
    No obvious fracture or dislocation seen
    No soft tissue calcification
    Soft tissue/ligamentous injured cannot be excluded

    I have an important game coming up in 10 days and my legs seems to be getting better i can limp now after 3 days and the swelling has went down alot but it still is swelling a little bit i have been treating it by putting a cold pack wrapped around the injury and keeping my leg elevated when i sleep or sit. Is there anything i can eat or do to help speed up my recovery within 10 days? Its not a confirmed ligament tear but the doc said most prob it is but it might just be a sprain im not too sure. Advice and help needed thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Have you bandaged it ? If not you definately should. Keep resting and icng it. There isn’t really much you can eat, just eat healthily and make sure you get plenty of calcium etc. Good luck !

    Is a broken ankle more painful than a torn ligament in the ankle?
    I have had a torn ligament in my ankle and my sister has a broken ankle which she says will be more painful, is she right?

    • ANSWER:

    Ankle ligament torn? etc.?
    I sprained my ankle @ ten this morning its now three forty five now when it happened my foot went in a hole and turned sole of foot in and ankle out I heard a loud pop to. I just sat there for like five minutes like ouch this really hurts now a yr previous I had a patella dislocasion and the pain of my ankle was about 3/5 of my knee. I came to the conclusion that I had a sprained ankle and prob a torn ligament from the pop. I sat on the ground for five mins and got up painfully limping and looked at it around forty five mins later. It was swollen and had red spots reaching from my toes to my ankle. The thing is I more sprained the middle of my foot but anyways we don’t have insurance and I’m wondering if I need to go to the docter cause if its just partially torn it can probably heal with R.I.C.E but if its completely torn ill prob need surgery. Is there a way I can tell if its completely torn or not thx:)
    It also hurts ALOT like scale 1 to 10 its like 7.5 :(
    Its getting more and more swollen to its turning a shade of Blake and purple to.

    Its hurts when I flex my muscles even slightly
    It hurts…OUCH…* whimper*…

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the doctor!

    torn ligament in ankle from a few years ago?
    I some ligaments in my ankle almost 4 years ago and just rencently started feeling pain in the same spot again. What exactly could the cause of this be? It has been raining almost constantly the past month but i thought that was more with arthritis and old people (im 16)

    • ANSWER:

    symtoms for ligament tear in ankle?
    my snkle has been swollen and doctor told that the ligaments has been torn so i want to know the symtoms

    • ANSWER:
      A torn ligament is sometimes referred to as a severe sprain. It’s when the ligament is stretched so far it tears and this is usually the result of a rolling, twisting, or awkward landing motion. Symptoms include a pretty fair amount of pain and swelling, inability to bear weight on the ankle, instability, and bruising. Sometime think they broke their ankle because it hurts so bad, but it’s a torn ligament which can be just as bad. Also, ligaments hold your bones together so there would be instability. However, it affects everyone differently. A MRI or hands-on test orthopedic would be the best for the most accurate diagnosis. Treatment should include a period of immobilization and using crutches and then physical therapy to regain strength, motion, flexibility, and stability in your ankle.

      Good Luck :]

    How can I keep fit when I have a torn ligament in my ankle?
    I severed the ligament in my ankle that hold my two ankle bones together. I am usually a very fit and energetic person, but the doctor has told me no sports or any activities for the next 15-20 weeks :( I feel so lazy and I really want to try and keep fit. Is there something a bit more gentle than Pilate’s or Yoga? 10 points to best answer :)

    • ANSWER:
      I’m going through the same problem. My job keeps me in shape but I tore a ligament while at work. I work on an oil rig. I have gained close to 30 pounds in just over 5 months. I am just about to have surgery and should be off another 3 to 4 months. I would recommend a stationary bike or an elliptical machine. Both with little resistance. They are both good for cardio and low to no impact.

    My ankle ligament is torn. How long does it take until I can walk or drive a car again?
    The people at the hospital were not very informative.. They told me to stay on crutches and visit my GP in a week or so..

    After 2 days indoors I’m turning completely insane .. how many more days should I keep my leg up and use the crutches?

    • ANSWER:
      6 weeks sometimes 8

    How long until I can play sport again after ankle ligament tear?
    Hi, sprained my ankle pretty badly exactly 3 weeks ago. The bruising and swelling were intense. The swelling has gone down a lot but is still noticably huge. Had xray, ct scan and ultrasound and have a suspected complete rupture of the anterior-talofibular ligament.

    I can walk but not very well. The ankle feels a bit floppy and theres pain when I try to walk without a limp.

    Im starting physio tomorrow and seeing a surgeon next week. Hopefully I wont need the surgeon.

    Anyone have any idea how long until I would be able to run again?

    Im willing to do physio 7 days a week if it helps.

    Im hoping to get back in 6 weeks…. which would make it 9 weeks since I injured it. Is that do-able?

    Any help would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      Wait until you finish your physio, see the surgeon to get his impressions, then wait and see what the doctors say. If you attempt to use your injured ankle too soon, you’ll only do further damage to it. I know it must be difficult, but you need to just wait and let your doctors tell you when your ankle is healed enough to play sports.

    Is this a sprained ankle? Torn Ligament?
    This morning I got out of bed and I slightly stumbled then my ankle started to severely hurt. If It popped at all I didn’t hear it because I had my ipod in. I couldn’t put any weight on it at all. I elevated it for sometime but then fell asleep for a few hours and my foot became un-elevated. I didn’t have access to ice because my foot hurt to much to walk upstairs and I was home alone. But I’ve only had a tiny bit of swelling. It did get better slightly in the afternoon and I could put some weight on it and hobble around but it’s starting to hurt again. My foot also feels very warm.

    The only reason I’m asking is because I have almost no swelling, and it seemed like I didn’t stumble enough to do any damage.

    • ANSWER:
      If your foot is warm then there is some internal inflammation going on somewhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a significant trauma for foot damage to occur, a simple twist the wrong way could have caused it. You’re doing right by keeping it elevated, definitely get someone to get you some ice, ibuprofen will also help with the inflammation and strapping it will give it extra support. Resting it is essential. It might also be worth going to your doctor to have it checked out.

    3rd degree ankle ligament tear?
    Well, basically i’m 17 years old now and when I was 15 I tore the ligaments in my ankle quite harshly tbh playing football. I took the cast off after exactly 4 weeks of breaking it which the hospital wasn’t happy at all about as I was going on holiday. I couldn’t walk at all still so i had to use my crutches. I was also meant to go to physio therapy when I got back which I skipped. I’ve been unable to play football properly (which I used to play all the time before the incident). I also have a lump which comes up about 2-3 inches above my ankle every time I try play football even a tiny bit and it hurts bad afterwards. Or even if I just go on a long walk or something. What should I do about this problem because i’d like to resolve it as it affects my everyday life. Thanks for reading my over-explained problem lol.

    • ANSWER:
      Well Sydney, I hope you can see that it is unwise to ignore the instructions of the medical professionals involved in your case. I suggest you go back to your doctor to have imaging done to make sure you haven’t further injured your ankle and if cleared, then go get physiotherapy as soon as possible. They will gradually strengthen your ankle to provide the stability it needs in order to return to your everyday activities and when you’re ready, sports as well.

    Torn ankle ligaments and walking boot?
    so i had x rays done and mri and it a torn ligament have to be in walking boot for 8 weeks and not weight bearing with crutches. Doctor told me to get real thick slouch socks to put under boot to provide comfort and she said they need to go above my boot.Boot ends right below my knee. Wear can i get these slouch socks from and can i wear 2 pairs because that will be comfortable. Please help.Anybody had similiar injuiries

    • ANSWER:
      my grandmother had to do the same thing and what she did was buy the really long socks in the men’s section that come up to about the knee…those worked good

    What comes next after a cast for a torn ligament in your ankle ?
    I fell down the stairs in my house and tore the ATF ligament. The dr put me in a cast and said no weight bearing for three weeks . My three weeks are almost up and I see him again next week but I am wondering what comes next ?
    I cannot wait to be able to walk again :)

    • ANSWER:
      You tore your anterior talo-fibular ligament, the band of tissue connecting 2 of the ankle bones, the talus (located above your heel) and your fibula (the small thin bone on the outside of your calf). Depending on your status, your doctor may have you wear the cast more, wear a splint instead, or no immobilization.

      After being in a cast for 3 weeks you cannot immediately resume normal walking and sports. Your ankle will definitely feel stiff and sore with loss of flexibility (range of motion). Physical therapy will likely be in your near future.

      Give yourself patience and be compliant with prescribed exercise and eventually you should feel perfectly fine. The degree of your tear, and your age & general health, will dictate how fast you improve.

    can i play basketball with torn ligament in the ankle?
    I sprained my ankle, doctor tells me that it could be torn ligaments, but I’m still able to play basketball.

    • ANSWER:
      I dont think thats the right thing to do.You should have sometime off your foot to rest it up.Is it swollen?Or bruised?I wouldnt chance it.

    what are the benefits of an air cast on your ankle after surgery for torn ligament in the ankle?
    i had torn ligaments in ankle playing soccer and had cast on ankle 3 weeks prior to surgery and then had surgery and in a cast for 6 weeks after surgery. Doctor told me to wear air cast during physical acitivity and while playing soccer. He told me to put air cast under shin guard to help prevent further injuries. Will this help prevent injuries?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes.An Aircast keeps your ankle from moving side to side too much,so you won’t sprain it.I’m not sure how you can wear the Aircast with the shin guard though…I can’t imagine it fitting right,especially in your shoes..

    Is there a surgery for reparing ligaments torn in your ankle?
    This year in football season i got cut wrong and i got a spiral break in my fibula and i broke off a piece of my heel and it tore all of the ligaments in my ankle. The ligaments that allow you to bend your ankle up are were i have major tears… there is a possibility that my ankle will not go past that point and never fully heal… I was wondering if there was a surgery to correct that?

    • ANSWER:

    Do you have to have surgery If you have a torn ligament in your ankle?
    I severly spained my ankle a month ago and it wasn’t healing it was getting worse, so my dr. ordered a MRI, I got the results today and found out I have 2-4 tears!!!! I am freakin’ out and I need to know what they do for that!!!!!! What makes it even worse is I just got a new job and I am already having to take a leave from work. :(

    • ANSWER:
      your doctor will decide if you need surgery but it sounds likely that you will your job should understand if they dont then they’re probably not that great to work for anyway besides they cant fire you for medical leave

    what if you have a torn ligament in ankle for years, had injections and physio, now knee needs flushing?

    • ANSWER:
      You have a build up of fluid on your knee.

      Fluid build up, especially on a joint, is the body’s way of trying to protect it from damage while it heals.

      It’s possible having a damaged ankle is putting strain on your knee. Or you’ve hurt your knee seperately

      I’m assuming this was what you wanted?

    What is in this anti inflammatory bandaide / bandage the doctor put on the top of my foot and ankle?
    The physical therapis told me to keep it on 8 hours. It was like 3 circular band-aids. I asked if it was heat or what and she said, “It’s just an anti-inflammatory”. So what is in it? Will I be able to sleep tonight? It has a funny itchy sort of feeling all day, almost like electrical shocks, but that’s good, considering my ankle ligaments tore about 5 weeks ago and the area is still hot feeling every day and I feel pain between my toes every step I take. So an itch is a good thing as compared to the pain I usually feel. Maybe it will put my ligaments on the way to finally healing? She thinks my problem , besides the ligaments is Morton’s Neuroma that developed after being in a plastic boot for severely torn ankle ligaments. Thanks for any answers. I hope she puts this one at my next P.T. visit ! I looked it up and could not find anything out about this product.

    • ANSWER:
      Could be similar to a medication patch.

    How long will it take to heal torn ankle ligaments?
    I fell over on Friday and hurt my ankle, it was painfull and swollen, although I could still bear weight on it. Went to A and E and was told I have done something to ligament. Saturday morning woke up in agony, couldnt put any weight on it at all and was in tears, took ibuprofen and rested it for most the day. Sunday could put a little weight on it although supporting most my weight on cruthes. Sunday evening swelling even worse, now foot swollen, am panicking have I done more damage by standing on it. When should i put some weight on it, and when should I try to do some mobility exercises? How long will it be until I can walk unadided and without have a very strange limping walk?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to go to an orthopeadic. You may need surgery. At least; you need to see a physical therapist. If you go to PT and heal properly, it could be as little as 4 weeks before you’re back to normal. May take 12 weeks tho to get you walking normal.

    What do you do when you have a torn ligament in your ankle?
    Do you need any type of cast or just an ace bandage? Because I’m going to see an orthopedist and I don’t know what he is going to give me

    • ANSWER:
      get a brace or he’ll probably give you one but it’s gana cost a lot though.

    torn ligament in ankle?
    so heres the story…[: 2 years ago (in 7th grade) I played soccer all the time (this would have been my 12th year...]:, 10 years at the time) I guess just wear and tear happened in my ankle and I tore all the ligaments in both ankles at once (so the doctors say). (hurt like crazy.) I went to the doctor and they suggested an air cast, but they didn’t supply them and my parents couldn’t find any around our area, and at the time I wasn’t in THAT much pain, so I was like “whatever” and finished the soccer season and went along with my life. I was told that they would heal quickly so it really wasn’t that bad of a deal since the tears weren’t bad. But now, 2 years later, they hurt. My parents are thinking that they didn’t heal correctly since I went against them and didn’t stop soccer until the end of the season (but after that I quit. havent played in 2 years other than like gym stuff) In gym class when running and stuff, they snap and crack (and sometimes grind…. :/) and hurt a lot when they do. Like I can’t wear flip flops since they make my ankles hurt so majorly!! (and i LOVE flip flops!!!!!!) last night while I was alseep, they started hurting again so badly that I held it all night (and then I had a DREAM about how bad it hurt!!! :D WHAT!?!:P)

    anyways, if I went to the doctor like this week, could they be re-healed? If I asked (ever so nicely:D) would the doctor put one ankle in a cast (then come back later to do the other, you know? like 6 weeks on one, then come back and do the other for 6 weeks or whatever?) because I feel like it would help? or a boot or something? I have gym class EVERYDAY (ugh.) and all we do is physical activity that is intense. I walk around a lot every day and my ankles are taking the bunt of it.
    What do you think the doctor would suggest? Could they possibly be fixed so I don’t have to go through this forever?!

    thank you! (and happy valentines day!!!!!)

    • ANSWER:

    Is It possible to re-tear a ligament in the ankle?
    Last September i was playing basketball when i fell down on my left ankle and it swelled up about the size of an orange on both sides. I went to the hospital and they told me to stay off of it for about a week and gave me crutches and a Bledsoe boot. It was a week later and my i was still in pain so i went to an ankle specialist and had an MRI and it came back that i had partially torn my ankle ligament. They said it was severe and i would need to go to therapy for about 2 months. After the 2 months of therapy i was still in pain. The doctor ended up preforming surgery on my ankle to get the scar tissue out. My ankle has been fine for about 2 months now, pain – free and all.

    i went to a theme park 2 days ago and as i was walking down stairs, i fell on my ankle yet again. It hurt for a moment but it got better, so we continued walking around. I had already forgotten about the fall when i was going down some more stairs, when i got to the last one, i fell again. It did not swell up but i am having severe pain again, and i can barely walk on it. do you think i have injured my ankle again? Help!

    • ANSWER:
      It is easier to re-tear it than it is to tear it in the first place. Go see a doctor to be sure.

    Could this be a torn ligament in my ankle?
    I rolled my ankle about a year ago and it sometimes gave out and hurt over the past year. Today at football practice, it gave out and its painful and it hasnt stopped. I have swelling in my ankle and it hurts to run and i have to put minimal pressure on it when I walk or it will hurt and give out. I went to the trainer and he looked at it for a minute and said I have a sprained ligament. It really feels way worse than that. Could I maybe have a ripped ligament in my ankle??

    • ANSWER:
      it could be a small tear… or a pulled achilles…

      ice it for as long as you can and then go to the doctor to get it checked out…. if you leave a tear too long it could become wayyyyyy worse…

    How can you tell if you Tore a Ligament in an ankle?
    yesterday i was sprinting and i rolled my ankle. it didnt swell but it hurt really bad and it went numb for a minute. today it is swollen. i took ibuprofen and i have my ankle elevated and compressed and iced, but im scared that i might have torn something. how can you tell if a ligament is torn?

    • ANSWER:
      You’re doing everything right! As long as you can move everything, you most likely just sprained your ankle. Give it till Monday, and if it’s not better, take it to a doc. Do however take 800mg of ibuprofen every 8 hours, this is the prescription dose

    32 weeks ago i tore my ankle ligament…?
    well yeah 32 weeks ago i tore the ligaments in my left ankle. recentley it’s really swollen and cold :( and i get cronic pins and needles
    i also get pain in my knee, but i duno if thats to do with weight distribution
    if i went to the doctors what do you think they would do? i dont like doctors!

    • ANSWER:
      I had the same problem and took 2 tylenol and applied ice to the area to bring down the swelling. It may not work with you but after a few hours it felt great. Don’t put the ice directly onto the skin. Also, once the swelling goes down, try some rubbing cream for joints and ligaments. It will make a world of a difference…and keep taking the tylenol.

    torn ligament and chipped bone in ankle?
    about a month ago i chipped a bone in my ankle and tore a ligament. i have been in a cast and boot for about a month. two days before i am scheduled to get my cast off my ankle is in sharp pain and tingles when it didnt untill this point and elevating it doesnt help. i looked it up and i may have a blood clot. my appointment is in two days and i want to know if i do have a blood clot i can wait that long before any serious damage.
    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Phone the hospital and ask, if they think it may be a blood clot they will have you come in and check.
      From my experience, when in cast you do start to experience strange sensations and pains around 4 weeks after cast applied.Think this is the bones and nerves etc healing.

    Is it possible to sprain an ankle / tear a ligament whilst swimming?
    Whilst swimming last week (gentle breastroke!) I heard a popping noise in my ankle and was immediately in pain. It hurt to get out of the pool and for 4 days has been agony. It is swollen, tender, painful to move and although I can walk on it, it hurts sharply around my achilles tendon and all tthe way up the ankle’s outer side where the outer ligament is. it even hurts to have the weight of the duvet on it in bed! Is it possible to have sprained it / torn a ligament whilst swimming as I thought it was a non impact way of exercising?

    Back Story:
    6 years ago I was a size 10-12, very fit and i fell over in the snow and injured my ankle. I went to A&E who x rayed it, told me nothing was broken and sent me home saying i’d sprained it and to rest it for 6 weeks.. After 6 weeks, still i agony i returned to my GP who sent me for physio.. it continued like this for nearly 2 years with the doctors making me feel like a hypocondriac. I put on a lot of weight as I could no longer do the 8 hours a week of exercise i had been doing (became a size 22!). Finally a friend who was working for the NHS snuck me into her hospital after hours and did an MRI scan which showed my ligament had completely torn apart and i’d been walking around on it for 2 years with only milimetres joining it to the bone. They operated immediately and had to take a lot of the scar tissue out and put in a partially artificial ligament. They warned me never to do any high impact exercise again as it could tear the fake ligament and suggested walking and swimming.. The surgery fixed part of the problem but I was still left in pretty much a constant state of low level pain (aches an swelling etc).. had to have a lot of phsyio and for the last 4 years haven’t done very much.

    Trying to make an effort to lose the weight at the moment. I joined a gym two months ago, have been doing walking on the walking maching, some weights, some light cycling and lots of swimming. Have lost 11lbs so far and it was 4 days ago when the same ankle went “pop” whilst swimming and is now in agony. Tried going to A&E but they actually TURNED ME AWAY saying as I could clearly walk it wasnt an emergency. I can’t get a GP appointment for 5 days (disgusting wait in my area for appointments) and am just worried I’ve torn it again.. is it even possible to tear a ligament whilst swimming and being virtually weightless in the water?!!

    • ANSWER:
      I’m very sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your ankle, as well as the treatment process.

      To me, it sounds like you have sustained a sprain. As long as nothing is broken, you should be good to start rehabilitation on the ankle, which is what’s going to help the most. If there is any swelling still visible, it’ll help get that reduced, as well as help heal the pain, and restrengthen the corresponding ligaments.

      While physical therapy is effective, it is generally quite expensive. I’ve linked you to a prominent, effective at-home solution below. Hydrotherapy is generally used to reduce swelling, while specific exercises/techniques are utilized to promote healing, and restrengthening.

      I really wish you the best, take care!

    Torn Ligament in Ankle?
    I sprained my ankle 4 weeks ago. The swelling isn’t there except for a little in socket area. When I tap it, a ligament vibrates. Is it torn, and how can it be fixed?

    • ANSWER:

    Help if you’ve ever sprained your ankle/torn a ligament?
    I tore a ligament and sprained my ankle last week and my doctor just never called me back with what i should do. I don’t want to keep nagging if it’s nothing but I feel like whenever my friends have done this they have had to go to ortho and then physical therapy. I play basketball so i need to know when i can get back in the game, what should I do?
    i should have included that i went to the doctor and got crutches and an air cast. it is only slightly bruised and swollen. it was two weeks ago today im just curious about if i will need pt or an ortho appt or anything

    • ANSWER:
      Depending on the level of sprain. (There are 3 levels. A slight tear, a tear, and tearing the ligament completely). If it was a severe tear, I’m sure your Dr would have put you on crutches and straped it straight away. You need to call your doctor because if not treated properly, it will not heal correctly (causing permanant damage). You need to walk on it (with as much weight as possible), and do stretches provided by your Physical Therapist for up to 6 weeks.
      When returning to basketball, I’d advise you strap the ankle (as your therapist will show you) for the first few months of playing.
      These are only guidelines, so please see your doctor, it was extremely unproffesional of him to not contact you, he actually should have strapped the ankle, told you to ice it and reffered you to a PT for treatment the next day.

      Additional detail: You will def need exercises from your PT. The tendon/ligament WILL heal itself, but if you dont exercise it, and stretch it during the healing process, they will often heal “tight” and stiff, making full mobility of the ankle hard and painful, even when fully healed.

    Torn ligament in ankle.?
    According to my MRI, I have 1 ligament completely torn (anterior tibiofibular ligament) and partial tear of the posterior tibiofibular ligament and tibialis anterior tendons in my ankle.

    It’s been months since I’ve injured it and the doctor said if it was going to heal on its own it would have healed by now. He suggested that i have surgery.but I have had no problems out of my ankle, i can walk and run on it and it doesn’t hurt at all. So would it hurt me if i continue playing sports with it and just wear an ankle brace?
    Also, the main issue I’m worried about is recovery time. How long would it take to recover from this surgery so i would be able to play sports?

    • ANSWER:
      I know a kid who tore a ligament in his ankle. He did not get surgery and like the previous answer, whenever he walks his ankle bends to the side and repeatedly gets sprained. If I were in your position I would get the surgery let it heal properly. Happy I could help.

    torn ligament in ankle? or something else?
    sunday evening (3 days ago) i was going down my stairs and the last step, i have no idea how it happened but i triped or something my ankle bent on the outside and i fell to the floor in pain, it was immediately swollen, on the outside and inside, bruised on the inside, im thinking its a torn ligament but not sure i havnt been to the doc, im not sure if i should go or not if its something small, however, yesterday i couldnt walk on it , today its still swollen, i can walk on it, but i cannot bend my ankle or my foot, i can wiggle my toes that dosnt hurt, but this happened to be about 2-3 years agao, but only that time i heard a pop, this time i hurd about 5 cracks, and i never went to the doc last time because again i thought it was a torn ligament, when i do walk on it i can only walk on it for a certan about of time before it starts throbbing and feels like there are growing pains in my ankle( best way i can describe the pain thats im having now), if anyone can tell me what is it,and what do do, i do have pics of it i can poat also if thats needed, thanks to all that answer.

    • ANSWER:

    do i have a torn ligament in my ankle?
    well what happen was that i was sitting on it in a chair and i felt something snap and it tingled and went numb.. and it hurts when i touch it.. but the thing is.. is that it happen when i was in high school and im in college now and i never got it looked at.. i know that some of the symptoms of a torn ligament is the snapping and the numbness and the tingling.. so what do you think? if i go to a doctor will they give me a brace or a cast for it?

    • ANSWER:
      well it maybe a torn ligament. If the snap was big, you couldn’t walk for a couple of days, there was major swelling, and now your ankle gives ways and sometimes feels unstable then it is a torn ligament, or stretched, with cartilage damage. But to know for sure, is to see a professional sports physician to look examine it. And an MRI scan would also be necessary. GOOD HEALTH = MORE MONEY

    torn ligament in ankle? PLEASE ANSWER!?
    10 weeks ago i rolled/twisted my ankle really bad and heard a snap, it swelled up almost immediately and was very painful to walk on, i rested and iced it that night but couldn’t sleep at all that night because the pain was severe no matter what direction i had it in. the next day i went to walk in care and they took xrays confirming it wasn’t broken and told me it was a pretty significant sprain by the looks of the swelling and bruising. they gave me an air cast and told me to rest and ice it and it would be fine, and they told me to practice balancing on it to strenghten it. I wore the aircast for two weeks and a brace after that. It has been ten weeks since and it still has minor swelling (swelling never went away completely) and has pain when i move it from side to side and other various positions but usually doesn’t hurt to bad to walk and my ankle pops and cracks all the time.

    could i have torn the ligament? i was advised to get an mri. if the ligament is torn and is not healing well, will i need surgery? has anyone had this experience??

    • ANSWER:

    Torn Ligament in ankle 5 years ago and it still looks to be swollen.?
    I trip up the steps believe it or not 5 years ago and had a bruise on the top of my foot the next day. A couple days later it was hard to walk and very swollen and hurt like heck. I iced my ankle for many months and the swelling went up and down. I finally got a x-ray several months later and they told me the ligament looked to have been pulled but was adhered back together. Now 5 years later, my ankle is stiff from what I am guessing the scar tissue that had adhered together making flexibility of my ankle limited. It is also what looks to be swollen 100% of the time. It is definitely bigger then the other ankle without injury. When I flex my foot outward I feel a tight pull in the area that was pulled. Is this normal? Will my ankle be like this for the rest of my life?

    • ANSWER: