Swelling On The Ankle

Cause of Ankle Swelling
Determining the cause of ankle swelling is the first step to finding effective treatment. Once the cause of the ankle swelling is determined, effective treatment can be initiated. Painless swelling of the feet and ankles is a common problem, particularly in older people. It may affect both legs and may include the calves or even the thighs.

The second step to recovery is Icing your ankle. Icing your ankle can help prevent further swelling, pain, and dysfunction. Ice your ankle for no more than 20 minutes, three to four times a day. Icing your ankle too long can cause more damage and hurt your recovery. Using a wrap to apply around the ice and your ankle can help prevent swelling and is often more comfortable. If compression is too tight, then the circulation will be impaired and the healing process will be slowed. The less activity you do during this time the better, but if you do have to become mobile, use protection.

If you have a severe or grade 3 sprain, splinting or casting and crutches for several days to 2 weeks are necessary, followed by immobilization in an ankle orthosis (a boot that restricts ankle range of motion), or a brace that restricts range of motion of the ankle. After you have healed enough to bear weight without the ankle orthosis, then use an ankle brace with stays to continue the support of the ankle and prevent re-injury for 4-6 weeks; then use when in high risk activities such as basketball, soccer, jogging etc.

With baby weight, your center of gravity has changed, and there is fluid retention, giving your lower extremities more pressure. This slows circulation in the extremities, making tissue swell up. The technical word for it is edema. Go for a walk to get the blood flowing. Encourage your heart to pump blood and fluid to the upper extremities of your body with exercise.

As for the most common swelling seen in one's ankles, it is most pronounced at the end of the day after being on your feet for many hours. This swelling will often leave a demarcation/indentation from your stockings and is the result of gravity. If my comments raise a concern as to whether you have abnormal swelling, you must bring this to the attention of your health care provider who can help you determine if it is clinically significant.

Weakened ankles are susceptible to further injury and can even cause other physical problems throughout the body, such as leg and back injuries. In fact, recurring ankle sprains can require surgical intervention. So it's important not only to heal the sprain but to also strengthen the tendons and ligaments of the ankle. Now, healing a sprained ankle can take days instead of weeks, with the added benefit of stronger ankles.

Anything you can do to help your body balance will help prevent injuries in your ankles and other joints. By challenging your balancing abilities, you strengthen your proprioception, which is the ability of your body to be aware of where your limbs are at all times. In regards to ankles, your legs have less of a chance of stepping down wrong or making another mistake that could injure you.

Frequently Asked Questions

    I have a swollen ankle, any way to get the swelling down without ice?
    I am currently at work and there is no one here to relieve me and my ankle is killing me. The swelling is pretty big and I can’t walk on it at all. I have no access to ice for the next hour and a half. Is there any other way to get the swelling down or is there anything else I can do to make sure it doesn’t get worst? Thanks!
    Well what happened was 2 days ago I hit my ankle on the edge of my car when I was getting down from it. My ankle was just sore until recently and it’s getting unbearable. I read some of your answers and my leg is elevated but as soon as I put it down it hurts like a mother. So I didn’t get hurt on the job. I work a guest services job so i have to repeatly get up. How long does this kind of swelling usually last when i finally get ice on it? Thinking about calling out of work tomorrow.
    Update: I recently took my shoes and socks off and noticed a huge black and blue bruise. I finally got ice for it. Hopefully the swelling will go down a enough to walk to my car haha.

    • ANSWER:
      Elevation & massage may help… ice would be better – but since you don’t have any…

    I had ankle surgery14 Years old. Plates and screws on both sides of ankle. I have noticed lately that at the end of the day ankle and lower upper leg is swollen? In the morning it’s back down to what is normal. 47 year old male. Should i be concerned? What could be causing this issue?

    • ANSWER:
      Perhaps you should go to the doctor. Buuutt there are PLENTY of explanations trust me.

      1. You say at the end of the day it is swollen but in the mornings it is normal. This means you are just over working that one foot. You are workin’ and runnin’ around so your foot is a bit sensitive. and then while you are sleeping, your body is resting and rebooting. So is your ankle. Now, the reasons that is is all of a sudden happening now and wasn’t before is because you are either under stress or have tendinitis which is just inflammation/swelling of the tendons in your ankle. MAy not have anything to do with the metal plates. But defiantly make sure. (better safe than sorry ya know?).

      Ya never know, maybe it was because the surgery was when you were so young, your body grows and adjusts in that time. But I’d think the doctors would tell you wayyy ahead of time that this would happen so i HIGHLY doubt that but liek i said, PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR SO YOU ARE REASSURED IT IS NOTHING SERIOUS! (i don’t mean to have the caps so im shouting at you i just wanted that part to stand out more)

      My mom has tendinitis in her shoulder so i’m connecting all of the symptoms. plus I’m in Anatomy soo yeah =P be safe!

    I had ankle surgery14 Years old. Plates and screws on both sides of ankle. I have noticed lately that at the end of the day ankle and lower upper leg is swollen? In the morning it’s back down to what is normal. 47 year old male. Should i be concerned? What could be causing this issue?

    • ANSWER:
      Because it is one ankle rather than both as might be expected with general circulation and kidney issues, it could well be linked to your surgery and damage to the drainage system. Any change like this should be reported to your doctor.

    Does icing a sprained ankle prevent and reduce swelling???
    For example, if I’m not able to put ice on my sprained ankle immediately then of course my ankle will swell up. However, if I apply ice to my swollen ankle hours later, will it help REDUCE the swelling??? Or does ice only PREVENT swelling. Thanks for your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      it will still help,

    How long does swollen ankle take to heal?
    While I was jogging I felt a slight pain in my ankle but kept jogging. After a few days that ankle has swollen and it’s been 4 days.
    Should I give it more time or take medicines?
    Should I keep running on it? And if I resume exercise after it has healed, will the swelling come back?

    • ANSWER:

    swelling on ankle and wrist arthritis only 20!?
    i’m only 20 and already have arthritis in my wrist which flares up quite often, i can’t hold anything with my hand right now because it’s so bad

    i also have a swollen ankle and my leg is thicker on the left than on the right yet i get no pain, i damaged my ankle when i was younger but it healed, what would cause swelling but no pain in an ankle…it was the ligament i damaged/tore

    should i be worried about the leg swelling? and how can i help my wrist?


    • ANSWER:
      Your wrist, the only available treatment is NSAID painkillers. As for your ankle it sounds as if you have some fluid retention around the joint and surrounding tissues. When sitting try having your leg raised so that it is Parallel to the floor. Alternatively there are a number of ankle and leg supports you can wear to reduce the fluid and improve the circulation. It is best to visit your drug store or doctor for the supports as you will need your leg properly measure for these. Don’t worry they come in very convincing skin tones these days.

      Hope this helps?

    What does it mean when you have a blue and swollen ankle?
    I hit my leg on my comp desk and the edge was sharp so i got a huge baseball size bruise on my shin and it got swollen, so i put ice on it and it got the swelling down. Its been almost a week and its a lil bit swollen still and the bruise is still there (i bruise easily and takes me a while til the bruise goes away) but now i noticed that my ankle which is not connected to my bruise has gotten a lil bit swollen and its blue and brown by the bones on either side, it doesnt hurt at all there, the bruise still hurts to the touch, but why do you think my ankle is bruised looking and swollen now?

    • ANSWER:
      You are bleeding internally. By the size of it, it might take a month or two to fully heal. the ankle was probably from something else, although you might have unconsciously twisted it a little when you jumped after hurting your knee.

    Is it normal during pregnancy to have just 1 swollen ankle?
    I am 6 months. I do have a cut from shaving on that same ankle, and I thought the swelling may of been from that but after propping my feet up the swelling went down, not completely but a lot.
    I just got back from an 8 day cruise, and waiting int he airport and flying all day.

    • ANSWER:
      I always swell up more on my left side. Supposedly if you have more vericose veins (broken blood vessels) on one side, that side is more likely to swell.

      Try massaging that ankle in an upward direction (to get the blood flowing toward your heart). Drink extra water, rest your feet and also avoid hot showers.

    Does anyone know any home remedies to relieve ankle arthritis?
    My grandmother has bad arthritis in her ankle. It hurts me to see her do her best to walk on that sore, swollen ankle everyday. I really want to help her. I know I can’t fix the problem, but I was hoping that maybe someone would know a way to ease the pain and prevent some of the swelling. I would really appreciate it if someone could lend me some advice. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Artheritus usually gets a lot worse in the winter, the cold bites into the affected area and in bad cases-unbelievable pain is endured by the patient, since it is winter, i understand the pain your grandmother mus be in and i respect you for taking this time to find a cure for her pain.

      First of all, your grandmother should be taking her medication regularly, if the medication has any side affects which your grandmother doesn’t like, she doesn’t have to take the medication, so here’s some natural remedies which should help;

      The MAIN thing is to keep the affected area warm the affected area left in the cold for just 30 seconds could trigger an excurtion of uncontrollable pain- so the best thing to do is to probably cut open the end of a sock so that the sock has two holes in it (one at either end) and put her foot throught the hole and over her ankle so that the ankle is covered- do this everyime your grandmother goes outside.

      A second thing is to avoid srinking orange juice, the acid in the juice also triggers the pain, so if your grandmother has a lot of orange juice, the best thing to do is for her to replace all those glasses full of orange juice that she drinks with water- she should see a difference in pain levels withing a few days.
      i really hope your grandmother gets better.
      good luck!

    Can ankle swelling be caused by a new tattoo located approx 5 inches below my knee?
    The tattoo is on the side of my leg and the ankle swelling started 2 days after getting the tattoo. This is my 5th tattoo and I’ve never had any problems like this before.

    • ANSWER:
      Tatooing creates opening of the skin it is likely an infection that got into the wound from the needles. You needed to disinfect that before it turns into an open wound and destroy your tatoo.

    Why is my ankle swelling when I got hit in the shin?
    A little more than three weeks ago I got hit in the shin while playing slowpitch softball on a throw from the outfield. A few days later my inside part of my foot from the ankle to the heel became swollen and bruised. The swelling has gone down, but it is obviously not back to normal.

    Yesterday, on the same leg, the outside of my ankle started swelling. I’ve been drinking more water than I normally do, and have mostly eaten salads, veggies, chicken for last 2 weeks.

    Anyone know what I need to do or why it hasn’t gone away yet?

    • ANSWER:
      Crazy! It is so coincidental that I found this question…I just went through the EXACT SAME thing and couldn’t understand it myself!! If it hasn’t gone away yet, it should soon. I know I when I got hit in the shin, I thought for sure my shin would be black and blue and bumped out like an egg, but to my surprise, not a thing there, but my ankle sure started to look bad! Swelled right up 2 days later and just went as purple as could be from the bottom of my ankle to my heel and partway down my foot on both sides. Yeah, I couldn’t understand it either, but after a few weeks, it kind of came around. I almost went to the hospital because I couldn’t understand why it went like that…Weird eh? My shin, although you can’t really tell I got hit there, is still extremely tender to touch. I don’t know when that will heal! (This is my first year playing). I got quite a nice black bruise on the inside of my knee two nights ago when I missed it off the end of the guy’s bat! Then 10 mintues later I skinned my knees when I tried to run to third faster than my legs would take me! Oh it’s a hoot though! I love it! Good luck!

    Why is my foot still swollen when ankle swelling is almost gone?
    I severely sprained my left ankle a little over two weeks ago. I’ve been using R.I.C.E. to treat it as with any sprain. The swelling on my ankle has gone down considerably. My foot on the other hand has not. It looks very bloated and has not gone down at all. Is there a reason for this? Should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      You should think about having it checked out by a doctor.

      It could just be fluid from the swelling, but there is a small chance that you have a problem with your foot.

    How to heal a swollen ankle?
    I sprained my ankle about 6 weeks ago and couldn’t walk on it for a few days. I didn’t do any exercise for a week afterwards. 3 weeks later in a soccer match (strapped) I sprained it again, not as bad, but i still couldn’t walk on it for a day. That was 2 weeks ago and it is still a little swollen, should I play soccer again this week or should I wait till the swelling goes down? What can help to make the swelling go down?

    • ANSWER:
      Like Kiki said, you should do the RICE method. Do NOT whatever you do resume playing until it is completely healed. The fact that it sprained again either means you were just unlucky you sprained your foot again, or it wasn’t completely healed, and a minor twist sprained it. I actually sprained the top of my foot (not the bone part) and I had futsal the next night. I really didn’t want to miss it, so I played. The result? Major swelling! I was limping so bad, I had to skip practice the next day. It wasn’t a burning pain– just a bruised/stretched feeling.

      I rested it for a couple days, and stretched it out every once in a while and now it feels a whole lot better. It has only been three days, so there’s still some minor stretching. Anyways, the key here is to rest it and try to avoid putting pressure on it.

      I know this is a terrible mishap, but you should skip soccer for the time being– devastating, I know.

    How do I relieve leg and ankle swelling after giving birth?
    I gave birth a week ago via c-section. A day after surgery, my ankles, feet, and legs swelled up to the point that my skin felt stretched and tight. My ankles look like grapefruits and even my toes are swollen and hard to bend. I have had my husband massage my feet and ankles and that has provided temporary relief. However, nothing much else, even propping them up, seems to get rid of the fluid. I thought that it would subside within a few days but it is only a tiny bit better after a week. I am drinking lots of water and breastfeeding often. Any suggestions on how to relieve this swelling?

    • ANSWER:
      The first, and probably one of the best and most important, is to drink a lot of water. While it doesn’t seem like it makes sense to get rid of fluids by taking in more, the extra fluids will help flush out your system of waste products which may have increased swelling. You really need at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day. The best tip I have for accomplishing this is to fill up a container to carry around and empty it by the end of the day.

      Another dietary approach is salt. While many people believe that swelling is caused by excessive amounts of salt in the diet, the opposite is also true. Limiting the amount of salt you take in can cause swelling as well. As with all things, moderation is the key to balance.

      Another new therapy is hydrotherapy or water. A new study out last fall suggests that even beyond the once told water immersion, water aerobics can help with swelling. Being in a pool of water helps the body shed the excess fluids through the kidneys, while supporting the pregnant uterus.

      Here are some other basic tips to help reduce swelling and related discomforts:

      * Don’t wear elastic topped socks or knee-hi pantyhose.
      * Wear comfortable shoes. Slip on types work best.
      * Put your feet up when possible.
      * If you stand at work, try to move around slightly or get a stool to prop a foot up.
      * Try support pantyhose.

    When will my ankle swelling go down?
    I went over on my ankle about a month ago whilst playing netball. I went to A&E and they were really surprised when it wasn’t broken. I was given crutches and stayed on them for two and a half weeks, BUT even after four weeks my ankle is still swollen. Its not when i’ve been walking but all the time. It is still sore, but not anything like it used to be. When will the swelling go down, should i go to the doctors?

    • ANSWER:
      Ankle sprains are known to cause more swelling than ankle fractures and the swelling may actually persist for 6 months after the initial trauma.
      It is worthnoting that there are three degrees of ankle sprains depending on the number of torn ligaments. From your description that the doctors were surprised it wasn’t broken, I’d think that this is the 3rd degree sprain with tearing of all the ligaments. Although the recent recommendations are against casting an ankle sprain but 3rd degree sprains require putting the ankle in an aircast for 2-3 weeks until the patient is pain free followed by functional rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
      Various modalities can be used to reduce the swelling including an elastic stocking, Ultrasound treatment and elevation while not in use.
      Persistent pain and swelling for more than 6 weeks mandates re-examination to exclude other associated injuries namely:
      1. Extra-articular fractures of the Calcaneus ( heel bone )
      2. Osteochondral fractures of the talar dome
      3. Injury to the peroneal tendons

    How do you heal a swollen ankle?
    I landed on the side of my foot. It didn’t seem to hurt that much until now, it’s a bit swollen, and bruised. Is there anything I could do to reduce the swelling and relief the pain
    besides ice :P
    lol well then that’s why i put it in this section ..

    • ANSWER:
      It’s highly likely that you sprained your ankle. A Grade 2 possibly because there’s bruising.
      1.) Definitely ice (like everyone else has said)
      2.) Elevate your ankle (preferably above heart level) to reduce the swelling…gravity works wonders :)

      3.) AND if you can add compression or at least make sure the ice bag is in direct contact it will also help push out any swelling. Saran Wrap works best, but tying anything around the ankle to hold down the ice bag will help.
      4.) Definitely reduce activity and the weight you put on that foot

      …If the pain last for more than 2-3 days and the swelling doesn’t go away, see a doctor! It’s possible to damage the tarsal bones in your foot on heavy impact

    Is there a way to reduce the swelling of an ankle I broke awhile ago after a run or other physical activity?
    I broke my ankle eight years ago; surgery and all. But, I had surgery and wore the walking boot and was cleared from the doctor that it had healed. However, everytime I run or do some other kind of exercise that can be stressful on your legs, my ankle swells up and starts to give me trouble again. Will I ever be able to run again without pain from this ankle? I’m hoping to run a half marathon in 8 months.

    • ANSWER:

    Can ankle swelling be related to lower back pain?
    A few years ago I really hurt my back on a trampoline and I’ve had a lot of pain since then. Every time I bend over or lay down I feel grinding and a lot of pressure on my lower back, and my pain varies from day to day. My ankles have been swelling a lot when I’m on my feet for too long and I’ve had to miss school because of being too sore and fatigued. The only test that has came back abnormal was an ANA which was elevated.

    • ANSWER:
      yes it can. because your spine is designed to walk a certain way. and if your walking differently due to an injury then it screws up the backs alignment and can in fact cause back pain

    My Chihuahua has a swollen ankle, what can I do for the swelling to go down?
    My chihuahua was doing just fine earlier today. She was laying down on her bed when I asked if she wanted to go outside. We noticed she was limping and I thought her leg fell asleep, when she came back inside though, she was still limping. We took a closer look and her ankle is swollen. I rubbed a little bit of bengay on her hind leg to help with the pain/swelling. I have no idea of what might have caused this. Is there anything else I can do to help her out?

    • ANSWER:
      Make sure their isn’t anything in the pads of her paw that could be irritating and causing the swelling. Try and keep her relaxed and calm and resting. She will move on it when she is feeling better. It was more than likely just a little trip when she was playing or something. Our Chihuahua goes running out the front door and forgets to stop before the end of the deck and will end up with little sprains and swollen legs for a few days. She bounces back just fine with rest, and I am sure yours will to.

    Scraped shin, now swelling ankle…?
    I scraped my shin pretty bad about a week ago when I was sliding in softball. Since then, I’ve been putting neosporin on the wound and bandaging it up. For about the 3rd & 4th day, it was unbandaged and a scab formed, but after that, I rebandaged it to prevent scarring. Anyways, now I’ve started to notice my ankle on the same leg is swelling a bit. No discoloration or pain associated with it, just some puffiness. Also, there is still pain at the area of the wound. Is this normal for a large scrape?

    • ANSWER:
      The swelling below the injury is gravity pulling your healing fluids down. You should gently massage that area or you will not be able to get rid of the swelling later. You should also keep this part elevated on occasion to allow the fluid to drain back “up” your leg to where it is needed. Pain is normal and is a good sign. It means that you didn’t scrape too much skin away and it should recover.
      That being said, you won’t be able to control if you get a scar.
      A scar is made up of collagen fibers (the same stuff rich women get injected into their lips) These fibers are mostly white, will not tan because they do not have melanin, and they do not stretch like skin, so you get the “star” pattern. If the scrape is large enough, your body will put collagen there to close the wound faster. If the scrape isn’t so large, then you should not have a scar.

    What is the quickest way to treat swollen ankle?
    Got a Marathon on Sunday and my ankle is swollen as I rolled over a rock yesterday morning when I was running. Any answer will be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:

      R = Rest it
      I = Ice it
      C = Compress it
      E = Elevate it

      I used to twist and sprain my ankles all the time back when I played softball. This is what my Dr. always told me. Its kinda funny that I could call the office and tell them exactly how it turned when I hurt it and he would tell me which brace to use for the next couple of days… I had a stockpile of those damn things :(

    How do I have an overnight swollen ankle?
    I really need a swollen ankle and tips for putting on makeup as a bruise. I really don’t want to run the mile tomorrow and need fake sprained ankle! Please help enough to be kept from school!
    Please asap!!! I really need to know and now i need to know so i can stay home 2morrow?

    • ANSWER:
      buy a ace bandage wrap it up or in the am tell mom to write u a note to get out of gym if she asks why tell her either the truth or that you have a really bad cramp, or even tonight start limping n then be like oh oh ouch in front of ma , she can get u the ace bandage n tell her u think u twisted it the wrong way so that when morning comes n she says hows ur ankle tell her its throbbing and be like omg i forgot i got gym today mom theres no way i can run today ask her for a note stating that your out u sprained it might go to dr today ,
      if ur mom is cool like that she will do it i used to do it w my mom n then now i do it for my 10yrold if she dont feel right lol half the time think she just dont want to swim lol but i still do it once in awile

    how do you heal a swollen ankle?
    I played tennis landed on the side of my foot. It didn’t seem to hurt that much until a couple hours later when I started to have trouble walking. Then i noticed that it was a bit swollen, but it remained the same color. Is there anything I could do to reduce the swelling and relief the pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Make sure that you have an x-ray done on the ankle to be sure that there isn’t any things seriously wrong with it. You most likely have sprained it.

      Wrap it with an ace bandage. Elevate it and keep it elevated. Make sure you ice it.

      Try to not play sports for a while so that it can heal properly. It needs to rest and be elevated.

    What is the best remedy for a sore little swollen ankle?
    I fell on cement yesterday and I hurt my ankle.I can walk on it but my ankle still hurts. Is there anything I can take to relieve the pain? Worse thing is i have a wedding to go to this weekend. Please help. Thanks:)
    Ps it’s walkable I just need the pain to go away. Its not broken or anything. I heard pain killers and ice. Anything else?:D

    • ANSWER:
      I am a runner and had many ankle sprains. I find that soaking my foot in warm water with EPSOM salt relives the pain and swelling. Hope you feel better before the wedding.

    Why the swelling ankle does not return to its normal shape?
    While I was playing soccer about 2 month ago, I had the ball beside my ankle (anterior side) and another player shoot it really hard beside my foot. I felt a lot pain in my ankle, it relieved and I kept playing. I thought my ankle becomes better and I went Ice Skating for the first time, but my ankle suffered of so much tilting and I think the tendons around the anterior part of my ankle elongated. I did not sense anything, but after a while I found that my ankle swelled and the range of motion is not the same as the other healthy ankle and when I put pressure on the site with my finger, I feel a little pain that is abnormal comparing to the other ankle. It is really hurt me, because I cannot do any exercise anymore, while sudden movements will result in pain for me during sports like basketball or volleyball (mostly after the games).
    I went to doctor at the first moments (after 3 weeks) and took two weeks of medications like Advil, but nothing changed. Recently, I am trying to do exercises as physiotherapy and warming and use BENGAY pain relieving cream at the site. There is no bruise at the site and I can walk normally without pain during normal movements. My age is 27 and I eat normally.
    I think it is going to become something chronic in my ankle and may be the anatomy of the joint will change permanently.
    Anyone knows what I need to do to overcome this problem.

    • ANSWER:
      what are you doing asking here? you MUST go to the doctor!

    Swelling in right ankle/back of foot but not on the left?
    I’ve noticed that when I stand or walk to long that my right ankle swells, but the left one does not. I’m a 23yr old female, what could cause this? I’m thinking it’s no big deal.
    I meant, it happens on my right foot and not the left foot. Not just the right side of the foot.

    • ANSWER:
      if it hurts… then you might have a stress fracture or something.
      or when you walk you may put more weight on that side of the foot and if you walk on it a lot it could just be swelling from pressure or over use (:

    I got in an accident and I have a pretty swollen ankle. Where can I find the cheap Orthopedic in Huntsville?
    I’m a college student going to UAH without insurance. Most of this will come out of pocket; however, I still need relatively good care. I’m just worried because the hospital said I should be fine in a week, and I’m not. I still have lots of swelling and bruising.. I can’t even walk on my foot.

    Any idea of good Orthopedic care in or around Huntsville, Alabama would be wonderful.
    According to future fate I need a chiropractor. Why a chiropractor?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to see a chiropractor who is experienced in treating accident victims and doing extremity (feet and hands) treatments.

    What’s the best way to heal swollen ankle?
    I sprained my ankle very bad about 5 days ago and its stil very sore and swollen. I put ice pack on it but its still painful. What else should I do?
    Thank you in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Arch,
      It takes a long time for a badly swollen ankle to heal – months sometimes. The ice is recommended for the first 24 hours after the injury. Following that period of time, it is better to use warm compresses. The soaking in Epsom salts is also helpful. Keep it elevated on pillows when you are sitting – as high as you can. Keep an ace bandage wrapped around the ankle for support – start from the ball of the foot and wrap up the leg. It is best if you do not put pressure on it while it is healing. Do you have crutches? I would highly recommend you getting crutches if it is a bad sprain. Take Ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the pain in the recommended dosages.
      Good luck.

      Edit: I am assuming that you had an X-ray done to rule out any fracture?!

    How Long Will My Swollen Ankle Take To Heal?
    I was playing football this morning when my foot got stuck in the ground and I went over on my ankle, it made a rather loud click.

    I was subbed off and then subbed back on and played through the injury for 35 minutes.

    Now I’ve got home and taken my sock off my ankle is pretty badly swollen, how long will it be before I can play football again?

    • ANSWER:

    why is my left ankle swollen and my right is fine?
    I am worried I have been to the doctor, and he doesnt think there is any fluid in it. I don’t think I have done anything e.g sprain/fracture. It has been swollen for a week now, and is not too bad in the morning after getting out of bed, however it gets worse as the day goes on. Although I have had the same job for 2years and I am on my feet, but I doubt that this affects this because it has never done it before. The swollen ankle is slightly warmer, and it only hurts if i press on it.

    • ANSWER:
      hmmm, i would ice it to reduce the swelling, and maybe go to a physiotherapist just in case x

    How do i reduce pain in my sprained ankle by saturday?
    i sprained my ankle last saturday and it was really swollen and i couldnt walk on that lef fr a good day. i can now walk and the swollen ankle subside but there is still pain in that ankle still. im trying to play a basketball game this coming saturday is there anyway i can get rid of this pain?

    • ANSWER:
      If you sprained your ankle you need to ice it a lot and elevate it. Also start using heat after 48 hours but I think its already been 48 hours =) Also by staying off it as much as possible but doing certain exercises that help it may help you. This might sound weird but by making it hurt really bad and making the pain really bad any sort of pain that is less doesn’t seem like such a big deal
      Good Luck!!

    I have had a swollen ankle for the past month and a half?
    I woke up one morning and had a stiffness in my ankle and let it go and it has continued to get worse and i have a problem walking on it. Can’t get into the doctor till next week and now my elbow is a little swollen and sore. Could this be a sign of Arthritis or should i be more worried? Im 38 years old.

    • ANSWER:

    How do I bring down my ankle swelling?
    I was playing football two days ago and I did something to my ankle it is still swollen, and I wanted to know if I was to put something on it to bring down the swelling

    • ANSWER:
      Put ice on it for the swelling and keep it propped up (above your heart is best). If the swelling continues or you have pain when walking on it, it would be best to see your doctor to rule out torn tendons, cartilage, etc, or a break. Good luck and feel better soon!

    Ankle swelling, and pain with burning sensation what is it?
    On an off for the past six months, my rt ankle periodically wakes me up in the middle of the night with this hot craping feeling, and the only way I can get the 8 pain on a scale of 1-10 to ease is to dive into a warm bathtub and soak it. Walking on it used to help but it has gotten worse and more frequent. Its not just a leg cramp its worse. Its not from injury that I know of or exercise. I did take a medication six months ago that caused a lactic acid build up so I quit it, (Metformin) for PCOS. Any ideas what this could be?
    This hot burning pain/cramp runs from my anckle up through my calf on the outter side of my leg.

    • ANSWER:
      That is unusual, I have a good friend who has a similar problem except her foot swells, I never knew this was possible, but women can get Gout, and that is what her Doctor believes she has. Gout is usually caused by a build up of Uric Acid. You also might have your blood sugar checked for Diabetes. Diabetes often causes a burning sensation in the legs and/or feet.

      Hope that helps and good luck.

    recently had a swollen ankle and went to a podiatrist for the 1st time.Is it normal to have a physical exam?
    She said the inflammation could be due to a systemic problem & wanted to check my glands.She palpated my neck,underarm and torso.I kept my under shorts on,but when she wanted to check my glands in the lower area she pulled them aside and prodded certain areas.I had never been examined by a woman before.Never expected this from a foot doctor.She seemed to be professional,but the exam of my lower area lasted for what seemed like forever. Had to give urine sample,but blood work was sched. for future app’t that I never went,’cause swelling went away.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it is normal. But can you answer one for me? Why didn’t you talk to her about your comfort or better still your discomfort.. Women have been told for years to talk to their doctors about this. I do agree with you it is a very uncomfortable position to be in. hope your feeling better about this now .hope I helped.

    Prednisone … and ankle swelling….?
    My mom started on 20 mg. of Prednisone in mid-Novermber, and after 3 weeks was reduced to 10 mg. She has a scheduled follow-up appointment mid-January.

    I noticed today that her ankles look a bit swollen. Not her feet, just her ankles. I know that this is one of the side effects of the Prednisone, but is it a “serious” side effect? In other words, is this an “emergency” situation?

    Her doctor is out of town till the first week of January, so I can’t ask him…..

    What do you think???

    Has anyone here had swollen ankles on Prednisone? Does she need to go to the ER?

    (She was prescribed the Prednisone for PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica)….

    • ANSWER:
      It is normal, steroids will cause mostly fluid buildup, raised BP and can cause her blood sugar to be high. Cut back on her sodium intake, elevate her legs…even at night put extra pillows under her legs. You can give her a diuretic that will help, but the best thing to do would be to call the doctors office and let his answering service contact him so that he can call in a prescription for lasix. If she has any wet gurgling in her lungs or if herBP really high — then she needs to go to the ER

    I recently had a swollen ankle and went to a podiatrist for the 1st time.Is it normal to have a physical exam?
    She said the inflammation could be due to a systemic problem & wanted to check my glands.She palpated my neck,underarm and torso.I kept my under shorts on,but when she wanted to check my glands in the lower area she pulled them aside and prodded certain areas.I had never been examined by a woman before.Never expected this from a foot doctor.She seemed to be professional,but the exam of my lower area lasted for about 5 minutes.
    They had me fill a cup with urine for lab test;but didn’t do a blood workup then.They scheduled me for another date,but by then the swelling had gone away and I never went back!

    • ANSWER:
      Why would you go to a podiatrist for a swollen ankle. That’s for the foot. I think this may be a bogus question.

      If the swelling was due to edema, then yes, they need to check the glands for swelling throughout the body.

      Did she have lab tests ordered up on urine or blood ? That would be the first clue as to whether she was scamming you or not .

      I doubt the genital exam lasted five minutes, you would have blown a load by then.

    Bruising on shin and now swollen ankle 1 week after accident?
    I fell off my bike about a week ago and recieved cuts and also a yellow/purple bruise on my shin,only yesterday I discovered that my ankle had swollen up,nearly 1 week after the accident,the shin is painful to touch and seems to get worse every day.
    Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    Playing basketball with a swollen ankle?
    A few days ago i hurt my ankle and its still a little swollen. There’s no bruising and it doesn’t really hurt when I walk, but i can feel a bit of pressure on the outside of my ankle when i walk. So, I have a game coming up this week and I was wondering, would be a bad idea for me to play? Will it make my ankle worse or could i injure it further? If I do play what are some things I can do to keep my ankle from getting injured or hurting?

    Thanks a lot to all who answer.

    • ANSWER:
      thats a big no no if you want to play more games. you could be risking an injury that may cause you to loose more games only to play in one game. i wouldnt do it at all, i would put on a brace and take it easy for a couple of days. if you really feel like you have to play though talk to your coach about getting less playing time because of your ankle for that one game. i wouldnt recommend that but if you want to, go right ahead…

      hope i helped!

    Hans Rey currently has an ankle injury, anyone know how the injury was sustained?
    I saw him, and got my bike signed, at the Qashqai London event, he was on crutches with a bruised and swollen ankle, any ideas anyone?

    • ANSWER:
      Right here: http://www.hansrey.com/main_new.htm

      I would have guessed that he had too many ales at the pub and fell off of a curb, but crashing on the bike would have been a second guess. :o)

      Long Live Hans!

    What is the best, fastest treatment for a swollen ankle.?
    I tripped and fell today and my anlke is swollen on the outer side of it. It has almost what looks like a ball on the side bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a baseball. I will be going on vacation in a week and it needs to be healed and ready to walk on by then. Do you have anything I could do that will heal it in time for my vacation?
    I already went to my neighbor who is a doctor and it isn’t broken. It’s just swollen.

    • ANSWER:
      The signs you are describing sound indicative of a sprain or a break. It would be best if you consulted a doctor and had an x-ray done as this is the only way to confirm, one way or another, whether or not it is truly broken.
      In the mean time RICE it……
      Rest (the injured foot, in other words STAY OFF OF IT!!!)
      Ice (the injury for no more than about 15 minutes at a time)
      Compress (the area in the most comfortable position so as it immobilize it)
      Elevate (the area to try to cut back on some of the swelling).

      Good luck,


    how do I make my swollen ankle feel better?
    I have been on my feet a lot the past few days and my left ankle has been swollen and in constant pain

    how do I make it feel better and get rid of the swelling?

    please help

    it hurts :/

    • ANSWER:

    Speed up the healing time for a swollen ankle?
    I injured my ankle during a soccer match when i went in for a 50/50 ball with another player, and my ankle was swollen the next day because of it. The collision happened in the first half of the game, and I did still finish the game, and I felt nothing but a little irritation during the game. However the next day and after the game, I could hardly walk on it. I need to get back to training again as soon as possible, so any advice on how to get back to a healthy ankle would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot

    • ANSWER:

    what are some things that can cause a thick red rash from the neck down ,with swelling ankles and foot disc?
    thick red blotches from the neck down,and feet swelling ,and blue and red discoloration on the foot.

    • ANSWER:
      There are so many different causes of rashes that it is very difficult to narrow down any specific cause of one, especially without being able to see it. Common categories of rash are:

      scaly patches of skin not caused by infection,
      scaly patches of skin produced by fungal or bacterial infection,
      red, itchy bumps or patches over the body, such as on the chest and back.

      Although rashes are seldom dangerous, self-diagnosis is not usually a good idea. Proper evaluation of a skin rash requires a visit to a doctor or other health-care professional. Check this site for good information and you may be able to figure out what is going on.


    Anyone experience ankle swelling on Amlodipine?
    Been on Amlodipine for BP for 3 years. Ankles started swelling and Doctor stopped the medication..Generally feeling much better, but ankles still a little swollen.Been off Amlodipine for 7 days. Can anyone advise experiences of coming off this drug and if ankles ever go back to normal. Thanks in advance of any help.

    Anyone know how long it takes to be completely clear of this drug.

    • ANSWER:
      I was on them and Dr took me off ankles went back to normal after 1-2 weeks and are fine now if this helps

    What did I do to cause this swollen ankle!?
    I went boating the other day and appeared to do nothing but catch a buzz and sunburn. That night I started feeling pain in my ankle. Next day it is swollen like I sprained it. My ankle is sun burnt!!! Can A sunburn cause severe swelling, or did I actually sprain my ankle, walk on it the rest of the day, and not feel a thing for hours? 48 hrs later and I can’t walk on it.

    • ANSWER:
      the only reason ur ankle can swell from sunburn is if its second or third degree burn. u may have hurt ur ankle without knowing so.

    How long does a ankle to heal?
    Nov 15 I fell downstairs landing on my foot. Had a Jones fracture plus a totally bruised and swollen ankle. Cast was put on for 4 wks. I am now back to work. After a couple of hours I am limping because the ankle and one third of my leg is so swollen. This is very painful. Is it normal?

    • ANSWER:
      It is likely you not only sustained a fracture, but also severely strained or sprained the ankle. To stop the pain and swelling, follow R.I.C.E. Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation. A cold compression wrap can be used several times a day to stop the swelling (inflammation) and resulting pain. Over time, the body will heal the torn tissue as long as the swelling is controlled. Each time it swells there is additional injury occurring.

      Elevation is important as fluid (serum) is accumulating and pooling adding to the swelling. By keeping your ankle elevated there will be much less pooling.

    How to stop ankle swelling?
    Hey i sprained my ankle about a week ago but it still is swelled up. The swelling decreased drastically but for the last few days it has stayed on this level. How can i get rid of the swelling?

    • ANSWER:

    Running and fell, best way to treat my ankle?
    I’ve just started running, been doing well, but I fell this morning on cement pretty hard. My left ankle just like twisted out to the left (not sure how else to explain it), and I went down. I’m able to walk on it, but it hurts and feels tight, and I’m worried I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a really sore swollen ankle, and so I’m wondering the best way to treat it today, and how long I should stay off of it before I can keep running. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve dealt with this a lot as a XC coach and as a runner. You need to rest for 7-10 days, keep off your ankle as best you can (besides what you do on a daily basis, meaning just walking to what you need to go to), ibuprofen to limit the swelling (400mg every 4-6 hours for the length of the rest period), compression, ice, and elevation, all three will also helps limit/reduce swelling. If you have any questions regarding my answer or to give more explanation, feel free to contact me.

    Got a flat feet right leg / with swollen ankle bone and seems deformed to the right since two yrs.?
    right foot seems deformed since 2 yrs., and swollen around the ankle . tried physiotherapy but not much improvement. any suggestions ? another doctor says nothing to worry.
    The ankle bone pains if i sit crosslegged on the floor when the bone touches the floor., or when i walk a lot. And right foot seems turned a little to the right edge during mornings with the bridge not touching the floor.

    • ANSWER: